Saturday, December 30, 2006

In these 12 months...

01. I've permed my hair and coloured it like some jappy-wannabies.
The first time I had a hair cut in Singapore, that costed me like rm500. I almost fainted in the hair saloon. I never expected it was that expensive. Okay, it was my bad that I did not ask about the prices before I agree with it. Damn. Although the hair looks good, but it tooooo much to be spent on my hair. I never tell my mum the price until today. She'll skin me alive. I havent got a major hairdo ever since. Haha. #

02. Owned a camera.

No one buys the current camera I'm using now. It's a second hand camera which my uncle got it from god-knows-where. And because he doesnt take photos, so I actaully "lend" it from him. Haha. All the pictures I've been sharing are all from this Nikon Coolpix 3200. This camera is dying soon. I need a new one.

03. I've worked for 4 different jobs.
The first official job I ever had was in Singapore. I said so because I did not include the job I had for my mother in her fashion stall. I worked for 2 weeks in a row as a cookie promoter. The job was hard but the pay was GREAT. I had a great experience working there. #

The second job I had was to be a assistant teacher cum last-minute-teacher in I-kids kindergarten. I love the job because the working time is short and that I can play with kids.

The third job was actaully crap. I worked only 10 hours in the Pink Pussy Cat. I did not really like the job because the boss wanted us to wear her clothes. Its definitely fine to me but they'll be the one who choose for me. And they have choosen some slutty ones for me that day. I was so uncomfortable and sick of the colleagues there. Its only one day there and both of the girls there were snatching me to be in their group. The girls' war.

The fourth job was quite a crappy job too. I worked in the Giant supermarket opposite my house. The location was half good half not. It was good, because it was convenient for me but it was bad because I had to walk all the way there 4 times a day. Man. The way there was dark and creepy. I cried once, on the first walk I made heading home. It was also crappy because I find it lame promoting the products without free trials or any promotions. I had to actaully stand there 7 hours a day too. And lastly, the agency is totally crap because they delayed my pay for like 2 months and more. It was only this Tuesday when I received them. I'll not work for them anymore.

04. I've received the result, SPM.
I remembered cyring like a baby when I received both my UPSR and PMR results because I did not do well. Actaully getting 4As out of 5 subjects was an ok but I was just now happy because the rest got 5As. Haha. PMR was crap. However, I was suprised that I did not shed this time for SPM although I still did averagely. #

05. I entered a new enviroment, college!!
It is not that I do no like my college life but I miss my high school life terribly. Serious. I remember how badly I wanted to leave high shcool when I was still in uniform. Now, I want to get in them again with bag full of books and homework. Gosh. I miss my high school mates. They are the best. However, the friends I made in Taylor's College is cool too. :) # #

06. Visited dentist after 9037218768946 years.
I swear, I hate dentist. Hahaha. Because I know they'll not like me for having ugly teeth. I always refused to visit them but I had no choice this time. :( I had to pluck out my rotten tooth that stayed in my mouth for more than years. HAHAHAHA. I'm gross.

07. I participated in a makeup contest, modeling.
I swear again that I'll not be a make up model anymore unless they do not use my face for practice anymore. The freaking make up pratices are killing every cell on my face. I hate the itch and the pain left on my face after the pratices every day.
# #

08. I've got my driving license.
If possible, I really do not want to drive but I know I cant unless I'm not in KL. I do not like the public transport here and I even hate to beg people to drive me here and there. Although I'm really bad panic when I drive because I hardly do (I have no car), I know I still need to. #

09. And knocked on some other cars, only once.
I dont want to talk about it anymore and I never drive to that place anymore. Read to know about it in the link given. #

10. I had a lovely, fun, unforgetable trip to Penang.
This is the first time I had a trip planned myself with a few of my friends. I'm always a protected daughter with limited freedom but this time was exceptional. I had great times there and always wish to go there once again. #

11. My mother got married.
I'm not feeling embarassed or ashamed to mention this at all so dont feel weird while you're reading this. Still, I'll insist not to call him Dad. #

12. Vvens appeared in a magazine.
Maybe this is not the first time in my life, because I remembered appearing in some magazine years ago when I was young, when I joined some competition. And also once, when Ginny and I were interviewed by some magazine's reporters while shopping. I did not buy and check it out so I'm not sure about it. #


Friday, December 29, 2006

Green Guess

Green Guess
Do you think you know what is this? I have absolutely no idea what is this greenish thing when I first saw it. Maybe you can guess it with the options given. Or maybe the answer is not even in there. GUESS IT!

p/s: Is it just me or everyone else is suffering from weak connection? I dont know but I can visit certain webpages and I could not sign in my MSN.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The 6 Days Post

Day 1 : 21 December

The "tong yuen" I made.

