Saturday, March 29, 2008

Because I have 10 random pictures

This is not a tag but a normal picture spamming post. And here, I have 10 random pictures taken within the month and that they do not belong to any other categories of posts. And all of the pictures' colours are heavily edited in photoshop. Only the colours.

#01 Singapore's ferris wheel. It look so much nicer than the one we have in Titiwangsa.

#02 Ice cream monster!!

#03 And someone lost her front teeth. :B

#04 My favourite flavours from J.CO are Glazzy and Choco Mint Caviar!!

#05 I thought the golden lion looks cool. Hehe.

#06 My Caramel has a new outfit. Pink somemore. Haha.

#07 My very lame BFFs trying to look for Mr. Number 10 for me in the college area *_*

#08 Us :)

#09 I took a picture with the snake, Curly but I cant find that picture. This is taken from another angle. Look at the people's reactions. Damn funny.

#10 And then, a camwhore picture I took to show off my pretty earring I bought from Taiwan. And it was NT200. Expensive but pretty :)

I was bored last night after doing presentation slides, and that I could not online, so this was what I did to my picture.

I draw it from scratch. How is it? Hahahaha.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Because I'm a Nerd

Actually no. I'm not a nerd but I like looking like a nerd. Well, I like nerdy glasses. Hahaha. Nerds can camwhore also.

#01 Nerdy nerd wanna act cool. I like how long my hair look here. I dint dye my hair eh, I wonder why do I have goldenish brown highlights.

#02 My FREE powerless nerdy spectacles. Hahahaha.

#03 My new laptop, Donut. It is a gift from my aunt who brought me to Taiwan :)

#04 Caramel, the white MP3 which has the same birthdate with Donut. And also my white car, Tofu.

#05 Camwhoring at my favourite corner of my room.


So long!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

My 4th day in Taiwan

As for the fourth day, we went to a place in Taipei called Jeou Fen. It is a place like Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. We took the public bus there, NT90 per person and it took us roughly 1 and the half hours to reach up the hill.

#01 While in the bus, Taipei city's street has a lot of traffic lights!

#02 I think I was on some bridge. It was a nice position that allowed me to see Taipei 101 and people at the right hand side playing baseball. Taiwanese adore baseball a lot eh!

#03 Awhile later, we reached there. The wheather there was so niiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeee. So many people and so many stalls. So many food too. Mini chili shrimps. Very nice :)

#04 You see, so many humans.

#05 SO many pretty seashells for sale :) NT100 for one.

#06 So many mochi for sales.

#07 And this, its ice-cream popiah. So cool right!

#08 Bing tong wu lou.

#09 And this, very very yummy. Its potato chips. But but but, its a one whole potato potong-ed nicely so that they are still in ONE. Got cheese, seaweed, curry, BBQ and many more flavours eh!

#10 The view from up the hill :)

#11 And me.

#12 And I spotted this pink tree eh.

#13 Camwhoring again. Hehehehe.

#14 Very pretty pink guava I found at the stalls there.

#15 And a basket of oranges the people were drying up. Random eh.

#16 Sunflower.

#17 And we found a very cute jacket.

#18 Found causeway bay too. Hahahahahaha.

#19 They sell very cheap vintage phone. NT390 for one only!

#20 I took a lot of random shots. Slipper.

#21 Old fashion letter box. And it belongs to people who stays there.

#22 I like the place. I like the food and the streets. Its so vintage, I think it would be a cool set for shootings.

#23 Random old-fashion lantern.

#24 AH! And I spotted a very very very cute baby. See, so cute.

#25 Something more random,we bought a magic cube and put my cousin brother on the magic cube test.

#26 He took about 3 minutes to solve the magic cube. Maybe it was because of the place, we recorded this at the side of the street, he was pressured. Usually he can finish it up in a minute.

And we left the place in the afternoon. Took the same bus again. And during the way back to the town, we passed by thousands of shops. And I spotted a shop!

#27 You'll regconise this shop if you watch the Taiwan drama, Why Why Love. :)

Then then, we went back to hotel. Took a rest and continued shopping at Shih Lin night market! Hahahahaha. And because it was a Saturday night, the place was damn crowded. We were all like sardin fishes. We had to walk sticking to eat other. Ish. Lucky, we still get to do our last buy there. Hehehe. And that was how I spent my last night in Taipei.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

My 3rd day in Taiwan

#01 The first picture I took on that day. A candid one while waiting for our breakfast.

#02 Ru Rou Fan again. I miss it like mad now...........

#03 The very delicious fried carrot cake, and Oh Ah Jian, the oysters fried egg.

#04 A bubble tea a day, keeps us happy! Hahahahaha.

#05 After the breakfast, we walked around looking for a place that we can change our Singapore dollars to Taiwan dollars. Suprisingly, they do not have money changer like we can find in KL and Singapore. Their banks do not accept Singapore dollars either. Quite ridiculous right? And we had to walk around town about an hour plus to the main office of the Taiwan Bank. Shit. So bad lar the service. Ish. But looking at the bright side, we did a lot of shopping while looking for the bank. And I bought this pink sweater which I refer it to Tong Jia Di jacket because of the Taiwan series, Why Why Love. Hahaha.

#06 And there was this fruit stall that caught our attentions with ther very colourful fruits.

#07 They looked very delicious and only looked delicious. Hahaha. But nevermind, they costed us only NT40 for a box like this.

#08 Little tomatoes.

#09 "We are tourists mar, so we can take whatever pictures. Haha"

#10 Later hor, we took taxi to one of the place where I have planned to go ever since the day I know I am going to Taiwan. GUESS WHERE!

#11 Phantaci. Or else pronounced as Fantasy. The shop owned by JAY CHOU! My outfit super matching hor!

#12 His shop freaking hard to find lor. It was our second attempt and obviously we failed he first. And when we were there, the shop wasnt open yet. It was freaking 1pm already eh.

#13 So we took pictures with the door first lor. Hahahahahahaha. And went other places for shopping and lunch. And the shop only opens at 3pm. Was so excited when I entered the shop becaus I see familiar clothes and accessories that Jay has. Wanted to get a sneaker but I dint like what they had there so I got something else. Die die must buy something from there. Guess what!

#14 The tired legs.

#15 Then later we went to Shih Da night market. That was a place full of foooooooooooooood. Not much clothes.

#16 We were attracted by these big apples.

#17 I thought they were coated with chocolate eh. It was not lor. I was stupid. Its caramel. Bu hao chi.

#18 They also had this stall which sells fries in various flavours. These are gooood!!! :)

#19 This one also very nice. Muahahahahaa.

#20 I love smelly tofu :) :) :) :)

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