Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mass Colympics 2007

It was the Mass Communication student's sports day yesterday! And to be honest, it was much better and more fun compared to the one last year. Maybe I was sick last year and I did not enjoy it but it was different yesterday. I had so much fun with my gang of coursemate. We had paintball, obstacle course, dogde ball and fear factor.

Althoughy the variety of games were not much but I tell you, paintball alone wins it all! I fell in love with the game. And hahaha, I'm a not bad player too ok. I shot 3 person in my first game and was only killed on my last game by some very very ganas lecturers. I have got a head shot! Hahahaha. And now, I have a small injury on my left arm. It looks like a mosquitoe bite at first but its now a very big blue black wound. Thanks to my colleague who insisted on rubbing it for me. It was so painful after the rubbings.

Minus the fun of the game, I really hate the outfit for the game although it looks cool. The smell suck to the max! Hahahaha. I hate the mask. I could not breathe under it. ;p

But overall, I really love the game. I want to play again! And I really hate it when my camera does not work when I need her. My battery went flat yesterday. I only managed to took a few pictures. I know my friends took alot and I think I'm in some of their cameras too. Please send them to me. :)

Okay, no more words but pictures for today (as usual) because I'm very tired. I need to sleep now. Enjoy!

Spot me!

Seriously, I dont know who they are. Hahaha.

The Hitz. Cruiser

Jing jing - before

After! The cook of the day.

Miss Jacqkie :)

Caroline, Fina and Cindy. Looking HOT!

Carmen, who worked the whole day.

The hot girl dancing.

OOPS! But they are hotter! ;p

Edmund and Carmen

Ash and Cindy

The sem 3 gang...

And my camera went black out! WOOPS! I LOVE MASS COLYMPICS!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm so busy and stuck with my current assignment for Computer Graphics. We are supposed to draw or to say, trace ourselves and make a vector art out of it plus some background. The girl who does not look like me above is indeed me. Except that my vector looks much prettier than the real me. But I swear, I trace it from my picture, really! Suspect me? Click here for the oiginal picture. And for the background, I used about 5-6 combined images to have the result above.

This took me forever to finish it. No, its not done yet. Because I'm really stuck. I cannot stop making changes on it everytime I see it. How I wish the due date is tomorrow so that I do not need to make any corrections anymore. Initally, I wanted to make a lonely girl in the paradise and I dont know what have I ended up with.

Let's have a closer look on me. What do you think? I have no idea how to trace my bloated lips. It does not match the "me" in my vector art. And its funny that it was my lecturer (a female) who asked me to put on the "drain" or also known as longkang on my chest. Hahahaha. It was flat-looking before this. What do you think?

And oh! Zoom in again. Look at my eyes! My lashes!! How pretty. But they doesnt belong to te real me. I added them. Hahahaha. Can you feel the emptiness of the girl above?

So, what do you think lar.. Give me some opinions. Comments and critics are welcome. But try not to be toooooo mean and tooooooo crude okay? Hahaha. ;p


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Inside my bag...

Okokok, I assumed that I've been tagged by Abby :p

My darling bag that is almost dead. The handles are tearing up due to the heavy things I put in it. Hahahaha..

The things were in a mess! I never pack my bags one but I still can look for things easily by just stuffing one of my hand n the bag. Hahaha. Even if I wanna change a bag to use, I would just pour them without packing. ;p

My black boring wallet from FourSkins. I like the design of the wallet. It allows me to put quite alot of cards and most importantly, my picture!

The green stuffs! It was such a coincidence that I have so many geen stuffs. My pendrive, full with assignments. Glister, my mouthspray to keep my breathe clean and cool. Haha. And Polos, no to eat but for something-you'll-know soon. Hehehe.

A pencil and a pen to write down thngs, or to scribble papers when I'm bored. :)

The movie tickets - Mr Bean's Holiday that I watched on Thursday night with my family.

A mini mirror for the vain me and a nail colour that belongs to my friend.

Tissues for you-know-what, lip balm to keep my lips prety and a comb that I dont use. Hahahaha.

The girls' stuff for emergencies. ;p

My newly bought Seventeen magazine, the April issue. Hahaha. I havent even read it. Hahaha. Okay, now you know what I have in my bag. Ooh! And something important that will always be in my bag, how can I forget about it - MY CAMERA! :)

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's time...

