Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paper Plane


Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's OK to be Ugly!

Yes, seriously. I actually havent been using my concealer sinces ages because I've got photoshop! Hahaha. And when concealer plus flash, the picture you take will suck. Okay, that's not the point but this post is actually a post to teach you how to fix your pictures in Adobe Photoshop, in basic steps. And this is also usually how I fix my pictures before posting :)

Of course, firstly you have to launh your programme. Then, open the picture or pictures that you want to fix. One rule that I always insist in photoshop is DUPLICATE your picture before you edit it.

Things will go wrong okay. Nobody is perfect and bumi mana yang tidak ditimpa hujan. Haha. You can always undo your wrongs but there is only limited times you can undo it. And therefore by duplicating the layers before editing them actually helps you when you cant undo your wrongs anymore. You can actually erase the partial of the duplicated layer later.

How to duplicate layers in Adobe Photoshop?

Easy! Like shown in the image above, right click on the bar at the bottom right of your screen that says, "Background" then click on "Duplicate Layer". Click on "OK" layer. Then, you'll see another layer pop up above the "Background" layer.

What's next? The next step is changing the levels in photoshop automatically. Why? It actually helps you to re-adjust the levels, or to say, the colour of your picture. Like, if there's a blue tinted layer on your picture because you took the picture in early morning, "Auto Levels" will help you re-adjust it to the original colour it supposed to be. There is another function, "Levels" but its very mafan because you cannot adjust it automatically.

How to make auto levels?

Well, go to "Image" at the bar on top, "Adjustment" then, hit on the "Auto Level" button. That's even easier right? Hehe. After Auto-ing your levels, you'll see the difference of your original picture's colour and also after that. You can see the difference easily by clicking on the "Visible/Invisible" icon which looks like an eye.

Okay okay, after that, one of the most important step; removing pimples!! Pimples are sick and I have plenty of them that lasted from internship. Besides pimples, what also can remove. Wrinkles lar, mole lar, scar lar, anything lar.

How to remove my pimples?

Just by a few clicks away! Click on the icon that has a plaster on it. It is the "Spot Healing Brush" that will help you making yourself pretty :) In my advice, you should enlarge your picture so that you can erase them cleanly and precisely. Make sure your brush size is same as your pimple or not you might ruin your skin.

Like me, I also remove my neck's wrinkles or whaever you call it. But if you remove it completely, it might look very fake, and this is what you can do. Adjust he opacity level!

How ah? How to adjust the opacity level ah?

Okay, move to the box which I cant remember the name, on the bottom righ tof the screen again like shown in above, just kindly adjust the percentage of it. It works like adjusting the transparency of the layer. You can adjust it to any percentage suiting to yourselves.

And that is all. This is what i usually do to my pictures. Secret revealed! And now, I am solving a question people usually ask me. Why are your pictures so sharp? Whay are the colours so nice? Well, actually ah, its because of the camera. Canon can produce very sharp coloured pictures one lor, especially under the sunlight. I dont need to photoshop it one. But if you want to know how I'll show you how :)

Go back to the righ bottom box where you see "Normal" with an arrow beside. Change it to "Overlay". And you'll see the difference. Haha. You can actually play with the options and you'll get different fun effects. As you can see after choosing the "Overlay" option, the colour turns very very fake. So as usual, adjust the opacity until it suits you :) And that's all!

Ooh! And did you forget to duplicate that layer before adjusting the colour? ;p

And finally, you can save up your work after adjusting to the size you want it to be. And remember to adjust your image to the maximun quality to have good pictures. If you save it under 10, your pictures will come out looking pixelated. Ew.


The final product after adding the watermark :D So how, did you learn anything you dint know? I hope you did! Enjoy playing with Adobe Photoshop.

Note: This might not be the most accurate way, or the right way, or the simplest way but it is how I make things work :)


Friday, January 25, 2008

Because I love my family...

And this would be the first time my family and I took a complete family portrait :)

#01 This would be my favourite family portrait among all the ones we took.

#02 The less formal shot :) And this is how "big" my family is. And I look fat, my face!

#03 My lovely grandparents and their lovely grandchildren. From left to right, top; Me, my brother, John, cousin brother who is one month elder than my brother, brother to Elaine, Sean and Elaine :) Bottom; Tammie, granny, Ivan, grandpa and lovely KaiWen with a very very fake smile. Oh. The only one without an English name; unless Berrie is acceptable by her.

#04 And my family. And I look even fatter here, my face :(


Monday, January 21, 2008

Why am I happy?

I'm back with a little disappointment, seriously but with much more excitement. Hehe. I was supposed to attend Jay Chou's mini birthday celebration in Singapore before his concert but the event was cancelled almost last minute, at least I knew it after all my preparations and also after I bought my bus tickets to Singapore. However, I still insist on going lar because I wanted to have fun over there ;p

First thing I thought in mind was to visit their brand new shopping mall, Vivo City which was then overrated to me. Bugis is still the best :)It isnt bad afterall at Vivo City its just I expected it to be more. Hahaha I really like the location of the place where Sentosa Island is just right opposite of the place. I WANT TO GO TO SENTOSA ISLAND!

