Thursday, July 27, 2006


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Okay, obviously I'm on hiatus again.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When We Had Nothing Better To Do...

If you ever wondered what will I do normally when I'm bored. This post will answer to your curiosity.......... We'll cam-whore like nobody's business!! MUAHAHAHA.

#01 The silly - Carmen.

#02 The blurry - Cindy.

#03 The cheeky - Vivien

............And when three of us meet, we are the 3 big sillies!!!!

Big mirror rocks!

Fooling around with the shades. Whose shade is nicer?

Showing their yoga's skills

Seeing her future in the magic ball

a normal look

posers wannabe!

Great! We really enjoyed our time and life isnt dull anymore! HAHA. And no! That's not all! Click HERE to view more of us.


Monday, July 24, 2006

I Have Never.......

I have never cheated in exams.
I have never lied to my mum.
I have never bullied my juniors.
I have never stolen things.
I have never spoilt a vendor machine.
I have never hurt a guy.
I have never hit my brother.
I have never cursed someone.
I have never failed my exams.
I have never made my friends mad.
I have never cried infront of the public.
I have never kissed a male.
I have never afraid of injections.
I have never drown in swimming pools.
I have never sleep during exams.
I have never cut my hair by myself.
I have never broken the school's rules.
I have never cried for a male.
I have never slapped someone.
I have never pee when I was being tickled.
I have never been rejected by magazines' companies to be their model.
I have never missed the lotteries and jackpots every week.
I have never used a dictionary during conversations.
I have never spelt my name wrongly.
I have never shit on my bottoms except when I was a helpless baby.
I have never killed any living creatures.
I have never missed the chance to bargain.

I have never been honest doing this survey. ;)


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Accident Is Everywhere

Everyday if you flip the newspaper, you will surely come across to news of death and injuries due to car accidents in KL. Not 1 or 2 cases but you'll find it MORE than that just because some are not very serious to be reported.

Let's not talk about newspapers, I believe you can also find cases of car accidents around YOU. Like me, I see accidents ALMOST EVERYDAY. Sometimes I see folded cars, rotten cars and even death bodies. Just yesterday I saw 2 youngsters bang on each other's car and caused jam. And the day before yesterday, a minor accident heard from my senior. And on the day I was back to KL from Singapore, I saw two cases on the way. One was very serious that the car dropped into the giant drain and another huge vehicle knocked the hills. Very ridiculous right? But true. That's what made me afraid of driving too.

I really don't understand how people of KL drive. I also have to admit that KL is almost flooded with cars and unpatient people. Sigh.

And it was yesterday when I started to receive SMSes about a car accident that involves a junior of mine in SSG. He was knocked down by a car while he was crossing the road and is know fighting for his life. I really pity him although I dont know who is he. The poor little boy is now lying on the bed of the hospital fighting to stay alive. He's in a coma now. From what I heard, he is badly injured and its a miracle he is still alive.

Oh my. I will pray for him as well. He is too young to leave. I bet his families dried out their eyes. ;( Even a friend of mine who was very very close to him cried every day. She even took took the effort to spend her time after school to the hospital to keep him accompany. ;(

I really dont understand how human drive now. Can drive properly or not?


Thursday, July 20, 2006

My 6111

Ever since I first lost my phone last year during prom night, I started to take real good care of my current phone. Hahahahaha. And you see, this is what I did to it! ;p

And now it looks like this.. I wanted to put more, but my mum stol a few from me because she loves it and and phone has not much space for me to seal the "diamonds". Hahaha..

Tell me what you think about it. I think if its a flip-phone, it'll look so much better just like Jolin Tsai's. ;) And hahaha, dont't worry. I can peel off my screen's protector together with the diamonds whenever I'm bored of them. ;p


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back To College

Good bye to my 2 months holiday.

I have a mixed feeling now. I miss those days when I used to spend a few hours with little childrens every day. When i get to take a long nap after work when it was still early. When I don't have problems or pressure about studies. BUT. There's a but; but I don't like the feeling of seeing no friend around. I don't like the feeling of staying at home and having no freedom at all. I don't like to scream and whack naughty kids everyday that might causes high blood pressure.

I love going to college, meeting my collegemates, crapping around the mamak stalls, wear clothes that I can't wear in the place I worked and learn new things everyday. But I cannot deny that I also did learn new things when I was working, hate to take public transport when it comes to transportation to and back college and hate to see my mum looking furios about the bloody increasement of the fees.

