Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Berrie

I have been always blogging about my darling little cutie cousins. I have only 3.!!! Ivan, Tammie aka Meimei and Kaiwen aka Berrie. ;)

They are the cutest in my eyes.!! :D I know i havent introduce Kaiwen in my blog, so know i will!

She is a precious baby to her parents because they had her after years and efforts. She's a thousand dollars baby unlike Ivan and Tammie. Hahaha. ;p But she is very cool. She hardly smiles. My grandpa always says that if you smiles, we sure stroke 4D. Hahaha..

She is also a very clever girl. She's only 1 year plus and she knows how to speak alot. Yayaya, her mouth is very the sweet. Hehahaha. She always pronounce a thing starting with an AH. Like, when she needs someone to carry her, normally kids would say bao wo, carry me. But she would say, ah-bao. And many more; all with an AH infront.

She loves to eat potato.! Hahaha. She would do anything for it like kissing us at our cheek. OOH, so sweet.

She's like a princess to everyone of us especially her parents.! Everyone loves her. Her parents who are not so affordable will always give her the best. You can see by their appearance. Both of them always wear as simple as possible but when Kaiwen turns up, wow, you can see a little princess. FYI, her clothes are more than her parents!!!!!!!

She's a little bit too pampered by her father anyway. And also kinda over protected. She's not allowed to drink COKE but sometimes we do allow her when her father is not around. ;p We too, are not allowed to make fun of her or give her names. LOL.

Hahaha. She's just too cute.

Take a look at her family picture. Aint they sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and Kaiwen is so pretty in this picture. ;)


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Its the first day of lunar new year. GONG XI FA CHAI.

This is how we look like early in the morning. Ugly right?

This is how we look like after dressing up. Get ourselves ready for the CNY visiting.

We went to Elaine's uncle place which is my cousins' father's family. Hehehe. The house is so flooded with humans and a chiwawa. Hahahaha.. Stupid dog. ;p And did i mention their angpaus are like doubled compare to the angpaus i use to receive in KL.!!!! Muahahaha.. And what?! I have like rm200 plus just for the first visit; plus the place is much like a stanger to me. Yes. I dont know them at all.

Hahaha. Cool eh? ;p

Let me flood the entry with pictures taken today! ;)

Want angpau?

NO WAY!! Its mine!!! A picture of me with Choi san-yeh.

Elaine drooling over the new year cookies; forgetting that they will make her fat.

Elaine giving away mandarin oranges.

Her brother is greedy. ;p Peel before you eat lar!!

The four of us. Look at my brother behind; he is acting cute lor!!!

Me, camwhoring with my favourite snack. But Elaine just wont leave me alone. LOL.

After the visiting, we went home for a rest and left house at the evening for the new movie, "I not stupid too". I seriously love Jack Neo's movie. Its like some true stories you can find beside us. This time, this movie really made us laughed.!!! The whole cinema is filled with laughters. ;) Nice. However, there are also alot of scenes that touches us and caused us sobbing in the cinema. I tried so hard to hold my tears, i dont want them to dirt my face. I put on mascara. If i cry, i'm afraid i'll scare the others. Hahahaha.

I highly recommend this show to you. Go watch it!!!! And prepare packets of tissue paper okie!!! There are alot of movies coming soon, too much movie to catch; Fun with Dick and Jane, Shopaholic, Fearless, Final Destination 3, My Kungfu Sweetheart...... Bla bla bla..

After the movie, we went to Swensens for dinner.

Elaine enjoying her chocolate ice cream while....

I'm very confused. I dont know which to choose, fries or cherry? ;p

I am looking forward for the gathering tomorrow at our place. The three sisters and their kids will be right here! COOL. My mum and 2 of her dearly sisters. And i am too looking forward to my ANGPAUS. Muahahahaha..


Saturday, January 28, 2006

A reunion with "them"

For the first time, i had a reunion dinner during the lunar new year with some non-family members. Sounds weird? I dont wish to explain who they are. If you know me well, you might know who am i mentioning. It just dont sound good mentioning about private stuffs here.

I miss my grandparents.! ;( Everyone of us are in Singapore leaving both the folks at home in KL. I feel so bad. Haih..

The picture above is my brother and so-called nephew. He's just 5. [same age as my dear Ivan] BUT. See the word, BUT. He knows how to wash chopstick when idropped them on the floor. He baths and dress himself. He eat himself using chopstick. He knows how to shoo dogs away from me when he knows i'm afraid of them. He is just five. Erm, maybe he aint super boy but that makes Ivan sounds useless. Ivan dont even know how to write his name like Marcus, the boy above does. ;(

Take a look at this, thin-tall-fair-small eyes-cheeky-hiphop-boy. Hahaha. Not forgetting the playful one behind.

How can i not take picture of myself with him? ;p

I kept taking picture of him and so, my brother was mad yet jealous. And he started to scold me. ;p "WOI! Wil you take a picture of me, the handsome?"

