Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iris' 20th Birthday

Date : 27th April 2008
Venue : Her boyfriend's place @ Aman Suria

Oh well, I could not remember when was the last time hanging out with them. And here are the pictures we took that night. *spam spam spam*

#01 PuiYeen, Iris the birthday girl and Chloe. OMG. Let's point and shout together at PuiYeen's hair. She's my new idol. I can never have that hair cut.

#02 Cindy, Carmen and PuiYeen. Wow. The old time buddies. We used to hang out a lot in high school. I miss the times when we waited for each others outside the classes as we were seperated into 5 different classes.

#03 PuiYeen, Iris and her new sibling, Little Miss Mushroom :)

#04 Cindy, Iris and Carmen.

#05 The girls sitting there waiting for FOOD.

#06 After eating, we started to fool around the playground. Hahaha. Iris was the mean birthday girl. She was trying to kill us by pushing us down but we were still very happy about it. Haha.

#07 Damn cute!! Sorry Iris, I cant photoshop you up with PuiYeen.

#08 I am so gonna explain why was my leg up okie! It was because I cannot balance myself lor. And I dint know my leg will be captured in the frame. I am not lying, you see Cindy was trying to balance herself too. Hehe.

#09 Iris and I plus stupid John's finger poking my arms. See my tan!!! :(

#10 The girls :)

#11 And that is WanWei giving Iris her birthday kiss.

#12 Iris and Ervin :)

#13 Why do I look so awkward here? Hahaha. And I have an oily face here :(

#14 This was taken by self-timer. Haha I like this picture because my hair looked extremely long. Hehehahahahehehahaha. Eh wait. Maybe it is just an illusion by having a short hair girl beside me :(

#15 And lastly, the group photo of most of the people who went to her party :)

Iris : Hope you had a happy birthday :D

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Girls, makeups & camwhoring

I have been reading blogs, girls' blogs that have posts ranting about the make ups they do and the procedures. I also want to post something like that! Hahahahaha.

And normally the we will start by posting our picture before makeups! Beware!!!!

#01 This is me without anything on my face. Naked face. Oh ew. Look at my eyes :( I think I need a cosmetic surgery, getting my eye lids done. So ugly that I cant even smile infront of the camera. Haha.

#02 I'm just too tired to put on eye lid stickers everyday. It actually hurts each and everytime i stick and peel them off ::( But I haveno other choices now.

#03 Once I'm done with sticking on the sticker, I continue by drawing my brows. A little bit at the front and at the end. Then after that, I'll draw on my eyeliners. I cannot not draw it. I'm so dependent on my eyeliner because it can helps me to hide the sticker, sometimes. Hehehe.

#04 Why my eye so scary one?!!?

#05 Then depending on my mood, if I'm happy and not in a hurry, I'll put on mascara :)I like to make my lashes dark and long. But one thing, I do not like to curl them.

Oh well, that's about it actually! Hahaha I do not put on concealer beacuse when I do, they will be quite obvious in pictures that are taken with flashes. I do not put on foundation. I do not put on blusher, unless I look very pale and that I'm going for some formal events. I do not put on lip gloss or lip balm because I will end up eating them. Hhahahahaha. I put a lot of attention to my eyes. I think they are the most important features to be drawn nicely. Hehe. But I also dont put on eye shadow because I dont have any ;p

#06 Although the differences are not a lot and obvious, but at least I felt more confident and comfortable. Can smile already.

#07 My make up drawer :)

#08 And these are the most important ones plus the eye lid sticker. Hehe. Did you know, I really feel much better after make ups. Shit. I am now so dependent on the make ups already. I dont think I can go out without them. Of course not to the extent that places I go like the market, or anywhere else that is not appropriate for make up lar.

See lar, after make up can camwhore already!!!

#09 Playing with the fan beside me. Oh well, my smile a bit awkward here. Hahaha.

#10 I was also trying to camwhore with my guitar, Monkey but I failed. Its very hard for me to camwhore in the same small frame with the big Monkey. Sigh.

#11 Unless I cut away myself like this. And why is my leg so black in colour ah!?

#12 Oh yeah, count how many strings does Monkey has. Only 5!! How to play?! That is why I am playing with Carmen's for the whole week. And I named it King Kong. Hahahahaha.

#13 And lastly, my favourite picture because I looked very emo. Hahahaa.

And no matter how good I look in these pictures (I dint photoshop my face, just the colours), remember how I look before this! ;p



Thursday, April 24, 2008


Silence by Jay Chou

As I was listening to this song the other morning at 6.30am, thoughts were flying in and out my mind. The song has never been so close to me.