All I want is a license and possbile, a car to drive my brother and I to school without bothering my mum early in the morning. And also no problems of managing the tuition fee cum my allowance. Then, everything will be fine. I love studying. I really love to.

And oh stupid me just realised that I'm the only one who registered for 6 subjects for the new semester while everyone else took only 5. Hahahaha. Too smart or too stupid? Haha. Lucky I'm still able to drop it because I haven't pay for the fees yet.

And because of this long holiday, there were some changes on my course's schedule now. Supposed to have 7 semesters and now, by cutting more of the coming holidays, we have 4 semesters left that sums up to 6 semesters in total! And and and, its next year that I'm going to choose my major subject! Wow. Can't wait for it already.

Speaking of college, I was so excited when I met my old-friends today! Almost ALL of them had new hairstyle! This is so cool. Hahaha. And MOST of them said I've lost weight again. NO OKAY. Maybe its the clothes I wore today. Petite size. I din't okay. OKAY.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Reunion @ Thai

Before I left Singapore yesterday, I had a reunion lunch with my mum and both her sisters and families. We're only sort of my grandparents and both my little cousins and its a full family reunion; which didn't happen for almost 5 years. I think the last time we had everyone together was during my uncle's marriage. This doesn't include my 3 little cousins. Hmmn. Its hard for us to have a gathering like this.

So yesterday, we went to Bishan's Junction 8 for our dinner and me pulling my lagguage all along in the complex when everyone started to stare at me. Lucky the colour of the bag and my outfit matched. Hahaha.

Thai Restaurant @ J8

While we were waiting for the food's arrival.....

They looked so alike that Elaine is afraid people would mistaken them with TWINS.

And here comes the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was my second time eating there and the food there are still so yummy. Tee hee. This time, I ordered soemthing new to me there. The glass noodle with fish and tomyam soup. It sounds so delicious right? But no! It was toooooooooooooooooooooooooo spicy that almost every bite makes me choke. It is the bowl of mee in non-coloured soup; picture number2 row1. It doesn't look spicy at all right?!?!

And so, I pass it to my mum. I can't take it. REALLY. I ate her pineapple fried rice that was FABULOUS! And I too ate the fried glass noodle that Elaine ordered; picture1 row1. It was much more tastier than what I've ordered! Yummy yummy!!

I think everyone enjoyed their meal. The food is just too good. I wanna go there again!! Hahaha. But! Try not to order the Mango Sago there. The first time I had it, it was really awful I have to say. ;( The Mango Sago in Coca Restaurant is much more better! Hahaha.

And what's for dessert?? Red bean coconut ice-cream!! I think is was damn good that even my mum was trying to snatch that bowl of ice-cream from the others. Hahahaha.

Damn satisfied with that meal. But it would be better if I didn't order what looks nice and doesn't taste good earlier. ;(

And neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeext, we had something everyone love to eat...!!!

Cun right??!?!?!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Sales In Singapore!

I thought I would never had the chance to shop during the BIG sales here in Singapore. The plan to come here to Singapore was rather sudden. Everything was planned last minute lar. But it is better than nothing! Kekekeke...

Silly me brought only long sleeves tops here. Hahahahaha. The wheather here is much HOTTER than in Malaysia. Ooh dear. No choice but to wear Elaine's bigger clothes. Hahahaha.

Bugis Street

Like I said yesterday, my target, BUGIS AND ORCHARD. YES! I went to both places within 5 hours this afternoon. Not with Elaine, (so sad) but nevermind, I was with my Mum who can pay for the stuffs, both my aunts and little KaiWen. ;)

And I really hate this. My camera's batteries always go flat when I need them!!! Great. I miss taking a lot of nice pictures for the day. I want a new camera! ;p You have to understand that humans are always greeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy. Teehee.

Teenage Cafe @ Bugis Village

Banana Fritter

We had a meal before we spend al our energy doing shopping and it was FABULOUSS! The banana fritter was so so so finger licking's good. And this giant banana cost only $D 1!!!!!!! Yummy yummy!!

Right after the energy collection, I started shopping like a mad girl. Muahahahahahhaaha. 3 hours later, I took taxi to Orchard! The crowd there was scary.! Is the place too small or the people too much?

