Monday, December 31, 2007

In these 12 months...

01. I've worked in Triangel Jewellery @ Plaza Damas.
I worked there for 8 months since February 2007 and decided to leave the job because there were too many dramas happening in it and I think I was worth more than the pay they gave. Seriously. I never had free weekends for 8 months. Imagine. And my pay could not even cover my daily expenses. However, I cannot deny that I've met a new good friend, Joyee :)

02. I've got a laptop.
Although its not a new one but I'm glad that I've one. Thanks to my lovely cousin. With it, no more arguments (I mean less) with my brother and more time in my room. I dislike spending so much time in his room. Muahahahaha.

03. I've travelled to Kuching for the very first time.
Yes. I'm a Malaysian who stays only in the area I'm now. I've not travelled to places like Redang, Terengganu bla bla bla. Only a few like Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and Kuantan. And the objective of going to Kuching is to work. I had no time to have fun there at all. Damn sad.

04. I've got a new camera!!!
Okie, one good thing I earn from working in Triangel is to get to buy myself a brand new camera. Yes, I still insist that the pay is bloody low but I worked my ass off and I worked full time during the month of June to buy this okie. I love my camera to bits.

05. I've run Project Phunk with my fellow team mates, The Phunkers.
This is part of my college assessment to run a charity project. Project Phunk was the name that represents, Providing Hospis Understanding and Kare. I had fun during the project. I was assigned to take pictures throughout the whole event, have the official blog, design this and that. BUT I was terribly upset with the marks given by the lecturer who cant even recognise his students who worked. I bloody did so many things and got only 35/50 and my team mate from the same department who did not contribute, not to say nothing at all but not event 10% of my effort and score 40/50. And when I inform this to my lecturer, he asked me one question that left me speechless, "WHO ASK YOU TO DO SO MANY THINGS!?" Enough said. Overall, no regrets for what I've done. I still like it minus HIM :)
# # #

06. Had the first SSGians' reunion.
This is one night that I enjoyed a lot. I get to see lost friends ever since we graduated from high school. Damn. Meeting them back after 2 years, the feeling is great. I really love my high school friends. I hope we can have another one in 2008 :)

07. I've got my blog a domain!
Yes yes yes yes yes. I've got a domain and web hosting for my blog but I'm still stuck with blogger. Muahahahahahaha. Noob mar.

08. My work appeared in The Star Rage.
I like taking pictures and it definitely feels great when people actually look at them and tell me that they are nice. Full page of the front page somemore. Damn proud. YAY!

09. I've joined the best production house, Carrot Films for internship.
This is like one of my best working experience although I'll receive no pay. During this two months, I've joined the crew in 2 shoots which are Castrol and Astro. We'll have another MTV shoot next month. Wow. It is fun having my internship training there. Really :) #

10. Last but not least, I've got a car!
This time, it is no joke. It was a gift from someone which is not so convenient to be disclosed here. I'm very happy! Finally, my long-wanted gift is here :) #

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Friday, December 28, 2007

One of my best Xmas

... because I have this :)


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas Day

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL :) May you all have what you wish for, included me!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Moments Captured in Genting

I went to Genting Highlands for a day right after the Castrol shoot, 19th December 2007. And here are the pictures taken during my family trip :)

#01 The camwhore girls.

#02 The candid shot of the not-so-camwhore-kids.

#03 The very cute but stubborn KaiWen. And this is her first trip to Malaysia :)

#04 KaiWen took thic picture and I was having a bad hair day :(

#05 Elaine and Ivan, who was busy playing games in the handphone.

#06 Me and my babies!!!! :)

#07 The little ones and their balloons I took for them from the clown.

#08 Tammie on the merry-go-round.

#09 Tammie in the mini go-cart of Paris Genting.

#10 The cousins in the very very slow boat @ First World Plaza.

#11 Elaine and the little kids in the ferris wheel. I wasnt allowed to go in because they said it'll be overloaded!!!!

#12 Ivan on the reindeer ride. Damn scary okay, I'm afraid of heights.

#13 KaiWen the tofu girl :)

#14 The very cute little boy, Ivan.

#15 With the Christmas tree. IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY TOMORROW!

#16 Later, we left the kids in the hotel and went out to the theme park, just the two of us! YAY! ;p And this is Elaine buying treats for the little kids.

#17 The candy shop.

#18 Us on the elephant ride. Childish ride ;p

#19 It was really very very very very cold but we still wanted to try on an ice-cream. It was very very cold that my hair went wet once I'm at outdoor. Seriously.

#20 For a moment, I thought I was in London. Hahahaha.

#21 I took this ride once when I was young but it wasnt that scary when I ride it last week. Omg.

#22 By the time I landed on ground, I was a bit pening lor.

#23 It says take great shots from this angle wor...

#24 My favourite shot of the trip! SEE IT WAS THAT FOGGY AND COLD!

