Monday, June 26, 2006

Bad News!

Shit! I've drop like another 1kg?!?!?!?!?

But I've been eating more than 4 meals a day now!!!! Breakfast (i usually don't), lunch at school and then lunch at home, dinner and supper. What happened?! I've been a very good girl for this two months; without skipping a single meal.

I slept a lot too. And I did shit as usual as well? But why lar. Why am I not gaining weight but instead, I lose weight again!!! It's really very easy for me to drop weight, so people who wants to go on diet can look for me but why lar. I thought I would gain at least 3-4kgs after the holidays. ;(

I'm really very very sad now. I should have stayed away from the weighing thingy. For a moment, I really hope it went out of order but no; I weighed again with another digital one and the result is still unchanged.

Can someone help me about this? ;(

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fashion Police

And so everyone was starring at this middle age lady while I was commenting about the gold wedges on my mum in Nose. Yeah, she did stole the limelight there. Not that she was pretty. Not that she was sexy. Not that she was famous -- but she was UGLY! Nonono. I don't mean she looked ugly on her face but they way she dressed up.

Everyone looked at her and shooked the heads. I think some of them were cursing too. I've never seen someone dressed up like that before. At least I've never seen it for my last 17 years in my life.

Remember the last trend (or is it still going on now?), the STOCKINGS. It is also a trend in Sungei Wang lar. One of the must to have on every Sungei Wang-girl. Some really look good in it and some just don't suit it. And please, people who has big fat legs, don't wear lar. Very scary ;(

Okokok, Back to the point, so this flabby looking auntie with very rebonded hair was wearing this butterfly yellow top without any bottom?!?!?!?!?! I mean, no skirt. Neither a jeans or what but only a leapord-patterned thin stockings that allowed almost everyone in Sungei Wang to see through it (she wore black panties). I was like, WTH. Did she forgotten to wear her bloody bottom or what? Did she dirty it and was trying to look for one in the mall or what. Trying to seek for attention? Shit. She looked very very very freaky to me. How did she even survive to step out from her house dressing like that? Din't the others told her she looks real bad like this.?

And please lar aunty, I hate to see people drag the shoes while walking. You know how irritating is it to hear thoes squeeky noice produced. And do you know when you behave like that very the not nice?

That's not all. She ran around happily in the shop without feeling any awkward when everyone was looking at her as if she was an alien. Oh ya, we would not mind if she was a pretty and sexy babe who has nice butt. This aunty just can't behave well. She even touched her butt, pull her panty that maybe stucked somewhere, I don't know and stratch her ass as if no one is around. Shit shit shit. I wish i have the courage to tell her he sucks.

Sorry, but I admit I can't control giving comments on the way one dressed up. Yala. So-called, self-admit fashion police who don't look good either. Hahaha. But it would be a different story if i have more budget in doing shopping. I don't love fancy clothes because they don't last long. Simple things would melt my heart. I just hate to see people wearing bad clothes or to have bad sense of clothes combination.

Shit. I really need to do shopping now. ;(


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dilemma ;(

Am currently sick of my hair now. I love washing it everyday and yet I can't. Because the curl will be back to neutral state and it'll be very dry. And if I don't wash them everyday, I feel very uneasy and uncomfortable. There's no smell just a sick feeling.

I know we're not supposed to wash our hair everyday but i just like the feeling of clean hair. And the more frequent we wash it, the faster it will grow. Hahaha.

And I'm sick of applying moouse on it now. Time money wasting. I've thought of leaving it without applying anything but it ended up like a broom. You get what I meant? A fishball head? The hair don't stay in a group and it looks very dry like those ugly hair, bad examples you can see in advertisements.

I also thought of rebond it again. But but but, I didn't like the flat and straight look. Because of my hair, its soft and thin. It'll be very hyper flat after it. And there's also too many of us looking the same in straight -- more likely the same because of our hairstyles. I want to chop off my fringes, like before and at the same time I want them to be long but I dont think I'll look good in long fringes.

I want something different. I don't like looking the same. I want it to be straight to save up the problems and yet I want it to be curl so that it'll return to the natural state -- wavy.

Do you think I need a hair cut as well? It's now very long. I want to try (again) cutting it short but I doubt that I'll like it. I know I'll regret.

I can't make up my mind. Any idea on having a different hairstyle?

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Can I Not Drive?

Aww. I could not believe it that i actaully droev by myself. Before this, I was even afraid of starting the car's engine. No, don't ask me to drive or to seat at the driver's seat. I'll go mad. This is also one of the reason why I'm the last among my friends to drive. I don't even have the courage to attend driving classes. ;(

Finally, I had to overcome this fear. The first two hours of my driving lessons are like hell to me. I was too nervous that I could not control my left and right legs.

