Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just My Luck

I wonder how life coul be so ironic sometimes. Hahaha. Really. I was damn moody this morning and I hate to speak even a single word. I don't know.

And I was supposed to present about Operating System, Basic Computer Studies today with a friend of mine. I thought I was going to die because I cannot remember a single word from the slides I made. I thought he was going to kill me. Lucky he was considerate enough to switch the parts to talk about. I've got the simpler one. And we came out with a not bad presentation I think. The lecturer had a happy smile on her face. HEE.

Then next, I was feely bloody unpleasent on the way home, while in the car. Screw PMS and I had the feeling of it-is-so-gonna-stain-on-my-bottoms!! And great! I kena what I dont want. Hello? And I was like in the LRT train where hundreds of people are in it. Damn embarassing you know!

Then on the same time, I received a call with no numbers displayed. I was really suprised when I first picked up the call and I was told that the person over the line was calling from Seventeen magazine! I thought I was in for the casting but sadly no! She told me I've just won the Best-Friend contest sponsored by Clean&Clear. Er.. Better than nothing, I thought. The prize was a movie night with my best friend with another 19 pairs of good friends at Cineplex on the coming Monday. Oh dang, it falls on the first day of my Mid term exam.

Why lah keep fooling meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Fine! I was pretty exicted about it and I rushed to the car once it reached the Cempaka station. Okay lar, also not letting the others to notice the stain below ;p And I saw you-know-who in the car! So, I thought my baby laptop was here!!!!!! Damn happy okay but before anyone said anything, he said in advance, "Eh. Not that I dint buy you know. The model you want not here yet.." ISH!

Lastly, I was facing financial problem right now okay. I mean personal financial and had no money to pay for car pool. Hahahaha. You-know-who was not any good-for-nothing person. At least he can help me pay my bills! ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p


Thursday, August 24, 2006


Edit: I've just added a camwhore section under my profile section on the left hand side of this blog. It's a brand new album where I share my camwhore pictures in public. And no, its unlike multiply where I post only pictures taken on certain event or special date in groups. ;)


Sunday, August 20, 2006

You pushed me back to Hell once I stepped on Heaven. ;(

Some might know about this, I was in a progress of getting a car. I was very happy and looking forward about it.

"Your car is coming next week." she said.

And I almost went crazy when I heard those words from my mum. She prepared everything I should have in my car. Sounds silly but yes. She bought me a car kit ot whatsoever, umbrella bla bla bla.. And even a kayu to whack people; only for emergency lar! ;p Me too!!! I was so so so so happy and I thought I was dreaming because I never dreamt of my mum getting me a car so quickly!

But what the hell.

She canceled the car buying plan just yesterday. I was speechless man. I don't know why. It happened just so sudden. ;(

I'm very sad now okay. Especially when I see the almost-my-car around town. ;( And I was so mad yesterday that I sticked the P sticker on her car and drove.......... Hahaha. I'm not happy now!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Freaking Freaky

Maybe I took too much sweet things today and they made me hyper for the whole day. I made fun and fool around with my friends, I laughed like nuts, I cannot stop talking, and I was never serious this morning. The other side of me which maybe may not have seen. Hahaha. I dont think you would wanna see it anyway.

So the point was, there was this senior in my campus which looked so much like Ahpiao, not 'uncle' but my mr.good friend, Tan Ah Piao. Hahahahaha. Whenever we, as in me and my friends saw this particular guy walk around the campus, we would burst into laughters because he really look like the twin brother of Piao, ok? Really alike that I might believe that this senior is his long lost brother. Hahahaha.

And today, the not-so-serious me fooled about this issue again. As he was carrying a bagpack, as usual, I laughed at him. "Hahahahahaha. That bag again. Looks like turtle's shell." I said. Cindy, "Mean lar you. There was also a senior in our high school was named turtle by you as well, remember?" And then, I laughed like nobody business again. Its true! Hahaha. Again and again, I could not recall what was his name, all I remember was, "wu kuai hok" which meant turtle's shell in cantonese. We then forget about it beacuse we really could not recall his name.

And as usual, I took the train home like any other days. Until the Bandar Tun Razak's stop. I stoned. I saw the high school senior I just mentioned this morning. Freaking coincident right? Ok. I admit. I laughed alone in the train like a girl who went out of her mind. The people beside me were starring at me but I could not control myself. At that time, I finally recalled his name which I dont want to mention it here. I'm afraid he would kill me. HAHA.

