Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coral Death

I'm so bored.!! GRRRR. I wanna watch movies..... Anyone?
There's this new movie in town. Anyone wants to go with me? My treat. ;)

movie poster2
movie poster3
movie poster4

Teehee. Drop me a message if you're going with me. ;)


Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Home For Every Soul SPCA

Adoption Fest 2006 – 2010

This year, the SPCA will embark on its Adoption Fest 2006-2010, in hope of finding a home for every soul. The programme, which underwent a trial run last year during the one-day mobile adoption at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), has proven to be a success when 50% of the animals brought there were adopted! With the tsunami-like waves of animals surrendered to the SPCA, the society feels that they cannot just sit back and wait for potential adopters to come by to the shelter to adopt these animals.

They believe that by taking a more pro-active step such as through mobile adoptions where the animals are brought out to the public, the number of animals that have to be euthanised solely due to the lack of homes can be avoided.BSC, who shares the same views on this matter, is determined to do their part to make a difference! For the whole month of March 2006, BSC has invited SPCA to run its mobile adoption at the shopping centre.The Adoption Fest will be held on each weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of March 2006 at the Fountain Area (in front of La Bodega) at Bangsar Shopping Centre, from 11 am to 5 pm where about sixteen cats and dogs will be up for adoption.

Adoption fee starts from RM 200 for dogs and RM 70 for cats (including first vaccination, deworming and neutering) and adoptions are subject to approval.For every successful adoption, the new owner will be eligible to enter the grand lucky draw at 5.45pm on Sunday, 26th March 2006. The grand prize is a set of 6 'Luck'SPCA Selangor, Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, Ampang Jaya, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.Tel: 03 4256 5312 or 03 4253 5179bundles of dog chopsticks and rests worth RM 600, plus a Shih Tzu figurine worth RM 688 generously sponsored by Royal Selangor.

So if you're thinking of adding a new member to your family, come to the Adoption Fest at Bangsar Shopping Centre during the weekends of March and adopt a furry friend! You can play your part to change the fate of these homeless pets! Remember, each time you buy a pet from a pet shop or breeder, more puppies and kittens are born for the sake of profit while a shelter animal dies merely because of the lack of good and loving homes.For more information, please call the SPCA Selangor office at 03-4256 5312, 03-4253 5179.

No. I dont wanna add a family member ler.. I dont mind babies.. You know.... I mind pets. And okie, you people should adopt them so that there will be no more stray animals.. And you wont see me running away from them anymore.

Okie, i put this up because a friend of mine asked me to do so. Or not i dont think i'll be doing this. Because seriously, i dont like pets at all. One of the reason is that i'm afraid of them. I'm afraid o dogs and stuffs. I will never go near a dog and i would run away from it. *_* Serious. You can see me hiding away from your pet if i visit your house anytime. Requesting you to lock it up. Haha.

Reason two; maybe because i hate the feeling of losing them. Unlike human that will walk a long distance of life with you. Yes. Dogs are cute. They are loyal but they cant be with you for a long time. Get what i mean.? I had a dog once. Only once and its not officially mine too. Its my grandparent's pet dog, Lily. I love it so much that its the only dog i ever pampered and played with.

I've never seen such cute and obedient dog. She sleeps under the sofa everynight. And does her business properly no matter in the toilet or outside the park. She's very lovely. But she died. It was very sudden. She left us when we were out station.. I cant remember the main reason she left us. Its either she's too old or she died out of hunger. ;(

There's once, i think it was last year where i saw the same kind of breed dog. I dont know what breed is that but just some cute puppy. I wasnt afraid of it. I even wanted to touch it. maybe because it was in its cage. ;p But its like seeing my Lily.........

I will not adopt any pets. No. Even if my brother always wanted to. The dogs in my cousins' house.. The one used to be in my grandparents house after Lily... I dont even dare to touch them. Grr. I dont know. I just dont like pets anymore...