In Taka's toilet. ;p

Wow. The first and only place I went in was Zara. The clothes there are real cheap after discount. Could not consider more, and I grabbed a few tops which I ended up buying 5 tops, a pair of flat gold shoes and 2 necklaces today. How much I spent? This is crazy. I dint realised the amount spent until I calculate them home. Almost, reaching $D200. WOW. I din't know I was that rich. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I told you I'm more willing to spend SingDollars. I will never shop like this in Malaysia. Weird right? Hahahahaha.

Hahahahaha. Enough of shopping I guess, for now. I want to go to the beach lar!!!!!!!!!!! Kl tak da. ;p


Friday, July 14, 2006

Hello From Singapore

Yes, I really did the exchange of 8 hours' car journey with an one day plus trip in Singapooore! And the sales is still here!! YAY! I think 24 hours is enough for me to turn broke after shoppings. ;p

Lucky I brought my salary here in case I "need" them. Muahahahahahaha. But let's see; because I HATE TO DO SHOPPING ALONE! Oh dear, yes! Elaine, my cousin will not be entertaining me for these few days as well as my mum I guess. Great. I should have dragged a girlfriend here with me.

BUGIS! ORCHARD! Here I come tomorrow!! Please, save the S-sizes for me!!

p/s : I've got a vacancy here as a promoter @ Sunway Lagoon for a temporary tattoo stall. Working time; 11am-6pm weekday, weekend 10am -6pm, 6 days week, Tuesdays off. The pay? Basic 700, +1.5% commision (include lunch). So it would be around 1K per month. If you're interested. Tell me as soon as possible! ;)


Monday, July 10, 2006

Wish Making Post

I've just made a skin; after so long. I love to design things but they are never nice. I'm not artistic enough but I just enjoy doing it because I have nothing better to do. You can't stop me. ;9 Kindly click HERE to view my skin. Hahahaha. I'm making Tammie famous. ;)


Ooh?EVERYTHING DIED; almost every electronic stuff at home died. The air conditioner in my room and my brother's room died. My laptop died. Lucky my brother's computer is working fine. ;) Both the frigdes died. My light in my room isn't working as well. Even the rice cooker can't be used anymore. Great! The vcd player died. What else? Not enough? Everything is dying soon. Oh yeah, my mum's car too.

This is no good. My house is not like a house anymore? Okay, if I were to make a wish now, I want to have a house with complete furnitures and electronics accessories; a new house preferably. My house is in a mess now. We chuck everything everywhere. Haha.

Hopefully my wish can come true lar. I don't want to actaully stay in an environment like this.

Anyway, tomorrow will be my last day working at I-Kids Kindergarten & Day-care. I have mixed feelings about it. I feel happy yet I feel sad. Why am I happy? Because I can go back to college and need not scream and shout at the naughty stubborn kids anymore. But sometimes they are just too cute. I like them a lot that I actaully don't mind spending more time with them if they listen to me. I love kids. You know, I have a very strong motherly love. HAHA.

Cut this out. And I might be going to Singapore this weekend before my college starts! WHEE-HA. If only it can be a longer trip. But whatever, as long as I can do sometime unlike my daily routine now, I don't mind spending 8 hours in the car just to spend another approximately 35 hours in Singapore.

This is just a might but the possibility is very high. ;)

Please please please, make my dreams come true. Hahaha.

Very random post right? Am trying to rant out small little things that I want to share it here. *Thinks hardly* Yeah!!! I had a trial driving exam last Sunday and I passed! I'm proud of myself because I thought I would never pass unless I bribe them. And my instructor actaully said I had a great improvement and will definitely get my P license if I do well like this time on the coming real exam. Hehehehehe.

I want the license okay? Then I'll not bring anymore trouble to the others like I usual do. ;p Include this wish as well. ;)



Sunday, July 9, 2006

Test Your Brain

Was surfing around Friendster and found this post in my bulletin board. It is an I.Q. survey. I find it much more interesting than some other lame and pointless surveys. So, I thought of sharing it here. ;)

Highlight the text below the question for the answer. Don't cheat. It is fun! ;)
There you go!!!!!

