Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Because I have free tickets

And again, its Nuffnang who gave me free tickets. This time, they gave me tickets to watch Chelsea, the football team in Malaysia. It is not the ticket to watch the match but its the pass to watch them during their training session 2 nights ago at Shah Alam Stadium.

#01 The pass and my ugly nail. Thank you Nuffnang.

You're right. I'm totally not a fan of football. I dont even know the players' names. I know the teams' names because they are just famous and its like a general knowledge already. Haha. But why did I even attend right? Hahaha. Because of Mr Boyfriend, I asked for the tickets and went lar. Hehehe. I know nuts about soccer. I dint even know that I should be wearing blue that night instead of some other colours. I am only a fan of you-know-who. Haha.

Here are some pictures taken during that night.

#02 Me and the tall boyfriend.

#03 The banner on top of the stadium. I zoom, zoom, zoomed!

#04 The crowd, obviously the fans of the team (the one holding the flag!) unlike me. Haha. Spot the mascot!

#05 The Chelsea team versus the national team. The sky was pretty.

#06 During the training match. And one thing that I was surprised about, this is my first time watching a soccer match, really, and I find it amazing when people actually cheer at others who
kena the bola right at the faces. Very pain okie :( You would not want people to cheer at you if you are the unlucky person.

#07 Hello :)

#08 The guys I went with, Dexter, his brother and his cousin brother (who is a big big big fan of Chelsea).

#09 Someone shooting someone holding someone who fell down.

#10 I dont know how to write for this caption but I snapped the goal keeper doing a jump.

#11 Then, I was a little bored and I started to took pictures of the sky. Haha.

#12 Then the crowd cheered. And I dont know why because I was looking at the sky. Haha. This picture may not be accurate but I really was lost for once or twice when the crowd cheered.

#13 The stadium. The human looks like ants to me now. This is the correct view I had in live but I get to take closer pictures because...

#14 My Canon is somehow good. Not better than professional use cameras but good enough la. And that we stood on the chairs....

#15 Okay, not only us but EVERYONE. Hahahaha.

Ya so, this is the end of the post because I really do not know how to continue as I really know nothing about it but that er.. the real match was last night. Haha. So, how was it ah?

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Because there are ants in my room

Sounds dirty? Well not really actually. Haha. not trying to cover up my backside but I love to keep my room clean but recently, I realize that there are ants in my room. One is normal. Two is normal but following by three, four, five, six ants in a row is not normal. Grr. There must be something in my room that attracts the ant. I hate to see ants crawling on my table, round and round my laptop and stuffs.

And so, I went around my room to look for the cause. But I dint get to find it. Then, I went to my cupboard where sweet stuffs where hidden in there to check whether is that the cause of the ants living in my room with me :(

#01 My funny funny collections....

#02 Of M&M's and random candies with cute packaging!

Hahaha. So its not very surprising to see ants in my room also BUT I cleaned all these wrappers before I keep them in this big box. I even sealed them weh. How did the ants came by? By anyway, since I had to take them out therefore I decided to snap a few pictures of my collection to share it with you guys. Hahaha. I wanna show off a bit ;p

#03 Some M&M's dispenser, Qoo soft drinks collection and Jay Chou on Pepsi and Capico crackers collection. I have got more but very very lazy to take them out.

#04 The empty, only packaging M&M's I collected since ages. I had to empty them or not you will see worms in the chocolate when you open up the very next time.

#05 The new collections of special flavors sold on special occasions. I havent get them emptied. Lazy. But no ants!!!! Confirm!

#06 Have got a gigantic one but I
berat hati to eat them up :(

#07 I love colourful things....

#08 My colourful chocolate tubes.

I've got more to share but a bit lazy already. And I'm running out of time. I am very very geram now. I want to look for it but I'm in a hurry to work now. ISH. But weh, nice or not my collections? HAHAHAHA.

