Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pictures of CNY

So far, the Moo Moo Year has been a little bored *_* Aih. But anyways, here are some pictures of my family and I during this early CNY. Hehe.

Reunion Dinner @ CNY's eve

#01 Steamboat! Woot!!

#02 Hahaha. Devil little boy.

#03 My very cute bowl and chopsticks! Hehe.

#04 One of my stir fried dish. Hehe.

#05 I love steamboat! cant get enough of it! I need another steamboat session.

#06 The little kids who are having fun, throwing in hot dogs like nobody's business.

#07 Mum, mum's mum and mum's mum's grand daughter.



#10 *faint already*

#11 Mei mei who was waiting patiently for the food to cook.

#12 Us :)

First Day of Moo Moo Year!!

#13 Trying to act cute.

#14 Trying to smile as wide as possible! Haha.

#15 Camwhoring; and that's my very PINK outfit for the day.

#16 Mummy, Ivan, Mei mei and brother.

#17 My face damn stoned. Haha.

#18 Junk foods. Hahaha.

#19 Happy Niu Year!

#20 Then, this was at my mum's best friend's place.

#21 There was a leopard that kept them quite busy for awhile! Haha.

#22 Beautiful sky!

#23 And fat hao mei mei. Haha.

#24 Damn my eye bags :(

#25 Ivan, mei mei and my very cute wai po! Hehe.

#26 The lanterns at night, during our steamboat session again.

#27 Polaroid! Mummy and I. Do we look alike!?

#28 Popo and I :D

#29 Mummy, Ivan and brother, John.

#30 Lastly, my little cousins and I.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Before everyone is busy going back to hometown, traveling around for ang paus, non stop eating chinese new year cookie, watching chinese new year movies in cinemas, visiting relatives that you usually dont meet up, gambling.... I would like to wish everyone GONG XI FA CAI :D

p/s : This is me with the
qipao, used to be and mum's and my CNY' ang ang bag :) And I realized the bag is same as my blog's icon! Hahaha. Oh ya, this is my planned outfit for first day of CNY. Not anymore ;p


Friday, January 23, 2009

The Dragon Rider

Some people asked me why dint I blog about Jay Chou's new album last year when it was released. It is because I dont want to blog about it when I know everyone else is going to blog about the same thing! HAHAHA. So, I was waiting for a chance for me to blog about something different cause I have something DIFFERENT as well!

*let me show off a bit!* haha.

This is the imported version. I remember when I first saw the cover, I was complaining like mad. I hate the cover design to the max. Its so ugly, seriously. I thought, should not the Joker series to be on the cover. That's so much better. Someone sold the original Joker poster to me for RM5 anyways. *_*

But never mind, look what I've got inside. His autograph! Jay's autograph! Muahahaha. That also explained how come I dint blog on time, cause I waited 1 month plus to get this on hand! EHH! Wait, that doesnt mean I was listening to pirated CD before this. I bought the local version and then sold it off! HAHAHAHA.

And today, the postman came to my house calling my name, and gave me this! :D

I was so excited. I load the DVD in my Donut right away. And here, I'm going to feed your eyes with snapshots of each MV from his latest album, Capricorn.

#01 Dragon Rider

He actually spent ALOT of money to produce this MV. It took him 4 months to complete this too! It was premiered on his 30th birthday last Sunday. I think this is his favorite video of all as he can do hell lots of stunts inside. The hero who saved the beauty. HAHAHAHA.

#02 Give Me a Time of a Song

I think this is the best song of the album but his MV is way to common. But do not look down on it. He used his sports car, sang and danced in the rain, spent big bucks just to rent one of the best hotel rooms in Hong Kong just to shoot this MV.

#03 Serpent Dance

To those who think Jay Chou cant dance, watch this video! Hehe. It's really very nice. I love the art direction of this music video. Thumbs up!

#04 Ocean of Flowers

This is not directed by him, himself. This music video is starred by Baron Chen and a girl (I dont know who is she!). Just another love story but it happened in one beauty field of flowers!

#05 Mr. Magician

I like this silly song. The music video is silly too but with a little sexy scenes added. I'm pretty sure a lot of the girls outside hates that few scenes. Haha. Anyways, I cannot remember how much he spent to build the whole set up. Its beautiful, I mean the set as in the place, the stage and the backdrop.

#06 Where is Our Promised Hapiness

This is probably everyone's favorite song from this album but definitely not my favorite music video lor. It is so
sien. Jay just sat at his piano throughout the whole song and the girl was just wandering around. They had no interactions at all *_* But some good points about the video are which the piano scene is breath taking. Damn beautiful with the flowers and everything around. Another is, the girl who led in the music video is really pretty. She's actually an online blog shop's model in Taiwan a.k.a. mini Vivian Chow. I'm not related *_*

#07 Prefaced to Orchard Pavilion

The song is normal. The video is boooooooooooring. Hahaha. Sorry to Mr. Director Vincent Fang. Haha. I cant finish the music video without clicking fast forward. Sorry!

#08 Wandering Poet

I think this duet song, mixture of Chinese and Taiwan's Hokkien is great! I enjoy listening to this song. The video, shoot during his concert's rehearsals, made me burst into laughter when the guitarist of the video appeared. Apparently, he is the retarded cleaner in his movie, Secret and also played hell lots of roles in other music videos of Jay Chou. And did you know, he is actually Jay's personal make up artist! HAHA.

#09 Uncle Joker

Another silly song which shared the same set and concept from the previous music video, Mr. Magician. Haha okay, this one
tak da sexy scenes but has scenes that Jay looked erm, sissy! ;p

#10 Paddy Frangrance

This is the first song and the first video to be aired for the album. I love the scenery in the video. It is prettttttty!

The end!

But wait!!!!! Dint he had 11 songs in this album? What happened to another song of track 9, Time Machine?!?! Where is the video?! Let me check.

THEY DINT INCLUDE THE SONG IN!!! HOW CAN THIS BE?! I wanted to say that Time Machine's video is the best from this album!! The whole video is super cute! The whole thing is Doraemon and Nobita's themed! Preview it here! Yer! Cheating! :( What happened?

Hello, it's not funny okay! Dont give me this face. I want the music video!!!!