1.) There is a man who lives on the top floor of a very tall building. Every day he takes the elevator down to the ground floor to leave the building andgo to work. Upon returning from work though, hecan only travel half way up in the lift and takes the stairs the rest of the way, unless it's raining, in which case he goes all the way up!

WHY? This is probably the best known and most celebrated of all lateral thinking puzzles. It is a true classic. Although there are many possible solutions which fit the initial conditions, only the canonical answer is truly satisfying.

The man is very very short and so can only reach half way up the lift lift buttons! However, ifit is raining then he will have his umbrella with himand so can press the higher buttons with that!

2.) A man and his son are in a car accident. The father dies on the scene, and the child is rushed tothe hospital. When he arrives, the surgeon arrives, the surgeon says "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son!" How can this be?

The surgeon is the boy's mother!

3.) A man is wearing all black. Black shoes,socks, trousers, jumper, gloves and balaclava. He is walking down a black street with all the street lamps off. A black car is coming towards him with its lights off, but somehow manages to stop in time. How did the driver see the man?

It was day time!

4.) Title : The Elder Twin.
One day Kerry celebratedher birthday. Two days later her older, identical twin brother, Terry, celebrated his birthday. Why?

At the time she went into labor, the mother ofthe twins was traveling by boat. The older twin, Terry, was born first early on March 1st. March 1st. The boat then crossed a time zone and Kerry, the younger twin was born on February the 28th. Therefore, the younger twin celebrates her birthday two days before her older brother.

5.) Title : Manhole Covers.
Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones? This is logical rather than lateral, but it is a good puzzle which can be solved by lateral thinking techniques. It is supposedly used by a very well-known software company as an interview question for prospective employees.

A square manhole cover can be turned and dropped down the diagonal of the manhole. Around manhole cannot be dropped down the manhole. So for safety and practicality, all manhole covers should be round.

6.) Title : The Deadly Party
A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone else who stayed late at the party drank the same punch and subsequently all died of poisoning. Why did the man not die?

The poison in the punch came from the ice cubes. When the man drank the punch, the ice was fully frozen. Gradually it melted, poisoning the punch.

7.) Title : Heaven
A man died and went to Heaven. There were thousands of other people there. They were all naked and all looked just as they did at the age of 21. He looked around to see if there was anyone he recognized. He saw a couple and he knew immediately that they were Adam and Eve. How did he know?

He recognized Adam and Eve as the only people without navels. Because they were not born of women, they had never had umbilical cordsand therefore they never had navels (This one seems perfectly logical but it can sometimes sparks fierce theological arguments!).

8.) Title : Trouble with Sons
A woman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year. But they were not twins. How could this be so?

They were two of a set of triplets (or quadruplets etc). This simple little puzzle stumps many people. They try out landish solutions involving test-tube babies or surrogate mothers. Why does the brain search for complex solutions when there is a much simpler one available?

9.) Title : The Man in the Bar
A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. The barman pulls out a gun and points it at the man. Surprisingly, the man said... 'Thank you' and leaves the bar. This puzzle has claims to be the best of the genre.

It is simple in its statement, absolutely baffling and yet with a completely satisfying solution. Most people struggle very hard to solve this one, yet they like the answer when they hear it or have the satisfaction of figuring it out.

The man had hiccups. The barman recognized this from his speech and drew the gun in order to give him a shock. It worked and cured the hiccups -- so the man no longer needed thewater. (This is a simple puzzle to state but a difficult one to solve. It is a perfect example of a seemingly irrational and incongruous situation having a simple and complete explanation. Amazingly this classic classic puzzle seems towork in different cultures and languages).

So, how did you score?

Scores: 0 to 1 correct = Complete Imbecile
2 to 4 correct = Borderline Idiot
5 to 7 correct = College Candidate
8 to 9 correct = Super Smart or Psychotic
10 correct = Obviously Dishonest


Friday, July 7, 2006

Happy 19th Birthday!!

Wish him lar!! ;9


Wednesday, July 5, 2006

High School Chicks

If you have been noticing the happenings around, or even bothered to flip through the newspapers, you'll definitely come across this BIG issue recently going on in Malaysia. Okay, if you have totally no idea on what am I going to talk about, it is the issue that high school girls from St Joe High School in Miri has brought up an issue about fights and bullies in high schools.

