Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Starting college...

Although it is already the second day of college, but the weird feeling is still within me, my body and it is wondering around in my mind.

What weird feeling could it be? Nothing serious. Just that i dont have the feeling of a college study. Most probably i'm not used to the environment now. But i guess, sooner or later, i will fit myself in the warm and friendly environment. If it wasnt my friends who are reminding me, i thought i was just some high school students attending some extra course or tuition. Alamak.!

Talking about my classmates, they are indeed friendly. We just get along very easily. Maybe because we are the mass commies. ;p And that i heard the students in the other course are having a hard time looking for friend.

I think throughout this course, i can improve my English. I mean the way i speak. I'm such a weird person that i dont have a major language to use. Mandarin is my mother language but i'm not so good at it afterall because i dont have Mandarin classes when i was in high school. As for cantonese, i'm worse. I actaully learnt it through tv dramas and friends. Now that i'm in an environment where almost ALL my friends are speaking fluently in English, that hits me on my head. I SHOULD LEARN TO SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH NOW! Is it too late? I hope not.

Bla bla bla.... I accompanied my entry today with a cam-whore picture i took in college.

I looked darn tired ok. I had only a 6 hours sleep which i'm so not used to it. I'm dreaming in class. Shit. *Slaps myself again to keep me awake*

Day 12

Remarks : They are growing too fast. What did i use to plant them?


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