The giant colourful flour ball. Haha. Since I'm not sure what is it called in English ;p

My grandma, who can rolls them with eyes closed! :)

Day 2 : 22 December

They turned out yummy!!! :)

Day 3 : 23 December

Shopping at KLCC Suria

Day 4 : Christmas Eve

Dinner at Victoria Station

Day 5 : Christmas Day

Day 6 : Boxing Day

Day at Carmen's house

I unboxed my gifts. I love this bath buddies and the snow globes I received :)


Monday, December 18, 2006

Bite me if you can...

The prettiest Dragon Fruit, ever.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Not A Plain Paper

This little boy, Ivan is quite a smart little boy. He is only five this year and is someone talented in drawing I have to say. He is not educated, not exposed, and not taught in drawing but he can really draw things nice!

Notice that his Dinosaur wears shoes! Haha

He can draw almost everything you ask. At least something he have seen before. And this left-handed boy colours well too. He told me dinosaurs eat humans, that's why their teeth are supposed to be coloured red instead of white or whatever.

Can you see the red circles he draw below the body of the animal? He said they are eggs! And insisted that position is where its butt is.

The aquatic life I guided him to draw. I can draw well also ok! :) Quite funny art you see, the prawn is better than the shark! Haha.

The baby turtle he draw. He likes to draw babies beside adults.

Drawing in a group with his sister, Tammie and a friend, Marcus.

His Digimon art

And a violent art piece. Hahahaha.

I really want to send him for art lessons IF I'm rich enough to do so.! :) For the time being, I'll be his art teacher. I draw very well one lor.. Hahahaha.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

This Christmas

I always dreamt having a very own Christmas tree at home. I never had one. I wanted one because I wanted to decorate it with my very own style. Having a pretty Christmas tree just make me feel so proud and warm. I can also imagine the joy of preparing boxes of presents for people in the house too.

Picture taken in Passion Pictures, Ampang.

But every year my mum would say the same thing to me when I ask for one, "Next year first. Christmas is so near from now, no point buying it now anymore."

So, I would love to visit various shopping malls to see whether who has the best Christmas tree of the year. I think Suria KLCC always has the best Christmas tree in town because no tree will be taller than it. But this year, I'm quite in love with the Christmas tree Sungei Wang Plaza prepared because they are decorated with moving disco balls. I love disco balls! (I have 3 in my room! Haha).

Besides dreaming for a Christmas tree, I actaully has a few items on my wishing list. I want a snow globe. I dont know why but I'm craving for it recently. I went almost everywhere to look for THE ONE but failed. I'm not a greedy girl. The next and the last item would be a digital camera. This is because mine is dying. It no longer takes clear pictures and it often bullies me; refuse to on when I wanna snap on something. Let's see whether Santa Claus loves me (for being such a good girl this year) or not. :)

p/s : I've got myself a digital Christmas tree! ;p


Saturday, December 9, 2006

Things To Do On A Date

As you may know, Vivien Sam is a very boring person. Sometimes not creative enough to think of something new to do on a date. So, this book caught my attention...

And without considering, I bought it! And was quite disappointed with the tips they provided in the book. They provided ideas as much as 2002 ideas on things to do on a date BUT I ended up repeating "Cheh"s after reading each one by one. I'm really sorry but perhaps those ideas are just not what I'm looking for. However, there are some creative ones which inspired me. :)


#0006 Having "your table" at your favourite restaurant
Its like scenes you've seen played by pretty actors and actress on TV drama. I never thought of trying it myself. Hahaha.

