Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Finals, Finally

Great! Everything is over. My darling face is saved! Phew. Yet, I'm still suffering from the itch on my face, I hope it'll recover soon. Hehehehe.

So how about last night during the finals? Well, everything went good last night beside my skin. The thing begin at 6 and it started with alot of speechs from the "boss" then to the host. It took them one hour before the contestant begin the event. Puiyeen and Wanwei was there for me. But they left early I guessed it was boring for them. They are not used to it yet i guess. I mean they are not used to the direct-sales thingy. Hahahaha. I told my mum and she felt the same too.

I cant hold the camera for the night so some others took the pictures which I don't have it now. This is the first time I ever felt like a celebrity or what. I actaully do not like the feeling of being stared by almost hundreds of people with fingers pointings and evil laughes. And I dont like the feeling of being snapped every single minute when I was being coloured on my face with flashes. Dont lar like that. I know I'm very ugly wan. Haih.

Everyone was done after one and a half hour later. I was suprised that almost everyone was equal good. How I wished I could snap all the pictures down.!!! Not much but a few to share here.

Ooh. I forgotten to mention that the theme for the night is "Creative, young and funky". D.I.Y clothes are more preferably. The models above had the funky look but they did not made the clothes themselves. All they did was mix and match with stuffs you can find in Sungei Wang. I have to say that my dress was all made by myself lor! Kakakaka.

And ya, we have to do catwalks after the make-ups. I was shy. I know. I walked like normal last night. The others were great. But I didn't like some of their poses. We had to do 4 times. It was like so tiring!!! And pain. ;(

Finally the results were out after an hour. Yay!!!! Me and my partner got like number5!!!!! Though there wasnt a cash prize for us but we're still very happy with it! We have to admit that the contestants were all very strong ones. Hehehahahaha. Bye bye to our cash. ;p

I like the first prize winner's make-up. Very funky. She's the third from the left. The only Malay girl in the finals and they won the 1K cash prize! The first runner up is the girl at the right corner. You know, she's bald. She's looking cool in the wig.!! Hehehehe. And obviously the third place is the girl on the far left. Her make up was good too but she lose her points on her dressing. Too bad. But at least she won rm300. Hahahaha.

There were two contestant that went out of topic. But to not disappoint them, they decided to give them the best dress winners. Mana boleh macam ni? Grrrr.

But their dresses very nice right? Hehehe. Wondering where is my picture? I did'nt want to scare you guys but I look very very very scary. Seriously and honestly. I do not look like me, myself. Some people said I looked like Anita Mui. But but but one thing, I was the one who took the most pictures with the others last night other than model number10 above. Die man. I planned not to take pictures with that make up but I think my pictures are flowing here and there already. Aiks aiks. Cannot! Must ask them for the pictures because I don't have them. ;(

SCARY RIGHT? Hahahahaha. Okay okay okay, I know I promised to share. But I really don't have them right now. As soon as they burn them for me okay? Hahahaha. View more in my multiply. Don't be shocked okay. ;(


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Farewell Alina

I took a few hours to meet up with my darling old gang of sisters althought i was darn busy with the make-up competition tonight. If I don't, I don't know when will we have the second chance to meet up in a whole again. Alina, the only Malay girl who was in the group is now leaving us, leaving KL to further her studies. She's going Malacca, a not-so-far place from KL to study Law. Ambitious-nya. Someone went missing in the pictures above. Aiks Pui! Sorry but she was late and didn't join us for the lunch but we have some neo-prints. Uploading them as soon as i receive them. ;)

Ya, it was me again who came out with the gathering idea. Almost all the time I'm the one who took up the initiative to have all those reunion thingy. Kepoh maybe? Kakaka. It was actaully because I really want to spend sometime with them. I am in a bad bad bad bloody bad mood yesterday and today. Am so sick and tired of the practice everyday. I don't mind if I'm the one who draws but not the one who sacrifice the bloody face.

I swear, this will be my first and last time helping out. I help you in the competition, but no one actaully think of my feelings. Bloody hell. Do you think is fun putting and removing bloody heavy make ups everyday? I agree to help up just because I didn't want to lose my mother's face as she promised you in the begining before she even ask me about it.

And my mum, she thought I was having fun all the time. No. My bloody face is damn sensitive. I cannot manage to take those shitty stuffs too much. Great. My face is now swollen. Happy? And I can see skins coming out bit by bit. Who understand the itch and pain I'm having now? Who knows that I didn't get to sleep when my bloody hair need to get tied in pleats a night before. And who will notice the pain I'm having on both my foot when my mum forces me to do walks in high heels when i have bloody blisters on both my foot. I'm a human.

