Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sorry Mr. Green Car

A few honks can make me nervous. Plus, I lost control when I was with nobody at all. Damn. I tried to avoid the back and front cars by driving in the car into a small lost but I've just missed the car beside. SHIT! I drove in and I heard scratching sounds of the back part. DAMN. I thought, "I must be dreaming. I must be dreaming. Wake up!" But no!!! It was real and I started cursing myself for being so reckless.

Oh dear, what have I done? Without a second thought, I reversed and then it was worst!!! I know people around were starring at this stupid little P driver. I started pushing on the honk to alert my mum about that. So sad. What have I done?!?!? My thoughts were as messy as........ probably no words could be used to describe my feelings at that moment.

I'm so so so dead. My mum rushed towards me and quickly took off the place as yhe frightened me was shivering, right in the passenger seat. I felt so so so bad. It was like hit & run. I really pity the car's owner but I could not do anything else.

I'm so sorry. Really sorry. Sorry that I hit on the back of your car. It wasnt on purpose. Sorry. If it was your green car, please forgive me. I didnt want that to happen. But, I've peep at your car before I left. I dont think yours is as serious as mine. My mum is going to kill me. I knew it but she cant.

Once the car stopped at a safe place, we hopped down to look at it once again. Damn. It actaully went in a little bit. A little little bit. But the scratches was QUITE obvious if you ask me. :( I really thought of telling my mum that I'll pay for it but I know it doesnt help. Whatever.!!!

Right after that, I really felt like dying man. I didn't want to touch the car AGAIN. Sigh. And so, I left to my cousins' place and spend some time with them while my mum washes her car. When I came back, I was quite suprised. The scratches arent that bad afterall. They are just paint! Haha. *phew* The only thing was that the silver ring on top of the tyre was lost.

After the incident this morning, I thought she would not let me drive anymore, so do I. I dint want to drive anymore. I hate that feeling but guess what, she threw me the key and asked me to drive her home. I think she wanted me to stay calm and drive more careful.

She gave me confidences this time, previously, she might just complain about everything even if I did nothing wrong. She's giving me the pressure and I think she realised it. There are both good and bad effects afterall. I really do hope she gives me more confidences and support in everything. I really need them. ALOT.


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