Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yet another new song from Jay Chou! You'll find it familiar if you have watched his movie, Secret. Enjoy :)


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girls with Magnifying Glass

#01 My very first polariod camwhore attempt FAILED! We both looked weird and the picture turned out very dark. I should not have off the flash.

#02 Then, Carmen found the magnifying glass in my room and we played around with it. Digital camera better, can delete whichever picture which you think is awful and take again. Polariod cannot! Each film cost me money :(

#03 Playing with desaturation in Adobe Photoshop again. I like the contrast of my top and the busy background.

#04 Mummy always ask me to smile WIDER.

#05 The reflection of my window corrupted the picture :( But still cute.

#06 No no, no need Angelina Jolie's lips.

#07 Because ours are cute enough. Hahahaha.

#08 Mini cooper still looked MINI even with magnifying glass. Why ah?

#09 I like this picture of the flower taken at my balcony. Love the colour! :)


Monday, October 22, 2007

Mr. Cowboy

Well, this new song of Jay Chou really did suprised me. He said he did this changes of music style in his up coming album because there are so many people who complained that he never changes. And now he did! So you people can zip you mouths. Hahaha. It is totally a different style of his music now but still cute! :) Learn to accept the song although it is funny.

And how can people said that he copied the idea from Christina Aguilera's "Candyman" music video when there are only 2 similar scenes and they called that "copy". Grrr. Dont care. This is cuter while that is different. I'm biased. I like this. What about you?

p/s: I did the lousy lyrics poster above.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sleepings, Shoppings and Classes

For the past week, I did nothing much but sleeping, shopping and attending short classes in college. And an important internship interview I had yesterday at DDB International. I admit that I was extremely nervous during the interview and I actually forgotten to control my hands; I did too much of hand gestures. Haha. But I hope I can make it although there will be still some problem with my transportation.

Why have I been sleeping so much? It is because of the wheather. It is damn nice sleeping when it rains. It makes me feel so comfortable even if there is no air-conditioner or fan on. Plus, I am enjoying my free days now when there are not much classes conducted in college and no work! Yay! I'll be working till end of this month only because of my internship. So, if any of you who wants to get jewelleries with discount from me, come look for me fast, ok!

And why have I been doing so much of shopping recently? I've been to Pavilion 3 times within 2 weeks; which is quite often if you ask me. I'm going there again, soon. And I went to Ikea too! I've got a new chair for my ass self and I'm so happy okie. Hahahaha. Oh, I have not answered the reason yet. It is because November is coming which mean, a lot of birthdays are happening; included mine! ;p And therefore, I had to shop for gifts for both m BFFs. Headache! Besides looking for presents for the others, I was hunting for stuffs I wanted too. My mum said she'll buy me anything as long as it is in her budget. Trust me, its a very small budget but it is always better than nothing. Hahaha.

And and why short classes to attend? Because my finals are coming. Right on my birthday! Sad case. I think this would be the first time having exams on my big day itself. Therefore, no more classes for some subjects. Study leave, means have to study harder from now onwards. Not so happy already. Sigh.

I'm going to sleep again, now.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Bare Foots Posers

Was at Cindy's crib an we started camwhoring before leaving to college. That's what girls do best right? Hahaha.

#01 When Cindy was in the shower... And this picture proved that I have dimples! Ok, dimple.

#02 Then, she joined us! The fake smiles :D

#03 We had fun with the self-timer and the mini tripod; the posers!

#04 It was time for the outdoor shoot! Yay! I call this the kena-bang jump. And I had fun editing the pictures :)

#05 The Carefree jump. Get it?

#06 The desaturated windmill toy. Whatever you call it ;p

#07 I removed the colour from them, and they looked like statues. Hahaha.

#08 I returned the classic polariod camera to my uncle and got this in return. I havent buy the film yet though. Expensive leh.

#09 Cindy has bamboo sticks in her house for her dog who was named, Panda. I very mean right, made myself pop up in this picture. Muahahahaha.

#10 I love the polka dot umbrella Carmen has. But I'll never want to use it. Too cute.

#11 Photo merge number1 of Cindy with the cute cute umbrella.

