Monday, November 27, 2006

Friendster's Testimonial Survey

Directions : Go to YOUR FRIENDSTER'S PROFILE and list the last 10 people who have given you testimonials. If someone has given you a testimonial twice, skip to the next new person; don't repeat the same name!

01. jack
02. derick
03. jenhan
04. marcus
07. kevin
09. li yin

Q. Have you ever gotten in trouble with 8 (Yong Tze)?
A: NO. She's a very good and sweet girl. No problem at all. :)

Q: How often do you talk to 4 (Marcus)?
A: He's a busy guy. Always on a busy mode. I talk to him when he is free to talk to! Haha.

Q: Is number 1 (Jack) pretty?
A: No. Not a pretty guy. Haha.

Q: Have you ever kissed 3 (JenHan)?

Q: Is 3 (JenHan) in a relationship?
A: I dont know. Maybe he can answer this question himself.

Q: What would you get 6 (ChuanYee) for his/her birthday?
A: Its over. So forget about it. Haha. (I'm sorry).

Q: Have you ever been to 2 (Derick)'s house?
A: No. Have not even talk to him before, in person.

Q: Do you live close to 10 (Natalie)?
A: I think she lives in Shah Alam or somewhere there. I'm in Ampang.

Q: Have you ever slept with 6(ChuanYee)?
A: SLAPPED you mean?

Q: How did you meet 7(Kevin)?
A: In Friendster. :) Frankly, I dont know him. He just dropped me a testimonial just like this!

Q: What's one fact about 1(Jack)?
A: A guy. I dont know much about him. Just some not-so-cloooose friend I made in Friendster.

Q: Do you know 3(JenHan)'s birthday?
A: Ya. Something shameless mar.

Q: What do you like about 10(Natalie)?
A: She's smart! She's really smart.

Q: What's the next thing you'll do with 9(LiYin)?
A: Fight in the battle of the Winter Games 2006 in

Q: Is 4(Marcus) someone you can trust?
A: Of course.! :) He must be very happy if he reads this. Hehe.

Q: Do you think 5(CheeHang) could kill someone?
A: Me first, kill me by making me mad.

Q: What is 8(YongTze) afraid of?
A: Hair not growing long.

Q: When is the last time you talked to number 5(CheeHang)?
A: Last week on MSN. He was asking me to send him some songs which I dont have.

Q: Would 10(Natalie) and 4(Marcus) make a good couple?
A: No. Because I think they are two different type of people.

Q: Is 5(CheeHang) single?
A: I hope he has a girlfriend to control his madnes man.

Q: What's the last thing you did with 2(Derick)?
A: Taking Marketing exam paper

Q: Is 4(Marcus) in a relationship?
A: Yes. He's in love with a pretty girl.

Q: Do you think 1(Jack) has a crush on you?
A: No.

Q: Do you know 9(LiYin)'s favorite music?
A: Jay Chou


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Vvens in Seventeen

Have you grabbed yours?

Thank you, Salad for informing me that I appeared in Seventeen in my tagboard! Hahaha. I seriously have no idea I was in the December issue of it until I was told. And so, I rushed out to grab a copy of Seventeen today.

I flipped over pages and pages once I paid to the cashier. Haha. Was a bit nervous because I dont know how I look in it. In case you dont know why am I appearing in it, it was the Best Friend contest Cindy, Carmen and I joined a few months back. I think the contest details were in the July issue of Seventeen. And because they mentioned Best Friend and not Best Friends, we did not join in three. So, I came out with this idea; Each of us sent one entry! Haahaha. I sent about Carmen and I, Carmen sent about herself and Cindy and Cindy sent about herself and I. So fair and square!

About two weeks later after we sent out the contest entries, someone from Seventeen called me. She told me that I've won the contest. I was so happy at that moment that I forgotten to ask her which friend she meant. ;p So, the one who first came in my mind was Carmen because I thought, I'm the winner mar. We won a movie night and (I think) a hamper from Clean & Clear. I think because, I havent receive anything from them yet.

Anyway, I realised I've got the wrong person just a few hours before the movie night. I wasnt the winner (how sad). Cindy was!!! They called me at the first place because they could not go through Cindy's. Alamak. I felt sorry for Carmen for making her happy in the begining. So we talked to the one who called us, we asked her whether can we bring Carmen along because she was (somehow) the one who confused us. Hahahaha. They were generous! And agreed! Instead of a movie night for 2, we had a movie night for 3!

I can be found in page 67!! HAHAHA.