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Vven's Hairstyles

Time flies.... Dint realise that I'm so old already. Serious. I never realise that.. Because people always think i'm still a 13-15 year old girl, it made me have the same thought too. But my mum always hit me by saying that.. I'm actually 19 according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

Why does she want to add my age when she has to do the same as her's too. And its true that ladies dont like to mention their age. So remember, dont ask them.

By seeing th pictures above, well actaully, i dint change much i think. Dont ask me why there's no pictures of me during age 8-12. Sorry but i'm lazy to scan them in as a soft copy. I just look bad and ugly during the stage. Seeeee.!! I looked the same when i was 13 okay. There's a reason why the picture is small too. Haha.

And i like the 2 years old picture the most. I just love that hairstyle of mine. Dont you? ;)

When people are growing older and older, they wish to turn back time. While when we were still young, we always want to be like adults. Because we know, adults can do things that kids always wanted to do. Weird. Humans are weird.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Omg Omg Omg Omg

AHHHHH. Announcement.! Our SPM results are out on the 13rd of March which is two weeks from now. I'm sure the news is pretty accurate as its written in newspapers.

Not that i'm scared or panic. I'm happy that i can return back to school seeing my friends! Hahaha. Serious. As long as i dont fail for all subjects. *Touch wood*

And ooh ya. The following week will also be my college orientation and stuffs. I din't know that if i register with my forecast i need to sit for another english exam. No one ever mention that when i went to Taylor's. Cunning fellows. If i dont get good results; Level6, i have to pay more money to take English lessons. SHEEEEEEET.

What now? Erm, if my coming results arent that bad, can i change it with my forecast.? Hahaha. I dont wanna take the rist to do badly in the exam and take more classes. I'm just lazy and dont want to pay extra 1k.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

D.I.Y Furry Ball

I'm sick of the routine i'm having now everyday.

Wake up, eat, tv or either exercise, bath, eat, tv, slack, computer, eat, tv then sleep. I dont mind if i'm going fatter. But the problem is NO. Sigh.

Anyway, not going to talk about my thin-fat problem again. Hahaha. Just that i feel so bored and so, i had this feeling to teach some D.I.Y stuffs here. Hahaha.

Dont worry. I'm not going to teach you how to knit lar.. ;) I'm going to show you how to make a furry ball with knitting threads.

Firstly, prepare the stuffs like knitting thread that you can find anywhere like Jusco with very low prices, sisscors, ruler, cardboard and a pair of patience hands.

Cut out a cardboard of size 3cm X 20cm.

Then, cut both the ends like shown above.

Next, cut an any-colour-thread and put it in between the both cuts. Make sure one side of the thread is connected and one is not.

Now, start to roll the cardboard with the thread colour you want. Roll Roll and roll.

Then after you rolled so times, you push them aside. And if you want to add some other colours you can too. ;) Or even roll two colours' thread at a time to have a different effect.

Roll roll roll... Keep on rolling...

Until you get something like that.. Hehe.

Next, pull out the thread within and tie them together like shown as above.

After you tied it, push the threads out. Or the other way, pull the cardboard out.

Tighthen the thread. Make sure you dont spoil the thing when you are seperating the cardboard and the thread. Slowly. Then, you will get something like above. Next, cut the center of the threads that formed a circle from the side.

You're doing everything correctly when you get something similar to mine.!

Lastly, trim it round.. Haha. As round as possible. And you'll get a furry ball. To get a nicer effect, comb it to make it hairy. ;) Cheers!!!

Okie lar, do this only when you're dead bored like me.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Mr. Fella

I used to hate this guy alot. To me, he's a devil that sucks to the max. He has an ugly feature and evil mouth of words. I really hated him that i can totally ignore him.

Some of you must be thinking... "Ooh dear, how mean can this guy be to you?" or "Who the heck is he?" He is just a man who helped my family when we were almost dying.

