Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dear Wasabi

I understand it is your birthday today and unpleasant things happened to you. I was with you throughout the whole day, and I might not fully understand your feelings of everything but I really know how it feels like being unlucky on the day which we supposedly to be lucky on our birthdays.

It would be a long post if I blog about the day detaily, so roughly it was some minor accident happened as there was no injuries and no one is hurt. And things went wrong after the incident where we forgotten to claim for our lost, wrong turns we made during the journey and the temperature that have risen your anger or even boiled up your blood. I understand how it feels, and i did not want to worsen your mood. I tried to cheer you up. It is okay if you're still mad or what. I do not expect a full mood recovery but at least the possibility of recovering is higher.

Other than birthday wishes, all I can think of to say is a Sorry to you. ;( Sorry if the kids annoyed you. Being a friend, i fail to cheer you up; suprises did not make it. We do not do to entertain you. We were really sincere to celebrate it with you. ;) I'm not sure what's with your parents but we, as your friends truly wanted to spend the night with you. It is okay if you want to be alone.

There will always be a fine day after it rains. Other than the day, the suprise, i have something else for you. Sorry that i can't afford pretty presents for you as I'm currently doing the save-up plan for the kids.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Perfumed hair

I feel good when i receive compliments regarding my hair. I like to hear people saying...

"Vivien, nice curls!"

"Nice colour....." (but it faded)

"Hey, where did you made your curls?"

And the most recent one would be, "Eh Vivien, you hair smells good." ;)

I know my curls are nice. ;p I love it too. But i could not smell my hair. I don't know. Whenever someone tells me it smells good I would smell my hair instantly and I smell nothing. Maybe it is because that I'm used to it? Some people even asked me if I put on perfume. Some said that the scent follows me everywhere I go. And sometimes iIvery awkward when the guys in my class said it smells good. I thought they were crazy or what in the begining. LOL.

So i was thinking what wad the reason that cause the scent on my hair. It could not be my natural scent. LOL. It might be some products I used on my hair. During bath, I used product number4 shown on the picture above. Its a shampoo which is suitable for all kinds of hair. Then followed my the usage of product number3; the conditioner. After my bath, i would rinse my hair once with the towel and then spray product number1 on my wet hair. It is to help my hair stay curl and bright. Lastly, if I'm going out for a date or college, I would apple mousse, product number2 which it very important for a stylish and volumised hair. ;p All of them are products of Amway except the curl-defining spray which is from Loreal.

I wonder and wonder, what actually made the scent on my hair smells nice as all the them smells good to me. I guess it would be the mousse. Because it is the last thing i apply on my hair everyday and it might be the one covering up the rest. Teehee. Thanks moouse. ;)

Anyone wanna get them? They are all below rm30 for each product. ;p And yes, I'm helping my mum to promote her company's stuffs if you ever realise. Amway!!!!! ;)

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The college's thingy

Finally all our assignments for the semester is done! No more overtime work till next semester starts on mid June and we're no longer juniors; but seniors. This is fast! :) Although the mid term tests and assignments are over; but the final exams are coming ahead. This sounds scary. I just started the course for like 1 month and 9 days, and soon, 13 days later it will be our finals. Can you imagine it?

Beside paper works, we had oral presentations too, back few days. I talked on the topic; Anorexia Nervosa. This topic may sounds funny on me. A thin girl like me is going to present such thing as if I'm suffering form it too. As if. I prepared slides and scripts, they were useless at the end of the day. I was so nervous and i skipped few slides due to the limitation of time and i also forgotten to read the small notes I had on my hand. I just crapped and I didn't expect my results to be 8/10. Yay! I'm happy. ;p

Most of the presentation done by my friends are interesting. Some are disgusting. Hahahaha. One of them did on sex education which most people paid attention on. I have to say that this friend of mine put a lot of effort into her presentation. She gave little gifts that is based on her topic. And guess what, it's condom. The gave us one each. Is it that awkward to receive such thing? I saw few of my classmates refused to take them and even pass the box of condom away as soon as it reaches their hand as if it is shit? They dint even look at them. Hahahaha. Shy or what? While there is this guy who even said he has never seen a condom before. Who would believe him. YOU? ;p I do not think it is something funny or what but it is something important that everyone should know. Hmmnp.

