Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your World, Your Classroom.

I visit Nuffnang's homepage at least once a day to check what cool stuffs or events are going on right now. About a week ago, something in the page attracted me! It was some gadgets at the side of the page. It was a DSLR camera and there was also a Itouch. Haha. Of course, I did click on the related to check out what are those stuffs doing in the page. And then, I found out they are actually some prizes to be won!? If it is so, how can I miss it?

I want those prizes!! :)

And the contest is really a simple one. All you need to do is to snap a picture of you and/or your friends reading books or using a laptop in an ideal, interesting or outrageous learning environment of personal choice. Then, add the provided stamp here to make your picture looks like a postcard. In addition, you would have to add a caption to your photo with nomore than 10 words, relating to the theme, “Your World, Your Classroom.” Once it is all done, upload it in your blog and mail the postcard to your friends! For more detailed info, click here.

I want those prizes!! :)

But har, I've been pretty busy recently. I havent got the time to take a decent photo for this contest but I dont want to miss it either. And so, I browse thru some picture I already have and took one of them to join this first. Hahaha. Later, I'll take something better and submit again. And yes, we can submit more than one entry lar :D

There you go,

Its a very simple one with no outrageous or interesting background. Will do it better again.

All the best to me :)


Saturday, February 21, 2009

To the 21st

I have this idea of sharing the 21st birthday parties I attended during every 21st of the month. I guess I'll be attending a lot of them since most of my friends and I are turning 21 this year. Hehe.

Jocelyn's Birthday @ Duta Vista, 14 February 2009

#01 This is the pretty Jocelyn. Her actual birthday is on the 17th February. And oh, I met her during my hair show job :) She's a sweet one.

#02 And the guys I met in the hair show too. Sven and Alvin. They have now turned into good buddies.

#03 I never photoshop Alvin's face. He was just overloaded with beer.

#04 Her birthday cake.

#05 The group picture :) I wonder where are the other guys and girls looking at. Ish.

#06 Happy birthday Jocelyn.

Sze Wei's birthday @ her house, 15 February 2009

#07 That's on her actual birthday.

#08 The the cupcakes that say, 21! :D

#09 The princess, Sze Wei :)

#10 With her bestie, the pretty Lulu pau.

#11 Together with us again. Hehe.

#12 Happy birthday Christina!!

Poh Juan's Birthday @ Tmn Melawati, 19th February 2009.

#13 Haha this is weird because not many people celebrate their birthdays later than the actual date. His actual birthday was a day before the celebration.

#14 Happy 21st!! Not a nice cake though ;p

#15 Oh well, just realized I dint appear in any pictures of the night. Aiks.

Once again, Happy birthday friends!! :D

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know you love your skin too!

After three weeks of using Garnier Pure A Anti-Imperfection Scrub Wash, my skin's condition is improving!! I am damn happy! See the pictures below;

Okay, this was the worst time of my skin. I had a lot of pimples then. See my pores, damn big right :(

And this, WEE! The pores are still there but much smaller! I swear I never do any photo editing to this picture. I dont need too! Hahaha. Very very satisfied with the results :) I am going to continue using it till the pores are tighten more and more. HAHA.

What are you waiting for? So get one now and start using it today! What can makes a girl happier then to have pretty and healthy skin. Hehehe.

Thank you Garnier. Thank you Nuffnang.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution


Hahaha. Dragonball reminds me of Sailormoon *_* My brother and I used to rent anime tapes to watch when we were younger. He rented Dragonball and I watched Sailormoon. Hahahahaha.

Seriously, their dialogues are really classic. "
Kuai bo hei gong!!!" shouts the guy in Dragonball. "I'll represent the moon to punish you!" cries Sailormoon. Muahahahahahahaha.

And yes, I want to watch the movie premier with Nuffnang! You?


Go Kame hame ha now!


Friday, February 13, 2009

This is a blog filler

Here are some pictures during CNY which I have not shared in my blog. Some pictures I stole from facebook. Some polaroid pictures. Hehe.

#01 This is how I look when I photoshop-ed my eye bag and black eye ring. Hahaha.

#02 A group picture during Audrey's farewell. I need a hair do. I need to dye them :( You see, so ugly :(

#03 A picture I stole from Facebook. Haha. A CNY session at Peilu's :)

#04 Gambling session at Casino de Peilu. Haha. And that's Joanne beside me.

#05 A polaroid with Peilu. I wonder what happened to Carmen's left arm. Oops.

#06 Another one with the other girls. I like polaroid cause it makes the people in it look better. Hahahaha.

#07 And that's Carmen drinking from the bin ;p

#08 That' us cycling in Bukit Jalil. And seriously, I've lost count when was the last time I cycled. My muscles hurt now :(


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because I love my skin

See how much I love my skin? Hahaha. The picture above is made to be perfect (yalar, photoshop-ed!) but in fact, my skin doesnt look like what you guys think it would be. They may look nice in pictures because we have photoshop and make up but if you do not have both of these, sigh. I'm afraid my readers get nightmares.