I remember the first time I heard this song was at Elaine's house. She just ripped the whole album of Jay's Fantasy. She ripped all the songs but not this song. I asked her why and she explained that the song was plain boring. I dont remember whether did I agree with her or not but I remember the next thing I did was that I bought my very first album of Jay Chou. The red album with his signature hoodie around him.

And then I began to falling love with his music. Bit by bit. But it wasnt strong enough to have my mum allowing me to go to his very first concert, Fantasy. I want very disappointed then but I told myself that I must attend the up coming ones. Since then I buy every album of his every year. As for his first album, I dint buy it. It was a give from Dewi 4 or 5 years back on my birthday. And recently, Elaine gave up her Fantasy limited EP edition for me to complete my Jay Chou collection. So sweet :)

And there was something that I dont quite remember but it was Elaine who reminded me. She said I cried during The One's concert at Singapore when he sang this particular song. I could not remember.

Back to that morning, I was revising each and every word that came to my ear from the radio. I wondered, why did they play such emo song early in the morning. It wasnt from my collections of car CDs I swear. As I was listening to what he sang, it somehow pierces through my heart, my thoughts. I held back the tears. Man, I wasnt alone and I dint want to shed early in the morning. It will spoil my day. I never come across a song that was so near to me. I thought Kai Bu Liao Kou and Hei Se You Mou would be closer but no. At least I do no feel something as strong as I was listening to this.

I have always been wondering and fantasizing about someone special would sing something to me and make it special. It never happen. And as I was listening, I put in thought that you were singing it to me. Refering every single word from the lyrics to me. Pointing it to me.

"You want me to say it, but it was awkward. I dont even want a break up..."

And that is why I said sorry yesterday. Sorry. And I dont know what else can I do. I know that feeling within you cannot be concealed by anything. And you cannot like this song by not knowing what it means. You may not relate the song to yourself but at least you should know the song to like the song. You might not bother what am I typing here. You might not even realise this. Or maybe you will think that this is nonsense but not to me.

If only one of the sentence from the song works on you...

"Dont worry too much. I'll be fine."

And this song will never be bore me. There is now a song that reminds me of you except for Qing Tian. That song. And this song now, I dedicate it to myself. All you need to is understand this. You might think that I am an idiot by doing this, plus I know how much you dislike on how much I worship Jay but this is how and what I feel right now.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Post Number 302

After the so-called photoshoot was done at the playground, we went back to Caroline's crib to wait for the models. Waited, waited and waited. Was too bored and we played with Caroline's camera again. This time it was us who took the pictures.

#01 Kiss kiss. Notice that their lips looked like heart shapes too.

#02 Naughty me and nice Caroline.

#03 Carmen acts cute. Haha.

#04 Pretty pretty :)

#05 I was trying to make her and the picture look emo but I think it dint really work out.

#06 Something random.

#07 Then starting from this picture, all are taken by my camera :)

#08 Jangan kacau.

#09 How I wish it belongs to me. Hehehehe.

#10 Caroline layan-ed me! Yay! :) And Caroline, I super love the lighting in your room. Very nice.

#11 Last but not least, the girls who want to own a DSLR :)


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Post Number 301

The girls and I went kaypoh-ing at our friends' house because there will be a very interesting photoshoot going on there.We also busybody la. Actually more to me ;p But then we were earlier tha the models and so, we had some time playing around with the equipments our friend, Caroline has. And here are a few pictures I choose out of uncountable pictures taken at the playground at Ridzuan flat.

And all these pictures are taken by Caroline with her Canon EOS 350D.

#01 Chiam Carmen.

#02 I like this picture because you look so cute. Haha.

#03 Me,"Look!I found something" Carmen, "EEEW!"

#04 I dont remember what happened. Why was I laughing so hard but I like this picture because all of us look funny.

#05 There is no such thing as "You jump, I jump" anymore. Haha.

#06 Well, maybe not. Hehe.

#07 Look at Cindy's hand. So scary! Like robot only.

#08 Me me!

#09 Why the pose so funny one *_*

#10 My BFFs and I.

#11 My BFFs and I again.

#12 Friends are the one you pull along when you are falling down ;p ;p ;p Just kidding. Hehe.

#13 Cindy's closeup.

#14 And she looks very sweet here :)

#15 Wa I look tall here if you dont look at what I'm stepping on.

#16 I like this picture too.

#17 Us and Caroline.

#18 Carmen and Caroline :)

More pictures to come soooooooooon.