Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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The second sememster for the younger ones has started a few days ago. While me, I've started my job as an assistant teacher now. I'm supposed to be a English teacher for the 6 years olds student but there was a rather lazy teacher there requested for my help to look after the 3 and 4 year old kids.

I don't mind at all because they are just so cute!!!! But of course, teacher to me is better than looking after kids that don't listen to you at all. ;(

They were so cute yet so naughty. I've a few selfish students that never want to share and always cry or hit one another when the others take or touch their belonging. Why? Didn't the parents teach them to share at home? I'm curios. Why kids don't like sharing. Sharing is caring mar.. I was hoping for a caring person who would like to share his/her money with me lor. Hahaha.

And I was pretty suprised that even Malay and Indian children there speak Mandarin.! I feel so good when they speak fluent Mandarin to me. ;) And I don't feel good greeting every single students one by one a "Good morning" when I opened up the gate for them because they hardly reply. Hmmmn. Some good ones would. Some would after being forced. Some treated me as if I was supposed to treat them like princes and princesses. Hahaha. I don't blame them. They are just small children.

Besides, some naughty and playful kids really got me on my nerves. I think they were too pampered at home and they just do whatever they want here in school. Like hitting teachers; even the head mistress, hitting the other students, refuse doing the works and many more. The situation became worse when some students insist on staying with their parents in the classroom and will get mad once they noticed their parents are lost. They would should as loud as the thunder. Driving me crazy. Just don't cry till you pee everywhere and vomit ok? I cannot take it. ;( Just like what happened today.

Hahaha. Students need attentions from teachers, so do I from them. I feel so sad when there's none of the student would talk or play with me on the first day. Some even asked me rudely, "Who are you?!" It saddens me. But its just a few days I have my own gang of students! Hahahaha. They just love to stick to me that they'll not sit down unless I'm with them. Headache. ;( There were a few of them and there's only one ME. How to divide? But there are a few who are my favourites. They are just so cute, good and smart. Hehehehe.

Yes. I have to admit that they are very smart kids. They can do things that you can never expect to see. And it's just the begining for me...


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