Monday, March 13, 2006

Results, sucks!

HANDS UP! Show me your SPM's results receipt NOW!

Hahahaha. They are WanWei, Pui and Liepeh.. Showing me their results. NOT BAD WOR. ;p

While ME!!!! My results are same like my expectation. I have 3A1s. Ehh dont lar say "Only 3 ke?" For me, i'm okay with it. Because i know i dint work as hard as others. I dont do that much of revision. I just pay more attention in classes. That's all. And i can maintain my normal standard which is, "so-so". ;p Not too good and not too bad.

Hey, i scored only 3As but i dint shed tears.! Hahahaha. I'm neutral, i'm suprised to say so.

I had A1s for English, Matematics and EST. No A2. One 3B for B.Melayu and 4Bs for Moral, History and ART.! Damn it.! I target an A2 for my art you know. Babi. I had confidence in my Art one you know. Shit. Sigh. And lastly, 3 6Cs for the rest of my subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Add Maths. As usual.

Forget about them. Sigh. And before that, i want to congratulate DEWI for getting straight A's. ;) I'm so proud of you. And to the rest who did too, whom i'm not sure who are they. ;p Forgive me.

Before we leave school, we snapped some picture. See!! Pui so fashion eh.!

The girls and our school lobby. Sigh. This might be the last time we'll be standing there with such a pose. ;p Too bad the other girls left earlier before we even arrive. I thought i could meet them. I hope they had their day with the results. ;)

Since i've mention my results here, dont ask me again. TATA.


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