Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh Oreo 2

Click here for original size.

This is my final work. Tell what do you think about it! :) And thanks to everyone who gave me the ideas of the tagline. They are really useful. :)

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Monday, February 26, 2007

The 8th Night

The 8th night of Lunar New Year, is the night where Hokkiens all over the country do their praying stuff. To be more exact, they pray to Tian Goong once the clock strikes 12am. Although I'm not a Hokkien (my mum and her family are) , I never fail to pray every year, even if I'm having my mid term examination this morning. Hehe.

We had Lou Sang while waiting for time to pass. After that, we had movies.. Not forgetting my revision notes too. Until it was 11 plus, we started to prepare everything needed for the event. Most of them are food for praying.

Woops! The bird nest is not for praying. It's mine. Hehehe. We had so many things to do that night. Everyone was so busy and I was also busy, taking pictures. Of course, I did help them out after taking these pictures. Hehe.

The time was just right when we finished the work. Once it strikes 12am, everyone in the house rushed to the toilet and had our hands washed. We then rushed to the praying table again, grabbed our joss stick, lit them up and started praying. Heehe. I did not forget to take even more pictures...

Okay. My grandma was mad at me when she knew I took this picture of her. She's a camera shy! :p

And the last thing we did last night was to BURN EVERYTHING! Hahaha. And and (I'm in a hurry) then, we went home and planned to sleep......But I could not. I was so nervous about the papers today. I'm so scared because the revision I did, I knew its not enough. I thouht I'll be death but lucky, the papers today were not as tough as I thought. Hehe. I hope the same thing happens tomorrow. :)

All the best to people who has exam (like me)!!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh Oreo

This is another assignment of mine, to design a brand new advertisement for any product I like. I choose Oreo as my product. I wanted to use so many products you know and I also don't know why I ended up with Oreo. I don't even like them as much as M&M's.

Initially, I want to portray the Oreo with the milk, using my friend as the model. I think the idea was good enough but I wasn't skillful enough to make the idea come to reality. I failed it. I don't even have the time to take pictures of my friend.

The dateline is near, exam is near and I'm so frustrated about this assignment. My friends are almost reaching the final work but I haven't even started. I'm so dead. I don't even have the mood to start my revision because it is still Chinese New Year. Hahahaha. But actually, exams are starting on Monday. OH SHIT! *faints*

I really could not care more about that assignment. I have loads more of them waiting for me. There is another Communication Research and a Magazine Designing assignment waiting for me. I cannot drag the work. Sigh. So ah, I just cincai on my camera and snapped some pictures of myself with Oreo about an hour ago.

Surprisingly, the pictures came out quite good because this time I was very smart, I set up the white background myself or not you will see the star on my orange wall, my camwhore spot in my room. Oh, I love clean backgrounds. HAHA. At least I'm satisfied with the pictures now. And I need tagline suggestions from you guys! :) Oh please help me. *Puppy eyes*

I personally like the picture above (because my hair looks good) but I cannot use that as my advertisement poster because I think its irrelevant lar. Cannot see the cookie somemore. After 9028705643276984276 shots of me and my oreo, which I "edited" by putting 4 layers of cream instead of 1 to make it look a little more obvious, I finally decided to use the picture below.

Hahaha. I know it looks silly and fake but I like it eh. I edited the colour of the Oreos. Looking better than the ones above right! The cookie at the bottom, on top of my lips is real. The rest are duplicated by me. Hahahaha. So, please give me some ideas of the tagline. Pretty please. As my angpau? Hahaha.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Webcam Fools

Note : All these pictures are taken originally with Apple's laptop's webcam. No photoshop.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Like a pig

I think I forgotten to wish everyone here, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Yesterday was the first day of the Boar year, which is the piggie year. As usual, I went back to my grandparents' place for reunion. I cleaned myself once I woke up in the morning and I changed myself in my newly bought clothes. It was black. It was the only new top I bought for Chinese New Year. I thought it was okay to wear black because I wore black too, last year. Hahaha. How would I know that my mum is more superstitious than me. She stopped me from wearing it to their place. She said that they'll scold and stuffs. Aih. I've no other choice but to wear some other "bright" old clothes.

Although I'm not wearing something new on me but at least I've something new "under" me. Hehehe. I bought a new shoe which costed me a bomb! But no deny that the shoe was a very pretty pair. :)

Once I reached their place, the first thing I did was eating the cookies instead of wishing and greeting them. Haha. That makes me sounded really like a pig. I could not resist the cookies. I ate so much that you'll never imagine. I ate non stop since the week before Chinese New Year. even had some half-eaten bottle of cookies in my room, beside my bed. Haha. How I wish they can make me grow fatter this year (like a pig), but at the right part. ;p

Like every other years, my grandparents would cook the longevity mee, mee suah for each and every of us plus a hard-boiled egg. It is like a tradition in my family to eat it. It a must-do thing already. If you dont know why is it called the longevity mee, it is because the mee comes in a bundle with only one end. They do not cut or tear it when they cook it to make it as long as possible, like our life. And when you're eating it, you're not supposed to bite them into smaller pieces like how you eat maggie mee. Hehe. We're supposed to take a small portion and eat it, bite it in our mouth lar. Just dont bite it, its like cutting down your long life. Hahaha.