Their fight, hair pulling and cursings plus everything stuffs have been recorded by some other students and also exposed to almost every citizen of Malaysia by uploading it online. Here is it if you want to waste your 7 minutes to watch that. And the caption of the video posted is "Stop school bullying! Allow phones and cameras to be brought to schools." Stupid? Yes I call that stupid. If you think bullying should be stopped why record it? Call your teacher lar dong!

Wanna know about the content? I would talk about it here briefly if you can't understand their lousy mandarin. I think, the girl in PE attires has reported about their bad attitudes, what have they done to her to the teachers. And so, they received punishment and were not very happy about it and wanted to have her to release their anger by calling it a settlement for that day. Hahaha Funny. The whole objective of the girl in green if to ask whether did she betrayed them in the first place. Then, the fat girl in pinaform just added in for no reasons that I can see. An then, a Malay girl if I'm not mistaken.

They asked her rudely, "Did you say or not! I'm talking to you. Why aren't you answering." When the girl in white kept quite, they whacked her. And when she said NO, they asked her to pull off her pants to proved that she's innocent. No sense right? You are exactly not asking for the answer by trying to show your "power"? They even asked her to kneel down to them. Eat shit lar, who do you think you are? If you noticed, they were some guys talking but not helping out in the first place. The camera man was worse. He even give comments about the length of the video. Hey, you thought you're filming a movie is it? There is even an idiot posing her la-la peace sign in the middle of the fight showing her satisfation for that. Frankly, you're ugly.

What are they actually thinking? I don't think involving in a fight is such a big deal that but I think by uploading it for the public to actaully download and watch it for their own pleasure is a very childish thing to do. What are their objectives? To show off or to seek for attention?

The first thing that I don't understand is that, WHY DO YOU EVEN WANT TO BULLY A GIRL WHEN YOU ARE IN A GANG? Actaully I won't call this a fight because they one who picks on the other girl are actaully have no courage to handle the thing on her own. Why do you need to call up your gang if you are that powerful huh!? Is it that you are damn afraid that you'll lose so you called for your backups?

I'm glad that the girls are now kicked out from the school and has no rights to go to schools until the Minister of Educations nods his head. Serve you right, right? You should have expected something like this? Want to be popular mar. Want to be the leader of all? Now you are.

Another case which is more serious took place in Singapore. Something similar also but this time I pity the victim. The bullies actaully whacked her like nobody's business when she has no chances of escape. As if she was not a human. She was dragged here and there and was being stripped infront of the camera. The girls are crazy. Totally out of their mind. I really don't know what is on their mind during that time. Do you think it is actaully fun doing so? Maybe yes lar, they stupid one mar. They never thought of the consequences. NO. They never thought of the victims feeling. They should be even jailed!

Sorry if YOU who read this is somehow related to them. This is posted based on my own opinions and how I feel towards this issue. I think that, all the bullies should be given a tough lesson and people who are always being picked and bullied should sound out. Don't give them the chance to act like the boss. Don't give in. Don't call for your gang because it will be worse but report about the whole thing. Make it like a drama, create another fight and set them into it! Hahahahahahaha. ;) Bring a professional camera man this time.

Edit : Try this!!! ;9


Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Senseless Post

Alright, I've just realised that I've nothing interesting or significant to blog about anymore. It seems like my life is turning down and dull. The everyday routine during the holidays sucks. At least it is now.

The feeling of being isolated with the others is worse when I have no friends to talk to, colleagues that have different wave lengths. And when I have nothing to do at all, I love to think. I can think of almost anything under the sun; mostly negative. Have you heard that mostly thin people has depression? I'm not sure but I guessed so.

Sometimes I've some points to rant about, gossips to talk about, problems to talk about and things to discuss about BUT I cannot find a suitable time to rant about, the right people to gossip with and the good listener to hear the bloody problems I'm encountering.

Sometimes I want to blog about my sorrow and sad stuffs but I'm afraid it would be a little to private to be shared here. I don't like to put up private stuffs in public yeah. This is what made PRIVATE and PUBLIC. Some poeple just don't understand. Sometimes I even typed them out but ended up deleting the post though there are only a small amount of guest in my blog.

I request for only simple things. A shoulder for me when I'm sad, some friends to hang out with when we have nothing better to do, someone to share my happy stuffs, someone who I can share my problems that no others will know about it. Very hard meh?