"What? Clutch? Accelerator? WHAT?" I shouted very frequently inside.

The worst thing was, I could not understand my instructor's Cantonese. Sigh sigh. The engine went off more than I could count with my own fingers that morning. And I hate it when I was stucked right in front of the traffic light. I knew the others wanted to honk but they could not. Sigh.

I can't even pull the hand brake. Please kill me. I want a driver laaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

The next four hours, I was taught to park the car. Shit! The girls hate parkings. I was lucky enough that I didn't hit anything down but my left foot went numb after an hour. If I were given a chance again, I'll say no. ;(

And I hate it when the others cut over me.!!!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mirror Twins

The junior students in my class.

You have heard of fartenal twins which is also known as the non-identical twins and also the identical twins. We hardly heard of Mirror twins.

Er.. So what is mirror twins? Mirror twins are identical twins with opposite features. I've a pair of mirror twins in my class. ;) Like my students, both of them have the same face but one is thinner than another. One has curled hair and another one has straight hair. One is smarter than another too.

Do you think you can guess who is the elder sister and who is the younger one? All the teachers got wrong. Let me tell you, the one who has the smaller body size on the left is the elder sister. She is just ONE day elder than the one on the right hand side of the picture. The elder one, Xin Hui is the smarter one. While Xin Yee, is the quiet one.

Mirror twinning is comparatively rare in humans. It results from a late split of the fertilized egg at around 9-12 days. I have to say this is the first mirror twins I met. I actaully like twins with different gender. I dont mind fratera; twins as well. Like said, "one stone kills two birds". Hahaha. Giving birth twice at a time is much more easier. ;p Why not identical twins? Very cute what right? Hahaha.

I don't really think so. They might be cute but a little more freaky to me. Imagine, you've seen Twin#1 pass by you and next Twin#2. Scary right? I was once frighten by a pair of young twins in SSG. *Touches wood first* And imagine if one of them passed away, you'll have to pray the same faced person.

The worst thing is, what if their boy/girlfriends got confused and go dating with both? Hahaha. Dramatic right? But I cannot deny that they are really very cute. Have you seen a pair of 60 years old grannies wearing the same top, same bottom and same shoes in the market buying fishes and stuffs? Same hairstyles also. Very very cute!!!!! :D


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Post #200

The second sememster for the younger ones has started a few days ago. While me, I've started my job as an assistant teacher now. I'm supposed to be a English teacher for the 6 years olds student but there was a rather lazy teacher there requested for my help to look after the 3 and 4 year old kids.

I don't mind at all because they are just so cute!!!! But of course, teacher to me is better than looking after kids that don't listen to you at all. ;(

They were so cute yet so naughty. I've a few selfish students that never want to share and always cry or hit one another when the others take or touch their belonging. Why? Didn't the parents teach them to share at home? I'm curios. Why kids don't like sharing. Sharing is caring mar.. I was hoping for a caring person who would like to share his/her money with me lor. Hahaha.

And I was pretty suprised that even Malay and Indian children there speak Mandarin.! I feel so good when they speak fluent Mandarin to me. ;) And I don't feel good greeting every single students one by one a "Good morning" when I opened up the gate for them because they hardly reply. Hmmmn. Some good ones would. Some would after being forced. Some treated me as if I was supposed to treat them like princes and princesses. Hahaha. I don't blame them. They are just small children.

Besides, some naughty and playful kids really got me on my nerves. I think they were too pampered at home and they just do whatever they want here in school. Like hitting teachers; even the head mistress, hitting the other students, refuse doing the works and many more. The situation became worse when some students insist on staying with their parents in the classroom and will get mad once they noticed their parents are lost. They would should as loud as the thunder. Driving me crazy. Just don't cry till you pee everywhere and vomit ok? I cannot take it. ;( Just like what happened today.

Hahaha. Students need attentions from teachers, so do I from them. I feel so sad when there's none of the student would talk or play with me on the first day. Some even asked me rudely, "Who are you?!" It saddens me. But its just a few days I have my own gang of students! Hahahaha. They just love to stick to me that they'll not sit down unless I'm with them. Headache. ;( There were a few of them and there's only one ME. How to divide? But there are a few who are my favourites. They are just so cute, good and smart. Hehehehe.

Yes. I have to admit that they are very smart kids. They can do things that you can never expect to see. And it's just the begining for me...


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why Isn't He a Girl?

Yes, am back from being on hiatus. And I've also recovered! I can now say bye bye to tissues and Vick. Hahahaha. Physically recovered. ;)

Another reason why I'm on hiatus was because I was in some sort of depression too. I'm always like this. I actaully do not like to share my problems to the others unless needed. Even the adults around me noticed that. Everytime they look at me, they say I looked as if I think a lot. Yes I do. Everytime I do taroting or any other supersitious stuffs you can think of, they would advice me to share my problems. I'll go crazy one day if I still refuse to listen to them.

