Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh no!

I was supposed to go to Bangkok tomorrow morning. And now :(


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Birthday Video

Thank you Fugz for the video! :)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Because We're Cool and We've Got Style

Event : Asian Cool, Tokyo Style! Hair Show
Date : 14th November 2008
Venue : Zouk KL

#01 Ginny and I before the full make up; taken by her pink E1.

#02 Taken by my
kai tan. And why on earth did my eyelid betrayed me on the night I need it :(

#03 With my new friend, Jocelyn after the kua jiong make up and hair do.

#04 Our 80% done hair style. I was pretty lucky to escape from hair dying like Ginny's ;p But not lucky enough cause I had to wear such huge fake eyelashes that itched my eyes the whole night :(

#05 The background was too pretty. Must take picture with it! :) I love Ginny's outfit a lot!

#06 Taking the pictures
ala Jepun.

#07 Must be
kawaii okie! ;)

#08 I took a lot of pictures with her but most of them are blur. Not me though. And so, we have came out with a conclusion that Jocelyn will look blur, like really blur in pictures! Haha.

#09 The backstage where all the models and hair stylist (majority Japanese!) gathered in. It was really messy and dark. Even my make up was done in dark. That explained why was it so thick and stuffs.

#10 The other models of the "Weekend" theme.

#11 Right after the show, we stayed at the backstage doing what girls love doing most. Camwhorings!!! Jocelyn, Epa and Ginny.

#12 Plus Vanessa and I.

#13 The girls in my team, my theme; the "Party" theme. So irony. I'm not even a party girl. Haha.

#14 A very
kawaii Japanese hair stylist who was helping Ginny on her fake eye lashes. Most of the girl feel envious of me having a very pretty fake eye lashes but I want a normal one. I really look *URGH* with it :(

#15 My hair stylist, Alvin and I. He made that hair on me.

#16 Ginny and her hair stylist, Washizu. Her outfit was gorgeous!

#17 After removing my fake eyelashes, I looked even weirder. Oh no! And that's Sven on my right.

#18 With another Japanese hair stylist whose name I've forgotten.

#19 Epa and her hair stylist. I remember his name but I cant spell it. Haha.

#20 Epa and I :)

#21 Finally, again with the girls from the "Weekend" theme.

Well, there should be more pictures but these are the only ones in Ginny's and my camera. I want more but I do not know where to find! Do let me know if you see any news or come across any pictures of that night.

p/s : We were the models for the hair show and these are only the back stage photos. I'll update again when I found the front stages one! Hehe. And yalah, my hair is now so damaged. So dry :( It wasn't cut but dyed 15cm from the bottom as you can see from the pictures. So my hair looks like some layered cake now. Chocolate and caramel! Boo.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making Onigiri, the Cute Way

Japanese food is my all time favorite and its also one of my favorite past time to make sushi and onigiri; or also known as rice balls. Hehe. It has been ages since I last made them and usually I do not cook alone. This time, I cooked it all by myself. Hahahaha and it was during my actual birthday when I did this. I feel... accomplished, nice... but a little weird. Haha.

Here are some easy steps to make
onigiris :) But before that, make sure you have the japanese-style rice, japanese vinegar, water, food fillings and seaweed (optional) and most importantly, a pot or a rice cooker. Haha.

#01 Rinse the rice
Must rinse okie! At least once or twice or not you will see insects floating around in the water later. You would not want to eat it. Haha. Tips! Do not throw the water away, use it to water your plants. You can also use it for facial mask if you want.

#02 Cook the rice
Please make sure that you put the correct amount of water. If you put too much, the rice will turn out watery and over moisture. If there is not enough water, the rice will turn into rocks. How to make sure its the right amount of water to put in? As for me, I'll follow my mood. Haha. I'll usually make sure that the water level is double of the rice's level. Do some simple math. If the rice is 200ml, then put in 400ml of water. That is how I cook lar, which is always correct. If you ask me what do I cook best, I would say rice. Seriously ;p If you prefer stickier rice, add more water la.

#03 Preparing food fillings
While cooking the rice, you may want to prepare your food fillings. This is what I used (picture above) for my
onigiris. I'm not sure what is that called but you can buy that in 100 yen shops or Isetan supermarkets (prices vary a lot though!). Other food fillings are like ebiko, egg, cucumber, crab stick and bla bla bla. Depending on your own preferences.

#04 Cool rice yo :)
After you prepared the fillings, I guess its about time when the rice are done. Lift the pot with gloves, please dont miss this out, or not you will burn your fingers. Then, pour in vinegar. Do not put in too much, maybe two spoons of it. Then, Stir it well. Hahahahaha and I do cheat a bit in this step, I usually test the taste of the rice if its okay. If its not, I'll add more vinegar until I'm happy with the taste ;p The more you add, the sweeter your rice will be. You must add the vinegar when the rice is still HOT. Its easier for you to stir well them anyway. Do that until you are satisfied with the taste then leave it to cool down. I do not encourage you to cool it down in the fridge cause it will dried up the rice lar.

