Friday, April 27, 2007

I love Doodles

I did not edit the colour of htis picture. I did not add the colour tinting either. It's the original colour from my camera. I did not on my lights in my room, and it gave me such a wonderful effect. :)

Photographer, model, director, editor, doodler - all done by ME! It's a one man show. Hahaha. :)


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Untitled Story

I've once heard of a story. I dont remember the title. I dont remember the ending. I dont remember who told me or where I got the story from. The story always come across my mind because I think it is interesting. I wonder have you ever heard of it. The story sounded like this...

Once upon a time, there was a poor father who stayed in a small hut in some-place-i-forgotten-its-name with his young son, who was not given a name. I shall name him, Jaacob. Along with a donkey (or is it horse?!?!). Then one day, Jaacob's father decided to go to the town (I think. Oh dear, can someone correct me if I'm wrong?). He brought Jaacob and th donkey along too.

It was a very long journey. They had to walk to town as they had no money for transportation. On their way there, they met an old lady. She stared at the tired little boy and mumbled (in some auntie slang), "Wa. You wanna torture the little boy meh.. Got donkey also dont let him sit on it." And went off. The father felt so embarassing and then, he carried Jaacob and put him on top of the donkey. "Thanks papa" said Jaacob to his father. And then, they continued their journey.

Then, they met another stranger again. He stared at the tired father and said, "Oh my dear, how come there is such a unfilial son. Letting the father suffer while he himself relax on the animal's back." And went off. Jaacob felt very guilty and invited his father up. And so, he went up on the donkey and countinued the journey.

Then then, they met someone else again. Omg. Damn irritating passerbys. This time, this guy looked at the donkey and said, "Such cruel people. Torturing the donkey...." And left. Both of them felt so bad and jumped off the donkey's back. They then tied its leg and hands with a rope on a bamboo stick and carried it all the way like this to town. They thought it would make the donkey less tired.

Once they entered the town, everyone stared at them. "Why are they doing this to the donkey...." And then, I dont remember what happened next.

Have you heard of this story? Can anyone continue it for me. It's so irritating when I fail to get the whole picture of it. It's very very frustrating. I want to know the story. I think it would be a meaningful one.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I saw my name when I came across her blog. GAH. You wanna torture me with this long long tag is it!?!? ;p

Seven Things I'm Experiencing Now
1. Tummy cramp
2. Shivering hands
3. Hunger

Seven Things I'm Thinking About Now
1. About my assignments results
2. What should I eat huh?
3. Should I pack my messy bed or just sleep on it only
4. What have I done wrong...
5. How come I cant draw???
6. How come my tummy is feeling so bad now..
7. How come I have no holiday for tomorrow.? :(

Seven Things I'm Worrying About
1. I cannot take pictures with now stupid bangs now :(
2. I can catch no good angles with it :(
3. Am I getting my salary this weekend?
4. Enough or not leh?
5. Its my mama's day soon, enough money or not leh?
6. Finals is on the 7th. I'm worried because I'm no worried about it.
7. Money not enough.

Seven Things I'm Happy About (now)
1. Sleeping till 11 this morning
2. My assignments results! YAY!

Seven People I Treasure
1. Dexter Tan
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Plus a few colleagues
5. Plus my readers

Seven Things I Always Touch or Come In Contact With
1. My hair
2. My laptop
3. My camera
4. My cellphone
5. My tummy
6. Still, my hair
7. Adobe Photoshop

Seven Things I Want to Improve
1. My relationships
2. My communication skills
3. My sales skills
4. My driving skills
5. My singing skills
6. My income... Hehehe.
7. My Adobe Photoshop skills.

Seven Things I'm Strong In
1. Deciding for myself
2. Giving commands
3. Giving comments
4. Protecting myself from people I hate
5. Judging people :(
6. Demanding things for myself

Seven Things I'm Weak In
1. Listening
2. Saving money
3. Cooking
4. Writting
5. Memorizing
6. Gaining weight.....
7. Expressing myself.