I think I know what is in their minds. My mum would want me to do my best to show off to the others that I'm her daugther. No face-losing thing okay? She even got pissed off when I dont allow her friends to bloody handle my hair. As in shaping it by using the comb to comb very hard;y to have the bouncy look. Do you know how bad is it to do on my hair when its curl? Babi. I have a ruined face and that's enough. I have rights on saying no-and-yes for both my face and hair.

Grrr. Out of topic. Supposed to blog about the farewell last night but am too angry of it. Even the farewell wasnt that good afterall. I didn't have enough time with my peeps. All because of the practices. No more next time. This will be my last time. All I gain is the experience. Honestly, no more next time. Enough of it. Tonight will be the last.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just A Little Update

Everytime when I open up my blog and I see the increases of the counter, I sometimes feel bad when I fail to post a new entry. Sorry if I made you read the same old entry everytime you visit my blog. I have been quite busy these few days and going to be quite busy the whole week.

Why am I so busy when I'm actaully on a long holiday? Well, remember the make-up competition? The finals are drawing near. It is just this Saturday night and I'm involved again in the face-sacrificing part. ;p Oh dear. I got to do more facialing after the event. I don't know how much make up they put and remove everyday on my face and it is turning very dry now. Especially when they put on heavy make ups that made me looked like someone else. Kakakaka.

Besides, we ourselves are also responsible on our own clothes designing. Wow! Time to show off my talent! Cheh. Hahahahaha. Will show more details on the progress soon. Not now when everything is hang half way. I hope everything will be doing fine. ;)

Ciaos for now!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Random Post

01. I found a job!!! I just went to a kindergarten in Pandan Perdana, the I-kids, to ask whether if they need assistant teacher. And I've got the job now! I did not expected to get a job so quickly, honestly. ;p Am going to start my work next month on the new semester when every kids are back to school for only a month. The principal needs a mandarin teacher actaully and asked me whether if I can take the position temporary. Hahahaha. I guess kids' mandarin would not bring me much trouble. ;p Muahahahahahaha.

02. And and and, driving lessons for me starts tomorrow! Finally after a year, almost! Muahahahahaha.

03. This post is really gonna be very very random. I just wanna say that, Tammie my little cousin sister cut her own hair!!!! No one realised it until i found her hair very messy. So, i took the comb and brushed her hair and I was totally shocked when I see her a big bunch of hair on the comb and on my hair. It was like some stupid scene you can only see it on the TV screen when the people inside found out that they had cancer. Seriously!!! The more i comb the more hair fell off. Very very very scary. She got scolded after the incident and felt very sorry. That's what i saw from her face lar.. Hahaha.

04. Then my grandma reminded me of a similar incident when i was around her age too. I was playing with a round comb. Erm, round as in it is a 360 degree comb? Stupid me. I don't know what it is exactly called. And remember that my hair is naturally curly. I rolled and rolled my hair with the comb and it was stucked. Sounds great right? There was no way we could solve the problem by not cutting my hair. Sigh. And the worse was, there was not even a pair of siccors around to cut my hair! And guess what! My grandparents used a SAW to saw my hair off! Oh my shit. Sounds so so so horrible right? Hahahahaha..

05. I have some pictures to share too! Pictures taken today @ Vvens' studio. ;p


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pressure Tester

I provided some picture below. They are normal JPEG file and not animated images. If you see them moving, it means that you're under pressure. The faster it moves the more pressure you are having.

And normally young children and the elderly ones do not see them move.

As for me, I see them move quite fast. Alright, I'm getting dizzy.

*_* Oh dear. I'm under lots of pressure. But never mind, I'm having a 2 months holiday starting today! YAY! Don't be jealous okie? Muahahahaha. I need to look for jobs anyway. Anyone has any job to introduce? Preferably, a kindergarten job. ;)

Thank you in advance.

Pictures credits to Liwei Jie @ Jcnet.


Monday, May 15, 2006

A Busy Yesterday

It was Mothers' Day yesterday and I didn't really get to celebrate it with my mum. Her company held a make-up competition and they invited my mum to be their judge. Cool right? The event was from 11 morning till 7 night. Long enough. Damn tired after the event. I was there actaully to watch the whole thing but there was a small accident that caused one of the models absent and so, they asked for my help. They were going to colour my face. Of course, I was very worried and nervous. I do not even know the make-up artist; how do I even know her make-up skills. I'm afraid I'll end up looking like someone mad.