Major problems about my skin are like; sensitive to most of the facial products (My skin usually itches and go swollen. I cannot go for facial one! Damn sad), too dry and big pores cum damn lots of blackheads. And these gigantic pores and blackheads are not only on my nose but also on my cheek; the partial near to the nose. Maybe its caused by the blackhead peeling-off mask that I do regularly.

So what about people who doesnt own or know how to use Adobe Photoshop? No worries. I have got something to recommend you girls and guys :)

First of all,
The Garnier Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask.

So what does it supposed to do?
Well, this product works to remove impurities and excess sebum that can block your pores. Like said, it is able to keep your pores clean for seven days and therefore you'll only need to use this once a week. It's self-heating formula helps opens up the pores on your skin so that it can be deeply purified.

What does it contains?
The product contains natural ingredients of clays which are able absorb excess oils and zinc. They are known to regulate the skin. It also contains cucumber extract.

How do you use it?
Its as simple as ABC! Even easier than to cook the instant mee. Hahaha it actually rhymed ;p So anyway, similarly to cooking a packet of instant mee, this self-treatment takes you only 3 minutes, 3 minit, 3
fen zhong! All you need to do is apply the product on your face, particularly on the T-zone areas. The T-zone areas are the forehead, nose and chin. Leave it for 3 minutes (You can sit on the toilet bowl while reading magazine, please dont walk around your house because you might scare the others. Its blue weh) then rinse it. That's it!

So did it work on me?
After the treatment, my skin felt really fresh and tingly. Wee! And remember me saying that I have sensitive skin? I did not react to the mask at all! :D

Another product would be the
Garnier Pure A Anti Imperfection Scrub Wash.

So what does this supposed to do?
This scrub wash is developed to help fighting against the stubborn imperfection. It has the formula to tighten pores, regulate sebum, removing blackheads, and impurities. It also delays skin regreasing and helps to clear imperfection cum stopping them from popping up again! So say bye bye to black heads and greasy skin!

What is it made of?
It is made of Zinc and Salicylic acid for the anti bacterial side. It smells good :)

How do you use it?
Squeeze the liquid out from the tube and apply it on your face. But before that, make sure your face is cleansed. Then, gently massage the scrub mask. Remember to concentrate on your T-zone because that area seems to be the most stubborn area of our face's skin. Rub for about 2-3 minutes then rinse it thoroughly. That's it. If your skin is dry, I do advice that you apply some moisturizer on your skin :)

So did it work on me?
I'm happy to say YES! Once again, I'm really happy that my sensitive skin did not react to it. After 3 days of using it, the gigantic pores on my T-zone are now much smaller too although they are not entirely small yet. Soon I guess! Keke. And also, my skin is now less greasy. Damn happy okie.

Hehehehehehe. So what are you waiting for? Go get it now!! I cant wait to see my skin getting better and better. Muahahaha *evil*

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7th Day of Niu Year

Event : Ji Mui's Gathering
Date : 1st February 2009
Venue : Dragon Boat Restaurant, Kampung Pandan.

Did you know it was also one of the most important days in CNY? It was everyone's birthday! Hehe.

#01 The girls in Phay Yan's restaurant. The
dim sum was goooooooooooooood.

#02 The four of them. Kai Yee, Wan Wei, Lie Peh and Pui Yeen.

#03 And the four of us. We are the CCTV :) Know why?

#04 The hungry girls waiting for the
yee sang. Ahaha.

Yee sang yee sang!

#06 Getting ready... Left hand for chopstick and right for the camera.

#07 What a mess! Haha.

#08 Having fun doing the lou sang. Hehe. But ah, I dont really like to eat it one.

#09 Group picture with Phay Yan. I wasnt ready yet weh.

#10 The very very nice dessert.

#11 They are really good. Must try their desserts weh.

#12 The executive managress serving us ;p

#13 More desserts. I cant remember the name but it was mango gravy with vanilla ice cream plus strawberry, pomelo and I cant remember what's that frog egg alike thingy called.

#14 Enjoying the desserts.

#15 Another dish. I dint try this though.

#16 A group picture outside the restaurant.

#17 Then, we went to Boon Teng's house at Serdang's Equin Park.

#18 Pui Yeen and I. She dresses very well for every events and meet ups :)

#19 These girls are evil. They kept making fun of my dress cause it flies when its windy :(

#20 Hahaha. Carmen, dont be sad la :)

#21 Dont be too happy either!

#22 Us spending time laughing back at ourselves in our school book, Segar.

#23 Cindy said, " I havent been laughing so much in a day since long time ago.. My lungs ache".

#24 Joey, Carmen and Iris.

#25 Last but not least, the three of us again :)