Sometimes it is just so hard to find a suitable person to turn to. Frankly, I feel awkwards telling my problems to my close friends who I see almost everyday like Carmen and Cindy. No. I really don't share it with them unless I need help. I may sound selfish but I don't like the feeling of seeing them the next day when I'm okay and another day I'm mad. Just weird to me.

I would actaully prefer to turn to people that eye contacts are not needed. People on internet is one of my option. However, it's not easy to find a good listener either, but I'm lucky that I've Susan. She's one of the best listener or to say a reader that most of the time I would turn to her whenever I face any problem. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to to blab out everything in my mind without having any feedback. Something like anger releasing. This time, I would turn to a guy. Because I would act adnormally that I would crap like the unusual me. Pity PiaoChing that he is always my victim. He doesn't reply but just let me type anything I like. Haha. Thanks pal.

Sometimes I would burst out to Elaine, my cousin. She's one of my closest friend. But it is still kind of inconvenient that she's always busy and there would be the awkward feeling everytime I see her or anything lar.. I told you, I didn't like to talk about all these things to people I can see or what.

Besides Susan, I've also a couple of good friends I made in I can say anything, almost everything to them because they don't know me. Remember, I don't need feedbacks.

I was thinking how good would it be if I have a sister. Yes, even if I'll see her everyday in my life but it doesn't matter in this case. Because she can help out anytime and be there for me anytime. I always wanted a sister. An elder one preferably. Why didn't my mother give birth to another sister for me? Why a brother.?

I'm craving for a sister ever since I was at a very young age. I treated my brother like a sister. Yes yes yes, I would tie ponytails for him and dress him up in a girlish way. Kill me. I'm that childish. I remember very vividly in my memories that there was once I tied a ponytail for him when my mum asked us to prepare to go for an outing. I made him went out with the ponytail. However, I was to face to music when my parents realised it.

That was the time I pampered my brother most. As he grows bigger, size I mean and age lar, I begin to feel irritated everytime we have to communicate. I don't know why. We never chat. There's no similar topics between us beside TV programmes and family stuffs. Nothing else. Sometimes i think I'm the green devil. My mum loves him more than she loves me; from what I can feel. Hmmn.

Things he owes are always better than mine. Beside education and travelings, so far. Sigh. My mum pampers him a lot and he respects me no more. Whenever we argue, I'm also the wrong one. Why? I always tolerate him but no one sees it. I may be bossy but I'm always reasonable. And it's always my fault.

Everyone says I treat him badly. Yes sometimes when he gets on my nerves. Deep inside, I don't hate him. I'm always doing things for his own good. He'll know one day. I know everything about him. I just act stupid. If I were to treat him badly, he would be in a different state today.

I like sons but not brother. Lucky I have only one.! Hahahahahaha.

Ooh, I din't give the names. He was named Jack when he was borned until he was 5 before entering kindergarten. My father named it i think. I din't like the name because my puppy in my grandparents' house was named Jack too during that time.

So my brother asked if he could change his name to Jason. Why Jason? Remember the red ranger in Power Ranger? He is Jason. I din't want him to have that name during that time because I was so in love with the Rangers and I remember my bestie during that time, Alvin was playing the role of red ranger and I was the yellow one. Hahahahaha. And so, I lied to my brother saying that John is Jason's brother. ;)

Why lah!? I want a sister.! ;( I'll get my daughter a sister in the future.


Saturday, June 3, 2006

I Have A Feeling....

.... That I'll fall sick very very soon. I went for a Karaoke session yesterday with a few of my high school friends and it was a great day that I managed to sing as much as I like. There were a only a few of us; not more than 10 and therefore we need not fight for the chance to sing. Hahaha.

We started singing at 3. The people there told us we have to stop at 6 but we ended up leaving the place at 8. They gave us like free 2 hours or maybe more because we were too tired of singing. No one shoo-ed us out even if the time was over. We were overjoyed thinking that we were so lucky to have free singings and a 30% rebate.

However, I dont feel comfortable yesterday when I started singing. My voice was different I thought. I dont sing like that normally. Yesterday my singings were like disaster. Soft and dead. Pity my friends who had to listen them throughout the few hours. Hahahaha.

Even if I had herbal flower teas after that, my throat was still soring. This is not the end. I had curry food for 3 days in a row. Last night I had a super spicy crab that almost killed me immediately. No choice, nothing else to eat other than that. Hahaha. I drank just a glass of water before I go to bed and what I did was wrong. I need more than that.

My throat was uncomfortable the whole last night and I dint get to sleep well. The situation was worse this morning that I'm unable to speak nicely. Yada yada. Stupid me had fried chili lala for my dinner again.

