Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Project Phunk '07

For the past week, I've been very busy with assignments and assignments. I'm not done with them yet! But slighty better already, I guessed. My coursemates and I had quite a numbers or events going in the campus too. That did contribute to my very busy busy week.

During the hectic week, we had the Project Phunk's Garage Sales at TCPJ, Leisure Commerce Square. There you go with pictures, pictures and pictures.

Mei Yan, a.k.a Lilo and Hsiang Yin, a.k.a Yinly

Yee Ling (the one who sends to me college everyday) and Fina the very decent girl. Click
here for more pictures I took during the sales.

And guess what I found in the garage sales!

A Jay Chou half pirated/original album which costed me only RM5. Why did I said its half pirated? Because that album is not available in the market lar. Plus, it contained 4 extra songs sang by god-knows-who! But its not entirely pirated also. Its just some "original" albums from China. ;p

Then I found a giant tea bag! Hahahaha. That's
Behonce trying to get me a tea for me using the pool's water. Haha.

And then we had the Phunk: Heal the Heart, where people actually buy donate RM1-RM3 and gets a plaster to "heal" the heart.

Grace Oon, Fina and Jacqkie :)

The very kind people. :)

The regular girls in my blog, Cindy and Carmen.

Are you confused? You don't know what am I saying is it?! Nevermind. Click

And ME (with my friends)!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I know Jay Chou's Secret!

Do not read this post if you haven't watch his lastest movie, Secret - 不能說的秘密 in cinema!

"Follow the notes upon a journey
At first sight marks one's destiny
Once the voyage comes to an end
Return lies within hasty key"

This movie was directed and starred by Jay Chou. I really like this movie besides that its Jay's production, its because it plain sweeeeeeet. Its a sweet love story, touching, a slow-mving story that might bore you, but not me! And no no, there is no spoiler in this post actually, just wanna say, how much I like the movie! :)

I like how Jay injected the humour element in the movie in small little things. I like how he made the movie so detailed. I really like like how Jay showed off his piano skills in the movie. I like how he made the story unexpected, based on the movie poster. No no! Do not judge this movie by its poster. It was made to be brownish, yellowish or you may call old, out-dated because of the theme. You will understand if you really watched the movie.

In the movie, Jay paid tribte to Chopin. There was several occasions where Jay paid tribute to his favourite composer. Right at the beginning of the movie, during lesson, Chopin was being taught in class. Chopin was described as a gifted musician and composer. Besides, there were 2 paintings in the music room that were supposedly Chopin and his lover. The conversation between Lun (Jay) & Yu (Rain) were about Chopin and his lover. Lun lamented that the two eventually parted ways. However, Yu seemed envious that the couple was able to spend 10 years together, which to the couple, was possibly a long time. Jay may have added this element (Chopin & lover) because the 10 years was the period of time Chopin produced his most outstanding work. Other than that, Qin Yi (Sky) carried Chopin’s manuscript and kept it in the locker. And one of the pieces used during the piano battle was Chopin’s Waltzes with Yu Hao (Howe).

Talking about his piano skills, it was damn good! Besides the piano battleship he had with Howe; that cant be explain in words, there was a scene where Jay & Rain were playing (crossed hands) a duet when their music teacher walked in on them. He also played on 2 different piano with his left & right hand (cool!). And also a scene where Jay closed his eyes and played single-handedly on the piano behind him (lagi cool!).

I also like the way Jay talked. Playful and young. Not to mention that he is OLD now, but really mar ;p And I like that, he actually danced in the movie. Not once, but twice! Very cute lor. But the only thing I dont like in this movie, was the computr graphics. Abit lousy! Hahahaha. Maybe because after we've the movie, Transformer, we cannot accept things that are worse than that. ;p I minus some points of the movie from there. But besides that, everything is great to me! I'm not biased ok. :)

I think I'll end this post, I need to rush off to work already. Dear readers, go and watch it in the cinema okay? There you go with a trailer! Cioas!

Click here for more. :)


Monday, August 13, 2007

Be Right Back

Not exactly hiatus but I'll be back very soon. Maybe next week because all my assignments due are on this and the following week. I'm dying soon. And I feel bad for not updating my blog because everytime I check out the page, I see the counter increasing. There must be visitors; who thinks that this is a boring blog. Sigh. Wait for me to be back, very soon. :)


Friday, August 10, 2007

She's three!

"What do you want for your birthday ?" my mum asked.

"I want something new!" she replied in a naughty way. Hahahaha. Kaiwen is so cute yet, extremely naughty and playful that could drive us all crazy.

It is her birthday today. Her third birthday. Time flies and she's already three. Sad to say, never once out of the three time, had I celebrated her birthday with her. Yeah, we're on the long-distant relationship too. ;p She's never been to Malaysia (She's from Singapore too) and I never had holidays that falls on her birthday.

So besides singing her a birthday song through phone line, I wanna dedicate this post to her as an e-gift; that she'll receive only when she's old enough to read this.

This was the newly born Kaiwen.

When she was barely one. She looked like a little boy because she has a very little amount of hair.

This is the one year old Kaiwen. She has only one cute little tooth two years ago's today. :)

When she's one plus plus plus. Why am I not as fair as her? *Sigh*

The little Kaiwen who wanted to snatch my camera away from me.

And I'm not there, on her second birthday party. This time, she has more teeth.

The smart little girl who went to pre-school before she was 3. Damn smart and active, plus naughty in her school lor!

My little girl shares one common thing, maybe two for having such wavy/curly hair and for being silly. ;p

Slowly, she grew up becoming a poser. :( Dont put the blame on me. I dont see her that often one leh. But I dont know why....

And today,

She celebrated her third birthday party in her pre-school for the very first time. I guess she must be very happy having so many little friends with her today.

She's such a big girl now. She has her own ways on doing things and hr attitude. A stubborn little girl that does not want to talk to me sometimes. Hahahaha. Here, I want to wish her, Happy birthday & I hope she grows up being a healthy and smart.

And also a good poser. ;p


Friday, August 3, 2007

Guess The Eyes

One of them belong to me. Do you know which is it? Haha. ;p