Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rotten Tooth

What the hell. I can't believe it. I actaully went to the dental clinic today!!!!!

Ooh dear, i had this gum ache past few days and it leads to toothache. I could not chew anything at all!! Its just so pain. So suffering and so toturing. The only thing i could manage to eat is porridge for now. Until yesterday, i plucked out my courage to step in the clinic. And here, i want to make a big complain about those people.

I went to the Putra dental clinic nearby my house. They wrote there 9.30am-9.30pm, so i thought i was so lucky to be there at 5. And so, i went in. The lady at the reception kept quiet until I told her i need to see the dentist. Shit. She told me they are closing on 6pm, and the bloody dentist has left. Its only 5.30!!!! Grr. I was so frustrated. I hate the pain i encountered. Grrr. So i told myself, maybe tomorrow the pain will leave me.

And today, when i first woke up in the morning, i check my tooth. AHHH! It was more serious than before. I could not chew at all and what i had the whole morning was just half boiled egg. Bloody hell. I'm so so so hungry and i could not eat anything. I had a bad feeling. I had a kind of weird feeling that the tooth will not be with me for more than 24 hours today.

Indeed.! I went to the clinic again, this time was the government one. And stupid them.

They told me if KIDS who would like to see the dentist need to come only on Fridays. And tomorrow they will not be opening the stupid clinic. Oh shit. What if i'm in an emergency? Will they leave me to death? I told them, i'm in such a pain and i need to see the dentist very badly. And guess what the idiot reply me. "Pain ark..? Come back on Tuesday okay?" WHAT THE HECK! I think i'lll die of hunger by that time. They are just so brainless. My mum and I got so frustrated and furios. We left there without saying anything and headed to Maluri; the Chinese old dental clinic.

I have to say, his clinic is real old. Its like an antique clinic you know. Even the newspaper there is the February issue. *_* GAH. Dont laugh when i mention about this part. I was so scared when i firsly lie on the arm seat. I call that the "toturing seat". The dentist almost faint when he saw my rotten tooth. Hahahahahahahaha. He scolded me, the old man said i should have come earlier. At least he can repair the hole in my tooth. It's too late now. If i feel pain, the only thing i can do is to pull it off.

I never say i want to pluck my rotten tooth and he did it hiself. I was schocked to death.! When he gave the the numb-injection. I went crazy....................... I said C-R-A-Z-Y. I was really mad. Tears started to roll down. Aiya. I always cry when i need to take injection man... Oh ya, i cried lar. I cry baby lar... I squeezed the indian lady's hand, the receptionist. Hahahaha. I was really scared. Hahaha. I was laughing actaully with tears. I just can't control my tears. And the dentist took a long time to pull the rotten tooth out. During the process, i can feel the tooth cracked although my gums were numbed. I almost swallow them. *_* Sigh.. And finally after a long time, the tooth is finally out...

And if you dare to see how it looks like... Scroll. but i advise you NOT.


Monday, March 27, 2006

7 Things

7 Known Things About You
1. I have low self esteem, still, sometimes
2. Love kids alot, especially little boys
3. Big fan of Jay Chou
4. Dislike animals.!!!!!
5. Likes to take pictures
6. Likes to change hairstyle
7. Loves shopping not with my own cash ;p

7 Lesser Known Things About You
1. Cheerful outside, NOT inside
2. Little things make me blush/shed
3. I admire tall guys
4. Wants to learn dancing/vocal
5. Hugs a baby pillow and blanket with me everynight
6. I'm a bathroom singer
7. I want to get married early ;p

7 Wishes
1. Grows taller and fatter, obviously
2. Tomeet Jay in person, just me and him ;p
3. Better home finiancial
4. Marry my Mr.right before 24
5. A car like mini cooper ;p
6. Holiday trip with family/friends
7. Grow up to be what i wanna be

7 Things You Like About Yourself
1. My current hairstyle; not the colour though
2. My nose's height ;p
3. My surname, COOL ya! Sam.
4. My creativity ;p
5. My butt o.O
6. My passion for love. LOL
7. My loyalty. Muahahaha. :D

7 Things You Dont Like About Yourself
1. My height and weight. 160 & 34 kg
2. My kiddy voice
3. My set of ugly teeth
4. My meanie mouth and words
5. My timidity. GRRR.
6. My unfriendly-ness
7. My my my my.... My my my.. Nothing else i guess

7 Things On Your Mind Right Now
1. My college's assignments
2. My bloody toothache since yesterday
3. My driving lisence... I want it!
4. *I want a new laptop*
5. AHH Elaine is coming back tomorrow!!!!
6. Jay's songs...
7. What should i wear tomorrow?