So, I sat there for almost 2 hours. She did everything by herself, included the hair styling. And yes, I have no mirror neither phone with me. I do not know how I looked like. I saw everyone else starring at me; self-concious, I was really very nervous. Soon, I could not stand it and I asked for the mirror. I slowly move the mirror in front of me. Slowly... And once I saw myself, I took the mirror away. I was thinking, "Oh my. Is that even ME?" Seriously. I could not regconise myself.

I look rather childish than looking more mature. She had my fringe and hair up. I need the fringe to cover my baby face. Y_Y Her make up was good I have to say. The things I think wasn't really nice was my eyebrown's end, my lashes and her dressing. She should apply mascara with the fake and real lashes together to make it more natural. OOH! This time it is really fake lashes. ;p

As for her dressing, it is also included in the marking scheme. She dresses up rather "lala". OOPS. :X I don't think she's a one anyway. She's in her late 20s I guess. I have no images of myself during the event. The worst thing to have is a empty battery camera with you when you have things to capture. Dang.

Aiks. I think the people there they have. Will ask for it later. Too bad she lost. Mainly because of the three reasons I mentioned. Or maybe because I'm not pretty enough. ;( It is also not easy to enter the finals. How to choose only 20 out of 90 when almost all are equal good?

Picture1 is taken when my mum was judging them; seriously while saying, "UM LENG LAH!" Hahahahahaha. It means not pretty at all. ;p Really not nice lor. SKIP first.

Picture2 is a picture of the only Malay girls in round1. They are the best in that round. The model so cun! The make-up artist even prettier!! Aiya. But she was busy, could not snap her picture.

Picture3, the same ladies in picture1 who I said wasn't pretty. Ok lar. Sorry. Not that the model isn't pretty you know. Its the lady who was colouring her face. No offences, eventhough she's a friend of my mum. Look at her sitting posture. SO NOT NICE! She opened her legs widely and allow the model's leg to put in between? Not nice not nice. Minus mark minus mark. And if you noticed, the brows she draw is awful enough. SO THICK. You thought she's playing the Crayon Sin-Chan role meh. OUT!

As for the last picture, the model (middle) very pretty lor! She's some mixed. Tak tau apa campur apa. But she speaks English to me lar. She's very pretty in that dress. I do not know why but I see the resemblence of Anita Mui in her when she's in the dress. The dress looks like, erm, off shoulder, long sleeves and very short skirt. Can imagine? Bit retro feel. ;)

All the finalist are going to compete again end of this month in Sri Petaling's hotel. Liepeh interested boh? I know you learning make-up. See! I know you. There's going to be some make-up exihibition and some shows besides the competition. And this time I'll make sure that I have fully charged camera with me. ;p

Still wondering how I looked like last night? I took some picture when I reached home. But the make up was like fading off and was sort of dirty.

No no no, this is not the dress. I was in a fully white dress in it. I look like an Indian-princess (they said so) in it and look punky in my own outfit. I like the hair actaully but I just dont like it when I look like a small girl. I'll share when I have the pictures, if I dont look too ugly in them.

Ahh but after that, me and my mum rushed to the bakery's to get a cake for my grandma. She was looking for us the whole day and both of us did not pick up her phone cal.. Sorry lar. Busy. ;p

There were only me, my mum and my grandparents. The little kids were back to their mother's family. Too bad. Tammie just dont get to eat the cake. Hahahahaha.

My grandma was complaining when I took my camera. She said we should come earlier before she changes into her pyjamas. Hahaha. Don't worry. The pictures are only up in my blog, will not be in the newspapers. ;p Guessed what!? She cut the cake before she blew the candle's fire off. Hahahaha. Her action made my grandpa laughed like nobody's business. "HAHAHAHA. Sua ku-er than the sakais" he said. So mean but yet cute. He meant that she was like some lady from the village that do not know the procedure and she is like worse than the uncivilised ones. Hahaha. Both of them so cute lar. It made my day. ^^

Did I mention that my grandma praised me in that look. ;p She said I don't look Chinese. Hahahaha. She said I'm pretty for the very few first time. She always says Elaine is always prettier, taller, smarter and sexier than me. T_T Aiks. Never mind. ;p Eh not forgeting to wish all Mamas, Happy Mothers' Day. ;)

How long will i need to wait to hear it from my kids? ;p I wonder...

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wish Sam-mi Happy Birthday!