#0009 Ask your date our with a formal invitation
I honestly think this idea is awesome!! :) But, if I were to ask him out for a date, I have to call or text him. It isnt formal anymore. Perhaps getting a invitation card ready for the NEXT date.

#0115 Go grocery shopping at 03:00 am
Is there any other grocery shop beside 7-11 that opens at this period? Even if there is, my mum would kill me. :(

#0274 Spread a blanket on the living room floor and have an indoor picnic
Doesn't this sounds cool! I would love to try this one day but I will not use my own blanket. ;p

#0301 Take an IQ test together
I've done this before if Mensa test if counted! He sat right beside me in the hall too :) WEE! Just for a mini reminder, or you may call this as boasting, HAHAHA, I've score 180 for it but nobody believes me. Sigh.

#0372 Buy matching funky sunglasses
I've planned to get a matching pair of glasses too! Hehe. But I only wear them when I'm using the computer at night. Haha.

#0411 Go for a drive and kiss during red lights
NO! Try during green lights! *Evil laughs*

#0473 Go take a class to learn foreign language together
Its best when you pick up to learn something not much people around you would understand. Then, you can talk about anything, even secrets even if they are around!

And many many many more to list...

As for me, myself, I would suggest/love to....

#0001 Camwhore together!
Snap and save them in somewhere the pictures will be safe from being lost. :) Those are precious things you'll love to see again sometime later. Even better, print them and paste them all over your room's wall!

#0002 Drag some young kids together during your date
I love kids, and by then, you'll know what kind of a person your date would be. Dump him if he hates them. Hahahaha..

#0003 Cook together in your kitchen
Ahahaha. Besides playing, you get to know who can cooks better.

#0004 Open up your very own saloon
Well, go get the siccsors and start cutting his/her hair. YAY! Or not, play with eat others hair by tying all sorts of style you know.

#0005 Draw a portrait of each other
Dont worry it'll be ugly but that's you drawn by the talented him/her! :D

And so on.... What about you? Are you bored of the Movie-and-Meal date? DO you have any interesting things to do in on a date?? :)


Monday, December 4, 2006

Negative Sides


Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Moon

This was taken 10 minutes ago at my balcony. Pretty. Just so pretty. But at the same time, it gives me a very lonely feeling. Indeed, I'm feeling the same way here.

Where are the stars?


Friday, December 1, 2006

The Conversation with a Kid

The one I snapped at the PB round about

I supposed you have been seeing this poster everywhere in town! Hahaha. Jay Chou is everywhere in town! :) There are 3 of this itself in Taman Maluri, together man. They are driving me crazy. Haha. I dont know why but I get very excited everytime I see this giant poster.

There was once, I shouted out loud to Ivan, my little cousin. "LOOK! Zhou Jie Lun!!"

Ivan replied, "You bluff me! That's not Zhou Jie Lun."

Me, "Yes lar. The one beside leh... That's Jay lar.."

Ivan, "NO! Jay's hair long long one.. That one is not Jay."

Until this part of the conversation, I then realised he knew Jay as the one looking like this below.

Scene from the Fearless MV

Remember this post? ;p Kids are just so cute? You'll never know what's on their minds. Hahaha. On the same night, Ivan asked me something silly. We were both in the back seats of the car, looking out the window. Viewing the nightlight of KL.

He pointed and asked, "Jeje, what's that thing. The tall tall. Got 2 same one?"

Me, "That's KLCC. Say, K-L-C-C"

Ivan followed. And continued, "Why is KLCC following us everywhere we go?"

I bursted into laughters. I did not know how to answer him in the first place. Its actaully because the building is so tall and so big that we can actaully see it form almost anywhere in KL. I think and think... Whether should I lie, make up some stories or not. Then I decided something.

Me, "No. Its some building. Got shopping complex below. Very big. Very tall...." I tried to explain it as simple as possible because he's just a 5 years old kid. I did my explanation with my fingers on my palm. He gave me a very blur stare and acted as if he knew what was I saying. Then, not long later, we could not see KLCC anymore.

He cried, "EHH. No more KLCC."

Me, "Yeah. You know why?"

Ivan, "They went for petrol is it.....?"