Ooh yeah, I received my mid-term's and assignment's results too; for Introduction to Mass Communication. I had average results which made me feel worried for the coming finals, all the results I have now will sum up to a total of 100% with the final's papers. I have got 12/25 for the test, 20.5/30 for my assignment, and 5 for my attendance. I need to get 15+/40 for my finals to get a B. My meanie lecturer told us that it is impossible for us to score an A. ;( Ewww. She's mean right!! Babi.

She gave me 5/15 for my essay writting for College Study Skill's module. That is super hyper the low looooor. Why she so like that? I think I did better than that lor!! I've never scored so low in my essay writting before, never. Sigh. This made me worried for the coming finals. Please do let me do well. ;)


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Emotional Day

"Don't feel guilty sir. It is not your fault..." said the students to Mr. Indy, One of our lecturer who we like a lot.

I bet he never know such thing will happen. He was just on his normal teaching plan. And suddenly something poped up in his mind while he was lecturing us on the subject, Introduction to Communication and Human Behaviour. We were learning about relationships between friends and commitment; subtopic- compliment. What poped up in his mind? His father, who passed away when he was 10 years old. Approximately 20 years ago.

He said that we should always treasure our chances whenever we have; a chance to say anything good to anybody. We will never know when will it be our last chance. He told us that his father died in an accident. He stepped out the house like usual and came back lying in a coffin. Sounds so sad. Y_Y

He said that he never had the chance to speak to his father. He was too young by then. Etc etc.. And when the stories come by this point, some girls started to sob. I hold my tears. I saw Carmen cried like a little girl and Cindy did not feel anything; i think she was not paying attention anyway. ;p And a pretty Bumiputra girl in my class, Jacqkielyn (nice name), cried like a little girl. The story remind her of her dad, who passed away too. Seeing her crying that bad made me sobbed too. At the moment i was still fine. I hold myself very hard not to cry. Because i was afraid that my tears would smerge my mascara.

I started to cry like a baby when she told us her story. A real sad story which I'm not going to mention here. Then, it leads to another girl who cried out loud, a hyperactuve girl, Jamie. All this things reminds her of her family again. This time, i find her story damn sad. I really pity her. It is like some story that i thought it only appear in Tv screens. By that time, everyone was quite. The only noise you can hear is just tissue wrappers' noise. Some even ran out of the classes to avoid the sad stories.

This time, i broke down. I cried because they made me think of my dad. Partly because i miss him. He left us when i was 10 too and promised to be back when i reach 12. I waited for his return till now. He did send some money for us for the first few months and later on.. Nothing. No news of him at all. We assumed that he began a new family there in New York. It is possible for me to have a guai-mui or guai-chai siblings now. ;p I remembered the last time me talking to him via phone was after the 911 incident. We were worried that if anything had happen to him. Phew. He is safe; and he was there during the incident!

Sigh, i cried mostly because of the situation we had to face after the left us. My mum took up the whole responsibility to look after the two kids. Not only that, she has to work few jobs at the same time to also take care of my grandparents. Sigh. Banyak problems I tak mau mention kat sini lar.... I think i'll flood my blog.

The worst thing was, i cried like a mad girl. I could not control myself. I could not catch my breathe. My heart beat was a double of the normal speed or even a triple. Oh my.. I looked like as if i had asthma. No, i dont. Just some breathing difficulties when i cry; when i try to hold very hard. And i went back to the normal mode about half an hour later. This is looooooooong. I think i shocked my friends. Sorry.

Everyone cried like small kids in kindergarten. And the lecturer was forced to stop the class one hour earlier. He hope he doen not feel guilty as the boys were also crying like the girls. Awww. This is not planned. I feel weird when the whole class was crying here and there. Hugging here and there. Its just so weird as it is not any farewell or what. This never happenes to me. First time huh. And i can feel that, the bond between the classmates are getting closer after today. ;)

Thanks peeps. Sorry if this entry is hard to understand. I'm still feeling kinda emotional now..

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Monday, April 24, 2006

A bored girl, a friend and a camera.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

An Update from Me

I waited for two hours until the blogger allows me to rant. Aiks.

Despite doing the assignments that are currently pilling up like mini mountains on my desk, today, i spent only 2 hours on it. I wasn't at my house for the majority time of the day. My mum pulled me out to SungeiWang, knowing that her little girl is being very stressed up with the works i have to deal with.

