Monday, January 29, 2007

Creepy, Freaky 128

I cannot not be superstitious this time. She lady above, Hsu Wei Lun who was a pretty famous actress in Taiwan. A well known good actress had just passed away yesterday becaused of a very serious car accident. As reported, she was on her way rushing to her next job with her assistant who survived in her Mini Cooper.

She passed away yesterday, which was the 28th of January. She was only 28. Before she left, she has released a beaty guide book cum diary. They found out something creepy on the 128th page. She written something about death. She talked about the what-ifs she leaves before her family and friends. Creepy.

And on 18 years ago, another Taiwan singer passed away on the same date which was the 28th of January. In case you're wondering, she died in car accident too. Yes. Was rushing for her next job too.

I'm very emotional now. I'm just feeling plain sad and sudden.

edit : Her assistant (who drove when the accident occured)'s house number is also 128!!!


Friday, January 26, 2007

My name is Vvens

Have you ever wonder why I ate up my I's in my name, Vivien? If I remembered correctly, only a couple of friends asked me about it. There are a few reasons why I named myself Vven instead of Vivien.

01. Vivien is too commonly used
I had a friend who was named Vivien too when I was still in my former school. So instead of calling us Vivien1 and Vivien2, our friends called us by our surname, Kong and Sam. I always try to come out with something else so that they would not call my surname because they will pronounce Sum and make it like "Ah Sum" which meant auntie in Cantonese. I didn't really like it but I'm quite used to it now. As soon as I noticed that the display name Vven is quite special too, I quickly used it before she does. Hahaha. Anyway, she's using Vvien as her display name right now. ;p

02. My mum doesnt know how to call my name correctly
I'm serious about it. She doesnt know how to say, Vi-vien correctly. Never once in my entire life, at least I've never heard it till today. Everytime when she wants to introduce me to her friends, she would refer to me as, Vii-vaan. So now it looks like V-ven. She's calling me correctly now.

You must be thinking why did she even give me that name if she cant pronounce it. Let me answer that question. Well, she did not give me that name. It was her sister who named me Vivien. :)

03. Someone made a typo
Actually the idea initially came from a friend of mine (accidentally) when he made a typo by calling me Viven somewhere in my old blog. Viven looks something like vixen to me which is not something very good. And instead of correcting my friend, I re-named it myself to Vvens.

04. I lost two I's because I dont have pretty eyes
Hahaha. Coincidentaly, I have ugly eyes if you have to know. I had single eyelids for both eye when I was still a baby. An extra eyelid poped out in my left eye when I was 3-4 and it stayed there till now. However, I never had the extra eyelid coming out on my right eye which made me look like o_O since young... Hahahaha.. Ever since the day I knew how important it is to look good in the outer shell of a girl besides the beauty within, I started all sorts of way to make another eyelid appear. Like sticking eyelid stickers which are painful to me. But they look so much better!! Even better when I touch them up abit with make ups :) That's why I took of my "I's/eyes".

05. Because I like it :)
I really like it. I really do. Except for my email address (secr3tcode) and the account I made years ago in (andantino), all the other nicknames, display names, screen names, user named etc are also named as Vvens. Its easy to remember too!

p/s : I think I'm more known as Vven instead of Vivien. And do not think I added the "s" behind for the sake of adding it and make it sounds good. NO! S is equals to Sam, my not very common surname. So its VVENS!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Roar or Purr?

She told me earlier over the phone that she has bought something for me. She said it was jacket. I was so excited because I'm such a maniac that I actaully love wearing long sleeves and jacket in the very hot Malaysia. But after a second of excitement, I went back to the neutral feeling because I know I'll be disappointed as soon as I receive it.

But my heart was screaming when my mum took it out from her huge luggage bag. She has finally bought the right thing for me during her vacations. Previously, she has always gotten me stuffs or clothes which are not-so-nice. I do not feel good if I tell her I dont like them. I know it'll definitely hurt her feelings. But this time, she has really made me happy and proud. Hahaha.

She got me a very very cute jacket that has ears and furry balls!

