Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Imaginary Vacation

Date : 29th March 2009
Venue : Our imaginary Bali Island! ;)

#01 She blows at the windmill and I blow her flower off.

#02 The girls in stripes.

#03 Eh. Why this picture not Bali-ish one!!

#04 This is how we made the whole imaginary island worked; by adding Bunga Melur! ;p

#05 Just imagine seeing her with the beetle car by the sea side...

#06 Imagine me doing the jump on the shore... No, you dint see the sign board behind.

#07 I dont think I look this thin in other pictures actually... Right? Must be the lighting or so.!

#08 Wuu. I like this picture of Carmen. She was sun tanning at the lake side of Bali...

#09 The manicure we had at the beach side....

#10 Does this looks like a flower to you? Haha. I call this the shit.

Wow. We had a wonderful one hour vacation in Bali. It was cool and fun. Wants to go to Bali's beach again very soon. Anyone?

Ooh we have good imaginations. Or was it only just me?

p/s : Photoshop can turn your pictures from plain to a different kind of mood (like how I did mine) by just a few click in "Action" or not, set the brightness and contrast then adjust the colour balance and curves of your pictures. I love the retro mood :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


叶子 是不会飞翔的翅膀
翅膀 是落在天上的叶子
天堂 原来应该不是妄想

Edit (07 April 2009)
The singer of this song is no longer here. She passed away yesterday. Breast cancer took her away at the age of 34. Life is fragile. And now it adds even more sadness and emo-ness to the song :'( Rest in peace.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Its time for PARTY again!!!!!!! :)

The Nuffnang Music Bash '09 by Maxis Broadband.

In order to get invited to the party, we need to dress up like any celebrity of our choices. The first one who came to my mind was Jolin Tsai. Haha. Out of no where but it is not easy to look like her almost immediately to get the pictures. First thing I need to do to impersonate her would be the pretty manicures, which I obviously dont have it now. So I changed a celeb. And now I'm..........................


I dont have her type of clothes either but I have her ice cream!!! HAHAHA. Except that mine is shrinked ;p

Please tell me I dint fail impersonating her in the picture.

Besides posting picture of yourself impersonating the celeb, we also need to tell the Nuffies how you wish to be treated if you’re a celebrity. So, if I were a celebrity, I wish to have unlimited wardrobe and make up sponsors! :D I want to appear in public, or if can at home also, in different outfits and yet I do not need to spend on them then abandon them later. That would be soooooooooo cool!

And I'm done for the invitation post. Weeeeeeeeeee.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Eyes Baby

I have another little cousin whom I have yet to intro in my blog. She's the little sister of Ivan and Tammie. Her name is Kah Yee. Only 6 months old now.

And I'm officially jealous of her having such pretty eyes........................

I guess Tammie is jealous too! Haha. Grr. Damn cute right?

Her eyes..................................... O_O

I'm jealous...................... Why are my eyes like these 0_O and her like these O_O But fair enough, she's a mixed. She's a Chindian :) Ehhh. Then what happened to her elder sister? HAHAHAHA. :-X


Monday, March 16, 2009

Because you are curious...

About my erm, work? Yes, you are curious. Haha.

After I've graduated from Taylor's, most of you asked if I'm still studying or working already. My answer would be, "I'm working already.." Then, the next question would be, "As what?" I would paused. And sometimes I'll answer, housewife. Sometimes I'll say secret agent. Sometimes I'll answer, "It is complicated. I dont know how to explain" and skipped the topic. Haha. Its not really very complicated. It is erm. I'm just lazy to elaborate I guess. Haha.

Okay, this is it. I hope these pictures and video can help me explain better!

#01 Our first booth in The Mines Shopping Fair.

#02 This is the crowd while business is going on!

#03 These are our customers; in and behind the screen.

#04 This is the raw product.

#05 This is the place where the final product is stored in.

The video!

So, have you got the picture already?

If you still have no idea, well, this is a new thing in Malaysia. I dont know how or what to call this in short but it is some sort of green screen technology that attaches your heads with the pre-recorded dancers' bodies and make them into one. Heads are usually made bigger than the bodies to make the people look funnier and cuter. Haha. Then, we'll produce your music videos and make them into a DVD for you!


It is really easy. I have to tell these at least 100 times per day.

Firstly, choose the song you would love to be featured in. We have more than 20 songs for you to choose weh. Then, sit on the stools accordingly. Next, you will be wrapped up with our green cloths. Make sure you wrapped up everything except for your heads! Haha. Then, look into the TV screen in front of you, you'll see your head being attached to another body! SCARY-NYA! Hahaha. Once the music starts, dance together with the body. Try to follow the body so that your head wont lost contact with it. Remember lar to smile or sing while dancing. It'll look more convincing! Hehe. And that's it! Once the music stops, you're done with the video. Just walk forward to the counter and pay for the DVD. Then, go do your shopping and come back in 15 minutes to get your video. Haha. EASY RIGHT!

Now you know what's happening! I'm working for Dance Idol. Haha.

And these few weeks, I have been very tied up with work that's why I'm not updating my blog. I'm really sorry. I'll soon okay!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because the Sun will Burst

Look out people! Sunburst 09 is coming to you!

Korn (No joke!),Erykah Badu, N.E.R.D, Skye, Naturally 7, Butterfingers, Nidji, Estranged, Hujan, Bunkface, Dead Mushroom, Pesawat, Estrella, Joe Flizzow and many more. Wow! I'm sure that it'll be a great night seeing all these artistes performing, ALL IN ONE NIGHT on this coming 21st of March at Equestrian Club, Bukit Kiara! How cool will that be!!

And yeah, these people are going to rock till the sun burst! Haha.

