Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In these 12 months...

*this is a must post entry at every year end!*

01. I saw Jay twice.
Because he came twice to Malaysia early this year. Firstly, he had a promotional tour for this movie, Kung Fu Dunk, then he held his world tour concert here too! The promotional tour was just a so-so event because it was really tiring chasing him from noon to night, cause he had two sessions. Wahlau. Damn tired. His concert was far better. Muahahaha because I do not need to pack myself in the crowd with the rest of the people. I get to sit down comfortably and see Jay with nothing in front to block my view! Woohoo! And yes, you need to pay a BIG sum for that enjoyment. Keke. # # # #

02. I traveled to Taiwan.
The country that I always wanted to go, and I still want to go. Bi, let's go together. I miss the food there. Hehehe. It was a really really nice country that has GOOD FOOD. Almost everything there taste good. From snacks at the road side to food at the night market. And they have the best Oh Ah Mee Sua ever! Seriously, now I know why one of my friend gained so much weight after being in Taiwan just a couple of months. I dint stop eating when I was there too. Really! And also the pretty clothes there. Oh my! *Drools* # # # #

03. I had a brand new laptop, Donut!
This time, its for real! I've got a brand new laptop ever since god knows when. Perhaps after 5 years of using a big fat old laptop and also a second hand mini laptop? I am loving my laptop now. And its also a gift from my aunt! Thank you! #

04. I started an online business with my girls.
Hahaha. It was fun! We totally love the time we spent to shop, photo taking and picture editing. We even opened a booth once in college! Although we do not update as often as other blog shops do, cause we banyak busy, but do remember to drop by! My readers get discounts! ;p Click here and shop now!

05. I graduated...
... And received my diploma! Kekekeke. After 2.5 years, I finally finished my course, Mass Communication majoring Advertising in Taylor's College. Although my results arent as outstanding as some of my coursemates, ekhem, but I'm very satisfied with it already! Hahaha. I thought I might not do this well one lor. And I really miss you guys, peeps from college. Sigh. Pook Mei Yan, you still owe me a gathering. #

06. I found a job!
And still working in the same thing. Dont ask me what is it. You know I'll answer you, "I'm a secret agent!" or "I'm a housewife now!" Hahaha. I'll disclose it VERY soon, I hope :) Have been working since I finished classes on late May till now.

07. Sadly, I lost 2 family members in a row.
First, my uncle passed away. He was very healthy and hardworking all these while. All of the sudden, he fell sick early this year. He stopped working. Everything went worst and he stopped breathing this August. Then, my dearest grandpa. Same, he was healthy all these while till last year, we found out he had cancer. It was unacceptable. Till today, sometimes I still think that he is around, I want to call him over just to look after me and my brother as usual when our mum are out in town. I still want to eat his curry cooking. I miss you grandpa. Rest in peace. I'll always remember you. We'll stay strong :)

08. I've attended 3 major parties held by Nuffnang.
I missed their first birthday bash as it clashed with my Taiwan trip. But never, the other three, Nuffnang Wild "Live" Blogging Party, Nuffnang's Silent Halloween Party and Nuffnang Christmas Party were very very fun too! I enjoyed myself. Honestly, I did not attend such parties before I joined Nuffnang *shy* Love the theme they had but deep inside I wish in the future, there would be a Fairytale theme. Keke. I want to be a princess :) # # #

09. I had another camera.
Wow. I had a huge surprise during my birthday this year. My friends got me a brand new Canon Powershot E1. White colour, my favourite colour somemore. It was really a unforgettable one. I love surprises and this surprise was really an unexpected one! Oh my. Thank you my friends :) # #

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Because Santa is here, I think

Merry Christmas people!
Hope you are having a good day.

p/s : Can you guess what are those in the picture above? Hehehe.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Because Xmas came early this year

Event : vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party 2008
Date : 20th December 2008
Venue : DXO, Singapore

Yes, I was one of the lucky one being invited by Nuffnang to go all the way to Singapore for the Christmas bash with fully sponsored transportation and accommodation. Guess where? JWW Mariott ! Weee :) We had fun although the trip was short. So anyway, once we reached Singapore's Orchard Road, most of the girls in the bus went nuts screaming, "Shopping!" I was one of them. Haha. But too bad, we dint have enough time. It was about 3-4pm when we reached. We only had a little time for a quick dinner before we left to DXO, where the party was held.