7 Things You Hope To Accomplish Soon
1. Gain weight. *_*
3. The assignments
4. Toothache problem, i cant chew; i cant eat!
5. Transport to college issue. T_T
6. Find a part time job. I've finished my previous' salary! 2K!!!!
7. This survey................................ *DONE!*


: WOW. They grew from three tiny red beans to 3 stalks of plants with the total 15 heart-shaped leaves.! Hahaha.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fans Friends

I used to envy my friend, Puiyeen to have such good friends she found in her Idol's fan club. I thought it would never happen to me. Because, i'm not the friendly type nor the socialise type. I'm rather the shy type. I only started to make more friends when i was 16. Shit. I have low self-esteem. I dont dare to go near guys that i dont know too. Hahahaha. I have the phobia.. I dont know, the boys i know earlier dont like me when i was younger. *_* People like... Pixo Xhixg lar.... ;p

And until i i enter college, almost everyone is a stranger to me. I told myself, "OI, they dont know you.. Go make friends with them." So, i did took the first action to know them too. I'm glad i did so. I have more friends now. Beside friends in college i made, i too made friends from jc net, they are just so warm and friendly. Or maybe because they havent meet me in person. ;p Or they might run away after they saw me.

And i'm so excited about the outting i'm gonna join them on the 15th April.! ;) Now i can feel what Puiyeen felt before. Muahahahaha.. Another new bunch of friends. ;)

Day 16

Remarks : The small container is no longer suitable for them. Because they are now so tall!!!!! I'm so glad. I'm like seeing my own kid growing taller and taller eash day. But of course i would be feeling even happier if they are my kids lar.. They are just plants. They are now so tall and i shifted them to my ex-pet, crabbies' home. Hahaha. Soon, i'm gonna plant more and more to make it look nicer. And let them have more "friends". Hahahaha..


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Think and Survive!

You know what happens when you drink and drive? Or if you drift; trying to imitate Jay? Or if you dont use hands-free while driving? Or even drive recklessly? Dont know? I'll tell you what will exactly happen.

This is what will actaully happen if you did things like what i said above. Or even of other factors.

I was so fed up when we were stuck in a stupid traffic at a not-so-possible place to have traffic. And so, i look out the window and spotted some policemen. I cursed them. I scolded them stupid blindly. And i would like to apologize to them here even if i know they wont know it. I thought it was them again doing some road blocks. Until i spotted a bunch of kepohs, the busybodies with umbrella, under the rain, with the uniformed men standing by the roadside creating heavy traffic.

There was a terrible, horrible car accident. Its so unbelievable. I'll describe the situation, and so, you must believe for what i said. I have the picture as a part of the proofs to my words. It was a silver Mercedes that banged the innocent thin tree beside the road. I dint know what exactly happened but the car was crashed like shit. The car was as if it was folded into half with the tree between the two sides of the folded car. As you can see in the picture. the tree was like IN the car. Great! How can this be? I dont know but you will get shocked seeing the poor vehicle stuck there.

God bless. I hope the driver cum the passengers in the car is safe although i think the chances are quite low. Sorry but we can actually assume it from the situation and the condition of the car.

Take it as a lesson, drivers.

Day 13

Remarks : I shifted them into the soil. I accidentally torn their loooooooooooong roots during the process. I'm so sad. Lucky they are safe. And i just realised, green bean's leaves are long and triangle-shaped unlike red beans, mine, they are heart shaped.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Starting college...

Although it is already the second day of college, but the weird feeling is still within me, my body and it is wondering around in my mind.

What weird feeling could it be? Nothing serious. Just that i dont have the feeling of a college study. Most probably i'm not used to the environment now. But i guess, sooner or later, i will fit myself in the warm and friendly environment. If it wasnt my friends who are reminding me, i thought i was just some high school students attending some extra course or tuition. Alamak.!