I admit that I've tons of friends, good friend I mean but WHY. Why most of them actaully betrayed me? Yes, even close friends that I trust betrayed me. I'm a sensitive girl. Even if it is a very minor thing for you, it might be a BIG ISSUE for me. I would not need to to keep it as a secret if I want the whole world to know. Sometimes people betray just to earn their own benefits. Don't be so selfish okay? I've feelings and I'm a friend of yours not a human to be betrayed.

Honestly, so far I've only A FEW friends that have never put me in this situation before. Very sad case right? Am I not good enough to be your friend or what? Or too good, too kind for you to climb over my head.

Yes lar, memang my bonding with my friends not very good ever since I met him. I just want to devote to him 100% and hoping the same from him in return. But I cannot expect him to lose his friends as well. Sometimes I want to be selfish but I know I cant. I don't want to be as annoying as some people around.

For a moment I was thinking, why am I so emotional huh? Menstrual punya pasal ke? Hahaha. Never mind, blabbing this out helps me to feel more relieved but don't take it as a joke. I'm still serious about this. ;)

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Monday, July 3, 2006

5 Seconds Body Checkup

I visited a Qi Gong master with my mum yesterday. The master was so, was so, was so... powerful?? He was like great? Superb? I think he has super natural powers; a type of power that allows him to know every single sickness someone is having without him touching that person.

He looked at him, standing sitll 1 metre away from me asking the rest to move aside. I dont know where he looked that told him I've weak kidney (instead of heart). He said I took too much sweet stuffs that weakens my kidney. At the same time, it effects my left leg.

Quite true. The kidney, on my left always feel erm, weird, uneasy while my left leg gets numb very easily. It has not much strength. ;( The last thing he said was NO MORE WATERMELON, BANANA and DURIAN for me. Or was it LESS? And no, he did not mention anything about chocolate. ;) Oopsi. Maybe i took to much of brown sugar.


Anyway, problems has occured in my msn account. Not the msn itself but only my account. I don't know why. At first, I can't change the display picture and now, I cant even put a picture on it. It says the pictures doesnt work to be display pictures. Anyone knows what happened and how to work on it?


Saturday, July 1, 2006

IU day + International Food Fiesta

I wanna say that I'm really stupid!!!!!!! I din't know IU day was IU day and the International Food Fiesta was another event. I thought both were a same thing. No wonder there were so many young children in school today. I was suprised to see them. Haha.

The wheather was very very very hot that you can see me wet and blushing. Haha. Someone just broke my heart telling me that I looked like an aunty. ;( Sigh.

I was really excited when I was on the way heading to school. But I was kind of disappointed when I see no more familiar faces. All also young children. And the first familar face I saw was Mr. Khaw. Hahahahahaha. He was so cute. I said "Hi, Sir!" And smiled to him. I think he acted that he recognized me and answered, "Ooh hie. How are you now? I hope you are fine. Have fun okay?"

Then I saw a few juniors that I recognized. The kind ones did said HI to me and stuffs. And there was this girl who I didn't like who actaully talked to me. Too bad lar if the rude me didn't give you any response but I don't want to force myself to do something I don't like. ;)

Very soon later, I met more faces that I know. People like green-eye girl!!! Damn horrible lar your eyes. I don't dare to look into it. And and and, sorry I left the cookie in Carmen's car. It's now all hers I didn't get to eat. ;( I left my balloon in the car too. Sobs.

I wanted to play the games but I just hate to stay nay longer under the hot sun with long sleeve huh. And it forced me to leave school. Too hot. Wanted to catch a movie after that staying under the air-con hall but almost every show is fulled. Sad lar.

Really sad. And what? I received a call from home when I was still outside. A bad news that my condo was on fire!!!!!!! I was so shocked. The lot below my house was on a fire because someone spilled the oil and lited fire on the prayer's table. And it caused the people to be in a shocked. Everyone ran out of the house almost imediately until the fire engine was here. I missed it? ;p

Lucky there was no injury and stuffs. The was is now burnt and black. Aiyah, my brother says his nose also black. Hahahaha. The guys were to careless lar and so lucky to be alive now. And on the way home from Bangsar, I passed by a accident scene. Shit! I saw a bloody dead body. Very very kesian. ;( Sigh. The accident rate in KL is getting higher and higher. So terrible that it effects me on my thoughts on to driving. Scary!!