Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Congratulations to my mama. Dont congratulate me. :)

Today, I dont quite like this morning. I had to wake up much earlier than normal days when I need to attend classes. It's my mama's big day. All of us, rushed to dress ourselves nicely and we left the house before the sky was bright. We headed to my grandparents' crib and then, speeded to Shah Alam.

It took us almost an hour to reach there because there was massive jams here and there. Plus, situtation was worst when we were lost in the wonderland of factories. Haha. NO. The duration taken was ok but imagine the space in between 4 humans behind the car's seat. Damn cramp ok? My ass so was painful, till now.

That's not all. We were not allowed, I mean my grandparents were not allowed to work as the witness for the marriage because they were in jeans. WTH! I could not believe we actually did the stupid, idiotic, careless mistake that made us drive all the way back to KL's Pandan Perdana just to change in formal clothes. Dang it. And once again, it took us another one hour plus to actaully reach there, the same destination again.

Everything set and checked. Nohing has been left behind and they are ready to be called for registration. Everyone of us, my mum, the guy, my grandparents, my brother and I rushed into the room before we were too late.

"You tak boleh masuk," said a Malay staff behin the door, to me. I was blurred. "HUH!" At first, I thought I was not allowed to enter because I was wearing my pretty flat NOSE shoe but actaully it was....... "Kanak-kanak bawah 12 tahun tak boleh enter," he replied with a very very very strict face. I throwed my answer to his face PROUDLY, "I'm eighteen!" HAHAHAHA. So, he was like, "OOOH. Okokok...."

After all the craps, finally comes the swears and stuffs. The lady in red sopke in Bahasa Melayu very fast that no one of us in the room, except for herself understands it. And instead of saying "I do", they were to say, "Saya setuju." Crap. I want to say, "Wo yuen yi." Bla bla bla. And finally, they are officially married, which actaully makes no difference to me, actaully.

P/s: This is the first time the guy appears in my camera and stuffs. I've never taken his picture no matter in what occasion or event. I remembered there was once, during my aunt's wedding, she and her husband were to drink the tea - one of the process in the Chinese's marriage thingy. They told me to shot a picure of them but I did not. I played camera tricks with Elaine where he will never appear in the pictures. ;p


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