During the whole journey from Sungei Besi to Cempaka, I never looked at him because I know I would scare him. Hahahaha. I laughed all the way until I got down the stop when he wasnt around anymore. Hahahaha. This taught us, never like mention someone in the day time or not he/she will appear later. ;p ;p A direct phrase translated from cantonese lar....


Sunday, August 13, 2006

PD Beach Clean Up

It was yesterday, 0600am when I left my house heading to my campus along with Cindy who woke up late. Both of us were extra I thought. We missed the briefing meeting a day before because we had no class on Friday and wasn't around the campus. It would be funny if I take a 60 mins train trip to Pj for the short briefing and return back using another hour. Its kinda time wasting so I decided to risk but I didnt know that there was some other friends who went to the briefing.

The student were told to wear JEANS and SPORT SHOE to the beach because there will be some guest and press around BUT I turned up with SHORTS and SANDALS! And we were also given a RED HUGE tee shirt to wear on. The shirt is even longer than my shorts!!! ;( I felt so shitty in the begining because I was so odd. I thought jeans would be hot and my sport shoes would be dirty so I planned it another way round. BUT honestly, I've some advantage comparing to the others because they were all so dirty due to the unpredictable rain before the program. I was able to wash myself and play on the shore. HEE.

As soon as we arrived the Ilham hotel, after the rain, we were splitted up into groups of 10. Me, Cindy, Lilian, Cynthia, Behonce, Caroline (the red fellows in the picture above), Wina and Martha (2 quite Indonesian girls). We were the dark purple team led by Arwen.

And right after everyone was divided into groups and stuffs, the rubbish picking event started off. We were rather disappointed when we saw the shore. The beach is so freaking small because the tide was high yesterday. The amount of rubbish pickers can even cover more than half of the beach. We can't complain lar, hahahahaha.

We were not allowed to pick up nature stuffs like crabs, fishes and shells, even if they are dead, wooden stick, seaweed and bla bla bla. We were told not to pick up glasses too. We had to inform our leader if we found them and Arwen ended up running here and there, busy collecting the glasses we found, when we screamed for her. Hahaha. We can actaully do it by our own. ;) Ooh yeah, we made the only guy in our group the rubbish holder. Hahaha. And hey, I did picked up alot of rubbish too okay! One hand rubbish, another hand camera. ;p

I found some very cute sand castles when we were walking around the whole beach. And some very cute kids too.

Beside the students from Taylor's College, the candidates of the National Service joined the program too! And my friend just said something quite mean yet funny about them. Me, "How come so few of Chinese one?" Lilian, "Because, the Chineses became the Malays, the Malays became the Indians and the Indians turned to be a Nigroo." HAHAHA. Meanie her.

It was time and Arwen led us back to the starting point. On the way back, we realised that our rubbish bag was INCOMPARABLE with the others because their's were HUGE and HEAVY. And we knew, we lost. Sigh sigh sigh.

A group picture we took after that. The guy who took this picture cropped the rubbishs we found. We were not bad too okay? We found the BBQ thingy which we consider that as a unwanted stuff. Hahaha. Right after that, we weighed our rubbish and its only 15Kg. ;( So light. Because most of the stuffs we found were object made up of papers and plastics. Unlike the others, they even put stone and tyres in. *_* And now, time to analyse the rubbish.

Let's see what we've got in our bag. Straws, food & sweet wrappers, ciggarate putts, plastic bottles, glass bottles, bottle caps, fork & spoons, TOOTHBRUSH, plastic bags, toys, DIAPERS, ropes and many more many more. I found bread too. *_* The beaches here in our place are really dirty sometimes. Please dont throw any more things inside. I'm really sick of seeing those stuffs while picking them up. The only fun we had was, while fighting for it! Hahahaha.

After that, we went to the auditorium room for some LONG speechs. Especially the first speech given by the guest. It was long and unrelated to the event today. Its really boring and sorry I felt asleep. Then followed up by the guest from Shell, then the lady from MNS. Her speech was pretty interesting. ;) It was about the animals, humans and garbage. And next, the prize giving ceremony. Each of the participants were given a token, a gold/silver mug from shell. but i left mine behind! ;(

Then, we had 2 hours left before the bus arrives. So Eiran, brought us up the the lighthouse nearby by walking up a hill which was very tiring. On the way up, he said there was an old monkey looking at us. Hahaha. During the short journey, he told us a lot about the rainforest and the animals there. And finally, we reached the lighthouse!

He brought us up the lighthouse too. Erm, not IN the lighthouse butAROUND the lighthouse. Because we need permisson from tak tau siapa to enter the lighthouse. The place is so high up and so HOT! But but but but but, the view from above is FANTASTIC!