I dont have big butt but i have lazy butt. ;p Everyone was busy preparing the dinner but i was playing with the camera; waiting for food.

Yes!!! The table is full of food!!!!!!! But lalalalalala..... Whatever.! Had a steamboat dinner which doesnt give me good appetite because they dint use public chopstick and spoon. That kinda disgusted me. They aint my family members. I ate just a bit to fill my empty stomach. Gonna eat more after i blog.! Hahaha.

How's your reunion dinner? My cousin, Elaine and her family get to eat good stuffs like my favourite, shark fin and more.. Wuwuwuwuwu. I wished i was with them. ;p


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

After work...

I'm free from work.! Yes!!!! And my pay is here!!! Muahahahaha. But i cant use all of them. Y_Y Okie, i'm a very good cousin you know. I'm paying for my little cousin's school fees in kindergarten. Because he bloody parents, yes, bloody parents are not going to do so. ;)

Forget about it. I am supposed to work for another 2 days but we had a news from the boss. All cookies are sold out!!! Semua stall pun stop.!! Erm, this proved their businness are damn good! ;) Hehhahahaha. I want to go shopping!!!!


One thing i wanna blog about tonight, HMMNP. Its something i'm very mad about. I kept complaining to Elaine. About some not-so-courteous youngster nowadays. I have been taking MRT for 2 weeks everyday to work and i observed everything.

I always offer seats to old folks but usually i dont get seats. ;p Not that i pity them but i think its somehow some manners to do so loooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Unlike some assholes who snatches seats with the old ones when you can actaully see them trying to walk very hard and fast to get the seat. You know lar, old people walks very slowly unlike some bastard. So, obviously they will lose the seat. What the hell? Are they blind? Cant they see they are some people who needs the seat more than them!??

I even seen pregnant ladies are forced to stand for a long period because there are no good people in the MRT cabin man... Haih. How i wish this happen to them too when they are old. I will remember their faces and remember NOT to offer them seat. Muahahaha.

I always do offer them although i'm tired. Or even book seats for them. Hahaha. Once, Elaine and I offer an old uncle a seat. We tapped on his shoulder asking him to sit. He was frighten by us though. Hahaha. I think he thought we wanted to bully him or what so ever. ;p

And i know i'm stupid or i might be cheated by some old folks. You know there are these few old people who stand infront a shopping complex and sells tissue paper for a higher price. Uh huh uh huh, I WILL BUY WAN LOR. I dont know why. I will tell myself not to buy from Watson dont let them earn. ;p ;p

Hahaha.. So, people who is reading this, please do offer seats to the need ones.Please. Or not i will curse you. ;)


Thursday, January 19, 2006

She's hot. I'm not.

I dont know who are they but LOOK at the dressssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Its the same top i wore on my prom night. Okie, the differences are that i wore it as dress but she wore it as a top with a mini tights inside. She has big bust and not me.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Worst Customer

Which kind of human that make him/her the worst customer of all.

A. people that eats up almost all your samples and dont buy your product.

B. people who messed up with the product and dont buy anything.

C. people who comments alot and dont buy your product.

D. people who is rude and comments about YOU.

The answer is; NONE OF ABOVE but a person who will say stupid things like;

Customer : Ooh, nice packaging you have.

Salesgirl : Oh ya. This is the
ideal gift set for CNY.

Customer : *interested* Is this locally made?

Salesgirl : Ooh no no. Its from Malaysia. Our products are
imported from Malaysia.

Customer : *ANGRY* Malaysia's food has BAD
QUALITY. I hate them. *walks away*

Salesgirl : "Shit you. Dont drink
water lar... Even the water you are drinking is from Malaysia

He never know the pretty salegirl, *ekhem* I mean me, and my colleague are both from Malaysia. Both of us were so angry and we started to curse that idiot. Its totally his fault. I'm serious. How can he say such mean words. We are neighbour countries. What the heck is he thinking.?


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cookie Seller! :)

Okay, finally i'm free to take pictures during my job. ;p And now that i can blog with the pictures.

Amega; the company i'm working for. Its not any food industry company but a printing and stationary company.

Its the walnut cookie and pineapple cheese roll. ;)

The pretty packaging. Nice right? I meant the Nyonya ladies.

The pretty paper bag my mum is lusting over. LOL.

The fortune cookie. It has some lucky message strip in every cookie.

The samples i cut for the customer to try. I love the sugee!! ;)

My favourite JOB!!! Collect the money, and type type type and pass them the change.

And lastly, the brochure and ME, the sales girl.


Monday, January 16, 2006

The Phone of MINE!