#01 We got all dressed up and waited for the rest at 6pm, at the hotel's lobby. Boo. We actually got a lot of stares from everyone in the hotel, and also erm, people in Orchard Road who passed by the hotel. Haha. That's KY as Potong stim Pirate, me as SSG Student, Jolyn as Tape measure-r aka Tailor and Ginny as Playboy bunny.

And then, the pictures of tonight starts.......... Haha. Hold your breathe. I think I have quite a lot of them cause I stole them from everywhere ;p

#02 The venue, DXO. Quite a strict place though. Blek.

#03 Once we were there, we were kinda shocked. The Singaporean bloggers were actually dressing quite normal weh. Nothing like us, so kua jiong. Haha Then there was this host, Randall interviewing each of us. Ginny got more attention of her outfit ;p

#04 Okay, my turn.. Hahaha.

#05 Me me me!!
Picture stolen from here! Click and see if there is picture of you or not!

#06 Ninie, The banned yoga instructor and Nellie, the Veronica lodge.

#07 Ginny and I. And oh my, hahaha I had to act innocent and cute the whole night just cause I'm the student. Hahaha. Not bad weh. I used to like posing with peace back in high school. Hahaha. So bare with my peaces.

#08 With KY the Pirate. Keke. And I owe him an advertorial :(

#09 Aiyoh. So wrong. The Priest posing with the Playboy bunny.

#10 Ginny, Boss Tim the Pop star, Jolyn and I.

#11 And I met a lot of teachers and students there. Its like student exchange programme. Lol. And that's very hot teacher Nadnut and classmate Jayden. Once I saw him in that outfit, my heart broke. We wore the same thing but I lose to him. He has got nerdier specs leh! But anyway, congratulations for winning the pair of air tickets to HongKong. You guys should check out his winning video in his blog!

#12 With Cindy Tey as Venus the Goddess of Love and Ruby.

#13 No, you wont get to see hot girl measuring another hot girl like I did. Hahaha.

#14 With Jolene, the Present :)

#15 And her dress was really a present from her grandma. Hand sew weh!!!! So sweet :)

#16 Us while getting the food. I look fat but my hair look nice :) And picture credit to him, the unofficial photographer :)

#17 The old man who got excited seeing the Playboy bunny.

#18 And guess who was that behind the mask? Kenny Sia. Haha. The mask was kinda freaky though.

#19 Student with the Virgin bride, Audrey. Her outfit was really pretty and therefore, she won the best outfit award. Congrats!! :)

#20 The people measuring something on Robb, who came as Patrick the starfish. Haha.

#21 And the cutie Firdy with the bunny ears.

#22 With Chee Ching who came as a Tourist. Keke.

#23 Our very very special souvenir, personalized stamp! :)

#24 Cool right? Thank you vPOST.

#25 The girls enjoying in the party.

#26 With Jason who snapped all these pretty pictures. I really like them cause my complexion looks so nice. How I wish it looks like that in real life too. Haha.

#27 With Lyssa in pink, wife of Orlanda Bloom and Aisah, another classmate of mine. Haha.

#28 the picture stolen from Kenny's facebook. Haha.

And that's all I've got from the party. Dint take a lot with the Singaporean bloggers there. Shy mar. Hahaha.

I want the pictures of Ginny and I taken at the entrance by the photographers. Do drop me a note if you have pictures with me in it. I wanna steal them. Muahahahaha. It was really a short but sweet trip to Singapore. How I wish we could stay longer to enjoy the sales in Singapore. Wuwuwuwu. Cotton on :( Orchard Road :( Bugis Street :( Tutucake and more food :( I'll come back soon!

Once again, thank you Nuffnang for the invitation! Yay.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A stolen tag

Do you have secrets?
Haha yes of course. Everyone has secret.

Would you fall in love with a girl/ boy younger than you?
I dont think so. I never did.

Do you enjoy going to college?
Yes. And I'm missing the college days now. I want to go back to college. Arh I just remembered I havent collect the Convocation's group picture.

What would you do with a billion dollars?
Pay the debts, move to a new house, buy pretty furniture, buy a new phone, buy more dresses and bags, send my brother to driving classes, split partial to my mum and grandma, bring my family to a holiday and buy my favourite Chanel handbag! Haha. Wait, I need to quit my job too, to do all these. Haha. *Day dreaming*

Will you fall in love with your best friend?

