Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bugis' Day

Did I mentioned that I want to go to Bugis Village? I must be stupid, because the place its Bugis Street. Hahaha. Its the biggest street shopping in Singapore. And Me, bring stupid brought long sleeve clothes here and who knows, the wheather here in Singapore is much more hotter than in KL. Like omg, I'm even sweating at home. So, I do not need to mention how sweaty was I in the street shopping.

I went there in the afternoon with my mum for shopping. But before that, we went to the famous temple in Bugis. The crowd there contribute more to my kepanasan leh. Plus the fire, candles and joss sticks. And that's why I did not take any picture of myself because I looked like shit, a sweat one. ;p

And the first thing that came across my mind when I reached bugis was, TUTUCAKE! Cannot cannot miss it. When I was taking the pictures of the cake, the stall's uncle stared at me, "Are you doing a food journal?" Me,"No. Just taking because I cant eat it at my place..." :) And then, we started talking and he ask me to start the business here in KL. Haha.

It was very hot and tiring, and sad. Because I left only SD30 in my wallet. What can I buy in the largest street shopping here in Singapore with only that amount of money!? Ish. But I did grab some cheap stuffs.

I bought SHE's lastest album which cost me only SD8. Nono, its not pirated but its China's original CDs. I'm not sure why they are so much cheaper. Besides Jay Chou's albums, I would not spend so much lar, so no choice I buy China goods. Better than pirated okay. I bought nice earrings and a pretty bling which is SD7. And a suprise stuff that I'll reveal later back in my home sweet home. :)

And also a copy of Singapore's Seveteen magazine. Speaking of that, I received a call from KL today, form Seventeen! They asked me for a photoshot. I damn happy okay because I wanted this since quite sometime ago. But my heart breaks when they told me its on tomorrow! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( Sigh.

Later at six, my mum and I decided to head home because we were exhausted untill we saw a stage far far away. It's Rainie Yang! She's here for her new lesbian movie, Spider Lilies. She's going be here at 0615pm, as stated on the giant poster backdrop. So, my mum and I decided to stay longer to see the cute little Rainie. Mana I tau she was there 1 hour and 35 minutes late. Waited and waited until we gave up. We went back to a shop in the street shopping to get my mum's shade. We were quite disappointed. But when we were heading back to the MRT station, we saw her on the stage already! Ish. I was so near in the begining. And now, all the way behind the crowd. I cannot take a decent picture of here. The best picture taken (ewwww) is as below;

She's the one in red lar. I zoomed in to the maximum and that's what I could take when the crowd was pushing and squeezing. And then we left lor after awhile because we memang very tired and hungry already. Sigh. And it was almost 8 when we left.

And I call it a day, at Bugis.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

That day, Yesterday and Today...

Last Thursday where I went to movie sponsored by Nuffnang with Ginny and Hui Yat. These pictures are taken with Ginny's Canon Ixus when mine died on me. We had our dinner at Ah Tuan Ee's before the movie. :)

Yesterday, we camwhore at our working place when I received my new memory card. From left to right, Joan, the girl who is going to marry. And she's only 18 this year. Celine, the girl who makes me feel ashamed singing infront of her. Her singing rocks! Me! And my closest colleague, Joyee who has a very big pair of eyes but does not make use of it. ;p

Today, when we reached Singapore, the first thing we did was to take a picture of all of us (the cousins). From left to right for the first picture, (top) Me-19, Elaine-19 and Sean-15. (bottom) John-15, Ivan-6, Berrie-3 and Tammie-5. Whether you believe it or not, this is the first time the 7 of us could gather together and take pictures together. I wonder when can we take like, the whole family. It will be kinda hard I think because we're all apart in KL and Singapore.

And I did shopping today too. I went to the new shopping mall, Ang Mo Kio Hub. Suprisingly, the stuffs there are good. I bought quite alot of things because they were on sales okay! Which girl can resist from big sales one you tell me la!

