Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guess who's back!

#01 :D :D

#02 Our first dinner this year @ Jogoya :)

#03 With Cindy and Luiz... Aiyoh, busy eating...

#04 Carmen and Carin :) Cindy was still busy eating behind.. Haha.

#05 And the 3 of us :)

Haven't been updating my blog regularly recently because I'm a little busy (pretty addicted to Look Book now!) plus I need to go dating already :D Will updated very soon with LiePeh's birthday :) Cioaz!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Because she has turned 21 today!

Event : Weiwei's 21st Birthday Party
Date : 17th April 2009
Venue : Her house @ Sri Petaling

#01 With the usual girls appearing in my blog, LiePeh and Cindy.

#02 With more of them. Cindy, BoonTeng, Carmen, WanWei the pretty and sexy birthday girl and I :)

#03 And also with PeiLu and PhayYan. I cannot stop thinking that Carmen's skirt is made of newspapers. Hehe.

#04 Before the Novembas, we were actually the trios :) We called ourselves PVC when the others called us SHE. Hahaha. PVC = PuiYeen, Vivien and Cindy. The plastic girls. And did you know that PuiYeen is actually a hot kindergarten teacher now :D

#05 With all the girls that turned up in the birthday party.

#06 The
ji mui's; KaiYee, WanWei, LiePeh and PuiYeen. The funny thing about this picture is that, the mushroom on the plate actually catches my attention (A LOT!) together with the bunny's eye on Pui's tee. They are like the first thing I saw in this picture. Haha. So weird.

#07 Poof! And you're now 21! Today is actually her actual birthday :) She had a very special cake that I've never tasted before. I called it the lasagna chocolate cake. It has layers and layers of very thin cake plus chocolate cream/moose. It reminds me of lasagna :)

#08 With the SSG guys who came to the party. From the top, left-right; BoonChuan, Bryan, JuKoon, Aaron, Douglas, WeiSheng, Ian, WanWei and John.

#09 As the others were cutting, distributing and eating the cake, we were snapping pictures at the corner. And that is Carmen's younger sister in yellow, Carin.

#10 The birthday girl together with the usual one who cuts and distributes the birthday cake. She's so used to doing it in her kindergarten classes already.

#11 As we were enjoying the birthday cake...

#12 That's us showing off the cake. It was so nicely divided. Hehehe. And do you know PhayYan is actually a director of an event company now. That's so cool :)

#13 The girls with Bruce Lee. I still insist that he looks like Bruce Lee, maybe not how he look in this picture but he does. Hahaha.

#14 Then the camwhoring among the girls session begins..... There were so many pictures, most of the similar and I just picked a few interesting ones to share :)

#15 Kissing-the-birthday girl picture. This is my favourite picture of the night too!

#16 The tutu train pose. From the front; WanWei, PuiYeen, LiePeh, Carmen, half of BoonTeng, Cindy, SueMun, PhayYan, PeiLu and I :) Aww. We are all turning 21 this year already...

#17 Do you girls still remember how we looked together when younger? Haha. This was taken in Red Box, Sungei Wang about 5 years ago. This was the very first picture of most of us together. Look how everyone looked like.! Do you recognize the faces? From the left; top - Carmen, PohBoon, Christina, PeiYee, PeiLu, Dewi aka Sinzi, WanWei, TziMun, and I! Bottom - LiePeh, YongTze, ChouYee, PhayYan and BoonTeng :D

#18 Cant wait for the next jimui's meet up again. It is always so fun to spend time with you girls. Once again, Happy 21st Birthday to WanWei :) Hope you enjoyed the night and love the presents.

#19 Cioaz :D

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I wanna be a Chipster Superstar!!

OH YES! I want to be a Chipster Superstar! :) I want to enjoy the fame for more than fifteen minutes! I want to star in my very own short movie. What about you? Aww. Dont be shy. I know you want to be famous too.

If you want to be famous, I'll teach you how to be a Chipster Superstar! Nyek nyek. And when you're famous because of this, you'll have to give me the credit! HAHAHA. :D

First of all, you'll need to buy a packet or more than a packet of Chipsters Promo Pack :) Open them and eat them up! Munch munch. Also, you'll have a drop card in each of your Chipster
Promo Pack. Don't throw them away. They play a very important role in this contest. I'll tell you why later.