Which is more blessed, loving someone, or being loved by someone?
Being loved by someone who you love :)

List 5 recently watched movies - All Stephen Chow's collection. Hahaha.

If the person you secretly liked is already attached, what would you do?
"I won't do anything", quote Natalie.

List 5 favourite TV shows.
Must it be from TV? I usually watch my favourite TV shows from the net. America's Next Top Model, Kang Xi Lai Le, Astro Star Quest, erm... I assume no dramas or movie right.. Haha.

You have any regrets?
There are things I thought I regretted on but on a second thought, if I dint do what I thought I regretted, I would not have what I have today.

How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
Changing diapers for the babies. HAHA.

What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Random and blur.

Would you rather be single and rich, or married but poor?
Married but poor, but married to a rich guy can? Haha.

What is your favourite colour?
Black and white.

First five words that popped into your mind right now.
Christmas, Envelopes, Singapore, Handphone and Itchy.

What are the top five places on your "to-go"list?
Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and US

Name three things you would like to do, but would not be able to?
Represent Msia for Gymnastic in Oylmpics, haha. Have twins. And fly to US now.

7 people I have tagged are
Anyone :)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please and thank you

I need to be inspired. Inspirations.
Show me something new.

Please and thank you.

p/s : Happy 1st birthday to my Tofu car :)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

R for Ribena; R for Romantic

What is romantic? To me, romantic is something unrealistic yet its something that you will want too. Most of the time, they are unrealistic or super romantic moments only happen in movies.

Romantic and classic scenes that I remember are like;

Guy giving the girl a surprise by having tons of balloons and flowers in his car's boot. Rich guy paying for billboards, confessing to girl he likes. Ahh! Someone in KL did this before. Guy having the whole beach full of lovely message "written" by candles. I had friends who did this before too! Another romantic scene, the guy giving his crush an apple a day to keep the doctor away :) Guess which movie! ;p

And many more.... There are also simple ways of being romantic that I've came across in reality. To me, being simple and genuine are the keys. Even if my bi fries me a heart shaped sunny side egg, I will feel very romantic in a way :)

I remember once, when my bi was still in KL, I was supposed to drive over to his place but I was struck by menstrual pain during the driving journey. It was torturing. Pain enough to kill me if I continued driving. But I had to continue after awhile. He knew about it. When we met, he was so sweet to prepare me a glass of warm drink. But I was damn bad lar, I said I dint want it. Deep inside, it was okay but I just want to be demanding for once. So I told him I wanted a glass of warm but sweet drink. Then, he really got me one! And guess what he got me? A warm Ribena with lemon! Even though it was simple, but the love, the care and the meaning behind it really made me feel very warm inside my heart. That is romantic to me. I get satisfied that easily! Haha.

Why am I talking about it now when it happened months ago? Well, I came across Ribena's homepage and found them holding a competition. The Greatest Love contest! A contest for you to boast about your romantic experience weh. And that is exactly what I've done!

And this is what I've submitted a picture into the "Most Romantic" category.

But this glass of Ribena is not the glass he made for me lar, because it happened long time ago and I snapped no picture of it. When I got that glass of warm Ribena, little loves really appeared :) It was so sweet of him. Hehe.

Baby, when you're back, I'm gonna make you another warm Ribena with lemon too. But this time, its gonna be the new flavour, Ribena plus a twist of lemon! It tastes so good, like the one you made for me :) We no longer have to do it manually. Teehee.

Do you have a sweet and romantic experience with your perfect match too? Go post the visuals in "The Greatest Love" contest now! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! and JOIN NOW! Besides that, so remember to check our their gallery. Beware! They might be too romantic. Hehe. And oh, also the prizes for the contest. Beware! They are indeed cool.

