Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Genting Trip Part 1

This was what we did last night in Genting Highlands' First World Hotel. Girls have always been girls - the camera lovers. :)

From the left, they are Janice, Joan and Joyee.

I was so happy bullying them, until I heard them complaining. And decided to take their revenge on me.

Anyway, forgive me for my ugliness in these pictures. You are seeing my naked face. Then, here are some other pictures.

Playing with the yellowish white wall behind.

Joyee trying to imitate Jay and Joan as the mad fan. ;p

Wa! We camwhored until 1.30am leh. Hahaha. We dint realised until I felt so tired and sleepy. Ish... I'm feeling very sleepy now too, because er... too much of camwhoring. ;p Let's sleep and let me continue part 2 soon!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

One Night in SSG

I went back to my high school last night for my juniors' IU night. Oh yeah, I was late for it, and because I was late, the entrance fee is free! ;p I went back with my high school peeps, Carmen and Victor. AHH! I was the lightbulb for a few hours, like this;

Ahahaha. Very bright leh! ;p But I dont think they'll mind lar. Anyway, because I was late, I missed the first part of the fashion show and some talent performances. But I still get to meet up with some of my juniors and old classmates. There are even more people that I do not recognise. Even the place itself, has changed ever since my last visit.

Back to the programme last night, I had to be honest that it wasnt really great. It was somehow kelam-kabut. It was because the audiences were not coorperative at most of the time. Besides that, the show was an okay.

I dont think I have ever taken a picture with him, except during prom night 2 years ago.

Okok, I stole this picture from Natalie's
blog. ;p

And Phayyan!!!! The girl I havent been seeing for ages! She dint really change. Its still her. :)

Look carefully into the picture above. What do you see behind?

Cant see?

Its a Mini Cooper!

My dream car. And because the theme for the night is "One night in London", they got a London flag-printed cooper there. Cute! Hehehe. How I wished it belongs to me.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

You cannot see me!

I was so uncomfortable with my fringe that were poking my eyes. I was so annoyed the whole day. It really did annoy me, my eyes. And the first thing today once I came home from work is to cut the annoyance away. I grabbed the sisscors in the drawer and started cutting my hair, cincai-ly. I dint really cared how it look but damn, its so comfortable leh! Then then, I look into the mirror, stare at myself and I saw something funny - a coconut-look-alike hairstyle. But I wasnt nervous at all leh.. Why ah! I'm no scared at all. I'm leaving it that way now and I think it'll look much better in sometime. So if you see me in hair clips or hair bands, my hair is still "under construction".

So, er, you guys cannot see my face yet. See my legs and socks la! ;p


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A-Z survery

A - Abby Chin
B - Bryan Chong
C - Chiam Carmen
D - Dexter Tan
E - Elaine Wee
F - Fuh Haur
G - Ginny Yap
H - Hui Yat
I - Iris Heng
J - Joyee Wong
K - Kah Yan, Cindy
L - Luiz Lim
M - Marcus Sam
N - Natalie Chai
O - Ooi, Jazlyn
P - Peggy Chow
Q - Q (Khue) Ju Koon
R - Ranger, Dionn
S - Su Ann
T - Tan Piao Ching
U - U (Yue) Anne
V - Victor Wong
W - Wan Wei
X - Xin Yee
Y - Yong Tze
Z - Zero, Yu Yang

1. What does A sms you about ? (Abby)
Nothing leh! ;p

2. How many siblings does B have? (Bryan)
One elder sister eh?

3. What is C's nickname? (Chiam Carmen)
Babi girl, litter bug. :)

4. How do you get to know D? (Dexter)
During 2004, SSG's sports day preparation. Hehehe.

5. How desperate is E? (Elaine)
99% desperation for DBSK

6. How much is F older/younger then you? (Fuh Haur)
80 years older. Muahahaha.

7. Name one of G's best friend? (Ginny)
ME ME! ;p ;p I dont care.

8. Does H knows I? (Hui Yat & Iris)
I dont know. :(

9. What happens if J becomes your enemy? (Joyee)
I hope not, or not, I'll scratch her brand new Perodua Myvi! Muahahahaha.

10. Under what conditions will K & L get married? (Kah Yan, Cindy & Luiz)
Like now? Because they are a pair of lovely couple. So coincident that I placed their names in there. I never knew there were such question.

11. How many people do you know with M's initial? (Marcus Sam)
No alot. Marcus Sam, Micheal Looi, Miko, Michelle and I cant think anymore.. Mummy?