These are what I bought. A black and white stripes V neck top which I have been hunting for. It costed me SD20. A pair black pumps which is alo SD20 to replace my old one. The old one damn kesian already. Hahahaha. A hyper sweet and cute PINK car sign written "Babe on board!" Hahaha. I've not seen in anywhere in KL leh. And instead of orange and yellow in colour, its PINK! :D Its only SD9. And two very cute notebook with doodlings on the cover. Very my-feel. Hahaha. There are only SD2 each. ANd lastly, a big and funny eraser which looks like Levi's tha cost me SD3. I dont know why I bought it but.. its cute lar. ISH!

Next stop, I mau pergi Bugis Village, Sentosa and Vivo City, but I left only SD30 (because I havent receive my salary, the previous savings are all spent on my Canon) and 3 days. :(

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Singapore, here I come!

Singapore sales, here I come! Yay! I'll be leaving KL on Monday and probably be back in a week's time. I'll be bringing my laptop along so you'll still see me online. I'll be bringing my camera too, so that I can feed my blog. I'll be receiving a new memory card tomorrow so that I can continue with the snappings. Yay! No more frustrations. :)


Friday, May 25, 2007


First of all, thank you Nuffnang for the free tickets to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3. :) I went there quite early with Ginny and Hui Yat. Before collecting the tickets we had our own sweet time walking around the mall, doing some window shopping. And really ended up buying something. We bought tees with cute texts. And when it striked 8, we went for the ticket collecting. Well, after that we had our dinner. After dinner, we went to the cinema. We passed by the Neo-print shop and Ginny merajuk that she wants to take but we're out of time. The crowd was there. I saw alot of familar faces but I never said hi because I'm shy and I'm afraid no one knows me (Do you?). We were late and there were only front rows left for us. Haha. But it was okay though. The popcorn are too sweet that I cant taste my cola. The show was okay. Everything sounds okay. BUT MY CAMERA WASNT OKAY! For some sickening reason, which I still can figure it out, my camera did not work last night. It showed me some error message about the memory card. I was so frusted and I took nothing at all. :(


Edit : Ookok. I took a few with Ginny's camera. ;p


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kiss Goodbye

I could not sleep last night. I had trouble falling asleep. It was very late and my eyes refused to close up tight and dream. And so, I reached to the mp3 place on the right hand side of my bed. I fed my ears with songs. It was like the childhood days when I need my grandma to sing to me to bed. But it was different, the songs I listened are not meant for me. My grandma used to sing unknown melodies to me.

I almost fall asleep until the player played LeeHom's Kiss Goodbye. I'm not a fan of him and not very into his songs but suprisingly it was the second time for having the same situation while listening to this song. My tears were out of control. The song's lyrics (part of it) somehow led me to the scene when I last saw you. Its staying vividly in my mind till now although it has been sometime ago. I cannot forget the last look I had on you.

The first time this happened was during 1 month back when I was alone on the back seat of my friend's car. The song was played in the radio and shit, I could not stand it. Friends, try not to play the song when the emo me is around.

I remember you telling me that you wished that we'll have the same ending in the drama, Devil beside you. But I did not realised the ending you meant until you left. I hope dramas happen in real life too.

Although I'm used to not having you here but you know what, I still miss you. I always wonder what are you doin over there. What you ate today and wha you learnt today. Did you had a good sleep, did you had enough rest. I want to let you know about me too! I want to see you, I want to talk to you... I've got to much to talk about. Its more than I can type in here.....


I miss you.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Testing, testing,123

I never had time to play with my new Canon ever since I bought it. I dont even have time to read the manual. Haha. The first time I used it was 5 days ago. The second time I used it was today. It has 21 shooting modes all together but I do not know how to use them YET. I was playing around with it and these are what I snapped.

Only both of these pictures' colours were edited in Adobe Photoshop.

And I frowned because Photobucket is bullying me. It takes me forever to load. Is it just me or what? Sigh. So for this post, I used some other image hosts.

How are the pictures? Besides the first 2 images, the rest are not edited! I love the colour. They are sharp and clear. :) What do you think?

p/s : I love blogger's new feature! Draft autosave! So cool that I do not need to copy my whole entry before I publish them anymore, in case of any accidents. Teehee.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

One night in the temple...