Have fun joining!!! Do let me know if you have joined too. I wanna
kaypoh about your romantic stuffs too ;p


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Missing Tim Tam

I was in the office, still in the office.
I was hungry, still hungry.
I was craving for pasta but I could not get it here.
I changed for something else, Tim Tam.
I went to the fridge. I paused, washed my hands first.
I wiped the water on my dress.
I reached to the handle of the fridge. I pulled it opened.
I squatted down, stared at the unsealed Tim Tam and whispered to it, "You're dead!".
I took the Tim Tam and stood up.
I tried to tear it open with my wet fingers.
I could not. I tried again.
I tried it, harder this time.
I succeed. The packet is now opened, but the wrong way.
It was torn the wrong up. Opened up till another end of the packet now.
Then it slipped away from my hands and dropped on the floor.
I was shocked and scared. Oh no, now I have to sweep the floor.
I quickly bended down and picked the biscuits up.
One, two, three and counting.
I filled them back into the plastic holder.
Nine, ten... Where is another piece?

There was an empty place, one more piece to go.
Where is it? Could it be under the fridge?
My position was awkward, almost lying on the floor hunting for it.
Where are you, Tim Tam?

I searched the whole kitchen, there wasn't any sign of the missing piece.

Or could it be there's only 10 pieces in the packet but why 11 spaces.
But normally its filled up full.

Okay, another piece was eaten by me during the search of the missing Tim Tam.


I went up and down looking for it.
I found nothing. Where could it be?
I dont want to eat Tim Tam already.
I want to eat Carbonara :(


Friday, December 5, 2008

We are happy family :)

*pictures for the last three days with my family!*

Day 01 : 3rd December 2008 @ Nilai

The next day after the whole family traveled from Singapore to KL, we drove all the way to
Xiao En, Nilai to visit our great grandma, grandpa and uncle. It was my grandpa's 100th day (after leaving) as well. It was a emo trip but I guess everyone just held back their emotions :(

Anyways, I think their "new" place is a great place. Although they are now "staying" very far apart from us, I'm pretty relieved to see that their new place is so nice, peaceful and comforting. I dint take any pictures of the place because at first I was afraid that it might be rude to do so. But later, I was asked to take pictures of the process of praying and stuffs.

#01 My mum and grand aunt with my other aunts behind, preparing "hell money" for them.

#02 The shoe we burnt for him.

#03 Burning...

#04 The food we brought over for them. My great grandma's favourite was the combination of durian and rice. Weird but they told me it was nice.

#05 Not forgetting beers and cigarettes for them.

#06 My grandpa, great grandma and uncle.

#07 Tammie and her red fingers.

#08 With the little ones.

Day 02 : 4th December 2008 @ Mid Valley

For the first time in my life of being 20, I went shopping with almost my whole family. Which included 7 kids, grandma, 3 moms and 3 dads. Hahaha. I felt like a tourist ;p

#09 The kids and the xmas decoration in Mid Valley. And that's my new hairdo :) 3 inches chopped, dyed and changed the hair parting. Okay or not?

#10 My favourite picture of my little cousins. So cute lar.

#11 The Christmas tree in Midvalley's centre court.

#12 With the adults :) We are such a happy family :D

#13 The kids enjoying their cotton candy.

#14 The mom and her three daughters who are mothers too.

*rushed to work later while the rest of the family continued shopping*

Day 03 : 5th December 2008 @ Imbi

We went to a very famous Bak Kut Teh restaurant in Imbi, the restaurant that we often visit so does celebrities. Jay Chou went there twice or thrice I think. Hehe. I remember the last time I saw a celeb appearing there was a about two years ago, he was Samuel Hung's son,
Hung Tin Ming. And today, I saw four celebrities. I dont know why most of my family members, and also the workers there saw only 2 or 3. Apalah! I saw four of them and they are the casts of the current drama I'm watching; The Gem of Life.

I felt weird again. I thought I was watching the drama for a second. Hahahaha.

These four! Bowie, Bosco, Maggie and Kenny. Fuiyoh. They were wearing like their characters in the show too, the rich and the famous theme weh. But anyways, we saw them entering the VIP room, passing by us and we also waiting for them to come out about 2 hours later (to kill some time while waiting for the bus back to Singapore for my relatives at the same time). Smart yo! And there wasnt many people left when they came out, so we thought maybe we could request for some photos but ish, the guard were like, "No time, no time! In a hurry". But only one picture also cannot meh :( My mum was disappointed.

Anyway, this is a video, a very short one capturing them leaving the restaurant. See my mum getting excited! Hahahaha.

#15 Hello Bosco. Dont action ;p

#16 Bye Bosco.

*rushed to work again while the rest went to the bus terminal, going back to Singapore*

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