Talking about my classmates, they are indeed friendly. We just get along very easily. Maybe because we are the mass commies. ;p And that i heard the students in the other course are having a hard time looking for friend.

I think throughout this course, i can improve my English. I mean the way i speak. I'm such a weird person that i dont have a major language to use. Mandarin is my mother language but i'm not so good at it afterall because i dont have Mandarin classes when i was in high school. As for cantonese, i'm worse. I actaully learnt it through tv dramas and friends. Now that i'm in an environment where almost ALL my friends are speaking fluently in English, that hits me on my head. I SHOULD LEARN TO SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH NOW! Is it too late? I hope not.

Bla bla bla.... I accompanied my entry today with a cam-whore picture i took in college.

I looked darn tired ok. I had only a 6 hours sleep which i'm so not used to it. I'm dreaming in class. Shit. *Slaps myself again to keep me awake*

Day 12

Remarks : They are growing too fast. What did i use to plant them?


Saturday, March 18, 2006


I'm moodless. I'm like a compass which lost its needle that used to show its direction. ;( I dont know. I just feel that way now. And i hope someone would repair the compass very ver soon.

So i thought, whether will the kids help me at least a bit with the smile on my black long face. And i went to my grandparents house for them. They dint help. *_*

They tried to entertain me with the lion dance. Shit. When i look at Tammie, i felt even worse. LOOK at her man! She has longkang. *_*

They even tried by cam-whoring for me. Even kids know how to cam-whore now. Geng! Notice Tammie's eyelid. I applied those eye lid sticker for her to make her eye look bigger. ;p

Then Ivan was trying to get me the water apples. He thought i would be happy after eating them. Yes, my grandparents planted them and they are indeed sweeeeeeeeeet.

Zoom zoom zoooooooooooooom.

See the amount of the fruit!!! A lot right? I wonder will i earn by selling them in pasar malam.

Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom again...

Even the ants are lusting over them. Hahaha. Ada national geographic feel tak?

No. Doing all the clown show doesnt help. Thank you kids... But.. Sigh.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Remote Control

If life had a remote control, which button would you hit? And why?

01. Pause
02. Record
03. Rewind
04. Fast forward
05. Eject

If you wanted to ask me what's with the Eject's button. It means to end your life. Die lar.


As for me, i want to record. Record every moment of myself ever since from the moment i was give birth too.

Record them into soft copy/CD so that i can play them in screen when i'm old. To see what have i actaully done in the past.

I dont think i want to rewind like mostly people will want to. They would want to correct their mistaken but i think, what is done is done. I treat anything that happened is a good thing. Always think to the positive side. I wonder, if i ever change my past, will it effect my future. I think so.

And i want to record everything.. So that in case in anyway i lost my memory, i can review them. ;p

Hahahaha. I have bad memory anyway.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Results, sucks!

HANDS UP! Show me your SPM's results receipt NOW!

Hahahaha. They are WanWei, Pui and Liepeh.. Showing me their results. NOT BAD WOR. ;p

While ME!!!! My results are same like my expectation. I have 3A1s. Ehh dont lar say "Only 3 ke?" For me, i'm okay with it. Because i know i dint work as hard as others. I dont do that much of revision. I just pay more attention in classes. That's all. And i can maintain my normal standard which is, "so-so". ;p Not too good and not too bad.

Hey, i scored only 3As but i dint shed tears.! Hahahaha. I'm neutral, i'm suprised to say so.

I had A1s for English, Matematics and EST. No A2. One 3B for B.Melayu and 4Bs for Moral, History and ART.! Damn it.! I target an A2 for my art you know. Babi. I had confidence in my Art one you know. Shit. Sigh. And lastly, 3 6Cs for the rest of my subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Add Maths. As usual.

Forget about them. Sigh. And before that, i want to congratulate DEWI for getting straight A's. ;) I'm so proud of you. And to the rest who did too, whom i'm not sure who are they. ;p Forgive me.

Before we leave school, we snapped some picture. See!! Pui so fashion eh.!

The girls and our school lobby. Sigh. This might be the last time we'll be standing there with such a pose. ;p Too bad the other girls left earlier before we even arrive. I thought i could meet them. I hope they had their day with the results. ;)

Since i've mention my results here, dont ask me again. TATA.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Spot 'em!