Hahahaha. The only picture I took with me solo. ;) Heee. Big right the shirt? Nice right the view? Hehehehe. Just one round around the place and we left heading back to the hotel. We got ourselves changed and freshen up before the bus arrives. Hehehe. And I slept all the way back to PJ in the bumpy bus. ;p

I actaully love the trip a lot! Made a alot of new friends from my campus and it is now more than just an assignment. I'm now really looking forward to the Redang Expidition next month and also the Malacca one, but the Malacca trip is not open for the students. ;(


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy time flows faster than we realise

I want to swim at a clean beach. I want to drive. I want to bring you to places with no disturbance; just us doing what I've been dreaming about all the time. I'm not desperate but just wanna spend some quality time with you.

I understand we have countless days in the future but lost time is not found. I'm just hoping to fulfill wishes and dreams of a girl in love. Time doesnt stop and allow us to replace it with what we've missed. No, we don't have the universal remote nor a time machine. That's why we have to cherish the time left. I can't afford to waste them anymore.

Just a few months to complete them and we shall plan things ahead again sometime in the future that no one could see. I'm suprised that I could accept the fact that you may be leaving. I thought I would broke down and beg for you to stay. Maybe I'm no longer a little girl; which is a good thing. So I guess I'm worth for my wishes. :)

I want an extraordinary life from today onwards, at least different from now. Can?


Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I can drive!!!

Finally, after so long, and being the last one, I've got my driving License today!!!!! I can now drive officially! My friends cant tease me anymore! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Monday, August 7, 2006


If you know I am superstitious, you can predict what will I post about today. *thinks...*

It's Ghost Festival today. So, beware of your every act. Be good kids tonight and let them have their time here in their old home.

Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do, I would rest on my bed and start thinking about everything under the sun. And about ghost, why do we think they are terrifying? Why are they always ugly and scary?

The answer: MEDIA

If media doesnt make them scary and stuffs, there would be no one watching the boring shows in the cinema. Its them who spoilt the ghost's reputation. ;p Honestly lar. I have never meet any of them and would not wish to meet them because I, myself is influenced by the media, but I really dont think they are that harmful and scary.

How come souls gain their super natural power only after death? Why not before like US now? Why would they come on earth just to scare us? Why must the females ghost have long hairs covering their face? Why?

Sigh. I dont know why I'm superstitious either. Believing is better than not, right? But I also agree with this; if we mind set ourselves that there are ghost around us, there will be. In another hand, if we think there is none, there will be none! Not forgetting that I'm also rational. Hee.

Just be a good kid tonight, to avoid problems and let them have their day.


Thursday, August 3, 2006

Wait, Waiting, Waited

I wait for my alarm to wakes me up at 5:45 every morning.
I wait for the "smell" to fade off before i enter the toilet.
I wait for my mum to rush me when I make up myself.
I wait for the green light before I reaches Ampang point.
I wait for my senior to get to college.
I wait for my classmates to get in the class.
I wait for the lecturer to start the lesson.
I wait for Digi's daily SMS at 12noon in between lessons.
I wait for my classmates to inform the lecturer that class is over.
I wait for my lovely SMS replies right after classes are over.
I wait for my friends to offer me the front seats in the car.
I wait for the time when they offer to send me home.
I wait for the LRT at the creepy stations.
I wait for the time when the trains reach Maluri, so that I call my mum.
I wait for my mum to pick me up later.
I wait for the time to bath.
I wait for the modem's light to fully lit before I can access to the internet.
I wait for the pages to load.
I wait for replies again.
I wait for the clock to strike on 7pm.
I wait for the clock to strike on 9.23pm again.
I wait for my dream to appear.
And again, I wait for the coming morning.

I'm waiting for a laptop to use.
I'm waiting for my air conditioner to work.
I'm waiting for my room's light to lit.
I'm waiting for my new study table's arrival.
I'm also waiting for someone to tell me that I'm not a good-for-nothing person.
And I hate to wait for people to pick u p my phone. I hate the "tuu-tuu" sound.

This time, this post is true. I hate to wait but I always need to wait. This explained why I have a long neck lar.

Some people might think I'm an unpatient girl but I can't explain why I'm able to wait for just a reply from certain people for like 5-6 hours.

Now, I'm waiting for a chance to change this waiting routine. I really want to wait no more.

And it is not that I don't want to blog. But there's nothing significant for me to rant about. I'm just waiting for something for me to share with YOU. I really am...

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