It's my mum's birthday tomorrow but we celebrated it today. No idea why but we were advised to do so. A friend of my mum, whom I'm not sure whether is she a fortune-teller or what, said that it is better to celebrate her birthday a day earlier this year. Must celebrate with a cake. *_* I don't know why.

My mum told me she is going for Karaoke today last night and I was kinda mad. I want to go too!!!! I asked her to bring me along. I have the urge to sing lar. And yay! She allowed me. She must be thinking that she would miss the fun with her friends if I tag along. Hahaha.

But she was wrong! Walau. I was the loyal singer there. I sang sang sang and everyone else was playing as if I was muted. Their voices are much louder than me. Harlo! I'm singing with a microphone somemore. Can imagine how high were they? The "aunties" even climbed up the sofa and danced as if they were in some discos. I stunned. And there was an "uncle" who even climbed up on top of the sofa. ON TOP! I have no idea what were they thinking, or what were they trying to do lor at that moment. Hahahaha.

I was the only young one there. I sing almost all the song they picked. Hahaha. This is what happen to me when i enter Karaokes. I'll sing non-stop. You'll notice that if you have been to Karaoke with me unless... I'm new in the crowd or I'm not in the singing mood.

I sang so much and I don't think it is still enough. Hmmp. Ehh wait! My mum did sing a couple of songs too before her friends reach. Don't play play. My mum was once a singer before you and I were borned. Hahahaha. She sang a song of Jay too! WEEEEEEEEE. Proud of it.

One thing I do not like about Redbox is that, erm, their birthday song? It's a mini suprise when they just insert the song half way when people are singing but but but.. I think the MV they show is very the super childish lor. You think kids will actaully go there and celebrate meh. ;p At least a better and a faster version k?

And here comes the cake when the birthday song was played. A tiramisu cake. A very creamy tiramisu cake which most of us did not eat due to the thickness of the cream layer on the cake. Hahaha. My mum made three wishes. Hahaha. I hope all of them come true lar. If they don't come true, go look for you friend you know. Hahahahaha.. ;)

Mummy ar, sorry that i fail to give you presents on your birthday. Your daughter currently has no money to get anything for you. But I'll try to make it on this coming mother's day!!!! ;)

Happy Birthday! I heart you.

Note : Sam-mi is not my mum's name. It means, Vivien Sam's mummy. ;)


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Power of Ribbons

I had a black, plain, dull, cheap and smelly pair of shoe. It was actually a school shoe. You might not wear it outside the school and might not even like it. But I had an urge to buy it when I see the shoe. At first, a bought a white one. I want to design the shoe and make it MY shoe but I failed. I have no idea on how to modify it.

This black one was given by Elaine. Yes. From what I know it is only available in Singapore. I have never seen this shoe anywhere in Malaysia. It is only $D4.50. Once I got the shoe, my mind went blank. What should I do with it? Hmmmn. Until I heard my grandma said,

"Ehh you know your cousin made it into some ballet shoes.."

Uuh. Once i heard that, I had a rough idea to modify my shoe. I added ribbons on it. Sorry if i copy your idea, Elaine but I think it is nice too! ;)

Better than before right? Hehe. I liked the modified one. The ribbon on it really made the differences. Hahahaha. Its like how the ribbon made Mickey and Minnie different. ;p

And how, the white one. Lack of ideas. Anyone has any goooooooooood suggestion on the next D.I.Y shoe?


Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Sexy Baby

Awww. My cousins are back from Singapore. I miss them alot. They looked different now. Ivan is darker now compared to before and Meimei looks prettier already. Hahaha. They were so excited and happy when they were telling me their stories in Singapore. They told me how much fun they had taking MRT, double decker buses and how much they enjoyed visitng the zoo there.

Besides that, they were also very busy showing me the toys they bought there. Meimei showed me her new bikini my aunt bought for her.

Cute isnt she? Or i mean sexxxxxxxxxxxy. Hehe haha. I like her bikini lor. I love the colour combination of it. When i was trying to help her in the bikini, I had trouble wearing the top for her. I could not find her boobs. Lol. The clothe was running here and there as her body was round you know. I sounded mean but true. Hahaha. Anyway, i think she's a potential model! She's a good poser and she's really very photogenic. Hehe. ;)

While Ivan isn't that photogenic. Hahaha. Too bad. ;p

To Elaine; I've received your stuffs. Thanks alot!!! ;) But but but.. I don't know what to do to them. *_*


Sunday, May 7, 2006

How to Study Better?