We were asked to wear either purple or white that night because it was sponsored by Clean & Clear. And so we did. I was rather suprised because there were only 3 of us that night plus a camera lady and the editor of Seventeen, MeiLing. I thought there was supposed to be a big bunch of girls. Besides a premier movie, we were there for a photoshot, for.... the Clean & Clear advertisement (without their product?!?!) It is somehow like a story of 2 girls. Cindy and I took the begining of the story and soon, will be continued by the rest of the winners.

OOH! That's me!!!

This is what Cindy sent :)

The popcorn Meiling bought, which I later gave it to my brother! Hahaha.

Not hot at all!! Look at my witch-nose. Not nice!!! We must look very happy one you know. ;p

While entering the cinema. We wasted quite alot of frames because I cannot stop laughing. :D

We watched You, Me and Dupree that night in the Cineplex Damansara till late. Hahaha A funny day I've never experienced. I was quite fun, I have to admit. But the next time, I hope i can do modeling for them (like you lar, Ginny)!!

Anyway, I think I've over enjoyed over this. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Celebrity Look-alikes


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Vvens is boring, ok?

I know. I know.. I like the Motorola's new advertisements :)

I cant stop playing with my Adobe Photoshop!!! Someone please give me some other entertainments before my eyes drop off infront of the monitor screen!!!! Hahahaha..

I remembered Natalie said she's a boring person. WHAT? NO WAY! Then I must be way boring than you. I really am. I'm someone who cannot entertain someone else besides saying lame and pointless jokes. Sometimes I dont talk to you whether in person or in MSN is because I really dont know what to talk about, unless I have things to tell you or that I need a favor from you. Haha.

I'm not a happening person. You'll see me always staying at home. Even if there's a cool party, people might not invite me. Sad. Perhaps I'm not cool enough.

And now, I'm so boring that I dont know what you blog about. Everything is dull like black and white potrait. :(

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The 2 of Us

We knew each other since the day I was born. She's 6 months elder than me, exactly 6 months.

I dont remember what we usually do in the past, but I think she bullies me! ;p Like in this picture. Hahaha.

We bath together too! Haha. Look at our mini pails. Her was red and mine was blue. When I'm with her, I'm always getting the "boy" stuffs. Like having all stuffs in green, blue or purple.

The time we spent in some beach. Oh dear, I love my hair. Hahaha.

And although both of us are from different countries, but we still spend alot of time together. :)

Until the day I shifted to Singapore, we spent even more time together. And that we always dressed the same. Some even though we were twins. Haha.

Ok. She's FOREVER taller than me. :(

Schooling together. SEE! I so cute! Hahahahaha.

Really. Our parents have to buy the same clothes but different sizes. Lucky there's only two of us. I can't imagine the whole bunch of kids wearing the same clothes. No more personality, no more style already. Hahahaha.

When we were 13. Our brothers and our little cousin, Ivan.

Having fun at the beach again, after years.

Having fun photo shooting with the two brothers, who are also same age.

Okokok. We're also looking better already. HAHAHA. But, the time together is not as much as the past. :(

Some sticker pictures we took. And I look lala. :(

And Elaine, you havent been coming to Malaysia for like years already. I'm not happy about it! HEH!

But nevermind, I'm coming to you soon. You better make time for me. MUAHAHAHA.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hang On There

I'm not confident in the papers tomorrow. Its my final examination for semester2 tomorrow. I'm not well-prepared. I'm not really ready. I know the time will not stop for me, nobody. I still need to face it tomorrow. AHH. I need to study now, before its too late. Wait for my return. :)

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Bricks

Something happened. Guess what happened in between. :)


Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Congratulations to my mama. Dont congratulate me. :)

Today, I dont quite like this morning. I had to wake up much earlier than normal days when I need to attend classes. It's my mama's big day. All of us, rushed to dress ourselves nicely and we left the house before the sky was bright. We headed to my grandparents' crib and then, speeded to Shah Alam.

It took us almost an hour to reach there because there was massive jams here and there. Plus, situtation was worst when we were lost in the wonderland of factories. Haha. NO. The duration taken was ok but imagine the space in between 4 humans behind the car's seat. Damn cramp ok? My ass so was painful, till now.

That's not all. We were not allowed, I mean my grandparents were not allowed to work as the witness for the marriage because they were in jeans. WTH! I could not believe we actually did the stupid, idiotic, careless mistake that made us drive all the way back to KL's Pandan Perdana just to change in formal clothes. Dang it. And once again, it took us another one hour plus to actaully reach there, the same destination again.

Everything set and checked. Nohing has been left behind and they are ready to be called for registration. Everyone of us, my mum, the guy, my grandparents, my brother and I rushed into the room before we were too late.