Seven Things I Adore Eating
1. Chocolate
2. Chinese cuisne
3. Ice cream
4. Cakes
5. Herbal soups
6. Curry
7. Seafood

Seven Things I Adore Drinking
1. Distilled water
2. Soya
3. Watermelon juice
4. Sprite / 7 up
5. Hot honey lemon
6. Soups
7. Qoo

Seven Things I Detest
1. People who talks without thinking twice
2. People who smokes infront of me
3. Garfield
4. Popiah
5. Annoying people who stared at me like I'm aneroxic
6. People accusing me
7. Wannabes

Seven Things I Cannot Live Without
1. Computer and Internet
2. Chocolate
3. Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Moisturiser
4. Camera
5. Astro
6. Jay Chou
7. People I love

Seven Things I Fear to Show
1. My ugly eyes
2. My undrawn brows
3. My tooth
7. Nothing else.

Seven Things I'll Never Want to Talk About
7. Nothing at all.

Seven Things I Will Want to Do
1. Fly to US
2. Work fulltime during my holiday for my new camera!
3. Shoppings
4. Shoppings
5. And shoppings!
6. Watch Jay Chou's new movies
7. Drive my own car.

Seven Things I Will Never Play Around With
1. Ciggrates
2. Shisha
3. Motorcycles rides
4. Bungee Jump
5. Alcohols
6. Drugs
7. My life

Seven Things I Wonder About
1. Am I annoying?!?!
2. How come I'll never have enough clothes to wear..
3. I want a car!

Seven Things (or People) I Would Love to See
1. Dexter Tan
2. Jay Chou
3. My relatives in Spore
4. A car in my parking lot, right now!
5. A new room with a bigger wardrobe
6. A new camera
7. Cash cash cash cash...

Seven Questions I Hope My Friends Would Respond To
1. Am I troublesome?
2. What do you dislike about me most?
3. What do you like about me most?
4. Maintain or get rid of the bangs?

Seven People I Wanna Tag
7. Anyone who has nothing to post in his/her blog. :)


Sunday, April 22, 2007

True Friend Test

Create your own Friend Test here

Since everyone is doing it, I'm not going to be the odd one!! Take the test now! But do not create more than an account to gain high scores. That's cheating! Hahaha.

Edit : Here are the answers! :)

Answer #1 : I'm the eldest child in my family!
There's only one of you who got this wrong! Hahaha. You're way too smart to answer this question. ;p

Answer #2 : My favourite cartoon is Detective Conan.

Most of you guys got tricked by me. Its not Dexter's Laboratory. ;p It's definitely Detective Conan. I can watch it without my eye blinking throughout the whole show.

Answer #3 : My dream car is MiniCooper!

And it must be white. Pearl white. Hahahahaha. I even have the mini prototypes at home.

Answer #4 : I cannot play violin at all!

The majority got this wrong. Sorry to say that I've learnt guitar and piano before. Dont like that lar you all. I very sad leh! Haha.

Answer #5 : I love to buy jackets.

I've a collection of jackets. Haha. My mum thinks that I'm nuts because in her opinion, I'll have no chance to wear them. It would be a waste to buy jackets in the hot hot Malaysia.

Answer #6 : I uses a Nikon camera.

Wei I just mentioned it a few entries before. Its Nikon 3200 with only 3.0 megapixels! Haha.

Answer #7 : I've only 1 piercing of each side of my ear.

I wanted more. But I never had the courage for it. :(

Answer #8 : My all time favourites are Jay Chou & Daniel Wu.

Most people got this wrong too. Hahaha. Jay Chou is obvious. Daniel Wu, hahahaha. I actually like his movies alot. I watched almost all his movies. ;p

Answer #9 : My cellphone is pink in colour.

I'm still using my pink Nokia 6111. :)

Answer #10 : I carpool to college everyday...

