Sunday, October 29, 2006

It is just sooooo fast.

I could not describe my feelings now in words. I'm bad at expressing my own feelings with words. I'll try.

I feel lost. Just lost, in the space of time. I feel that the time is passing faster than normal, although I know its impossible. There are too many things I cant do in time. There are too many things that I've missed out. There are too many things that I want to do. There are too many things I need to do.

My life of being 17 is ending soon. I wonder, what have I not done yet? I dont know. Do you?


Saturday, October 28, 2006

While hitting the beach....

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Off to Penang

I want a holiday. I need a holiday. I demand for a holiday. And here I come, Penang!!!! :)


Friday, October 20, 2006

Media Influence

Media influence refers to the way in which the mass media affect the way we, as an audience, behave and act in our everyday lives.

As per Dennis McQuail, we as the audiences consume media because we need to reinforce our own behaviours by identifying with roles and values presented in the media. Secondly, we need to feel some kind of interaction with the others. Without realizing, all our common topics are actaully from the contents of media. Besides, we need for security in our lifes and through media, it offer us the opportunity of receiving education and the acquisition of information. Other than that, we need for entertainment for escapism and the need for emotional release due to the tension of our daily life. Sooner of later, our lives are much effected by the function of media.

While in this entry, I will discuss about the effects of media effects of Jay Chou on children. HAHAHAHAHAHA. How I wish I could write this essay in my Communication Theory and Research's assignment so that I would not fail this subject. ;p

Jay Chou appeal to people of all ages. Really! People like my age loves him. Hahahaha. Because he is just so cool and talented. Even elderly likes him because he sings very accient chinese style of songs! :) He even touches the hearts of elderly by the Listen to Mama; his very new song. Not forgotting that even KIDS LOVES HIM like my cousins. They are like his mini fans. SEE!

Jay Chou's original version :)

Ivan loves him so much that everytime he hears this song, Fearless, he'll turn into mini Jay Chou. Hahahaha. So we called this as direct influence lar actaully. Have you heard of the model called the Hypodermic Needle Model. AHH that's it! This phenomenon is much related to the Hypodermic needle theory which originally came from the Media Effect model which had a heavy emphasis in psychology.

The Hypodermic Needle Theory is also known as the Hypodermic Syringe Effect. The theory suggested that the mass media could influence a very large group of people directly and uniformly by 'injecting' them with appropriate messages designed to trigger a certain feedback. This is a model of communications that referred to as the magic bullet perspective which essentially this model holds that an intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the audiences without question due to their passiveness.

It is the idea that the producers of media text can persuade the audiences to do what ever they want and we will unquestionably comply. As the image, 'needle' is used in the theory to express that it has a powerful and direct flow of information from the sender to the audiences; this is also applied to the image 'bullet' of the Magic Bullet Theory that suggests that the message is a bullet, fired from the "media gun" into the viewers' "head". With similarity emotive imagery that Hypodermic Needle Model suggests that media message are injected straight into a passive audience which also immediately influenced by the content.

Though it is a model which examine the relationship between the mass media and the audience; which is also proved working, it has carried some disadvantages too. Like in this case, what if Ivan really shows his so-called kungfu skill in the public or what if he whacks peoplelike this? HAHAHAHAHA. BUT I'm not saying that Jay Chou is a bad model lar. ;p One of the Hypodermic Model's faults is that it assumes the audience will take in what they have seen and will be influenced by it in a negative way.

I dont want to continue already.

I HATE CTR!!!! :(


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yesterday, a fun day!

I had a wonderful day yesterday! :) Mostly because the subject was easy-going. And we had a three hours break in between the two classes which allows us to do SHOPPING! SO, we went to Sunway Pyramid for a breakfast and some shopping for the up coming prom night! :)

I've got my dress earlier, what I need is just some stuffs to go with iht so that I dont look so plain and dull. However, I will not spend too much on this. Not my prom also. ;p We bought quite alot of stuffs during that 3 hours.

Oh dear, I forgotten to mention that I drove my whole bunch of friends there. It was so scary because I was so nervous having so many people in a car that doesnt even belongs to me. Hahaha. But lucky, they were fine with it. Guess what, I was so nervous that I fogotten to lock my friend's car!!!!! Lucky nothing happened or not I have to pay my life for it.