So bascially I spent my weekends in Singapore shopping in Vivo City and my all time favourite place in Singapore, Bugis. I bought quite alot of things lar. And I know I should stop lar. But there is one thing that I must buy in Bugis. Guess what? TUTUCAKE! For people who doesnt know what the heck is Tutucake, well, I cant explain it any better than telling you that its one of the best kuih I've ever eaten. Haha.

My cousin told me that they have a brand new flavour for it, chocolate but it wasnt available for now. So sad right? I havent tried it before. Anyway, there is Tutucake in Malaysia but it sucks.

Another happy moment in Singapore besides shopping with Elaine, eating tutucake would be the camwhoring session with my little baby, Kaiwen. She's more vain than Tammie lor. She would use my camera and take pictures of herself, by herself ignoring me, putting me out of the screen.

And this would be my favourite picture of me and her because she's so happy! And actually I'm quite tired to blog. That's why you can see me typing funnily right now. It's all so rojak-ed. Last but not least, why am I so happy besides going shopping with Elaine, eating tutucake and camwhoring with Kaiwen, its because............. someone made my christmas wish come true!!! WEE! I asked for a Creative Stone and it is what I get :)

Who's the santa?

And there she is, Elaine my lovely cousin who is removing her braces soon :) Thank you you so much! :D


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Barbequed Carrots

I am now done with the internship officially. And I went back to college since yesterday. It was a terrible day for me man. I was supposed to pick up Cindy at Sri Petaling to college together but I took the wrong turning at Bukit Jalil. Guess what? I ended up in KLIA. Freaking KLIA. Which is so so so so far away from town. Once I turned into that turning, I knew it was wrong and I was trying hard to get a U-turn or some small turnings back to KL but the road was straight, all the way. To me at that moment, it doesnt seem to have any end. I was trembling, nervous because I was all alone and I knew, I would be late for my freaking first class of the year. And it was Moral Education. What can be worst? I only get to turn back to KL ater 1 hour plus the traffic jam everywhere. IT WAS SAD OK. By the time I reached college, the class was over already. AHH! :(

Okay, forget about it! And do you know how much I miss working in Carrot Films. I cant pay attention in classes now because I cant play Facebook in the morning anymore. AHH! I really miss working with my fun colleagues :) And also, right before I come back to college, Mr. Assistant Director, Cheong had a house warming BBQ party at his place. Here comes the pictures (which are not taken by me)!

#01 The girls; me, Apple, Wei Chian the ex-intern, Cheong and Yin (the girl who I always play Facebook with in Friends for Sale application without knowing each other until that party).

#02 Mei and Edwin, both producers who were cooks for the day.

#03 The girls who felt a little extra in the party ;p I look horrible here. See my tan!!!!!! Can die.

#04 The sunset pictures of the playful ones.

#05 Another playful one, Azim and Miss Lim.

#06 And pictures taken individually with my colleagues before I leave as an intern. The guy who doesnt look like his age, Edwin.

#07 Shan, the very very "sai sum" and funny one in the office.

#08 Mr. Assistant Director :)

There were group pictures but I dont know where they are. And how can I missed out Azim in the pictures. That is another funny guy to hang out with in the office. Haha. Anyway guys, I'll not be blogging for a few days from now because I have to spend more time on writting for my internship reports (20 pages!!) and also, I'll be going to Singapore on the 18th of January. Guess why!!! MUAHAHAHAHA :D

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Because I love nature...

#01 Pretty grasses taken on the Astro's job. And hey, if you saw the commercial on air, I think the quality and the everything of the commercial isnt what I expected. Sigh.

#02 Pretty bird and sky, taken by Cindy with my camera when I was crying for the MTV.

#03 The double rainbow that I saw during a BBQ party with colleagues on Saturday. Too bad, one of them is not visible in my camera.

p/s : I'm going back to college in 2 hours' time. And I miss Carrot Films :(


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The 24 Hours Shoot

Date : 06 January 2008
Time : 5am-5am!
Location : Ara Hill, Damansara.

It was the last job that I'm going to participate in during my internship period in Carrot Films. It was a music video of Atilia, a local jazz singer. The music video that was filmed bascially talks about obstacles of life and the hope of it. So, in the video you'll see everyone crying then smile; like mad. Hahaha.

Besides being one of the crew, I was one of the talent too. Haha. They picked me because I look young and fit to be in the role they wanted. It was very tiring but it was very fun! And again, here's a heavy picture post throughout the 20 hours of the shoot. I was practically like a zombie for the last few hours and I did not take any pictures later. I then realised, the last few scenes were the scene of the artiste and I missed it. Stupid me. Grrr. This will definitely happen if the singer was Jay Chou ;p

#01 The sun was rising.

#02 The pokok botak and the pretty sky. I love pretty skies.