My mama told me that it is the time for me to grow up, to be independent. She doesnt want to drive me anymore and she decided to give me...



Monday, March 19, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by Peggy.

01. I hate Garfield, extremely
I'm serious about it. I feel very annoyed, irritated and disgusted when I see Garfield. Sorry if I offended any Garfield fans here but its true. It must be some stupid experience or bad memory I had when I was younger. I hate the way Garfield act. I hate the eyes!! Everything la. And I think I'm weird.

02. I don't know how to camwhore
For you people who thinks I'm an expert in camwhoring, I have to explain it right here. No. I'm not. I'm really not. All those good camwhore pictures of me are actaully depending on mirrors. Yes, mirrors! I had the mirrors infront of me to make sure I ge my correct angles ok. Very embrassing. I dont know how to "catch" the angle.

03. I have weird language channel
Yayayaya. Its weird when I speak only Mandarin to people I'm not close with. And it weird they think I'm a Taiwanese, Singaporean and sometimes a China girl. I'm a pure Malaysian. I dont know what's up with my Mandarin. Besides, I can speak very fluent English only on the phone to people whom I'm not close with. Damn weird. When I'm in normal condition, I speak rojak-language.

04. My morning routine in the toilet
I have weird habits in the toilet only during the morning. I will spend about 5-8 minutes sitting on the tolet bowl doing nothing. Then, I trim my eyebrow following by brushing my teeth, to make something painful on me, to keep me awake. Damn weird. If the routine is messed up, I wont feel good for the day. It i also a must for me to wash my hair in the moring before I go to college or work.

05. Falls very frequently on heels
Its common for girls to trip and fall on heels, when they first learn how to walk on them. But I'm different. I'm such a mess. Till today, I still fall on heels only on my left side. I think most probably its because my left leg has not much energy. You can see me standing or walking imbalancingly on my left from time to time. Very embrassing sometimes. Haha.

06. How I look in reality and in pictures
I look as if I'm two different person in picture and in reality. Its not me, myself who claims it but it was the others who told me so. The worse thing is, most of them said I look much better in pictures which is so mean lor.. Hmmnp. And some people really got cheated with the pictures of me for how I looked like. I never photoshop on how I look ok. I also dont know why. ;p OOH. My lips bloat in pictures too. Very weird.

Well, I have much more weird things about me but I'm going to mention only 6 here. And whoever who reads this, have to tell me one weird thing about yourself in my comment box! As weird as possible. See if you could suprise me. Hahahaha. So, there is no need for me to tag you in your blog! :)


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yesterday's Lunch

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Diva Fashion Mag

Have been very very very busy lately, with my assignments. I'm currently hooked up with the magazine designing assignment. My friends and I choose to produce a fashion magazine which is named, "Diva - Fashion Magazine".

Unlike others, we do not want to use pictures or images available online. All we want are original pictures of ourselves taking the model roles! ;p Haha. The work is now 50% done and soon, it'll turned out to become one good work.

NO, I'm not going to post the content of my work until it's all done and completed. But at this moment, I'm going to share pictures of the people behind the works!

Look at my black eye ring! OK, now it can prove how busy and tired I am. :( Do not stop visiting my blog just because I do not update them as often. Stay tune to see MORE and MORE pretty pictures! Hahaha.

Note : I just realised I posted alot of assignment-related entries here. So, I decided to create a new label, Assignments to keep my blog alive and update, and at the same time to share my works with you!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Little Nerds


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Their Thoughts

Sometimes its funny to know that how the others think of yourself. And I really find some of the thought about me, myself ridiculous.

I remember the last time I had Korean dinner on the night before Lunar New Year, I accidentally swollen the fish's bones. I know that sounds very silly but the bones were very soft and tiny to be noticed. I felt s tortured when they were stuck on the inner part of my tongue that almost reaches my throat. My mum taught me to eat big scoops of rice to "stick" the bones out but it does not work.

It was so frustrating. I hate the feeling that gives me no more mood to continue my meal. Then, I moved my butt politely to the washroom just beside the cashier of the dining house. Yes, I started inserting my short little finger in to reach to the bones. Hoping that I could pull them out. I feel like vomiting so much. And still, the bones are still there.