And do you know what's the best thing durin Chinese New Year besides gettng angpaus? Its the soft drinks in your house! YAAAAAAAY! It is the only time where your parents would not control how much you drink. Hehhahha. I've so mnay varities in my house you know. It would be something funny if I dont grow any fatter after the season with the soft drinks plus cookies. And not forgetting the reunion meals.

I dont understand why people can cook much better during the festive season. Why la! Why lar normally the food not a delicious as these! Let's see whether can I really gain weight during this time. Hehehehe.

Current weight : 35kg ;p

*Off for lunch!*

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

Have you visited the new Eye On Malaysia in Titiwangsa? I DID! :)

I went there last night with Carmen, Cindy, Yong Tze and Tzi Mun. Alamak. Initially, I planned and called almost 20 people in the girls' gang BUT ended up only 5 of us who are free for fun! ;p We started our journey to Titiwangsa from Ampang at 8pm plus. Lucky there was no jam and the people there were not too much.

I think the place is quite nice but a little too little of interesting stuffs, to attract young people like us. I personally liked the lights they used on th ceiling of the booths. They were like little stars.

And actually, we were very happy about the cool fan they provided for the visitors. They were hyper strong and windy. Hahah. Cindy's skirt almost got blew away by it. Hahahaha. We waited almost 20 minutes for our turn to get on the gondola. It was such a waste when the fireworks, ski shows and the dance of lasers were on their way when we were lining up. We missed everything lor! And when we got on it, we cannot control ourselves but to start camwhoring and taking pictures around us. As usual.

I failed camwhoring with my lousy camera; which I'm going to abandone it soon. The pictures came out uglier than you can imagine. Mainly because it was very dark up on the ferris wheel and that it was shaking continuosly. The pictures above were taken with Cindy's brand new phone, Nokia La'Mour series (She's so rich!).

From the gondola, we can see the view of Kuala Lumpur. Very pretty, I have to say. We can see loads of buildings with the neon lights which are so gorgeous lor. Too bad the fireworks were over or not I can snap more pictures to share it here.

Ooh, one thing I hate about the ferris wheel is the duration of a ride. From what I can see in their official website, they wrote there 30 minutes per ride but we were in the gondola for only 15-20 minutes you know!!! They conned another few minutes which are quite precious to be in the gondola. ISH!

No. I dint stop taking pictures eventhough we left the gondola. The view is so nice. How can I stop? Hahaha. And like the picture above, I took it in a "No Entry" area which I ended up kena scoldings by the security there. So sad you know. "Pergi! Bawa mereka keluar.... Jangan bikin masuk..." he shouted at us. :(

But whatever man, I've got a pretty snap and I cant care much what he says at that time. And we didn't care what the public says too...... Because we were busy snapping pictures like below...

Hahahaha. Some were even pointing and laughing at us. There were a bunch of Malay guys imitating us jumping too, which is quite irritating lar. After jumping, they even started to make stupid hip hop poses which are not cool lor.

Natalie : I insist, both of you looked alike! ;p

It was pretty fun. We did not even realised that it was already almost 11 after the photo snappings. Hehehe. Once we know the time, we quickly rushed home as we still have to complete up our assignments. Hahahaha.

Click here to view more pictures!! :)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tired, very tired.

I've never felt like this before. I'm so sick and tired of my life's routine now. Its not that I'm complaing about it or not enjoying it but I'm just tired, too tired to enjoy it.

24 hours a day are not enough for me. I practically have no time, when I have no time I do not have the inspiration to blog because my brain is too laggy. Multi-tasking can really kill me. I hope it does not jam in the middle of work.


You see, it is now the period when assignments are due to. I'm not doing last minute work but I cant handle them when they come together and due together. Sigh. I've only 30minutes time with the tv everyday now and the rest with either books or computer to finish up my works.

Don't ask me about my weekend because they are worst.


I'm currently a part-timer in a jewellery shop as well. If you bump into me in Plaza Damas, do not think that I'm doing my shopping or having fun time there. Yes, I'm working there. I think its kinda funny when I tell the others that I'm working in a jewellery shop. Haha, what can I even do there? Well, the job there is easy. Bascially I just arrange the stocks in the morning, count them, servee when there are customers, take pictures of the stocks, photoshop them and put them online for online business, do my homework there and the routine keeps going till 9 at night.

I've been working for two weekends already and I've learnt more than you can imagine. Now, I know how to differentiate real stones(with some machines lar) , the names, the qualities, the diamond cuts and many many many more. Even the history of the stones. Haha.

See lar, I'm so hardworking man! How can I not be tired.............

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