A week ago, I got my grandpa a tv commercial job. The pay was good and I thought, "Why not?" And so, we agreed to the job. And went for shooting last night. His role was a monk, head of the monks in a temple. The product is from India er, men's singlet. Named Lux. I thought it was the soap Lux at first. Haha.

0726pm - I left my house together with my mum. We headed to my grandpa's house.

0743pm - We reached my grandpa house. Hanged around with my cousins while waiting for my grandpa to get changed.

0750pm - Headed to the shooting location. Some temple near Petaling Street. ;p

0812pm - We reached the location early, because the traffic was very smooth! How I wish the traffic will be like that everyday. We were early anyway.

0830pm - The shooting is supposed to start by right, but they are not done with the set ups. The main lead, a famous star from Bollywood (they claimed, because I dont watch them) wasnt even there yet!

0835pm - There were food catering for the talents. We ate, we digested and we packed the food home! We're not kiasu but we were told to do so. There were a few uncle who took like 2 big bags of food home. *faints*

0840pm - I was restless, the others were too. There were 20 talents all together (kelefehs!) included my grandfather. Only 6 among the were youngsters that were all bald headed. Haha. Most of them smoked to kill time. ISH! That annoyed me.

0900pm - Wardrobe dressing! Everyone was getting ready. Everyone get changed in their monks' attires. Everyone was looking very funny! ;p

0917pm - Settle down. Some uncles get to trim their hair. But my grandpa has hair extension! Although its facial hair extension, dont play play, he has a personal make up artist you know! Hahaha. They made him look 10 years older in the shoot.

0930pm - THE BOLLYWOOD SUPERSTAR IS STILL NOT HERE! And he was making, like 15 old men waiting for him. And me, of course. ;p

1000pm - Still waiting. And the props are not done yet. Very hot one you know the place! Stuffy with smokes of the joss sticks and stuffs. See la! Those old man earn abit of money need to wait for so long, stay in the stuff place, walk on a dusty floor (monks have no shoes), shave their head, and wear 4-5 layers of cloth and sweated like nobody's business.

1030pm - I noticed a familiar face among the uncles. AH! I saw the uncle from Digi's new year commercial, the feng shui master who sounds like, "Hai yi dou la! Hou wong ah! Hou gang yiu wong ah!" (It's here! It's very ong (lucky/luck) here! Very very ong!) He's a very humorous man that kept asking people to eat. Haha.

1100pm - Finally, the star arrived. The props are done. "Roll on the camera!!!" But yet, we still need to wait. Its not the monks' scene.

1125pm - Its my grandpa's part now! Damn cool. He looks so professional in acting. I never knew that! He has to give them bloody loads of expression. Haha. I cant remember how many takes they did but it was indeed, alot!

1140pm - The monks get to rest while the staffs change the settings.

1200am - Me, "Omg! When can I roll on my bed? I'm dead tired." *Looks left, looks right* All the uncles, even the young monks are exhausted.

0100am - ISH! Not our turn yet!! Oh, and in case if you're wondering, they served food and drinks for extra people like me too! ;p

0130am - Again, the monks' turn. They have to do the same thing again, but this time they shot at a different angle.

0200am - Still shooting.

0230am - Yes, still shooting!

0300am - Casting manager, Spencer, "AH! One more hour to go. I think 4am lar, maximun then we can leave."

0400am - GRR. Still shooting. Not done yet. 2 more scenes to go. I cannot stand it anymore. I grabbed a plastic chair and I fell asleep on it.

0430am - I'm awaken by the director's loud loud voice. Now, I see more people smoking. As in, the majority people were smoking that I cant smell the joss stick anymore. Damn frustrating. I dont know where to go to avoid the smell.

0445am - No more tvc shoot at the moment. Next, photoshoot for the superstar.

0510am - Superstar can leave already. But the extras still need to stay. :(

0515am - Single tvc shoot for my grandpa. It was funny. It reminds me of ANTM's cover girl commercial. Hahaha. Oh shit! I need to catch the season finale of cycle 8 like NOW!