And my voice is now lost. So happy!!!! ;(

Am also having stomach flu and I cannot stop sneezing too.!!!


Thursday, June 1, 2006

99 Things About Me; You Might Not Know

It's time for MORE self-disclosure. ;p

#01 I don't eat blue m&m's candy except for the minis
#02 Very observant
#03 Afraid of driving yet wants to drive
#04 Can chat better with people online; no eye-to-eye
#05 Very bossy; almost to everyone
#06 Don't really enjoy Western movies because I understand them slow
#07 Hates to ask people for help
#08 Don't take chocolate-flavoured ice cream
#09 Can't sleep when there's still people awake in the house
#10 Can't speak good English, yet some people thinks I'm good in it. I'm not!!
#11 Afraid of being ignored; hates being alone
#12 Can listen to Jay's cd for more than 5 times in a row
#13 Has one eye bigger than another o.O
#14 Racist; but not to people I know
#15 Prefers baby boys than baby girls
#16 Likes fair-skinned people
#17 Dislike animal; ALOT
#18 I seriously didn't realise that about my age now ;(
#19 Likes non-coloured drinks
#20 I will answer anyone who says, "Super rings has a lot of colourings", "No. One colour only what.."
#21 Admires tall guys
#22 Can't stand leaving long nails
#23 Dislike guys with long hair and nails
#24 I have 3 brothers; or maybe more
#25 Can't sleep in a room without aircon
#26 Can't sleep without blanket
#27 Likes to clean my ears
#28 Digs and cleans my belly button too
#29 Very annoying at times
#30 Can be very crazy only with my high school friends
#31 Very Jay-biased
#32 Can be very mad at you if you talk bad about the guy I like
#33 Has a strawberry nose
#34 Afraid of taking planes
#35 Craving over clean beaches
#36 Cries myself even if I'm very angry scolding someone
#37 Don't understand Functions; the ever first chapther in Add Math
#38 Hates public transport in Malaysia
#39 Willing to spend more SD than RM. WEIRD!
#40 Likes to comment on others' dressing style
#41 A bathroom singer
#42 Hates people who smokes and drinks
#43 Never touched alcohol, even wine
#44 Can sing almost every Chinese song picked in Redbox
#45 Remembers every single mean and crude words the others said to me
#46 Always act stupid; but sometimes its real
#47 Feels uncomfortable with a bunch of guys around
#48 Wants to learn to dance
#49 Can't speak good Japanese after three years of Japanese classes
#50 Likes rainy days
#51 Wants to use a transparent umbrella under the heavy rain
#52 Dislike chili sauce
#53 Likes hanging around bookstores
#54 Very loyal ;)
#55 Hardly sweats
#56 Likes the scent of my dear
#57 I think my legs are okay, but my arms are horrible. Too thin
#58 Prefers the doubleJ than Chou-Hou
#59 Quits coffee and tea drinking for 2 years
#60 Uses plenty lots of tissues per day
#61 Wants straight hair when I have curls; vice versa
#62 Hates to shop when I have no cash
#63 Keeps every single movie tickets
#64 Hates being asked about my age
#65 Likes to drink herbal drinks and soup
#66 Very typical Chinese girl who likes to eat Chinese Cuisine very much
#67 Gets very very hyper when I get to see rainbow
#68 Afraid of piercings
#69 Colllects old notes; the stupid me used the rm20 note and wants to buy it back!
#70 Likes jackets!!!
#71 Can only have my fingers crossed with the one I love, can't even do it with the girl-friends
#72 Has to eat rice everyday or not I'll feel weird
#73 Hates to count the number of words written in essays
#74 Not heavier than 35kg
#75 Has plenty loads of bags but uses only a few
#76 Cooks when I feel upset
#77 Hates applying moouse on my hair
#78 Likes Jazz musics
#79 Loves to dream about my future
#80 Wants to get a Minicooper before 35 ;p
#81 Cannot understand Hakka
#82 Gets panic very easily
#83 Likes to wear black clothes
#84 Has to change my clothes at least 2-3 times till I feel comfortable before I leave my house
#85 Likes seafood to the maximun
#86 The little finger on my right hand is always dirty after writting
#87 Has a lot of unknown red dots on my whole body
#88 Gives names to people I don't like
#89 Doesn't call my dear by his name
#90 Always being forced to use lip gloss
#91 Loves Famous Amos no nut chocolate chip
#92 Phone-addict. Can't live without it
#93 Has a baby pillow and a baby blanket
#94 Has a doll which accompanied me ever since I'm borned
#95 Wants to get married at a young age ;p
#96 Afraid of slow-motion stuffs
#97 Afraid of metal and metal's sound
#98 Will never let your teeth touches the fork/spoon when you're eating with me
#99 Will never want to order food by myself