People who know me well will know who am i mentioning. I really hate him alot because, in my thoughts, he can never substitute my father's position. Though, i was neutral to him earlier when i firstly knew him. All he did was buying great stuffs for us and maintaining the house lot i'm stayed for more than a decade.

Honestly, he recovered the situation of my family. We almost sell our house and even plan to shift to my grandparents house which is a very small and old house. And what's more.. Maintaing me in SSG.

He brought us overseas like my father did. He bought us good stuffs and my first 8250 when i was barely 13. He bought me a turqoise gameboy when i refused to accept gold accesories from him. I was rather unsatisfied though. Forgive me. I'm just a childish girl before.

What caused me to stop being neutral to him? Its his bloody mouth that could not stop talking, crapping, cursing, drinking, smoking, scolding, foul languages and big talks he did. I hate it most. I hate people talk as if their the best and yet there's no prove or whatever shit. No actions, talk only.

I too hate it when he clarifies me as his daugther. I have only one irresponsible father. That's enough.

Trust me. I dont even greet him when i was at the stage of boicot-ing him. I dont care what my mum said and no matter what he buys for me.

And out of a sudden, he was lost from our contacts. Mum no longer contacts him nor request money from him. I guessed they argued. He wants to marry my mum but my mum insist not. Then, here comes the cold war.

It was a year he did not appear in my life. And this is when my mum is forced to work 2-3 jobs a day. Her direct sales, flea market and some night life job. We were forced to sell away our Mercedes too and forced to send my brother to some stupid schools. Yes. I must use the word stupid.

My mum broke down but she still insist not to look for him until one day he did. They recovered and same to my family's situation except for my brother. Pity him. Honestly, if they were not back together, i will not be able to register in Taylors and have my 6111.

But now, i'm back neutral to him. Just for my mum. And somehow i'm not that childish anyway. Not that i can accept him but i think i should be thankful that there's no reason for him to pay such cost for us. He told me its because he's with my mum that's why he needs to do so. Bullshit. I can never be patient and talk to him in a good manner. Hahahaha..

He even promised to sponsor me for driving lessons and even a car. Here comes his stories again.

I was just thinking.. ....... What reaction should i have. What should i do. I dislike him but i dont want to see my mum suffers. I dont want him to appear in my life, i still believe my dad will return one day. Am i naive or stupid. I guess, continue being neutral is the best.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Having Fun with Them and Them

I had two days with packed activities. Well, the first day was yesterday. Puiyeen had a booking with me. Hahaha. She had some assignment on kids so i had her my little cousins for observation. This is real fun. She made them so happy as time passes while in the begining, they dare not actaully go near her. Hahaha. this proved, kids are easily cheated. ;p

She made them write A-B-C`s which they dont know. She too gave them the opportunity to play with flour-made dough. Ivan was good at rolling them into shapes but i guess Tammie was just lusting to eat it all the while. Hahaha.

The fun was then koined by Carmen. She came all the way from Bukit Antarabangsa just to accompany me in my boredness. Hehehe.. She's so sweet. Heehehehe..

When her observations are almost done, we had this kids-hair-cutting thingy. Well, no doubt. I'm the hair dresser. Hehehe.

This is Tammie while waiting for the expert. ;)

And this is how she looks after the hair cut. Got lar.. her fringe got shorter lar.... Just the angle tak ngam aje.

And this is a group picture of them without me, before the kids were dismissed.

After the kids went back, me and Carmen headed to Puiyeen's house. Let me count.. How long have i not been to her house? 1..2..3 years..? I dont know. Y_Y Hahahaha.

Ooh the sweetie PuiYeen gave me a voucher that entitled me to get a free glasses from FocusPoint because most of them are more than -4.00DS which cant redeem the glasses. So i took it. As you can see its one of my wish to get a new glasses under the wishlist section at the left side of my blog. ;)

We spent few hours there cam-whoring while waiting for Jukoon to pick us up for a steamboat dinner.