#05 Moulding it!
Once the rice is cooled down. It is ready to be molded :) Please wash your hands again. If you want to make traditional onigiri without moulds, these are what you need to do. Make sure you wet your hands a little, place a scoop of rice on your hand (with or without gloves). Then, use two hands to play with the rice. Hahaha not a very nice term though. Mould it until it looks like a fat and thick rounded edged triangle rice ball. Hehe.

If you have moulds, wow! The process of making these onigiris will be so much faster and easier. Just stuff the rice into the moulds only ;p See pictures below.

Taadah! And there you go. Cute and plain
onigiris :)

#06 Adding flavors
Remember the food fillings? If you want to add flavors to your
onigiri, this is what you should do. Pour the flavoring into another bowl of rice and mix them well. I do this later because I want to have more flavors :) If you want to have only one flavor and lesser steps, do this before you mold the rice.

And actually, that's about it! Very easy right? But to make the
onigiris cuter, follow this extra step.

#07 Why you so cute one?
Get a sauce pen, or triangle plastic bags specially made for icing drawing. Fill in with sauces like mayonnaise (I dont like!) or
wasabi! :) Next... You start doodling the your rice balls!

Cute or not!!! Hahaha. If you have nothing better to do, or have more time and effort to make them even cuter, you can cut seaweeds or other food to decorate your
onigiris weh. Hahaha. I dint have much time the other day and therefore I did only very simple ones. I will take some time to buy more food fillings to make my onigiris even cuter and tastier :)


Masterpiece on the last Sunday. Will make more soon once I have the time! Very yummy okay, not just cute. Now, tell me your special or creative guides and ideas on making onigiri! :D

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Introducing Kai Tan!

Thank you to the eight friends who bought me this Canon Powershot E1. And also to the one who found my camera back. Thanks guys! :) I love it a lot. I've given her a name; Kai Tan. Which means egg in Cantonese. Well why? Cause its white like hard boiled kai tan when the shell is removed. So cute! A new member in my white gadgets family.

See! I have a camera pouch just nice for her! :)

I love
kai tan. Hehe. Thank you so much! :)

p/s : The pictures in the Halloween party was taken with this camera :)


Monday, November 3, 2008

I went to Nokia Nuffnang's Silent Halloween Party

Event : Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party
Date : 1st November 2008
Venue : Borneo Baruk Club

#01 The girls I went with, Carmen who dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo and Iris who dressed as snow lady.

#02 I dress as Michael Jackson weh. Cannot see? Haha. And this is what we called a scary picture ;p That's Jolene the scary joker passing by.

#03 With Ginny, the nuffie of the night.

#04 With Simon Seow.

#05 With Firdauz :) I did apply a layer of white powder on my face but cannot really see. Haha. My pumpkin cute or not?

#06 With the samurai!

#07 Blek!

#08 With the pretty prisoner.

#09 The amount of people guessing her as "
Lam Ah Chan" was more than Velma. Haha.

#10 I think this is the cutest outfit for the night!!!

#11 With ShookYee, another nuffie.

#12 With Yatz the emo ghost. And oh dear, this is a very long story if I have to elaborate it here but I wanna thank Yatz again for returning my E1 when it went lost for about 20 mins that night. Oh no. Scary.

#13 Iris and Ayumi Hamasaki :)

#14 V for Vendetta and Velma and Vven.

#15 The decorations of the night. Creepy.

#16 Michael Jackson's before and after with Kenny Sia. What he was wearing was what I wanted to wear weh. The exact outfit.

#17 Jolene, "Joker has no heart beat!"

#18 The stage, the performers, and the fun!

#19 We damn
semangat okie. We wore socks with crocs. Hahaha.

#20 Hahaha. This is cross dressing ;p

#21 Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson. Haha.

#22 With Liang the host of the night.

#23 Ginny the devil.

#24 Robb the
ganas mummy :(

#25 The best dressed winners! Congratulations.

#26 And also Jolene for the runner up winner! :)

#27 With the captain. Can you actually breathe?

#28 The girls in kimonos.

#29 US! :) Nice water effect ah.

#30 Damn cute okay. Try to google for Velma's costume and you will see the exact one. Damn cute.

#31 Iris and her sister made up this kimono themselves. Cool right!

#32 Lastly, me as Michael Jackson but I think I looked more like a chauffeur. Hahahaha.

IT WAS A FUN NIGHT. Thank you Nuffnang!! Yay :)

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