I was so mad at her. She brought me out and disallow me to buy what I fell in love with during the shopping. I spotted a nice long white plus gold top in the level3 of SungeiWang. It is only rm60 and i think it is worth it. Unlike some other tops that are common and that you can see it everywhere. This is so cun! And the size is small too!! How often can i find clothes like that? Sigh. I'm so gonna get it when she's not around. Hahahahaha.

Other than the pretty top, I saw a beautiful pair of black round-headed shoes. I like it!! It is also not easy for me to spot a suitable shoes for me. Hahahaha. I have to at least find a black shoe to replace my current top-shoe; a shoe which I'm wearing most of the time. I loev it so much and it is now so old. It's time for me to change. I knew it. And i know i've just bought one 2 weeks ago. But they are different. Aiks. I better save up some cash before i visit them again.

And so, the selfish me stopped her from shopping. I hate to have the feeling of seeing, loving it and NOT getting it. Then, the disappointed me proceeded to my grandparents' place to have our so-called family dinner. Before we go for dinner, we spent 1-2 hours in their place. I had a fun time with the kids. Not forgetting to do some snap-shots with them. Hahahahaha. A must-do thing for me now.

Let's have a update of my little Ivan's fingers and nails.

He try to squeeze some tears infront of the camera; showing how ke-lian is he to the others when we try to pull of his nail. For his own good.

See what I meant? He is acting!!!

And you know what? I never fail to give related-bad names to others. ;p We gave Tammie a name, "Siao-po" which means mad girl in hokkien. She is really mad; the way she acts; abnormally. She is even rougher than her brother. Sigh. She doesn't know that she's a girl. She told me she wanted to have her head bald. *_*

And when you see her the next moment, she is not!!!!! (Just like me, huh!)

I think we are a kind. Hahahahaha. Both mad girls did some cam-whorings too! ;)

There are a few pictures which may not mean anything but i just love them alot. Just some nice pictures i'm able to take. ;p

And as soon as they cleaned themselves, we left heading to the nearest restaurant in Pandan Perdana. We decided to give a try on the new restaurant, the Kowloon City which is previously some hawker centre; they have good food there!

No, i don't mean the HongKong style restaurant. They have bad food and high prices. The food are not that bad but not as good as KimGary. ;p So, we dont call the food there awful but just not worth it to the prices they set. I wonder why they closed the hawker centre. It is economic and nice. My brother told me to tell my blog readers not to go there for meal. Lol. This showed how much he hated the food there.

However, the qualities of the food there do not stop me from taking pictures there.! Hahahaha..

Not only my brother dislike the food there, but as well as my mum and my grandparents. My mum said it is some sort like a trial-and-error process. Not that we not they dont serve good food, we might not give them business until they improve. ;p Hahaha. Funny her. And my grandparents could not accept the "new-modern-food". They still think food at homes are the best. ;)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why do we hurt the most the ones we love the most?

I asked a lot of people this question. And i received all sorts of answers. Almost all different and i find them interesting.

Karyn : It is only possible that we hurt the most ones we love the most because it is pratically impossible to hurt some stranger to a great degree.

Carmen : Because it is like that lo.. The closer you are, then you take them for granted; thinking that nothign will happen.

PiaoChing : Okay. When both are very in love, once something bad happen on the relationship, the impact is very very big compared to the impact on normal friends..

XinYee : Because the one we love they most, they care and know more about us... So whatever we do they pay attention and therefore its more easier to get them hurt.

JuKoon : It is hard to explain. It is because when we get too close, we put in feelings and its like part of our life.

YongTze : Its because we always think they understand us the most, they won't care so much... and sometimes we even neglect them. So it is like what we think isn't what we expect. The one we don't love they wont feel the hurt or the pain.

LiePeh : Because we thought that we actually protect them.

Lilo, MeiYan : Because we know they won't leave us we always see the imperfecteness of them always arguing with them in all the argue we want to win we want them to be the one who come n cheer us upand in the end we hurt them.

Weiwei: Because.... I don't know. *blur case*

Dewi : Erm.. I think it is not that we want to hurt in purpose, but the one who loves you minds what we do and therefore they get hurt easily.

Luiz : Whatever we have done, to the others are nothing. But to our lover, even if it's just a single small thing, it's very important and you will notice that you lie to your lover easily because he/she trusts you. I think you should ask why is it that it is very easy to hurt our lover. Maybe I should say this, love is equals to hurt. It's just he/she hurts you or you hurt your him/her. Love is to cure back your lover, maybe. *super serious*

Susan : It's because we tend to care too much, so we panic over the littlest things.. And over react all the time.. And when we feel too much emotion, we tend to say wrong things..