Finally i've got a phone since i lost it during my prom night. ;) Its the phone i have been lusting for long ago and now i've got it for FREE. ;)

My pink nokia 6111 and her socks. ;) Sweet hor? Dont be jealous. ;p
EDIT : I dint pay for it, neither my mum. Just someone. You-might-know-who. I thought of paying it with my pay, but now i need it no more. ;) I'm happy.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

On A Job

Its my first day of job today. They job is easy but my legs are super tired. Can you imagine how will your leg feel if you stand for 12 hours? And ya, no sitting. ;)

Oh yeah, at my working place, Bishan's Junction 8, there was this Singapore idol fans meeting event. My cousin, Elaine liked Sly, the winner and so, i decided to take picture and his autograph for her. How sad is it when i return home with the poster; and what she told me? "Er, actaully i dont quite like him..." LOL. Nvm nvm. At least i have something to blog for tonight. ;p

Okie okie, the guy in white is Sly, babi me i dont know how to spell his long Christian name. ><" While the purple hair girl is the second runner up, Olinda.

A close shot. He looks like a young version of David Tao to me. ;) How i wish this picture was Jay. Haih..

A picture of the ugly-looking me, my SO-CALLED nephew and the idols.

And about the stall i'm working for, i will blog about it a few days later. I'm so tired and i dint take any picture of it. Baru first day mau tangkap gambar. ;p

The best job is, to collect and return changes to the customers. I love the cashier machine. Ka-ching!!! ;p

The cookies i'm selling are yummy.!! You can get it in Bakery's Cottage in KL. ;) You all buy lar, i get free. ;p

Not bad huh, the sales for today was S$900 plus minus its aprroximately 60 cans. Muahahaha. Cant wait to spend my salary.

My nokia 6111, pink is waiting for me. Ginny; its not limited here. ;) Only S$500 plus. Or i might going to get nokie 7370. ;) Not release in Malaysia yet. SUPER NICE.

Anyway, if there is anything you guys need ot find me please call me @ 98606810. Its my Singapore number.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

His 80th Birtthday ;p

Yesterday evening, i had a class gathering with my classmate. Not really a gathering but its our grandpa's birthday. Lol. I'm so mean. Not grandpa, erm, Fuh Haur lar.. ;p He's at our age but he looked rather old compare to us that's why we call him old man, what so ever name which related to OLD. Hahaha. But he knows, we dont bring any harm. ;)

How does he looks like? Suspect my words? ;p Come, i show you how he looks like.

Muahahaha. :D This is just when he was young. Okay, everyone has childhood lar. But his was short. ;p

Look at his Giant milk tea. Superb!!!! Anyway, its free lar. ;p But he said, the drink was rather tasteless. Too much ice. Haha. Oh yeah, we were at the MongKong restuarant in Leisure Mall.

From the left; WanKeen, FuhHaur, YongTze and BoonTeng. ;)

From top; FuhHaur, Carmen, ME and John. John were the red packet last night. He wore red shirt and short. *_* Gila.!!

The guys from left; HengWai, HonMing, KarJun, Scott, Joosin, YoonHui, ChunWeng and Micheal.

The green girls. ;)

Long time no see!! ;) I'm so happy to meet them. Hehehehe. Mostly girls in my class are quiet. ;( Half of them dint make it to come out last night. How sad... I miss them.

Hahaha. We had a great time making fun of the birthday man. ;) We ate alot and talked alot. Haha. Almost lost my voice again. Hehehaahaha. Okie, here comes the cake cutting time. And, the meanie me did something real bad yet fun! I forced FuhHaur to wear a birthday hat!!!! We told
him, we want him to have some childhood feel. Lol.

You can tell from the picture he is SAD. Hahahaha. Yet happy. :D He warned me not to post this up; but sorry grandpa, i cant do it. Hehahahaha. Dont cry lar wei, we bought you a cake. ;) SMILE.

One, two, three .... EIGHT big candles and one small in the middle; meaning 81 years old. ;)

We are good kids. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA. :D Tuck in!


Monday, January 9, 2006

The Kid

Have you ever seen naughty kids that are really naughty, naughty till YOU CANT IMAGINE. I dont know how to describe how naughty is he.. But, i can show you proves to his naughty-ness.

Let me introduce you, IVAN LIM. He's my dearly cousin brother whom i really sayang alot.

Everyone knows i love this kids. I treat him like my own brother. I dont know why. He is the cheeky kid on the left anyway. How naughty can this cute little thing be?!!?

01. He can jump here and there. Knocked his head on the cement wall, "BOOP". Its seriously hard i can tell from the sound. I was there. And it was like nothing to him; continue jumping like a hungry monkey.

02. Burnt his hand by playing with boiling water. You see for yourself!!! Haih. He can even smile with that burnt hand. His hand was in BLACK condition for almost 2 months. Ooh no. His skins cells are all dead.

03. Got his head cut in the 7-11 after visiting the doctor regarding his burnt hand. He ran here and there and got his head; at the back cut. Very deep by the shelf's sharp corner. There goes a permenant scar on his head. Hair cant grow there anymore.

And now what???? He fell down while he was playing with his younger sister. And knocked on a shelf. And what what what???? His teeth was gone. I meant, both his front teeth. Like this;

NO!! The thing is, the teeth dint broke nor dropped off. Both the teeth WENT IN HIS GUMS.

His face was covered by blood and he cried like nobody's business.

The teeth kesan on the shelf. OMG right?