And the next class was so relaxing as all we need to do is to create a webpage using the frontpage. Alamak! This is what I love. I hope I can manage them properly and do well this time! HEHEHEHEHE.

The point of the day is the SUPRISE from me and XXX XX to Carmen. Stop guessing who the mystery person is... Dang dang dang dang...!!!

LIM PEI LU is back!!!!! Hahahaha. But no, she dint really inform her friends about it. So i suggested a plan for her to give Carmen a big big big big big big suprise. I taught her the way to Carmen's house and made her hide in her room before we reach home with the cooperations with her younger sister whom I bribed.

Carmen was so suprised!! We recorded the scene.! Hahaha. This silly girl cried like a child when she say her buddy in her room. HAHAHA. I was touched by the scene, actaully. I love the feeling of being suprised! :)


Monday, October 16, 2006

I eat!!

I hate it when people use weird weird ways to look at me. I dont like it when people describe me as a stick or a lidi. I know I'm thin, obviously but I'm not an alien or someone aneroxia. Please dont remind me that the strong wind will blow me away.

If you ever have the chance to eat with me, then only you'll know me. I do eat. Sometimes a lot. The times when you see me dont eat is the time when I'm depress. BUT if you want to see me eating again, happily, these are the food you can buy me when I refuse to eat. :)

Herbal Pan Mee @ Low Yat Plaza
Seafood, I mean chinese style of seafood!
Sushi King or whatever!
Chicken Ramen @ Far East Plaza
Tutu cake @ Bugis Street
Herbal Soups or Pan Mee @ Jalan Imbi
Ginger Fish Fried Noodle @ Mong Kok Char Chan Teng
Thai Style Taufu @ Gasoline
Curry Ayam
Any cake @ Secret Recipe
Chocolate Tong Yuen @ The Soya Shop
Coffee Ice-cream @ Haagen Dazs
My dear's porridge
Carmen's Bacon Potato
My grandma's Lotus Root soup
Banana Fritters @ KLCC
Guylian Chocolate!


So-called rare mee @ somewhere God knows

Okay, no that you know what I love to eat. NO more excuses. ;p Feed me and make me fat! If you can lar. :)

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Monday, October 9, 2006

Ice-cream in the Haze


Sunday, October 8, 2006

My 14 hours in a Supermarket

Last Thursday, a friend of mine brought me to a agency for job interviewing. In less than 24 hours, they gave me a job!! A promoter rank for Pepsi and Mirinda range of products but mainly Pepsi Max. I guess the job was a replacement job because it was given to me at the very last minute.

Although my weekend is packed already but I still nodded my head for it. I'm afraid if I decline this job right now, they would not look for me anymore. Hmmn. No choice but to say yes and bye-byes to my dear friends' birthday parties. BUT lucky I told him in advance that I could not make it on Saturday night, or not I'm going to miss ALL the weekend fun.

Yet, I'm lucky enough to have a job at the Giant supermarket right opposite my condominium. It is just located 5 minutes walking journey away from my place. I cant find any other reasons to reject the job. Rm10 per hour lor! 7 hours per day only mar, wont kill me - I thought.

The first few hours was an OKAY for me. Instead, I found it quite interesting wokring in a place, a supermarket where I used to shop almost once every week. I like the time-punch card thingy.! Hahaha. I cannot cheat the working time now! ;p Hahahaha.

And for the next 12 hours, I'm dead. THE JOB WAS BORING SHIT. Imagine - you're supposed to stand beside the racks of soft drinks ALONE without any brochures or any booths for free trial. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT LIKE THIS. Just bug anyone who comes near to you? Or stop those who are planning to buy your competitors' products?

I'm so dead. Besides stranger customers, I can talk to no one. The workers there are 90% Malays, which means, M-A-T-I to me because I could not communicate to them unless they know English but NO. They dont!!! We were talking like ducks and chickens. I feel so bad for not knowing how to speak Malay well - for the first time.

Hahahaha. And after the 14 hours of consumers' observations, I can now make a rank list for the top selling soft drinks.