But I take LRT home from college. ;p I wonder when will it be the time for me to go college by myself. Hahha. No, the yellow car is not mine. ;p


Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Out of Words

Can you remember when was te last time I posted decent entry in my blog? I don't. My recent blog's entries are all flooded by pictures, pictures, pictures and still pictures. I have nothing to rant about. I hate to spam my blog with the what-i-did-today's entry. Yet I have nothing interesting, nothing significant to blog about. I have a very dull life. I hate to blog for the sake of blogging too.

I somehow like to fill my blog with pictures I took. I love to take pictures. I love to let the pictures do the talkings. But sometimes, I had only one or two pictures to share. Rather pointless if I post them up here.

Sometimes, my camera bullies me. It's old and it's not working properly anymore. There are always some spontaneous scenes I would love to take when it occurs but my camera just doesnt work. The SD card is giving problems, do does the batteries. They give me hard times. However, sometimes when the camera is okay, I'm shy. I'm not those who can take any pictures anywhere under the sun. I'm shy to do so. I'm afraid people would look at me with weird stares. I'm even scared of scoldings. Some people just hate be appear in your camera.

I've no inspiration to rant anymore. Even if I have thoughts going through my mind, I can hardly translate them into words. Plus, I have problem typing in Blogspot. Or maybe its the Internet Explorer. You'll see countless of typing errors in my entries except for the "actaully". I dont know why but they actually eat up my words. I always have to type, backspace and type again. Sigh. I'm typing this entry now in Notepad if you ask.

Sigh again. My blog is as dull as my life. So unhappening and quiet. Just one question, are you sick of the photos I post?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the plane...

The trip to Kuching was very tiring. I dont even have enough sleep there. We had to work from 9am-10pm for 3 days straight, with my 3 inches heels. I had no time to go around the town, no time to play, no time to snap pictures during my trip.

The only time I could snap pictures were the time when I'm on the flight. I dont think I'm even allowed to do so but............ I did it!

I was taking this picture with a handful of bags! I wanted to take a close up picture when I'm on the way up the the plane, but I could not. There's no one to help me with the bags.

It was free seating in AirAsia's plane. So, I get to choose the place I wanted to sit which is beside the wing of the vehicle. The sky was very clear and bright during the journey to Kuching. I even saw a rainbow from far. Look at the clouds in the picture above, isn't it beautiful!!

The vain me who was camworing when my room mate cum colleague was bathing. That is our room, in Harbour View hotel (beside Hilton Hotel). Oh yes, I have to walk to work everyday. And that's my bed on the right.

The Kolo Mee, which is also known as the Sarawak Mee I had during work. Its nice and cheap! I always wanted to try this mee because KennySia always promote it in his blog. It tastes somehow like KL's wantan mee without the black sauce.

And I take no more pictures in Kuching as I dont have time for it. I remember there was a photographer during the event. Perhaps I can ask him for the pictures. :) But I continued taking pictures in the plane later, on the way back to KL.

I saw the air stewardess asking some other passengers not to take but I still do without their knowledge. How can I resist from taking pictures of such beautiful scenes. I will die of regrets later for sure. How often do I go on a plane?

The sky was even prettier on the Monday's afternoon. My colleagues and I got so excited on the plane and at the same time, we were very careful so that no one caught us doing that on the plane. I know its wrong. But I cant help it :(

We did not forget to camwhore beside taking the pictures of scenery outside the window of the plane.

I'm ugly! (*&^$@^%(%

Joyee, my best friend colleague and Shean Loong

Unfortunately, the flight duration was not long enough for more pictures. Although I was about a 100 minutes flight, but we had to minus the time where the people on plane were walking around. Hahaha. We had to take these pictures when they were not around.

The mini keychain Joyee bought. It was her first time on a plane!

The two of us in the car, on the way back to Hartamas. And there ends the photolog of my trip. :) View here for more pictures!

