Sunday, June 22, 2008

Because we are the party animals!

Event : Nuffnang Wild "Live" Blogging Party
Date : 21st June 2008
Venue : Modesto @ Sri Hartamas

Hahahaha I dint mention in my blog that I won the invitation to the wild party because I'm kinda lazy to make a post about it. But it doesnt matter. Besides me going to the party, I'm lucky enough to be one of the 50 bloggers who can bring a pet friend along! ;p

I was kinda gan jiong before I reach the place because I'm so scared that both of us will be isolated at the corner. Yalar. I dont really have much blogger friends. I'm not anti-social just so most of my friends are not bloggers. Hahaha So anyway, lucky the people animals in the party were so friendly that I felt comfortable joining in the crowd :)

Lucky I dint bring my laptop there. Hahahaha. And I actually made my costume myself last minute before the party. I took a blak plain tube an sew the yellow stripes on it. And my cacated bee antenna and sting is made from paper and wire, coloured with nail colours ;p

In the party there were loads of animals like rabbit, tortoise, butterfly, lady bird, bee, chicken, cow, elephant, peacock, ostrich, zebra, lion, tiger, leopard, panda, spiderman, bat, gorilla, horse, crocodile, unicorn, cat, bear, octopus and many more lar. And here are the pictures I took last night!

#01 The busy bee and
Uncle Josh.

#02 My cousin,
Audrey! I mean, from the bee family one lar!

#03 With the
cow who kept losing his spot ;p

#04 Trying to be sombong with
Ginny but I failed :(

#05 I'm not very very happy but I just felt ticklish because of the Gorilla's bulu. Hahaha.

#06 Liang, the emcee.

#07 The crowd. And do you see an uncle in his tiger cape? I dont know him but he was such an attention seeker leh!

#08 There was 4 bees in the party! Hahaha. And hey, why no one notice my sting one :(

#09 The very pretty bee,
lady bird and peacock :)

#10 And I knew I looked very very tiny in all the pictures because I was wearing flats when everyone else was wearing heels! SEE!

#11 With the rabbits! And
Lie Peh was the one who I brought along to the party!

#12 With the King of the Jungle,
Timothy! And this is why I put my hand on my waist in most of the picture. See lar, my arm looked so funny, upper part meaty and not at the below :(

#13 The bloggers and the cameras. Ahaha.

#14 Games' time!!! Su Ann who was hungry because her butt was itchy *_*

#15 Ginny, miao miao. One of the very hot nuffies :)

#16 And there was something hot going on between the bunnies. Haha.

#17 Even hotter; the sotong and cat dancing together.

#18 And wow!
Kenny the Pooh is.... drinking fresh milk.

#19 The panda who was nagged by winnie.

#20 The
chicken who was happy because the wife ran away. And he get to have Cheesie as the mistress, thats why happy lo!

#21 The ostrich,
Suet Li. Seriously, I dint know we can dress up as an ostrich to a party.

#22 The chicken and his food!

#23 The chicken and I.

#24 Kenny the Pooh and his best friend, the bee! Hahaha. Because Winne the Pooh eats honey right?

#25 And it was yesterday when I realised chicken and Pooh came from the same family. Hahaha. Why do they looked so similar to each other *_*

#26 The
cheesy lioness and the bee.

#27 Er, the butterflies. Sorry but I dont like these butterflies' wings because they keep hitting me :(

#28 Those who were nominated for best dressed :)

#29 And those who were also nominated for the male category.

#30 And the winners are the sexy lioness and the cow! They won laptops!!! Hahaha. And pooh was trying to steal the limelight weh ;p

#31 The mini bee and the Queen of the Jungle!

#32 But har, I thought the elephant terrorist should have won the title of King of the Jungle because I think he was damn sanfu. I will never wear that to a party. One, I cannot breath. Two, very stuffy okay. Three, cannot see my face :(

#33 And har, this winner of the PSP was super lucky okie! The "real" winner of the most creative "live" blogging post was missing in action therefore the second guy after him kinda like took this prize back home.

#34 And lastly, the lion came out for a speech before the party ends. Like karaoke. Haha.

Once he finished the speech, I left almost imediately with the little bunny because I was super sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Hahaha. I am very sleepy also now :( But hey, I enjoyed myself the whole night. It was fun! I won two movie tickets also weh! Hahaha. And I think the other bloggers enjoyed theirselves too! Really! I nevr bluff you. You see!

#35 All so happy! :)

Thank you Nuffnang :)

p/s : But why no one noticed that I also did wear a bee earring on my left ear. Very itchy one lor :(

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Colour Splash

I came across blogs and I saw this competition going on. The competition is brought to us by
Tounge in Chic and Urbanspace. And this is all about shopping, shopping and fashion (and of course money!). The above set is what I came out within an hour's time. Abit too much, I think. Haha. But I love colourful stuffs weh :)

Anyway, if you want to join as well, click
here because they have good prizes for the winners okie! Have fun!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick Update, Quickly Update lar..

I'm officially graduated from my Diploma in Communication. YAY. I received my results about 2 weeks ago and it was satisfying. Now I'm waiting for the transcript from Taylor's College to check out my CGPA. Ya lar, I know I'm not continuing my degree but I also want to know about it. Hehe. Damn happy and looking forward for the graduation day when I can see my college mates again.

I want to wear that square scholar hat but Diploma only, dont have one right? Haha.

And also, I've found a job. The working hours are kinda odd and therefore my blog is somewhat abandoned la. Soon.. soon I'll update with pictures and spamming! Wait for me :)


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moments with the Monkeys

I realised I havent been posting pictures in my blog, and now, I'm spamming my blog with th pictures I took with my little cousins (who were missing in action form my blog). These pictures are taken quite long ago but I was a little lazy to upload them till today. Hehe.

Having our ice cream fondue @ BR cafe, Pavilion

#01 It was their first time, and they were acting very..... 38. Haha.

#02 They ate very very very fast. Even faster than I.

#03 And I placed their seatings wrongly. Because the boy is left handed and the girl is right handed. They ended "fighting". Lol.

#04 Greedy greedy. They can put in one biji of ice cream at one time.

#05 Ice creams!!! They are so colourful but I think Haagen Dazs ice cream are yummier.

Some random raining day @ my gradparents' house.

#07 The monkeys.

#08 Tammie and I.

#09 Me and the lovely transparent umbrella. Hahaha. I dont really get to use it one lor.

#10 Our happy litle feets :)


Monday, June 2, 2008

The Long Waited Video

Do you remember about me blogging about the 24 hours shoot of music video early this year? You may click here to refresh your mind!

So do you remember it now? Haha.

I've finally watched the video. And I think its funny; I meant me. Omg. Do you want to watch it? Haha. I cant post the video here because it could not be found in youtube and I could not upload it. All I have is just a link.
Click, watch and tell me what do you think about it. Hahaha.

Edit : You can only watch the video from the link if you have Quick Time player. Sorry :(