Yes yes yes. I'm doing my revision now and I'm having a problem. Whatever I read doesn't go inside my mind. Maybe I've used the wrong technic to study. I dont know which way is better but what I used to do is listen and pay attention to what the lecturer/teachers teach and hardly do own-revision at home. And if I fail to pay attention on a particular day, I'll missed everything he/she taught in class.

Alamak. Since last year's I tried studying this way. I pay attention, understand the stuffs, read them again at home and re-copy the stuffs so that it'll go inside my mind.

This is a not bad way of revising too. At least I know more than before. But I need more opinions on how to study with a right way. Hahaha. I know some smart people do not need to read like mad and they can do well. Awww. How I wish I can do so too.!


Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Fine Day After Rain

The stupid me was actaully waiting for an accident, any form on accident to happen on me. I told myself, is accident happens once, it is just an accident. If accident happen twices, I call it coincidence. But if i happens three times in a row, then it is just my luck; bad luck. Somehow I was waiting for it to happen, then I'll know what it actaully is. Now i know, they are just so happen to be coincident. Phew. Nothing happened. And that is what i wished for. I guess the suay luck has left me.

Yes!! I'm the normal me again. ;) Thank you everyone for your concern. ;)

But but but... I don't think i can blog as often as usual anymore for the time being. It is time for me to stay with my notes and books instead of the computer and internet. I need to start my revision right away. My finals are gong to start very soon; less than a week's time and I have not gone through all my notes. I don't know what exactly is Media Economics and I bet it is going to come out on the papers. Pray for me please. Pray that I can manage to read and understand them before the coming Wednesday is here.

Just three days of examination and I'll be having a one-month holiday. Yipee!!!! And I guess that is when I can attend for my driving classes. Oh no. I'm afraid that I'll be afraid of the car due to the accidents happened. *_*


Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Tough Luck

I have not been touching a working computer for more than 48 hours already. The feeling sucks lor. The computer is sent for repair, not just re-formating anymore. Shit. Currently in TCPJ's library. A place where they block almost everything; i mean webpages.

And within 72 hours, i witnessed another car accident! Shit shit shit. Why am i go unlucky? I hate this feeling to the max. At that moment right after the motorist was knocked down by my friend, I thought the motorist was dead. I know it sounds stupid but he lied on the ground and did not move for a couple of minutes. Ewww. I dare not walk near them as I did not want to risk crossing the dangerous roads. Shit shit shit. Lucky no one is hurt.

Sigh. And on the same day, I was suspected in plagarism. This is so shitty and I'm not involved ok? Lucky my friends helped my out on proving that I'm not doing that. Haih. My house phone's line is cut too. Shit shit shit. I'm so broooooooooooooooooooke.

I'm so sick of everything. Can you please leave me bloody "luck"? Before my friends leave me; i swear i dont bring troubles it is just that... Luck is just not at my side. ;(


Monday, May 1, 2006

It is just not my day

What could be worse than this? Like said, sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. Everything not good just rushed towards me today. My air conditioner went out of order again this morning at six that made me sleep under the fan. Oh dear. I could not sleep without air conditioner. I will just roll on the bed the whole night or day.

Then, I realised my phone was not workinghelp m well too. The battery is kinda faulty. No matter how much I charged the phone, the battery will still always go flat very quickly. This is not that bad until i realised that the computer is not working too!!! Oh my shit. Yes yes yes, I'm blogging with my old laptop with only 1515 connection now. The computer that I normally used cannot work as the Windows could not be loaded. Babi. And what's wrong with this laptop? It takes me forever to load anything at all. Sigh.

All these are not as bad as the news I received this afternoon. A friend of mine who was kind enough to send me to my campus every Monday to Wednesday is now not able to continue the car-pool. Shit. How am I suppose to go to my campus now? Useless me that I could not drive by myself. I can blame no one else but myself lor. Shit shit shit. What am I supposed to do nooooooooooooooooooooooooooow?

Oh shit oh shit. There's nothing else on my mind but all these shits. Can anyone help me? Pass me your helping hands leh..... My tears are bursting out already. I need help!!! ;(

Not forgetting that this awful day is still my blog's one year old birthday. Well, to be more specified, this is my third blog. I started to blog when I was 15 in blogdrive. I then shifted to another page two years later and now, on this blog. If you have been to my old blogs, they are much more childish entries compares to this current blog. Hahahahaha. I feel silly when i re-read my old blogs sometimes when I have nothing better to do. Sigh. Lucky there is still something that can neutralize my mood. But afterall, I'm still sad. Babi.

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