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Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm back from Kuching. Dead tired. Too tired to blog about it now. So, stay tune for more updates in my next post :)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Leaving on a Jetplane

I'll be leaving to Kuching when the clock strikes 12pm tomorrow. And I'll be back on the coming Monday. I'll not be bringing my laptop along; I'm afraid that I'll lose you. Maybe I dont even have time to come online. So, there will be no post updates until I'm back!

No, I'm not going for a vacation but I do have a job on. I'll be working for my jewellery shop in a Bridal and Jewellery show in Kuching's Hilton Hotel for 3 days. I hope everything there will run smoothly. Once again, thank you Ginny for lending me your dresses for my function and Carmen too, who lend me your MP3 to kill my boredom there. Thanks.

p/s : If you do want to look for me, feel free to drop me a message in my comment box or even send me a mail! :)

See you!

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Back in Green & Yellow

I had a group presentation today for the subject, Media History and Law with my fellow classmates. We're supposed to present our assignment about Article 10 of Malaysian Constitution in traditional clothes! Formal clothes will do the same too. And the ever first outfit that came into my mind was the untouched green & yellow baju kurung for 2 years, I had in my wardrobe. It is my high school uniform! I wore it to college today for my presentation. Hahaha. That really makes me miss school and my friends that I havent been seeing for quite sometime.

My group, (from the left) Natalie, Jing Jing, Carmen, Mr. Indy, Cindy and I.

See how funny I look in it! Hahahaha. Some of my coursemates were even laughing at me for wearing a school uniform to college. OI! I find it quite fun lor! I suggest you fellow people who are in colleges now try this out! Haha.

Another group that has only one guy wearing a traditional outfit.

The girls' group. (From the left) Yinly, JiaYih, DanDan, Mr. Indy, Laura and Lilo.

Another group of girls from Indonesia.

And many more pictures.... with my friends because my camera died again. Sigh. I need a new camera badly. Seriously.

And my point is, I really miss wearing uniforms to school. I'm really sick of choosing clothes to wear every morning to college. I dislike wearing repeating outfits but I do not have alot of clothes to wear differently everyday. How I wish I can wear the uniforms once again. Come, any ex SSG-ians is going back to SSG for IU day or Sport's day? Let's wear the uniform back to school! I am serious! I am still keeping all my uniforms with me!

SERIOUS leh! I want to look like this again.....

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Vvens at work, Triangel

The shop's chinese name, Bao Zhong Bao. Precious within treasure, the siect translation.

Two of my colleagues, Joan and Janice.

Some precious gems rings available in our shop, Triangel.

More rings!!!

A pretty pink sapphire pendant.

Do you feel funny that I can take pictures during work in my jewellery shop? Well, actaully I took the legally with permissions! Hahahaha. I did not slack or anything. I was actaully doing my work to take some pictures of the shop for some slide shows for an event coming soon.

Speaking of that, I'm kinda exicted because the event will be held in Kuching on the coming Friday and I'm involved!! Yay! Free trip to Kuching. And it is like, omg. I'm just a part timer there and I can have this chance to work 'oversea'. Damn excited ok!

Dont you feel happy for me? Hahahaha. Ginny, dont jealous lar. Come look for me after SPM. ;p And thanks for your sponsors! :) Nothing much about my work right now. Just remember ME when you wanna buy jewelleries and diamonds! The shop is located at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. Drop by if you're there to say HELLO to me. :)

Janice and I camwhoring with the big mirror.

Our legs, do you know which is mine?

OK! I did slack to camwhore. ;p Please dont report to my boss.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007



Monday, April 2, 2007

When the rain stops...

Note to someone : If you ever wonder what camera I'm using, this is it! The Nikon Coolpix 3200. Not a very new or a very cool camera to some. But at least I can take nice pictures. It does not mean that you'll take better pictures than I do even if you have a higher megapixels camera. :)