Friday, December 1, 2006

The Conversation with a Kid

The one I snapped at the PB round about

I supposed you have been seeing this poster everywhere in town! Hahaha. Jay Chou is everywhere in town! :) There are 3 of this itself in Taman Maluri, together man. They are driving me crazy. Haha. I dont know why but I get very excited everytime I see this giant poster.

There was once, I shouted out loud to Ivan, my little cousin. "LOOK! Zhou Jie Lun!!"

Ivan replied, "You bluff me! That's not Zhou Jie Lun."

Me, "Yes lar. The one beside leh... That's Jay lar.."

Ivan, "NO! Jay's hair long long one.. That one is not Jay."

Until this part of the conversation, I then realised he knew Jay as the one looking like this below.

Scene from the Fearless MV

Remember this post? ;p Kids are just so cute? You'll never know what's on their minds. Hahaha. On the same night, Ivan asked me something silly. We were both in the back seats of the car, looking out the window. Viewing the nightlight of KL.

He pointed and asked, "Jeje, what's that thing. The tall tall. Got 2 same one?"

Me, "That's KLCC. Say, K-L-C-C"

Ivan followed. And continued, "Why is KLCC following us everywhere we go?"

I bursted into laughters. I did not know how to answer him in the first place. Its actaully because the building is so tall and so big that we can actaully see it form almost anywhere in KL. I think and think... Whether should I lie, make up some stories or not. Then I decided something.

Me, "No. Its some building. Got shopping complex below. Very big. Very tall...." I tried to explain it as simple as possible because he's just a 5 years old kid. I did my explanation with my fingers on my palm. He gave me a very blur stare and acted as if he knew what was I saying. Then, not long later, we could not see KLCC anymore.

He cried, "EHH. No more KLCC."

Me, "Yeah. You know why?"

Ivan, "They went for petrol is it.....?"


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