#03 And I was the first talent on set, and the first one to go with the first scene. Me in pinafore (for the very first time in them) and my make up artists. Muahahahaha.

#04 I'm a nerd! I was a nerd. Hahaha. Whatever.

#05 Mr. Director, Henry Ooi and the nerd at the staircase. The words and the voice he used can really make you cry (Oh yeah, I'm supposed to cry). Dont ask me what he told me.

#06 And then, I broke down and cried. And why did I cried? Because I tidak layak mendapat sijil SPM.

#07 I had to throw and kick the books away.

#08 And my tears were real okie. I cried like mad. And it was ugly.

#09 I think I scared my colleagues for being a cry baby. Hahaha. The morning was an emo one. I cried and stopped and continued crying. And when the director shouted cut. I was normal again.

#10 My school shoe I bought for SD4.50 and the sock I found at home, not knowing who does it belongs to. Ew. And books which are named Lim Mei Ling.

#11 The assistant director wanted to snap me crying. Haha he failed.

#12 I caught him in the my screen too. Meet Cheong, the assistant director.

#13 And the last take of me crying from the back. Cheong was holding a bottle of Eye mo to make the tears-dropping-on-the-paper effect. And there goes my scene. I'm done. And back to work!

#14 The last minute add-on scene of my colleague Apple, who is from China. She's having a homesick and she broke down.

#15 The following scene happened in the dining room where Nur, a married lady is waiting for her husband to come home. Unfortunately, her husband passed away and she broke down.

#16 Mr. Director talks to everyone before the camera rolls. He is very good in digging out people's emotion. And Nur looks very pretty and photogenic, no matter in which angle you shot her.

#17 Then the scene of a housewife who found out that her husband is cheating on her. That scene was shot at the laundry area where she broke down and cut the clothes of her husband. She was really good okay.But I could not takemore pictures because the place was to small for us.

#18 Next was the scene of a couple who just had sex but dint seem to look like, quarreling because they realised the girl was pregnant, accidentally! Hahaha. It was funny because they were funny. Omg. What am I talking about? I just cant stop laughing watching them shot that scene. Their tears were fake anyway.

#19 When they left, I took place at the scene because I find the background pretty in shots. Hehehe.

#20 Cindy and the props, that everyone thought that it was some food for them to eat.

#21 The starfish jump!

#22 Recently I have this thing to shoot my legs and the foreground. I remember my friend,
tutucake doing that too! ;p Sorry ah I wanna copy abit. Can or not?

#23 The in-house colleagues, Apple and Jojo.

#24 And this is what I found in her camera she held in the picture above.

#25 Mr. Director is one of the funniest guy I've met. Hahahaha. Together with his assistant and the one who filmed the-making-of the video.

#26 I die laughing at Mr. Director doing this in the next scene of a prostitute's room.

#27 And also die laughing at Cheong, the assistant director who helped out in the scene as the guy who just gave her business ;p

#28 Vanida, an award winning actress in Malaysia was the best crier or the day. I was totally impressed by her. She has no emotion on her face when she dropped her first tear. And it was supposed to be like that because she's numb and sad being a prostitute.

#29 Then, I found pills. Colourful pills in the toilet which are used a prop for the next scene.

#30 This scene is starred by Irene Santiago which I think she looks familar, vice versa but could not think of the place we met. She's a junkie in the toilet that broke down and started throwing things in the toilet.

#31 And this is the result of it.

#32 The next scene was tough because our talent needs to force herself in a gown that she could not fit and cry lying down like someone dead.

#33 And this is me camwhoring at the wardrobe room.

#34 Here comes the scene with a real pregnant lady where she claimed she could not cry. She's a happy person. But when she went on set, with minyak kapak, she actually cried out lout, letting her emotions out. It was good! I was touched.

#35 Alot of scenes right? That's why we need 24 hours to shoot. And this scene is talking about a man who cried because he was announced bankrupt. I dint get to see him act here because it was already 11 and I want to sleep so badly and I hop on to a bed and rest.

#36 And was caught in action. Haha.

#37 Next, the punk boy who cried because he was kicked out of home, being a punk. He cried very loud lor. Scary.

#38 And the last scene besides the singer herself would be the scene in the toilet again where this hot girl, Merlisa was raped. She's very pretty lor. And I was told that she used to be a very famous model.

#39 And guess what, we waited 1 hour to shot the singer later *_* We were dead bored and tired during that one hour.

#40 And we started fooling around.

#41 Mr. Director is here again!

#42 And me, sitting on a chair that I'm not supposed to.

#45 The picture that I really like because of the chair beside. It has very pretty motif.

#46 Mr. Director in action again.

#And finally after an hour, we get to shoot the singer here, at the bamboo garden. But I was busy doing my things and therefore, I took no more pictures.

In short, it was really fun and tiring. Hahaha. And it is also going to be my last job for internship. I'm leaving my intern soon which I'm quite sad about it. I enjoy working here. But I think I'll always have the chance to work with them in te future if I choose to enter in industry :)

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