So after you munch-ed them all, log on to Chipster's official webpage to join the contest like what I've did! Click on the button "JOIN NOW" and register yourself with your particulars. Once you are done, you'll be directed to a page where you can start directing your very own movie - "DIRECT YOUR OWN MOVIE NOW!"

Choose the movie of your choice! But at the moment, there is only one movie available. The others will be updated from time to time, so no worries about it. As for me, I've chosen the first movie titled "James Blog" which is inspired by James Bond. Hehe. Hit on "PICK THIS" and go to "NEXT".

What's next? Casting is next! :) In this movie, you will need 3 superstars. So, go get some friends and star in the movie together. As for me..... I've got these few people to act in my movie. Guess who!!!

Whoever you guessed was definitely wrong! WHY!?! Because I made myself play all the roles in the movie! ;p I dont wanna share the fame! HMMP! ;p Nah, its just because I have no time to snap pictures of my friends. I'll get them in the other movies :) Yes, we can direct and submit 5 movies per contestant! :)

But how did I get my faces cropped and trimmed so nicely?

This is the cool part of the movie production. You do not need any Photoshop skills! What you need are pictures and pictures. Kindly upload pictures of you and your friends then edit the curves and cutting by moving the boxes and circles like shown above. It is very simple :)

Do it slow and steady; and you'll get nice trimming like this! Cun leh! Oh by the way, my hair style nice or not? I got it from Jay. Hahahahahahaha.

Now, moving on the script writing in your Chipster's movie. There are three bubble speeches for you to type out your creativity but beware of your words amount. Make sure they are not too long. Hit "NEXT".

Next, you can view your movie. Hahahaha. And also give your Chipster's movie a title then save and submit it for the contest! My movie's title is "One Man Show" :D :D When you need to submit your movie, you'll need your Chipster's drop card. There is a set of unique code on the card that you'll need to key in your submission form for the contest.

This is how it looks like.

TAADAA! That's all you need to do for the contest! You have to submit your movie from the 13th April 2009 to 8th June 2009. Hehe. Want to view mine? There you go;

Hahahahahaha. Fun isn't it! Nyek nyek nyek nyek. Anyways, have I told you what can you win from the contest yet? The grand prize winner will bring home a MacBook Air and will be featured in the finale movie on TV. Wow. The first prize winners (as much as 3) will bring home an Ipod Touch (I WANT!!!!!!) and also will be featured in the finale movie on TV. Wow! Last but not least, the 16 consolation prize winners will bring home an Ipoh Nano. Syok!!! :D

Join the contest and be a Chipster Superstar now! Click here for more information and to view movies made by others too!

p/s : Yeah. I know I looked ugly in the video but its only for Chipster, for the prizes, for the fame........... but nothing else matters.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

33 out of Thousands

We called ourselves the Novembers, the Postmen and even the Babi girls (Haha, really..!) And here are some pictures of us taken since the year we became BFFs till now. I found them while browsing thru the pictures in my hard disk :) :) So sweet yet so ugly. Hehe.

#01 I think this is one of the very first group picture of us three. At least this is what I found in my hard disk. This was taken during our school's vacation to Cameron Highlands on year 2004. We were still in Form4 and look at Carmen's hair! She went to school with that hair!!!

#02 Our lousy camwhore attempt in KLCC's Mambo. We were playing a fool in the fitting room. Hehe.

#03 Then I chopped my hair. This picture was taken during Form4 too. A shopping trip to One Utama together with PuiYeen. I dont understand why did we accepted such a blurry shot back then.

#04 This is ugly but inspired by Nicholas Teo's
huang hun. HAHAHAHAHA. Carmen was in her braces, I was in short hair and Cindy was in her nerdy bangs. HAHAHA. If I'm not mistaken, this picture was taken in the school field with either one of their camera handphones.

#05 This was still form4 when my hair grew longer and can be tied up. I when was this picture taken. It was after our MENSA's exam. We headed back to class and it was empty so we decided to camwhore with Cindy's first digital camera. Haha. If you noticed, we really like to wear a lot of stuffs on our wrists. And we have a cool timetable in class made by us! *proud*

#06 This was taken during the 12th of December 2004 because there was date published on the picture itself. Haha. We were in Times Square after out Undang lessons with the rest of the girls. Look at our cun hairstyles. Can die. Hahahaha.

