Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aiyo Aiyo

Hi. My blog is back to normal, the layout if fine already. For the past two days it was plain annoyed by the Photobucket's bandwith exceeded little notice.

Hmmn. I'm such a liar. I did not cut my bangs ;p Natalie is right. That's just a wig. Hahaha. That is a wig and its damn cool, the colour of the wig matches my hair perfectly as you can see! And actually, I really wanted to cut to bangs again but I have a few friends having it now. I dont wanna look photocopied. And I really hate the process of growing long the fringe. Its suffering. Then, I came across this site which sells the fringes' wig. Cheap and cool but a little too thick. Needs to be trimmed. And so I got it to satisfy my urge to cut my fringes at time. Hehe. Sorry :(

Also, thank you people for the advice on the camera. I have decided not to sell my A640 for E1. I love both my camera. Sigh. I will consider to buy E1 maybe sometime later when I have extra money (if I'm still craving for it) or not, the money will be saved up for EOS 1000D. Greedy people like me is always in dilemma. Aih. Anyway, I dont mind to receive it as a gift. Haha.

2 more days and its November already. NOVEMBER!! This weekend will be a packed weekend for me. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cant wait for it already. And that means I'll be pretty busy over the weekend (actually starting now).Wish me fun!!!!! :D


Friday, October 24, 2008

Because I'm in love again

Seriously, this is the second time ever I felt so in love. I'm in love with the new Canon Powershot E1. How did they came out with such pretty, cute, affordable and filled-with-cool-functions camera?!

I really love it but I'm not going to sell my Canon Powershot A640 away for this. Its a little downgrading and I still love my A640. It has been with me for about 1.5 years and it is still in an excellent condition. But I always have problems with it; as I cannot carry small bags around anymore. My bag is always heavy because of this. And the new canon is so much smaller and lighter to my current one. HOW?

I really love this new one. And you know, its very cheap! Its about RM700 only. HOW HOW HOW? I really love the white one. If I ever get this, it will fill in my white collections. My laptop, my MP3, my car then camera.

Should I get this? Or continue saving up for a DSLR? Or sell mine away to get this and a continue saving up for a DSLR?

Let me do a short comparison for both my current and this new camera;

With Canon Powershot E1, I can carry small bags. Or even seledup the camera in to concerts and events easily (Natalie, right!?) I cannot do this with my A640.

With Canon Powershot A640, I can slip the scren weh. Can take pictures of friend and I, or camwhore nicely.

Canon Powershot E1 is so much lighter than A640. Both uses AA batteries. E1; 2 of them while A640 4 of them.

With A640, it looks much more professional and cool but E1 gives a very girly and cute image weh.

Both cameras' functions and spec are most of less the same. Both has 10 megapixels but E1 has face detector and wide screen!!!

HOW? What do you think?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Because I'm bored

I was really bored and sick of my hair already. Its very long and the fringe too. Too long to be left in front, place in front of my cheeks and too short to be pushed behind my ears. And then, I saw this pair of scissors in front of me; and evil thoughts starts to run over my mind. Muahahahaha. I cut my own hair and it turned out bad! OH NO! And this is how I looked now!!!

TOO THICK! And I'm afraid to cut any shorter. I'm worried I'll look nerdy and silly. Now, ended up like that. So how?! :(


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our very first bazaar!

Event : SOC Media Carnival 2008
Date : 18th October 2008
Venue : Leisure Commerce @ TCPJ

I've worked or to say sold stuffs in bazaar and flea markets before. But that was years ago with my mum. Yesterday, again we, The Envelopes opened a small booth in conjunction of the SOC Media Carnival which was organized by the Degree students of Communication in TCPJ.

It was overall fun but tired. The weather sucks. It rained a bit then became sunny again. Repeat and repeat. So sien. Anyway, the sales was a not bad for yesterday. Hehe. And here are the pictures taken when there were no customers around ;p

#01 Clothes, clothes and clothes...

#02 Booths in the carnival. This picture was taken from our booth's spot. Right at the corner. Hidden but shaded ;p

#03 Colourful and cute pixies! And I guess those are the most attractive items in the booth! Hehe.

#04 The postmen in blue, white and red. The Envelopes' theme colour. Woo! And yeah, we planned that. We planned what colour to wear for our top but not out shoes, and it turned out; I was wearing blue, Cindy was wearing red and Carmen was wearing white! Hahaha. So
ngam. So cute. And if you noticed, we have got our own Envelopes' badges :)

#05 Carin, Carmen and their birthday mum :)

#06 Look at Cindy, look at Carmen. Then laugh! HAHAHAHAHA.

#07 With the rose, Popsicle and Pac man's monster.

#08 This picture never fail to make me laugh.

#09 Carmen, "Marry me ok!"

#10 Sorry, no trying.

#11 The girls were hot. Hahaha. "Were".

#12 I looked messy here but I like the lighting. Shh..

#13 Audrey and her little sister who bought a few pixies from us too :)

#14 It snowed! ;p

Bonus pictures taken after the Media Carnival;

#15 Our pretty cars!!! :) Susu-ki, Cookie and Tofu.