Then for a moment, I realised what I was doing was quite similar to something called bulimia. According to definitions in dictionaries, bulimia simply means a habitual disturbance in eating behavior mostly affecting young women of normal weight, characterized by frequent episodes of grossly excessive food intake followed by self-induced vomiting to avert weight gain. Great! Now people in the restaurant thinks that I'm a bulimic. Plus I'm looking very thin, in a way that might give them the thought.

The people were starring at me when I came out of the washroom. I bet they could hear me "vomiting" in the toilet that is located in such a short distances from them. I saw them whispering. I saw them smiling in a very irritating way.


Fine. Forget about it because I have way more examples of how bad the others think about me. I don't think I'm offending anyone by having a baby face right? Or they are just so jealous about it. Hahaha. How come they kept giving me bad comments on how I look one. I very tired one you know.

Yes, there is this bunch of people who labels me as a adult-wannabe when I'm seriously not. And the worse thing is, they don't even know me well. I'm 19 this year ok!!!! 20 on the following year!! So do you expect me to wear Miki House clothes or KikiLala's dress? I cannot wear mini skirt is it? I cannot wear lower cut top is it? I cannot wear make up is it? I cannot dye my hair is it? I cannot wear DIAMOND is it? I cannot wear heels is it?

I really hate to hear it when people start to point at me and say, "Aiyer, that girl baru how old? Wear until like that... Aiyo. Kids nowadays....." with an auntie slang. Then, continue by shaking that heads.

I'm so sick and tired of these already.......... Just keep quiet. I'm thin so what? You think I want is it? I'm 20 next year but I have a baby face and a mini body, you think I can control is it? Sigh.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Count On Me

If you could count how many foreign objects are added on me, my back based on the 2 images above, you can win a lousy vector art of yourself from me! :)

The winner would be the first person who counted correctly and the one who post the answer in my comment box the earliest. To make sure that this is a fair game, the comment moderation will be enabled for this entry only. All comments will be approved and published after the game,which is on the 3pm 7th of March. Do not post any answers on the tagboard as they will not be considered in this game. :)

Do remember to include your name and contact (e-mail) with your answers! Its as easy as ABC! And have fun if you want the vector art la.. Haha.

Edit (3:18pm 7 March) : The game is done. The correct answer is 11 extras love on my back. And congratulations to the winner (the one who replied the answer in the shortest time), Jenhan, who will be getting a lousy vector portrait of himself from me. Hahaha.

Edit : OMG. The winner now offers it to the first runner up because he wants to advertise his new photolog more than the vector! Lol. So, click HERE!


Friday, March 2, 2007

Mee Cake

To all mee and egg lovers, I'm going to teach you how to cook mee cake in this entry. Hahahaha. I wonder if you have ever ate this, but I've definitely have not seen this cute snack before. Hehe.

First, get a packet of instant mee, the best would be Mamee because I think the mee is absolutely delicious. Maggi would be nice too. And also two eggs for each packet of me you want to cook. The portion of one packet of mee is just right for 2 person.

Next, cook the mee with clean water. While you're cooking the mee, do not waste your time. Beat the eggs in a big bowl. BIG bowl. Then, add in the seasoning available in the instant mee packet. Chicken flavour would taste the best, but no harm putting other flavours like TomYam. Haha. Then, mix them well.

When the mee is done, put it in the bowl with the eggs and seasoning. That's why yo need a big bowl in the begining. And make sure you don't take any of the water there and put it into the eggs.

And now, you can heat your pan or cooking wok with oil. More oil will definitely be better. So that it does not stick to the pan. Make sure you absorb the oil later with the kitchen tissues la. Fry bit by bit of the mee, about one bite everytime with some eggs. Fry it like pan cakes.

Turn it over once in awhile. And repeat this until you finished all the mees and egg. When you're done, you mee cake will obviously look like........

IF you are a bad cook like me. HAHAHA. But it still taste delicious! Omg. Even better with ketchup sauce. Better try it when you're free because its like super easy to prepare when you're hungry. Even a bad cook like me can handle it. Hahahaha. I promise its nice because my brother loves it. Hahaha.

Credits to Chiam Carmen for teaching me ;p

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