#12 Photo merge number2 of Carmen. I took so long to do this man.

#13 And ME! Hahahahaha. Alot of me me me and me! :)


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Picture Tag

Post pictures of YOU...

#01 Took recently
This picture was taken today after classes with my Phunk tee shirt. Now you know why I'm always wearing a sweater. I totally ruined it when I wanted to "modify" it. Sad case :(

#02 And a new friend of yours
Well, meet
Mr.Pook the macho man who had just passed his 19th birthday ;p

#03 In pink
This is one of my favourite picture taken with Dexter. It's on my desktop, my table, my wall, my wallet and my handphone too. Haha.

#04 In black
I love black tops! 35% of my wardrobe is filled by them lor although I'm thin in them lar!

#04 In red
When I was younger, I always buy red tops during Chinese New Year. Hahaha. And now, I dont really buy red and I have only 3 pieces of them. And this, was a GIGANTIC tee that was given during a trip organized by my seniors, The Coral Alliance. It was last year when we were involved in a PD beach clean up campaign.

#05 In green
With my dear junior, Natalie during the SSG IU's day 2007.

#06 In the rain
It was really raining and I cant remember why I was in the rain leh...

#07 With a peace sign
It was hard to look for a picture of me doing that. Hahaha. And look at this, almost everyone was doing it.

#08 With you sticking out your tounge
Dont need to remind me that I have a long tounge. Haha. Its scary. But somehow it looks like sliced strawberry to me here. Haha.

#09 With your best make up
Seriously, I wonder is this the BEST or another way round. But this is scary, to me. It was taken during a make up competition I joined last year May.

#10 With your favourite pose!
Obviously, pout is my favourite facial pose. Hahahaha. I dont know why. And yah, plus my better right profile which I think looks better. Hehe.

And for a bonus...

#11 Being ugly!!
Yes, its me! This was taken 2 years ago in high school. My lame idea of doing it anyway. Dont laugh too hard okay :(

And the people I tag are
Ginny, Pinkpau, Natalie and Abby :)


Friday, October 5, 2007

Before I sleep that night...

... I read my emails; most of them are regarding to my assignments, they are important.
I said BYE BYE to whoever I'm chatting with in MSN.
I shuted my laptop and let it rests.
I brushed my teeth.
I washed my face.
I applied blemish gel on my pimples :(
I looked into the mirror.
I wondered, "Why on earth my fringe is not growing any longer...?"
I frowned.
I returned to my room and off the lights.
I turned it on again.
I took my camera


I camwhored shamelessly.

Then I climbed to my bed to have my good night sleep, like what I am going to do now. So, GOOD NIGHT people! Sweet dreams.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Nigh With Phunk

It was last week when Project Phunk held our final event, One Night With Phunk and here are the pictures you might not get to see them in the Phunk' blog ;p

#01 I heart disco balls!

#02 Caroline and I. She's damn good okay, for letting me play with her DSLR.

#03 I asked the girls to be natural for me to snap, and this is what they did. Haha.

#04 Super Alvin's first jump which frightened the others.

#05 Then, the rest joined. This jump reminded me of High School Musical.

#06 Then another few joined in. Look at my shoes!

#07 It flew off. Damn embrassing okay.

#08 So, I decided to tak off my shoes and JUMP!

#09 The super jump with Alvin. Alamak. Cannot see my face also.

#10 The girls' jump by Cindy, YeeLing and I.

#11 The landing shot.

#12 Phunkers should not fight, you know...

#13 After the jumps and our tasks, much camwhoring happened in Laundry Bar.

#14 Me and my BFFs :)

#15 Me, Carmen and sei Roger. Omg! Look at my eye bags :( So terrible.

#16 Me, Grace and Carmen.

#17 And in the toilet too! ;p

#18 During the event, we had Heal The Heart donation. Hahah. This was a candid picture.

#19 After the event was over, we wanted a jumping group picture with
Smashpop but it was too crowded. And this was the result. Stop laughing!

#20 Then we gave up! A decent group picture will do. And how come no one is looking into the camera? :(

#21 And finally,
meet the Phunkers!

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