There were 6 girls and 4 guys there included me, Carmen, Pui, Cindy, WanWei, Liepeh, JuKoon, YeeTsong, Wei Hao and Ah Pou. The 10 of us ate alot alot and alot... Till everyone is full till their throats. Ya serious.! Hahaha. And i have to thanks them for sending me home. I'm the only one who cant drive yet. So sad.

Pictures during the dinner. ;)

Sorry for the blank images. Will be replaced with some pretty pictures very soon. ;)

As for today, me and mum went to Lot 10 for some wedding shows by her designer friends, Daniel and Leslie. And here are some, erm actaully quite alot of pictures of pretty models and pretty dresses to share.

The lady above is Amber Chia.

Oops! I can explain this. Hahaha. This is just a dancer, dont worry. Performing some traditional dancse before the models are out on the stage presenting the traditional wedding gowns.

Nice! Arent they? Teehee.

Yayaya, went shopping after that and bought a top and a long-wanting purse. Yippe! And most importantly, i got the glasses made. :D

Ooh anyway, try this. Its a simple and short test about how well you know me.! ;)


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Sweet Thing is Here!

So how is everyone's V-day? Good or not? Mine? I had it with my mum and brother. We went to my mum's company's function @ MCA.

Me; getting ready for it! ;)

It tooks us almost 1 hour to reach the place. ONE HOUR!! Get me or not? Usual time taken is like maximun 20 minutes only. The traffic was like shit at the Ampang area. This was because; the heavy rain on Valentine that caused tree being strucked down by the lighting and it bothers the traffic condition. Everything was slow and late. Even the event was started late. As usual.

My mum was responsible to buy flowers on that night and she bought like 2k of flowers.! *_* Cool? Yes it is!! Hahahaha.. And the speciality that night.....

Who tells you that's a cabbage? Its a new kind of flower from Penang..!! I'm not sure with its name but i named it the cabbage flower.! ;) It has purple colour that makes it looks like a purple cabbage. ;p

Let's not talk about the even and talk about flowers. Hahaha. Let's see what my mama got.!

White lilies!!! That's my mama's favourite.! Hahaha..

Ooh, who is the unlucky girl my brother is waiting for?

Hahaha. After everything, i went home. And i've receive this form someone special. Yes, mind you its in a basket. And its made from him!!! See the word, m-a-d-e.! Hahaha. He spend unknown time to get those flower put nicely in the basket. See carefully and see what can you see. Hehehe. Nothing? Let me show you.

..... ... ... ........... ...................

Now you see! Teehee. And as for today, a had a date with him. We had a movie and a so-called candle light dinner @ Victoria station. Hahaha. Was great then. But the worse thing is..... I left his present at home.!!!!!!! Y_Y And yes, its still with me. Stupid me.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Something Sweet Soon...

Valentine's day is drawing near. I can see everyone is preparing about the celebration with the love ones. I see my girlfriends busy planning some sweet activities and also some male-friends busy thinking about flowers to buy. Rose or lily? ;p

I somehow envy them. I fail to celebrate V-day with my special him. Both years, last year and the coming one.

What happened last year? Well, it fell on a weekday where i need to go to school like usual. And what upsets me? My mum. She disallowed me to go for a V-day. Probably she doesnt know about me and my date during that moment.

As for the coming 14th February, my mum has a function to attend. I dont know whether its on purpose a not, she insist to bring me along. Yes, this time she knows about my date. She just told me in advance that i have to follow her on that night before i manage to ask for her permission. How sad. I tell myself, its just a date titled V-day. It doesnt work. Hahahaha. Whatever.

Flowers are definitely a must for that day. ;p As i came across this magazine, they actaully gave us some idea what to do on V-day. Example; some couple SPAs. Couple studio photographies. Candle light dinner; which is also a must if possible. Or even better, a romantic holiday trip to a place where they have beaches. So sweet. ;)


Thursday, February 9, 2006

I wanna be Super Vven!