I was so bored, so i did something which i liked to do once. And now, i return. Hahaha. Join me if you're bored.

Spot the differences.

enlarged image

enlarged image

EDIT : the pictures are re-linked. Enjoy. ;)


Monday, March 6, 2006

A New Member

If you ever wonder who is this.... Let me tell you. No, not my cousin. But my nephew. Or to be more detail, my second brother who is 35 this year. And this is his 3 months son. Er, i never mentioned i have any elder brothers? Did i or did i not? Hahahaha. If i have not, i'll tell you now. I have another two elder brothers from the same father but from the different mother. Get the picture? ;)

Anyway, that's not the point. I believe in every kids' childhood time, they must have plant the red/green bean with some cotton in a small container. Hehehahaha.. And i just remembered that i never once succeed. Pity me. So i decided to try once more since i'm so bored at home. Kakakakaka. I hope it works this time. And i will post a picture of it everytime i blog or i think almost everyday as a report. ;)

Day 1



Saturday, March 4, 2006

The Facial Expression Game

Muahahahaha.. Let's start the game..!

Round number one; the nice loooook. Cheeeeeeeeeese. ;)

Tammie v.s Vvens.

Round number two; hyper sad look. Sobs.

Ivan v.s Vvens

Round number three, the angry look. GRRRR.

Ivan v.s Vvens

Round number four; the closed-eyed and WOOOOO look. ;)

Tammie v.s Vvens

Round number five; the act cute look. Kawaii-neh!! ;)

Ivan v.s Vvens

Round six, the piggy look.

Ivan v.s Tammie.

The special round. The lips biting round. Who's cute and who's not?

Berrie, Ivan and Jay.

Looks like Ivan joined alot of rounds.. If he lose... He is going to... CRY OUT LOUD.

Lol. Anyway, just vote for your favourite. ;)


Friday, March 3, 2006

Driving Me Crazy

I'm so sick and headache at almost everything now.

GRRRR. Now, i know the feeling of my mum when kids are arguing and making bloody noises around over small stuffs or even over some stupid toys. Whacking them like nobody's business because all the while, they are darned pampered and not well taught kids. Not toturing them but teaching them. They would not listen to you if you dont have a cane or a stack of newspaper on your hands. Yalah, to whack them. Lucky they are not my kids, or not, THEY DIE. Or i think, based on my genes, my future kids might be better than them because they have lousy parents. ;p Hahahha. Ivan and Tammie needs education very badly.

On the other hand, my brother is also driving me to hell. The only person he is afraid of my my mum. And so, when my mum is not around, she's in thailand now, he'll start to rebel knowing that i wont complain to my mum, even so, my mum would not punish him. I always think my mum loves my brother more than me. Ahhh. The disadvantage of being the elder kid at home. I always get scolded when i go out with friends but not my brother. I know i'm a girl but its not fair though. Not trying to complain, but i hope she can treat both of us in a fair way. My brother is another pampered bastard. He never listens to me unless i threathen him. ;p "OOH, i'll tell mum you're courting a girl in your school..." ;p

What's next? My room is making my mood even worse. Its now an imcomplete room to me. No lights? No air-conditioner. No joke man. I'm so sick of this. There's no man in my house who can help us replace a new light bulb in my room. Not to say ladies are so weak that they can even handle small stuffs like this but i know, it is also unfair in between sexes. No such thing as gender equality to me. Guys are meant for all these kind of jobs. ;p You would not want to see a weak and innocent young lady climbing up a ladder to change the bulb with a mini skirt dont you? Teehee. And about my air-conditioner which is even OLDER than anyone of us here. Its is already serving us even before i'm produced. Er, i meant gave birth. Its too old too work smoothly now i guess. So i have been sleeping mama's room these few nights. Same to my brother, his is not working too. Oooh, see how unlucky can a family be.

Lastly, my laptop. Its old tooo.. I need a new one please..... I dont know what exactly happen but.. I cant open pop up links. Like my comment boxes. Everytime when i try to click on them, they go crazy as in everything hang.! Grrrrrrr... And what's more? Needed programmes like Photoshop isnt working. Error this error that.!!!!!!

Anyone can help me, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? I need a break.