PeiLu : Because we are selfish.

Marcus : Becuase we appreciate and cherish them most. And when we do hurt them, we feel far more guilty and bad compared to the others. Because our status in their heart are not the same.

John : If we dont hurt the one we love most, then we dont really love them at all.

Cindy : Erm, because love is powerful? As for normal people, they dun feel much hurt because they don't really care much about you and what you think or how you treat them. This is because they don't have love on you. While for your love ones, they care about how you think about them and how you treat them. So when u did something that hurts their feeling, they feel disappointed. Your love ones have really big hope on you. Once u hurt them, their hopes are dashed. Like said, "the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment". *she's a kind with Luiz* ;p

Me : We tend to hurt them because they had feelings on us and that they care every single little thing we; whether is it on them or not. And that's when they call they feeling - hurt, if they feel the thing isn't right for us to do.

Aren't they interesting??? ;)


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Grandma

It's your birthday! Thank you for taking of me for the long journey of 17 years. I know it is not easy to bring up a child like me. ;) I love you. It is your birthdya and i wanted to make a wish for you. I hope that you can witness me, your beloved granddaugther in the bridal gown SOON. Hahahahahaha..

Note : She does not like to take pictures. She thinks she looks ugly in them. This cool picture is "approved" by her but I look ugly in it. Hahahaha. Never mind. It's okay. As long as she loves it. ;) She looks cun okay!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Poor Little Ivan

He never knew that this would actaully happen on him. It was a rainy day that day when the incident happened on him. When there was no adults with him, Ivan him, alone, was playing with his toys in the dining room. At the same time, his little sister were sleeping soundly in the room. Sleeping so soundly due to the raining weather that contributes to good sleeps.

Seeing the rain coming in the house; plus it was darn windy that day, he decided to act like an adult by closing the heavy wooden door to stop the rain coming in. He looked at his surrounding, no adults and it was his time to do some good deed for the family that he usually doesn't. Although he is a very naughty and playful kid, but he actaully know what should he do when he's alone.

He pushed the door slowly towards the lock. Causing him wet due to the rain. This is the moment when the accident happened; a week ago. The strong wind actaully helped him to push the door cum hurt his fingers. Poor little Ivan who is even lighter than his sister could not fight the wind. His fingers were trapped in between the door and the wall, or whatever it is called. He was voiceless to cry for help. It was so painful that the tears were dripping down silently. He could not do anything other than waiting for someone to open the door; to release his fingers.

The slamming produced a loud noise that alerts the adults. They rushed to him and saw the poor little boy crying there. Sobs. And see what actaully happened to his tiny fingers.

I know it is disgusting. Sigh.. I remember this happened to me to on my right finger number1; not thumb when i was in primary3. If i'm not wrong, i was hiding with 2 of my classmates, (was that you su ann?) under the teacher's table to see who is the thief in the class. Lol. I remember we suspected a boy in our class, Kok Rock Hin. Hahahahaha. So silly.

Ooh ya. So what happnened was, when I was hiding below the table, one of my friend was trying to pull another table nearer so that they cant spot us and my finger was tucked in between two tables. Same thing, the nail came off on the same day.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Mass Colympics

It's MY sport's day today and also my worst day pf the month. When this two comes together at the same time, it means dead end to me. Wuwuwuwuwu. For both months, last and this, my relative was here when I was doing sports. It almost took my life away. ;p Felt so tortured.

That's not interesting. Let's see what was going on the whole morning today.

The Mass Colympics. Whoever who named this event, you're creative yet not creative. ;p I like the name. Too bad this event isn't going to show on TV live. ;p

We were the juniors there. Everyone else seems like a stranger to me. I don't know them except for one or two seniors. Alamak. And i spotted a senior guy who looked like tan piao ching a lot. Hahaha. If i say he was piao's brother, i don't think anyone will think i'm lying if they don't know piao.

And soon, the games are beginning....

We cheered for ourselves. Yet, we were not so confident. ;p

The first game we had was the tug-of-war. The game we're about to give up before it even starts. We are all small sized juniors compared to the buffalo sized male seniors. How to win? Our group's member majority are formed up by girls.

See what i meant? Amanda is cooooooool! ;) Too bad. We lost in both rounds.