#07 I remember this picture :) It was taken on our form5's sports day. After sports day, we went to Sungei Wang and Times Square (again). Those were our hangout places when young.

#08 Naming from the left, Me, Carmen and Cindy. This picture was taken in our classmate's room after her birthday party. This was taken roughly 5 years and 4 days ago. Because XinYee's birthday was on the 11th of April :)

#09 Form5's IU day :) :) This is a hard copy photo taken by MoonYee then printed instantly with her Canon printer.

#10 Then I permed my hair for the very first time and Carmen got her bangs as well. This was an random outing in Sungei Wang. That's the
purikura's photo booth. Haha.

#11 Our first concert together. It was Jay Chou's Incomparable concert :) But anyways, this picture should be posted earlier but since I've got the timeline messed up a little so forget about it la.

#12 Another outing in Sungei Wang..................... Hahaha.

#13 Ahh! One Utama again. The same photo taking spot again! This time it was taken after seeing Jay Chou in his Initial D's promo tour. Look! Carmen was holding Cindy's hand..... Hahaha. *Initial D's song suddenly pop up in my Itunes!*

#14 I looked very
selamba here. This was taken during SSG's Mandarin Club event. I remember taking part in their drama acting. Haha. It was.... funny....

#15 Aww. Carmen looks cute here. Hehe. This is another camwhore attempt in class.

#16 This was obviously taken during some sports or PE classes. Hehe. They were in blue house and I was the only one in green. Haha.

#17 Going out together after school actually makes us very happy! It was quite rare for us to go out together like this back then. Hehe. I remember we brought our younger brothers along to this Haagen Dazs buffet too!

#18 The Do-Re-Mi's taking pictures in class again. And look! That's our wall of fame in the class. Hahahaha. There is a bigger portion not shown in this picture. The teachers dint do anything about it. So nice of them :)

#19 And us being nerdy and patriotic during National Day. Oops. That's not me though. That's another friend of us, BoonTeng.

#20 Familiar background? Hehe This picture was taken during out Taylor's one day trip with the schoolmates.

#21 I just photocopied my look in this picture from the previous picture. Haha. I looked the same only. This was the first wedding dinner that we attended together :)

#22 During our prom night held in Le Meridien Hotel! :) I cant believe it that this is the only picture we took together that night and it wasnt even clear!! :'( :'( What a waste :'(

#23 This was taken on 1st November 2005 during our very first birthday party together in Carmen's old house. I browse thru and this is the only picture, not group picture, having us 3 together with LiePeh.

#24 Then we started to apply make ups :) This was taken in our first year of college in Taylor's, 2006. And I had my hair re-permed.

#25 We ate lunches together in B2 cafe.

#26 And us, camwhoring in Carmen's new house with shaded. Haha. Cant remember why though.

#27 This was our second year celebrating our birthdays together. But pathetically, it was celebrated in college's library and exam hall. Sigh. Look at our colour theme. It was already The Envelopes' theme. Hahahaha.

#28 Out first slumber party after we graduated from Diploma during last May. Hehe. Okay, it was our only slumber party so far.

#29 Then we receive the scroll of Diploma together last October in KLCC :) :)

#30 I love this picture. It was photoshop-ed. We jumped separately because we dint have a tripod but it still looks cool :) This was taken after our very first bazaar. And those are our white cars :) We were wearing Envelopes' theme again. Tops are planned but not the shoes! Haha. We have such 默契 :) We are set in the same channel :)

#31 Our 20th birthday last year and also our 3rd time celebrating it together. Aww. It was a white party. I cant wait for this year's but I dont wanna grow old. Can I? Hehe.

#32 And we have more and more pictures recently accumulated from Envelopes' photoshoot. Its a good sign. We have a lot of collection to view back when we grow much older. Hehehe.

#33 And this, one of our most recent picture. I love it :) I love you girls. Hehehe. And these are the 33 pictures of out thousands. I have more. Even uglier ones but I'm afraid they'll bash me up after they see me posting those. Hahahaha. So I better post something viewable :) We are BFFs :) :)

p/s : Carmen had 18 out of 33 photos being in the middle wor! Hahaha. I can now conclude that Cindy and I dint really like being in the middle. HAHAHAHA.