01. 100 Plus
02. Kickapoo Joy Juice
03. F&N Outrageous Orange
04. A&W Root Beer
05. Coke, Coca-cola

It does suprise me seeing Coke right below the list and Pepsi, out of the list. SERIOUS. The list is real. I dint crap about it its just so true that most of people prefers 100 Plus and the rest. I, myself prefer Kickapoo. It's goooooooooooood! :)

And if I were to buy any of the listed drinks, I would never choose the one on rank 3. I would rather buy Mirinda Orange. This is because....... I don't know how to tell about it right here but I can teach you what to do in comparing both these drinks. Do this when you're in the supermarket next time. Kindly look at the bottoms of the bottles of both drinks. Compare them. You'll see "something funny" sticking on the bottle's bottom. Hahaha. You may also try it to ALL the coloured drinks.

And back to Pepsi Max, I thought it was a lie. Their slogan, "Maximun Taste, No Sugar"somehow seems like a lie to me. I asked, "If there were no sugar in the drinks, doesnt it taste bad?" And I was given this answer, "Got sugar lar.. You know those healthy sugar like Equal? AHHH! Those lar.." If like this, means GOT sugar lar. This really confused me. HMMNP.


Thursday, October 5, 2006

Vivien is not happy!

Because of...

01. Haze
I hate the haze and I dont think anyone likes it. I really hate it and it irriates me to the max. I hate the feeling of having a another thin layer of dust on my skin. My skin is suffocating. And it dries up my throats oftenly.I hate the smell of the haze too. It sucks. I dont want a mask. Its ugly. Please please please try not to talk to me when we're staying outdoor. I'm tyring hard to hold my breathe.

02. Assignments
My semester is going to end very soon; in another 1 month's time. Very fast isnt it? And it also means that assignments are going to pill up like a hill before you could even count the amount and remember the due dates. Shit. I've just handed up my ICC assignment and I still have to prepare the slides for its presentation due next week together with my CTR and IMMW's assignment. AHH. And another BCS assignment. Lucky there were something I like, like web authoring and advertisement copywritting. And very soon, I'll be sitting for my finals.

03. Loneliness & Lack of Freedom
Damn. I feel very lonely everytime when my watch strikes 3pm. Because it is the time to leave college and that I could not lepak with my friend anymore. I have no freedom. I could not leave my house without a valid reason. Sometimes its saddening that I could not find someone to talk to and to turn to when I'm facing problems. Sometimes I just need more concern and attention from certain people.

04. My Fear of Driving
Yes. The silly little accident's scene is still staying vividly in my mind. It kept replaying everytime when I'm driving. It makes me panick and gives me a bad feeling that I'll hit on something again. And then, I could not focus.

05. I'm broke!
I've been spending more than usual this week. I'm going to die of starving soon. WHY? Because I dont know what had happened to me. I keep eating eating and eating recently when I'm in college. A big plate of mixed rice or even a big bowl of pan mee can fill my hungriness. And what, I'm not getting any fatter at all!!! Now I dont even have the money to reload my phone's credit. Sigh. Sorry if I've not been replying you.

06. Formal Dressings
This is no good. I could not find any formal clothes for my upcoming presentation. And even if I've got, I look awful in them because they are OLD. Plus, my mum has alot but they just dont fit me. I guessed my mum has gained more weight already. ;p

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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Announcements :)

If you are from SSG, the same batch as I was, do join us on our coming soon's Mooncake Festival Gathering '06 this Saturday night. It will be held at JuKoon's house. AHH. Stop telling me you're not going because you're not close with Jukoon. Dont tell me you cant attend because you dont like him. ;p

Because this is not his party. This is not his anything but his house. We "borrow" his house because we dont want to hold it anywhere outside as we need to pay. And that no one else's house is bigger and could be used for this gathering. Dont come and complain to me. Discussion about it is opened about 2 months ago and you kept quiet. So dont come crying to me telling me that I've choose the wrong place because you never tell me that earlier in the forum. :)

No offence but I'm really tired of this. Sorry. And if you're joining us, I would appreciate it if you're okay to bring along your lanterns and candles. Haha. Sounds childish but you'll never know when you'll have another chance to play with it in the future. Hahaha. Oh, and better if each of you could bring one mooncake to be shared that night. :) OKAY? Any mooncake will do.

And if you have any interesting games to share for that night, tell us about it!!! Bring it over to his place as well. It would be great! :) Do bring an extra tee shirt if you're feeling unsure whether will be covered with dirts at the end of the day or not. Hahaha.


See you guys at;
No3, Jalan Midah 18,
Taman Midah,
Cheras 56100, KL.