"You tak boleh masuk," said a Malay staff behin the door, to me. I was blurred. "HUH!" At first, I thought I was not allowed to enter because I was wearing my pretty flat NOSE shoe but actaully it was....... "Kanak-kanak bawah 12 tahun tak boleh enter," he replied with a very very very strict face. I throwed my answer to his face PROUDLY, "I'm eighteen!" HAHAHAHA. So, he was like, "OOOH. Okokok...."

After all the craps, finally comes the swears and stuffs. The lady in red sopke in Bahasa Melayu very fast that no one of us in the room, except for herself understands it. And instead of saying "I do", they were to say, "Saya setuju." Crap. I want to say, "Wo yuen yi." Bla bla bla. And finally, they are officially married, which actaully makes no difference to me, actaully.

P/s: This is the first time the guy appears in my camera and stuffs. I've never taken his picture no matter in what occasion or event. I remembered there was once, during my aunt's wedding, she and her husband were to drink the tea - one of the process in the Chinese's marriage thingy. They told me to shot a picure of them but I did not. I played camera tricks with Elaine where he will never appear in the pictures. ;p


Tuesday, November 7, 2006

My Family Part3

This is how someone would write about their family when they was young.

I have a family. My family has 4 members. They are my father, my mother, my younger brother and I. My father is a businessman. My mother is a housewife. My brother studies in the same school with me. I love my family.

But today, I would write it differently - I have a family, I would say I have a complicated one. Firstly, I had a father who I lived with for only 10 years. He has two wives. The elder wife has two sons which are also my brothers They are older than me, 20 years. My eldest brother really loves me and take cares of me like his little sister. However, my second brother hardly talks to me. And he has just built his own family.

This made my mum the second wife. No big deal. He loves us more than anyone else. He loves me the most because I'm the only daugther of his. And ya know, everyone knows, he left us.

And there is when Part2 of My Family begins. Whenever people ask me about my family, I would feel sad and emotional. I wont talk much but to say, "Dont ask. I'm from a single family" with a smile. Smart people would stop asking by seeing the expression of my face. Being in a single family is not that simple as you can see. Remember, you have only ONE parent to support you, plus your sibling. You study at a shcool that costed over 10 thousand a year. You have all the other children has. You can have everything you like. Its not easy. And the worst thing of all, relationship were much looser than you realise.

Now, My Family is leading to Part3. Sounded like some HongKong drama series? Hahaha. Tomorrow, my family will be different - officially. This is because my mum is going to marry another guy who has helped us went through the tough stages of our family. Seriously, without this fellow, I wont be able to continue my studies now. BUT this guy can only help us finiancially. Really. His personality needs to be repaired. That's the only thing which annoys me. Besides, he has a bitchy daughter who I do not favour and a irritating devil grandson that brings loads of troubles to me. GRRR. Just whatever. As long my mum likes him loooooooooooooooor.

Just tomorrow. And everything might be different. And please dont ask me again. Just don't ask me again about it. That's all I can say about it. I can keep some to myself. :) I still love my family.

P/s: Luiz is not my brother. ;p


Thursday, November 2, 2006

I'm Eighteen!

I have a feeling that its just like any other typical day today. Its weird that I have to remind myself its my BIG DAY. Haha. And to remind the others it is also Cindy's birthday.

Today, unlike any other my-birthday for the past few years, I had no party and stuffs. I did not celebrate it with Cindy. All I had was a day with him and a simple dinner with my friends. I'm satisfied. Although sometimes it is annoying to have tons of messages to read in the cinema but I'm so glad and kinda touched by a few of my friends.

Thank you. Thanks to everyone who actaully wished me included those who wished me like 3 days ago and also belated birthday wishes!. Hehehe. Thanks. And a special thanks to my dear and Ginny Yap So Por! My dear spent the whole day with me and my so por baked me cup cakes! :)

I can do so many things now. Hahahahahaha. But for now, the only thing I want to do is to SLEEP. :) Havent been sleeping tight last night. Teehee. So, before I end the day, I would like to share some past years pictures of my birthday celebration. :)


Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Last Day of Being 17

Today, which is the very last day before I turn 18, I spent all the money in my wallet before I came home. Hahaha. Officially broke and wants to be rich tomorrow! ;p I bought myself a "present" and I'm quite happy at the moment.

I'm looking forward for tomorrow. I had a nightmare last day that made me cried on my pillow, in reality. I dreamt that no one remembers my birthday. Thta's so sad right? Hahaha. So I'm going to post this and HINT to the others. HAHAHAHA. Yalar, desperate but what to do! ;p

Aww. Its gonna be a brand new day for me tomorrow!

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