Are you worrying that you could not afford buying the concert's ticket? Fret not! S.O.X a.k.a School of X is giving away FREE tickets worth RM203 each! In case if you are wondering what school is that, well it is not a school where students study in but it is a prepaid plan made specially for students from age 12 to 18 :)

And dear students of S.O.X, how can you win the FREE tickets?

Kindly grab your phone, type in "REGFREETIX" and send to "28881". Upon receiving a confirmation via SMS, just top up RM30 of prepaid credit before the 17th March 2009 to stand a chance to win these FREE tickets. It's as simple as ABC.! :)

Not a student of S.O.X? Join now.

Stop reading already. SMS to win now! Good luck and bye!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Because We're Like That La!

Because Carmen says we are like that :p

#01 The nerd, the cool and the frog! Haha.

#02 All these props are stuffs you can find in my room! :)

#03 This picture is inspired by Nelson Tan. Haha. Nelson Tan is nobody but if you translate it directly into Mandarin, it sounds like Niao Sheng Tan and it means bird laying eggs! Haha.

#04 The hip hop girls, yo!

#05 The birthday girl, the lost one and the wrapped up one.

#06 we love this picture because of Carmen's expression. But we really dont mean anything offensive. Just pure coincident with the poses. Sorry!

#07 Carmen the star girl. Haha. Look at her finger ;p

#08 The
lala girls.

#09 When my hormones drawings went wrong!

#10 Gotcha!!

#11 I damn suka this picture! Hahaha. Look at all of us!

#12 And the polaroid pieces for each of us! :)


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Girls Gone Wild


Monday, March 2, 2009

The Record Book (Aiyoh)

I was packing my cupboard awhile ago and I found my record book. My primary and secondary's record book. The feeling was indescribable. I cant find a suitable word for it. Haha. It was something that I never liked but it is now something I treasure. How many of you still keep it huh?

#01 The classic one and the lousy one. The one on the left is the older one (still under MBF, haha) which is also the one with better quality compared to the newer one on the right. Juniors, how does the record book looks like now?

#02 Have you juniors even saw or used this before? The hard cover one. It looks like the longer version of passport.

Okay, let's see what is inside of my record books. Haha. Firstly, the primary's.

#03 I looked so innocent and sad :( but cute. HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I was the 1170th student in SSG okay! I know its now called Sri Garden Kuala Lumpur but during my era it was SSG. So, to me its still SSG ♥

#04 The classes I've been in. The names of classes used to be named after flowers. A for Azelea, B for Begonia, C for Canna, D for Dahlia, E for.... Forgotten! Haha. These names were then changed to S,G,A,R,D,E,N which stands for Sri Garden in short in the year of 2000. Alah, for the first time I dropped to the 3rd class (Primary 1-3 wasnt counted! We were categorized based on results starting from Primary4!). Luckily it wasnt 6C. It sounded a bit wrong ;p

#05 Imagine how petite was I at the age of 8.

#06 Still was very tiny at the age of 12 :(

#07 Now, the secondary's record book. The classes I've been in. The names of classes were still in S,G,A,R,D,E,N's system until Form4. Then, it was categorized with numbers. During the last year of schooling, the school made a not-so-good decision to categorize the classes according to the teachers' names. Mine was 5scK. K stands for Khoo Boo Guan. Haha. The idea only lasted for one year I think. It was changed back to normal on the following year. Haha. I remember there was 5scMa. So funny. Ma stands for Mabel. HAHAHA.

#08 Fuiyoh. For the first time in my life (when I was 13), I failed a subject. I hate history :(

#09 Then, there was more red marks :( This was form4. HAHAHA.

#10 THE WORST RESULT I'VE GOTTEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I THINK THIS PAGE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. I THINK THE TEACHER MADE A MISTAKE. I WAS SHOCKED WHEN I FLIPPED AND SAW THIS PAGE. HOW CAN THIS BE? Look at my chemistry man. It was only 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got only 50 for maths?!?!?!?!!? BIG SHIT. This was form4 too :( :( I want to bang my head to the wall now.

#11 On the following year of Form 5, the results were much better. I think I must have gotten the lesson in form4 to study better. Hahaha. And you see, I scored the highest for English in my class. Haha. Just realized that ;p It was really good but not anymore I guess. And I dropped Accounts. That isnt my result. I hate Accounts.

#12 And oh, in the same folder that I kept my books, I found a pile of certificates. This was UPSR. Haha.

#13 Look at my SPM's forecast! Hahaha. It looked so good compared to the real SPM certificate! HAHAHA. I forced En. Adenan, the Chemistry teacher to give me an A. HAHAHA. And Miss Geetha, the add math teacher forced me to hand up ALL her homeworks which I did not complete in order to get my forecast. She said she'll leave it blank if we dont hand up her homeworks. HAHAHA. None of us handed up (Okay, some did. Less than 10 students) and she gave us 7D. HAHAHA.

But I scored a credit for it in SPM ;p And I did badly in Art. I wasnt happy at all. I had only 4B! LIKE WTH! The reason was because my project went out of topic! ^%$!&%?! But when I proposed and handed it up, my teacher said it was alright............... WHAT A WASTE! :( I was always the top scorer of Art in my class. Was damn confident one lor, but not anymore :(

You see, I improved my History. In college level, I've got an A :D Hehe. Damn happy.

Are these certificate still important?! I think I threw my PMR's one away. HAHAHA. I was really upset with it I guess. I remember I had PTS too and the results was TAK LAYAK. Haha. If I remembered correctly, there was only 3 or 4 students who scored LAYAK in my batch. And only one student choosed to skip Primary4.

Ooh, those were the days. I'm going to show these to my future kids and let them have a good laugh at my results. Haha.