#16 With the owners :)

p/s : Thank you for those who came and support us! :)


Monday, October 13, 2008

Because we've graduated!

Event : Taylor' College Convocation 2008
Date : 12th October 2008
Venue : KLCC

#01 The naughty girls who were giggling away. Hahaha. Why? Because we were trying to look for a nice spot to shot and there was this guy behind not moving so they stood right in front of him and ask me to snap. Then the guy also
paiseh and moved away ;p

#02 The three of us! My bad to not wear collar shirt. Now I looked as if I wore nothing inside.

#03 My guests, My mum and my grandma. And oh! My mum got me the roses. So touched :)

#04 Cindy and her parents.

#05 It feels like Halloween already. Hahahaha.

#06 Overexposed :( But hahaha, showing this because I think we are going to appear in the Convocation's video. But its RM30. Should I get it?!

#07 Jenhan and Carmen.

#08 Carmen and I.

#09 Woo. The pink backdrop!

#10 I was placed sitting with them. Behonce, Amanda and Aina. And I looked seriously pale :(

#11 The camera man is lousy la. I specifically told him, "Do not take the couches please...." And he did.

#12 And people I do not know; wearing funny funny robes.

#13 Ooh! That's Cindy!

#14 And Carmen.

#15 Ghostly me. Hahaha It looks like I have a mortar board ;p

#16 Us, again. It took us so long to receive our scroll on stage as there were so many people placed before us. We were like the last batch and I was like the last few person.

#17 After receiving the scroll, there were speeches and speeches and speeches. It was really boring. And the restless me, started to take pictures again. The roses! :)

#18 The scroll and the book.

#19 Amanda sleeping. I wanted to sleep too. ZzzzZzzzZZzZZ...

#20 Karen and SweeWei. And it was Karen's birthday yesterday, and SweeWei's today. Happy birthday girls!!!

#21 Calyn and Jacqkie. Congratulations for graduating with Merits! :)

#22 Me me me!

#23 Carmen and her family.

#24 The spot and backdrop where you have to pay RM100++ to snap pictures but we did it for free! ;p

#25 Showing-off-the-scroll picture!

#26 Long time no see Denise and I.

#27 Carmen, Grace, Me and SweeWei. Wanted to kiss the scroll actually ;p

#28 Lilo and I. I miss seeing you and
kacau-ing you in college lar.. Sorry dint make it to your birthday dinner last Tuesday :(

#29 Taking out the robe and heading back home. That's me again with my lovely yellow dress sized M and my mama and popo :) Wee. And they were secretly proud of me, I know. Haha.

Congratulations to myself and also all my peeps who graduated with me! We've got the Diploma :) Yay! Good luck in your Degree guys. Had a lot of fun yesterday and back to work today. Back to assignments for you guys ;p

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic


Are you excited for it? I was even more when I visited Nuffnang's homepage earlier today. They are having a Silent Halloween party on my birthday eve sponsored by Nokia. Wow! To be invited, all I need to do is just post and entry on why Nokia XpressMusic makes Halloween better.

Why ah?

First of all, it was mentioned that it is going to be a Silent Halloween party. I was thinking.. erm, silent? How can it be silent if we dont have Nokia XpressMusic! Hahaha. Imagine, if everyone has a Nokia XpressMusic of their own, plus a headset, everyone can listen and party with their on music. You will have no complains from others saying, "Ehh, this music sucks.!", "Play the next song pease!" and all. Because you will be seeing everyone indulging in their very own favourite songs with the Nokia mobile phone.

Wuu. A silent party indeed :)

Secondly, I think Nokia XpressMusic can bring us more joy when we can add sound effects for yourselves! Why and what!? Why sound effects? Well keep in mind this is a Halloween party and people are going to be dressed up in scary costume (most of the time lar..) And when you're a monster without sound effect, somewhat mute, it isnt going to be as cool weh! Moreover, this Halloween's theme is gonna be Halloween Celebrities. Bloggers can have the celebrities voices' clips prepared and play it during the party. Like Bruce Lee, "Wat~cha!!!" Pikachu, "Pika pika!!". Hahahaha. Creative!! No?

But har, I dont know how pumpkin should sound like.

And something that all bloggers will eventually do, is to camwhore; but with the phone. Unlike the previous broadband, we cannot online and blog instantly from the party. Therefore, we can er, MMS with this phone! Or even 3G. Or even bluetooth candid pictures around during the party itself! Teehee. I wonder if we can blog using the Nokia XpressMusic :)

Pouting pumpkin =3

Lastly, muahaha a lame one. We can always scare off the others by having special light effects! Bye bye to torch lights ;p

I'll look for you tonight!

And there goes my entry post to get invited for the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween!!!!

p/s : Click here for more information of the party! :) Yalar, I am very kiasu. Submitting on the very first day itself, but I'm afraid I'll be busy then and have no time for this. Not entirely very kiasu also ;p