0540am - "Oi? I can go to school now..........."

0545am - FINALLY ITS DONE! Everything is done! OMG! Boleh balik rumah!!

0550am - Grandpa changed and took the pay!! YAY!

0600am - I'm hungry but I've no energy to bite even if there's my favourite pan mee infront of me. I'll just swallow. :)

0610am - Sent my grandpa home. AH. Damn tired.

0618am - I reached home. My brother was still on bed. Had to wake him up for school. Then, I went to bath.

0625am - Threw myself on the bed and slept with wet hair. Hahaha.

1059am - Received call from Roger, and that makes me wake up to watch some dramas.

1200pm - Drama ended. Pushed myself to the study desk and on my computer and blog. And upload pictures.

1230pm - Started blogging in a half awake mode. Replied an email from Nuffnang. I'm going for the Pirates of the Carribean 3's movie. Are you? If there's no one going with me, I dont think I'll go.

0100pm - Grandpa called, "Wake up! Let's go eat Kentucky! My treat." Me, "Cannot lar... I want to sleep."

0150pm - Finished blogging. ;p

0200pm - I assumed that I'll be on my bed....Waiting for Kentucky to come to me.! :)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello, Canon!

I'm happy. I'm excited. Because I've just bought my very first camera with my own money! I worked so hard for it ok! And I'm officially broke. :)

I really love this camera. I cant afford even betters one but I think this is just as good! And I shall give her a name, I like the name Conan the Canon. Hahahaha. Yes! Its a she because she will help me deliver tones of pictures, which are her babies. Yay!

I can also camwhore without mirrors already! I'm in love with it BUT at the same time, I feel bad to leave my Nikon............. :(


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day

P/s: It was my mum's birthday too! :)


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dont Worry, Be Ugly

Do you know that you have no more excuses to give whenever whoever wants to take your pictures? You cannot tell them that you're ugly, you're not photogenic, you've a big pimple on your nose, you've got big eye bags, you've got unwanted moles and that you have yellowish teeth.


This is because there is such programme called the Adobe Photoshop. Do you know that Photoshop can do wonders ad magics on your pictures? Do not tell me you know now. And do not say that you dont know how to use it. Even a simple "Spot Healing Brush Tool" can help you remove your pimples away by clicks away. Hahaha.

Dont just stuck in the "Hue & Saturation" and "Brightness & Contrast" tool in it. You can do so much more in it. Its okay if you do not attend photoshop classes, you can always learn by yourselve by trial and errors tactic. You'll feel damn good and satisfying and I-dont-know-what-else after you'e seen good works done by yourselves. Even if you still can learn it by yourselves, you can always refer to tutorials available online. They are free (click here!)

And its good enough when you can master the basics of Photoshop. Hehehe. No more excuses!! NO MORE!!! And you see.......

I can erase wrinkles on my neck, erase the ugly strap, erase the ugly background, erase my mole, make my eyes balance (okay, someone helped me with this), and adjust the colour nicer leh! Hahaha.

That's why I'm so in love and so obsessed in my Adobe Photoshop version CS2. :) This proved even a full-flawed human or picture can be flawless! And now I want the brand new Photoshop CS3 leh! It has even more cool features that I've not came across. :(

Okay,now this entry remind me of my Computer Graphics' exam tomorrow. Haha. And I'll be tested on Adobe Illustrator. So, I shall close my Photoshop now and practice on the Illustrator! Cioas.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Its not mine!

If you think my top is nice in the set of doodling pictures the other day (click here to see), well, *ekhem* it's not mine! It's my little cousin, Tammie's dress.

She's wearing an adult's bikini in the picture above because the dress was abit too large for her. And I know she was feeling very unease dressing like that. She kept touching her chest. Hahahah. Its funny to see her reaction. Even funnier when her elder brother who is 6 this year, kept teasing her, "Yer! Hamsap! Yer....." Hahahahahaha...

Now, I can share clothes not only with my mum but also with her! Hahahahahaha.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Why is the rum gone?

For more details, click HERE! :)