I love it! And so, I decided to camwhore.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Minor Updates

I'm sorry but I've been very lazy to update my blog, to rant about my typical life in college and home. This is because, I've been very very very obsessed to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and also my new toy!

Now, I cant leave my hands away from the pen and the tablet besides typing! They are just so cool and I cannot stop drawing and doodling.

Okay lar, let me do a little updates.

Well, I've done nothing special recently expect that I've been very hardworking looking for part time jobs around. I've found a couple of good jobs but they are not confirmed yet. And I found one job, which was almost a con. The employer was so smart that he wanted us to be under his line as a direct sales instead of just a normal part time job. Haha. I'm so smart that I realised it sooner than the others. I've learnt a small lesson there, not to trust people easily. :)

*Close blogger and continues with my Adobe programmes.*


Wednesday, January 17, 2007


...sometimes I feel scary to find out who actually reads or who actually visit my blog. As in, "How come they know about it?", "I cant talk about them anymore..." and "Lucky, I never gossip about them."

Really. The feeling is weird, to me.

And I also know where did my readers came from. Sometimes I found readers that came from blogs I never knew they were existing although they might be a good friend of mine. They just linked me. Sometimes they came from google's search results. This is really funny. I found a reader who came in by searching something with the keyword "Mass Colympics". I think, he/she is a student from my college, my course, my batch, but majoring in PR because they are currently planning for the coming up sports' day for TCPJ. And so, he/she got in my blog.

And it is so scary that, I found a reader, a new one, who actaully re-reads my whole blog from the first post. He/she visit every single page and entry of my blog. I really freaked out when I see the blog's traffic for the particular day. Haha.

And the funniest thing is, my best friends doesnt visit my blog like the others do.


Monday, January 15, 2007

My Wardrobe

I spent more than an hour tidying my very messy wardrobe during the weekend. If I didn't, I know my mum would kill me and also not allow me to put in new stocks. I even found loads of "lost" stuffs and clothes with more than 10 years' history. Alot of paper pieces and rubbish were found inside too. I cant believe that actually I'm wearing the clothes staying with the rubbish within everyday. Hahahahaha.

I took my own sweet time picking out clothes that I'll never wear them again. I'm going to put them along with the my mum's old clothes to be sold as the second hands clothes. She does that every year. For some unknown reasons, her friends actaully love her clothes and would love to buy them too.

Then, I realised that I actaully have alot of clothes that I have not even wear since the day i bought them home. There are also clothes which I've only wear once or twice. I feel so bad. I regret buying them sometimes.

There are also clothes that I'll never dump, like my high school uniform. I'm still keeping them. I wanted to keep my primary's pinaform too but my mum was complaining over me keeping the "junks". She gave them away without me knowing it. And the funny thing is, who will ever have the chance to wear my green pinaform? :(

Whatever. I'm now revenging but taking her clothes in my wardrobe. Hahahaha.

I feel so comfortable and and and, what do you call that feeling? Erm, satisfied and happy after cleaning up the mess in my wardrobe. It looks so much better. I even spray perfume over my clothes. Haha. They clothes are now even colour-coordinated. I really wonder how long can I maintain this because I'm starting to throw things in again. ;p

the before and after


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Clothes you should never wear

Outfit #1: Vertical + horizontal stripes
Either you'll look like a prisoner, the zebra crossing or someone who has just sat on a wet painted bench. Haha. I've really seen people wearing like this. I'm not making them out myself. I even asked them not to wear like this another time. Just plain funny.

I rather die to wear like a clown..
Outfit #2: Colourful tops and bottoms
The example above is not good enough because I really dont have very colourful clothes. Seriously, eventhough we're still very young, we should never wear tops and bottoms that are more than 3 colours at a time. Denim's colour is not counted. Too colourful outfits will make us look like clowns, I'm really sorry but I really cant stand people who wears green+pink+blue+what so ever colour at the same time.

i'll follow you.....

Outfit #3: Same coloured tops and bottom
OMG. I looked like the DiGi man minus the polka dots that Alia hates. Haha. Never never wear top and bottom that are the same colour. You'll look very very very very funny. Yellow is not the worst, I've seen people wearing both red top and bottom. They better dont die that day. :X Do not include dresses, I said top plus bottom.

left, right, left, right, left!
Outfit #4: Not even same pattern at a time!!