If ever.. IF, a very strong word, god gives you a chance to choose ANY super power, yes.! No typo at all. You own the super power for a lifetime. What sort of super power would it be despite considering the disadvantages because you know nothing is perfect.

As for me, i have two super powers that i would like to own. Aiyar, human memang greedy wan. ;p When you are offered for one, you ask for two and more and more and more. Its like having more than 1 girlfriend at a time. ;p

1. Mind reading.
I would like to have this super power please, God. I want to know what's everyone thinking. Of course, i need some rules for it. Maybe like; i can only read ones' mind thru some eye contact. So, i cant read Jay's mind. How sad. I can only read my mum's when i ask her what she wants for mothers' day. I can too read my dear's mind and always do what he like giving him suprise that can make him feel so happy for me being so understanding. LOL. I can also read my friends' so that i can be their favourite friend knowing what they like and i'll never say and do stuffs wrongly. Oooh. Me being naughty, can also read a teacher's mind if i need them in helping me to answer my questions. ;p But not forgetting that it'll bring some disadvantages like not having anymore suprises.

2. Time machine.
I want to have the ability to play time anyhow i like; if possible. I hate the feeling of regretting. Eg; AIYA! I should have choosen that course man. I hate this course. Or something like; Shit man! I should have not buy the skirt next door. This is cheaper and nicer!! Die. Hahaha. Aint this cool. I can always backforward time and too, fastforward time like a VCD player. To the future, i can see who is my husband-gonna-be and what,how will i look like when i'm old. And backk to the present time; i'm some sort of future-teller. Not bad huh! I can also have the chance to score an A1 for my add math when everytime i can return to the exam moment to re-correct them. Hahaha. But again, its bad when it makes me look like a cheater. Yes. I think i am.

So if you were given the chance to choose, what super power would it be?

Some people would choose the nature power where you can control the trees, the flower bla bla bla. Some even wants to FLY or turn invisible. Up to you. Dream about it. ;)


Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Coke Galore

Hahaha. I'm not a coke fan but i just feel like posting this. ;p

Ahh!! Can you make the coke stand like that?! NO! I dint use glue nor photoshopped it. Hehehe. You definitely need some skill to do so.

Hahaha. Love my fancy straw dont you? I'm not a coke fan but the fancy straw fan! Hehehe. I used to love drinking them but... Recently i've stop the habit of drinkinig soft drinks and cold drinks. Hahaha. Erm, from normal syrup, Coke became the world most famous soft drink and most favourable drink among people from age 8 months to 80. Haha. From the normal flavour, it came out with more "interesting" flavour from years to years. Like, Diet coke, Lime Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cheery Coke etc etc. Lucky they dont have this Coke Tarik like Pepsi does. ;p

The mini-size Coke and a FAKE Coke i did for my Art Project during year2003. Hahaha. It looks shitty. I KNOW.! I had a full pholio about Coke! Hahaha.

Now, we have these TALL ones. The one on the left side is a cool one, which i bought it from Japan. While the another one, its the traditional packing.! You can get it in in mamak stalls. ;) Or even in supermarkets but they are much more costy.

SEE.! I never lie. Kids love it. I remember a cousin of mine, he loves drinking Coke alot and treating it as if its mineral water. Then, gas acumulates in his tummy and *burp* here comes his big tummy! ;p


SLRUPS............. OOPS!

Sorry. Its me. I cant resist it!!! *Runs to my sofa and start to enjoy my can of coke* CIAOS.


Monday, February 6, 2006

Cheering Colours

I was feeling rather sad when my mum wasnt really that concerned about my college thingy. But then, something cheered me up.

I firstly saw a rainbow-look-alike-thingy on my tinted glass door. I was shocked and i turned around and had a long glance up the sky. A beautisul and close rainbow. Its very pretty. Hahaha.. With a closer look, you can actaully see pink colour beside the indigo and a soft yellow lining beside the pink one. ;)

I pulled everyone and took pictures of it. Its real pretty. I love rainbow.