#25 The quite-lousy-Genting-jump

#26 Elaine, me and my bling bling cap ;p

#27 The kids with the lollipop Elaine got them earlier.

#28 ANother favourite shot because she doesnt smile oftenly. And lollipops makes her happy :)

#29 The partial-family shot before leaving Genting.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

To Santa From Me


Friday, December 21, 2007

First Carrot Shooting

Dear all, I had my first television commercial shooting with Carrot Films 3 days back at Jalan Hang Lekiu for Castrol. It was F-U-N! And before you continue reading, I shall let you know before hand that this is a heavy picture post with the timeline of the shoot day. And my task for that day was............. more than what was planned earlier.

04.49am - Time to wake up and get ready for the day.

05.30am - Left my house and was picked up by the runner to the set.

06.10am - Reached Jalan Hang Lekiu, the set and saw tons of people there already. They include the assistant director, line producer, production manager, production assistant, prop masters, art director (which annoyed me a lot!), caterers, mr. facilities and many many more. They were already there a few hours before I reached. The whole street was ours that day. Muahahaha.

06.15am - Breakfast at the caterer's tent.

06.30am - Trying out the bikes. Make sure that they are fine.

07.00am - Painting the zebra crossing from yellow to white. Setting up props like the traffic lights, the stalls (magazine, corn, dim sum and basket stalls) as the backgrounds. The sky was clear and bright by then. And the talents plus extras arrived too.

07.13am - Setting up the lights, where we get artificial sun lights and cleaning up the road.

07.18am - Start to arrange the motorbikes. And I actually took a lot of pictures as told. And I also think that I look funny in the picture above.

07.30am - Setting up the cameras. And the director, Henry getting ready for the first scene too.

07.33am - The extras, motor bikers were on their marks getting ready to be brief on their roles.

07.45am - Wardrobe for the main talents arrived. I was assigned to pick up the agency people, Ogilvy Singapore from their hotel.

08.15am - Back to set with the agency people.

08.27am - "Locking" the place and make sure no other unwanted people appear in that area. It was tough because sometimes you might ended up getting scoldings from the public like I did.

08.40am - And serving the agency people was part of my job. I am supposed to make sure that they have everything they want, they need and stuffs.

08.45am - Final checkup on the props and motorbikes.

08.50am - And camera rolls 10 minutes later till 6pm. And trust me, the hours later were basically the same where the camera rolls, it rains for a few minutes, pause, then the crew set everything back, camera rolls. And each scence takes at least 30 minutes and this continued till 6pm. Therefore, instead of repeating actions in the timeline, I am going to share pictures I took till the shoot ended.

#01 It was very dark when we just reached the set, Jalan Hang Lekiu (somewhere very near Petaling Street).

#02 The sun was coming out slowly.

#03 Me helping out the prop master to set up the magazine stall.

#04 Me standing in the middle of the street, LOST!

#05 The director's seat with the shootboard I prepared earlier.

#06 The extras as the pedestrian and the magazine stall behind.

#07 The bikers waiting for Putra's arrival.

#08 And here comes Putra the purple villian.

#09 In this scene, Putra, the purple villian is asked to drive fiercely and scare the pedestrians away.

#10 The action purple villian, Putra and his very ying bike.

#11 And also, he had a very very very cute bike.

#12 The clapper board that we always see in "the making of's".

#13 The annoying art director with his prop, the dim sum stall which has REAL kaya paus inside.

#14 The actually visual you cant see on television. Haha.

#15 The crowd who most of them thought we were filming some mat rempit's movie on tv3.

#16 We have also a scene where his motorbike shrinked.

#17 Cheong, the very loud assistant director in black and the camera crews.

#18 The special talent who got the most attention from everyone, the very cute granny who need to scold Putra.

#19 My favourite shot of the day.

#20 Putra with the very cute granny, Lim Yoke Lin.

There is actually too much picture to share and I only picked a partial to share here. Before I forget, there is also another main talent besides Putra. He is Amar, the good guy who was very quiet during the shoot.

#21 The very quiet Amar :)

#22 The street with the fake Castrol advertising board on top of the shop.

#23 A closer look.

#24 The basket stall that was placed as the background of the shoot.

#25 My colleagues, Azim the production manager and Shan the line producer for Castrol's job.

#26 The talents getting ready before the camera rolls.

#27 Me helping out the prop master again, to pick the nicest bottle among for package shoot.

#28 The very ugly, sweaty and chubby girls.

#29 And finally, this is how the shootboard look when we are all done :) Yay! And that's for the day.

It was indeed a very fun day. What I did taking pictures, was serving the agency people, taking care of them, pick up rubbish on the floor, help out when anyone from the crew needs help, provide water and tissue for the talents, assist the granny, running here and there and many more. Wow! Can't wait for the next shoot which might fall on the 29th of December. Yay yay yay!

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