You see what I meant, you'll look like a pirated soldier out of no where. Hahaha. I know the Military trend, but dont abuse it. I've really seen people wearing like this in the mall. The worst thing is, the top and bottom doesnt match. They are not even a set which make them look very very funny like me in the picture above.

i must be out of my mind wearing like this
Outfit #5 : You see for yourself
The colours are the same, they are matching but watch out the stripes and the polka dots. Man, seriously, people should have look longer in the mirror before the step out their houses. Why no one tell them they look funny one.

Outfit #6: Baggy top + baggy/flare bottoms
I think the picture above is still not a very good example for bad clothes but I really do not have very baggy clothes. Do not wear big top with a big bottom because besides looking like a expected mother, you'll look very messy. Even hip hop youngsters do not wear like this. And also a big no-no to the very tight tops plus very tight bottoms. Trust me, you'll look like a dumpling.

Outfit #7 : Mini tube + mini skirt
Unless clubbing or some other special events. Because you'll be named as the "attention seeker". Long tube is okay to me.

Outfit #8: Printed tees + printed jeans
Because you'll look very complicated. Make sure there is only ONE thing on your body that is catchy. Too much of if, you'll look very complicated.

Outfit #9: Long tops + short bottoms
Because you'll look very ugly as if you wear no bottoms like people who are just awake from sleeps. Teehee.

Outfit #10: With 9210358932573 items on your body
Please, stop wearing hair bands + cardigan + beads necklace + big belts + layered skirt + leggings + platform shoes. I dont see the "catch" you're trying to show. One at a time please. Even items or accessories need to queue up.

Vvens love simplicity. Being simple is being pretty. :)

Note : I did not refer to anyone or anything in the entry. Sorry if you feel offended. Just purely my own opinions because I'm sick of it.


Monday, January 8, 2007


screen cap from MMUC official website
I kinda freaked out when I saw my name, my picture in MMUC's official website. Really, I do. Besides being suprised, I'm also kinda upset because they choose a not-so-good-looking picture of me. Haha. Click here to check out more.

p/s: I'm not 39kg. I WISHED SO!

edit : If you see this in the frontpage, I wanna tell you, NO! That's not me.


Saturday, January 6, 2007

Camwhoring with Love

the lolipopits sweet
should i bite or lick?


Friday, January 5, 2007

The Shadow


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Missing You

dexter and vvens

It was still like a dream to me. But this dream was special and vivid enough to stay in my mind for a very long time. I cannot forget how we spent the last days together, so happily. You said, "things worked out better than expected." Very true. I really had fun and being a greedy girl, I dint want it to stop. But I know it'll.

I could not sleep for a couples of night thinking that you're soon leaving me. I lied to myself saying that, "You're just kidding with me!". Its not easy for me to accept the fact that you're not beside me now.

I tried hard to hold back my tears early this morning but I failed when I see you, your eyes in red. I could hold them out there but whenever I'm alone at home, I'll start thinking and crying. I miss you.

Perhaps I've repeated this for like 23517380579348 times but I really want you to take good care of yourself out there. I'll always be here for you.

Excuse me for awhile.


Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year Resolutions

01. To have a new hairdo
I think my hair is a disaster now. I can never let if off because I will ended up looking funny. So, I had to tie up my hair 24/7 and I'm sick of it.

02. To have a laptop
I'm also sick of sharing this computer with my brother. Just because this is HIS computer, I had to always beg and argue for it.

03. A new camera too!
I dont want to be greedy but I really want a new camera take can take clearer pictures than my current one. And also a smaller one so that I can bring it to anywhere I want.

04. A good life for him
Dexter is leaving to US in 2 days and I wish all the best for him. :)

05. A better life for mummy too
She's been working very hard to raise up me and my brother. Now, I hope she doesnt need to work so hard anymore.

06. A
I would like to have one. I dont mind paying but I dont know how to do it using Blogger. Let's see who is so generous to fulfill this dream of mine. :)

07. To have a good year! :)