Next, the obstable course. I wanted to play but see, i'm not fit in the game. Sigh. Anyway, this is my favourite game among all. It was fun and excited. And dirty too.

We were in the second position for this game. Lucky we din't lose. ;p And last but not least, the football game. So bad and so sad that we din't manage to win again. I don't know why. I din't see them play that as well. I left the stadium earlier due to the hot weather that is killing me. Lucky i had my dear and my friends with me. I got myself cleaned up and rest in a air-con place. Phew. So much better. ;p

To replace the fun i din't manage to have in the morning. I went for a short dating with my dear. A lunch and a movie, Gubra. I thought i would be a nice movie like the previous Sepet as it was the Sepet #2. I was kinda confused with the movie. I'm just very curious about Jason. Will there be another movie of it? Maybe the part3? Anyway, what does Gubra means?

Want more pictures for the day? Click here. Note that there will be no picture of me except for one. Remember i was unwell? I look like ghost during the morning and i din't want to scare you. ;p


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Real Lashes

Hereby, i want to clarify that i dont put on fake eyelashes. At least not at the moment. Hahahaha. Yes. Quite alot of you asked me this. ;p And i want to tell you guys, "They are real!"


Saturday, April 8, 2006

The Sports' Day

I love the SSG's sport's day. I attended every year since i joined SSG. I'll go ofor the next year's one too if there's nothing happen to me. ;p

And it was the first sport's day that i'm not involved in today. I felt weird. Every year i would rush to the stadium early in the morning in my green colour tee and go for the march past's preparations. But not this year. The first time ever i was late for sport's day. Hahaha. And still, i did wear green. I'm a loyal green house, Helang's member. ;)

Although we always lose for the past few years, but many didn't know. Helang was the strongest house in the beginning. Muahahaha. Then we were tired of getting the first so we let the yellow then the blue win. ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p Okie lar... It's because the "terror" seniors left the house.. That's why... .

And ya, the thing i was darn sad about is that i missed the march past this morning!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SAD man. I cannot see how they march............. ;( They started the runnings when i reached. Sigh.

Ooooh. By seeing the picture where the greens are passing the baton, i remembered the scene of me running to the house last year. I'm suprised to say so. I did run for my house last year and i did not lose. ;p Despite last year, i think the last time i ran was in the primary school. Lol. Not really a runner. But last year was something emergency where i was their back up runner.

They had a new event this year. The house-cheering. Each house will have some cheerleaders to cheer for a minutes. They were given points too.

I personally did not like the green and the blue houses'. Green - they did not wear green!! WTH. And as for the blue, I dont see any nice movements. Sorry but true. The yellow was just an okay. And as for the red, they were treated unfairly. Pity them.

Bla bla bla.. The results are finally out... The first place is obvious..

And the winner for the march past is.......................


The blue house, Bayan. (again)

View more pictures in my multiply.

Edit : Blue house's theme is masquerade not magician. ;) Sorry for the wrong info. ;p


Monday, April 3, 2006

Being Green

I thought everyone in my class is going to wear green today as we were encouraged to due to some campaign going on in the campus. Muahahaha. I have to say, the campaign which is organized by the PR students are rather bored. ;p We went out after 30 minutes of the boring talk. So sorry. Its really bored inside.

Still, there were few of us in green. All girls. There are two more girls in green are not in the picture.

Alamak. Very greenish right? ;p It is fun having dress code; just like uniforms. Hahahahaha. I miss my school uniforms. ;( Ehh. Maybe i can wear them to SSG sport's day on this coming Sunday. ;p


Sunday, April 2, 2006

Farewell Miko

The current assignment I'm doing is killing me. It consist of 30% of my coming exam lor. I die.! I have no idea what exactly I'm typing in the Words. Sigh. For those people who looked down on Mass Commies, wake up lo! I'm not that stupid to even handle the assignment, but to tell you guys, IT IS NOT THAT EASY!

Sigh. Due to this, some of our classmates have left us. Wuwuwuwuwu. Sad case. Most of them can cope with the English i guess. And some of them are required to take extra English classes that will cause them left behind a semester. And there goes one of our good friend, Miko. It was quite a sudden news to almost all of us. We get blended well.. And now she has to leave us. SAD.

Lucky me. I had my camera wherever i go. Therefore i had the last chance to take pictures with her. Sigh. Although we're still quite stranger to each other, but some actaully sobbed.

To Miko : ALL THE BEST. We love you! ;)