Cioaz for now. See you.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Because I'm busy with...

01. My job!! My work!!!
Yayaya. I have not mention what I'm working right now. Even if you asked me personally, I cant answer you, I'm sorry because it is still p&c. The work load is fine but the working hours are kinda long and that I have not much time for other things. Sigh. Soon soon, everything will be different. And I hope I can spend more time with my blog then.

02. My BIG plan.
If you noticed my Facebook and MSN personal message, I mentioned about this BIG plan. Well, me and my BFFs is starting up an online boutique just like the other girls! Hahaha. Hey, do support us! :) The business will soon start on the coming August! Stay tuned. For the moment, heat up the place by clicking HERE!

03. Adobe Photoshop
This sound stupid but the actions and effect that I can play with Photoshop NEVER bores me. I can play for hours and hours and hours one lor.

I wanna come up with a comic series. Weeeeeeeeee.

Nice or not the effect? Ahahaha. But my eye bags damn ugly :(

04. My boyfriend!
Hahahaha. Sorry but I wanna go dating with him like 24/7 before he leaves to US again.

I'm a busy beeeeeeeeeeeee weh now. So, sorry for not updating my blog as often.
Busy busy busy!!! T_T


Thursday, July 17, 2008

With the cousins!

My cousin, Elaine has left to Australia a few days ago to continue her studies there and before she did, she came down to KL for two days. I wish she could spend more time here though! And here are the pictures taken during that two days.

#01 Her mum and our little cousin, Tammie.

#02 So cute ah, i like the "line" on Tammie's face. Dont know why but very cute. Hehe.

#03 The girls fooling around in Charles and Keith at the Pavilion.

#04 Hahahaha. I dint mean to torture her in any way.

#05 The 123 pose!

#06 My little cousins' favorite, BR fondue ice cream. I prefer Haagen Dazs ;p

#07 Hehehehe so cute right!

#08 I like this picture a lot. They look damn cute. This was taken in The Republic food court.

#09 Elaine and the little ones.

#10 After shopping, we went home and had some fun with the diapers' cloth. Lol.

#11 Muthu, "I serve the best
roti canai!!"

#12 "
Nama saya Fatimah", she said!

#13 The cousins' jump! I love this picture because hahaaha so cute weh, the kids were looking at her while jumping. So cute!

#14 Little Ivan imitated my kind of pout..........

#15 The four out of seven cousins!

#16 Chuuuuuuuuuu!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Because kids are simple minded...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Mini Gathering

Event : SSG Reunion '08
Date : 4th July 2008
Venue : Decanter @ Sri Hartamas

It was supposed to be a yearly gathering among the students of the same batch last Friday. When we planned, majority said they will be attending but till the 11th hour, most of them said "Sorry, I cant make it. I'll see you another day. I'm sorry". We received at least 10 of these similar messages telling us that they are not making it. SAD OKIE. And some came after 10pm when the bookings are no longer on. The food and the bookings are wasted. AIH. Anyway, thanks for those who came and here are the pictures of the night.

#01 The sisters. I look crappy the whole night. Haha.

#02 We used to be P.V.C!!!

#03 Iris and I.

#04 WanWei, Carmen and I.

#05 The couples.

#06 The pretty Peilu!!!

#07 With Po, from KungFu Panda :)

#08 PuiYeen, EeYang and I.

#09 Some of my class mates. Thanks for coming!

#10 My gay partner.

#11 The four sisters. All so pretty :)

#12 Ian, the guy with the serious headache that night, Christina and Iris.

#13 The girls and a guy.

#14 YiKye!!! Sorry, this is the only picture I have of you. Haha.

#15 MoonYee and I. Okay, she's not form our batch but she was 'hired' to be the receptionist that night. Hehe.

#16 The girls with HuiWen.

#17 The group picture without my classmates, and the late comers.

#18 And another one with everyone looking good except for Ian. Too bad.

:( :( :( :(

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