12. Do you enjoy talking on the phone with N? (Natalie Chai)
I've never tried before. Call me now! ;p

13. Do you think O knows P? (Ooi, Jazlyn & Peggy Chow)
I dont think so.

14. How geeky is Q? (Q, Ju Koon)
Not at all.

15. Is R very popular? (Ranger, Dionn)
Dee dee is quiet popular in JCnet! :)

16. What happens if S likes you? (Su Ann)
Su ann, you like me or not? :(

17. Is T a very random person? (Tan Piao Ching)
Sort off.

18. How are U and V related? (Yue Anne & Victor)
They are not related except both are my friends.

19. Do you take W as anything else other than a friend? (Wan Wei)
A cute friend.

20. When is the last time u met up with X? (Xin Yee)
Last year's gathering. :(

21. Are Y & Z enemies? (Yong Tze & Zero)
Nonono! I dont think so. Positive!

22. Use one word to describe P. (Peggy)

23. Use two words to describe V. (Victor)
Very funny.

24. Use three words to describe L. (Luiz)
Blur, lame and funny.

25. Who loves you more? C or H? (Carmen & Hui Yat)
Chiam Carmen loves me till death. ;p ;p

27. Of everyone from A - Z, who do you love the most?
Dexter Tan lar or sure.. :)

28. Will you betray any of them?
For now, NO!

29. Have you confessed to anyone from A - Z?
Who else lah!

30. Does N shares the same interest with you?
Yes, if she still have Jay Chou in her heart.

Now, I'm passing this to the ones who are listed on my blogroll. All!


Random Rants

I fell in love with the brand new ODM + Levi's watch.
I want a fish eye camera.
I've been eating roti prata with cheese every working morning.
I'm attending SSG' IU night next friday.
I need to collect my SPM certificate leh! So long already!
I cannot fit in my working's uniform already. :(
I got banyak banyak pimple.....
When are they going to air American's Next Top Model cycle 9!
My fringe not nice already! Should I maintain or what?
I shaped my eyebrow myself yesterday and it was pretty good. :)
I havent been driving for more than a month already...
I want to fly kite. Anyone?
Beach beach beach beach beach!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I've bought a... pink water dispenser to be placed in my room! Muaahahaha. It is only SD9.90 @ any Mini Toons' outlet in Singapore. There are bigger ones but I've limited area in my room at the moment. Mine, its only 4 glasses amount of water per bottle but there are 8 glasses one which are better but I think the one I bought is much cuter. Hehe. I think such thing is invented specially for lazy people like me! Hahaha.

Cute or not? :)


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Whatever la. Anything la.

One day, vvens went to a hawker stall. She was so hungry and almost going to faint la. And that lead her to her emo-ness. She apa mood pun tak ada. And then, she throw herself on the red big plastic chair available there. Then the waiter came to her. He is an old uncle with a toothpick in between his lips.

"Drink what ah, xiao jie?" he said.

She was so emo and she said,"Whatever la. Anything la.!!!" Then the uncle went off. And came back with these......

And vvens faints immediately.! Hahahaha.

Okay. It was lame, I know. Hahaha. If only I could show you the commercial for these drinks. They are equally lame. These set of drinks are currently new in Singapore market. I was totally speechless when I saw them. Haha. I bought them before I came back to KL. They are not cheap okay. Its SD1.50 for one which is approximately RM3 for one. I think I can get any 2 soft drinks here and get some small changes back. ;p

To me, the drinks are quite similar to Kickapoo, the joy juice. Somehow sweeter. Not too bad afterall. But it was the name, and the commercials of the product that attracted me. Their print ad available in bus stops are so lame yet cool! :)

Even my brother and cousins were influenced by the tvc. They actually went to the restaurant and asked for the drink by saying, "Whatever!" ;p

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Snaps at Singapore

The purple orchid.

Ivan had fever at one night and was okay the next morning (after puking).

So young camwhore already leh!

A mini and a giant wanted to whack me with the massaging sticks.

And she was so excited when she saw me "dead" after the whackings.

Both my cousins. :) I like this, so natural and her toes are so clean. ;p

Kaiwen refused to let me take her picture so I took the tree.

But later, she gave in because I let her see herself in my flipping screen. ;p

I've got my fringe trimmed in the saloon where I permed my hair on 31st Dec of 2005.

Shreks attack!

The "white" Shreks under the brigh lightings.

And I caught a Shrek playing Maple.

Tadaa! Nice ears boy! :)

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