Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More from Shinchan...

While its getting bored in here, I'll be sharing more picture of me taken by Shinchan early this month. I just received them last night anyway, so they are still considered new stuffs! Haha :)

I like this last shoot. :)


Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Sorry

Its getting dead in here. I'm sorry for not updating my blog recently but I've been quite busy. For the past week, I've been stucked with my assignments. Too little time, with too many stuffs. I went for shoe-shopping too (urgent!). A little time for work and saved some for someone special. Then its like, got time but all used. And when I'm infront of the computer, I'm blank (at the moment).

I promise I'll be back soon with more updates. :)


Friday, July 20, 2007

8 Different Hairstyles I Had

This is supposed to be a tag but I'm not tagged. I just feel like doing it. :) Just post any pictures of your 8 different hairstyles you had.

#01 The short and aunty-looking hair.

I had this haircut during 2004, when I was 16. It was my second time getting a hair cropped so much. The first, was a disaster. I dint even want to take pictures during that time. When I was 16, after my seond rebonding, I thought of giving it another try since my hair is straighter than before. And the outcome was still as shitty as before. I could not find any nice angle to snap pictures. There are even guys who told me I look so aunty. Grrr.!

#2 The only-one-part-highlighted hair

After my hair grew a little in year 2005, I rebonded my hair again since it was so ugly. I cropped my fringe. And had it moved to the right side parting when it grew longer during the holidays. Ahh! As usual, kids like me likes colouring hair during holidays. And so, I dyed only one part of my hair like shown in the picture above. I thought it was cool at first. I wanted it in blonde somemore. But it wasnt cool anymore until school reopened. AHH! I was caught in the very first assembly of the year. That was embrassing leh. On the same day after I was dismissed, I went to Waston. I grabbed a dye hair kit without realising I've actually gotten the wrong colour. Omg. My fringe, or to say, my hair went purple! That was horrible. Lucky my grandma had some dark brown colour with her. ;p

#03 The Lousy Curls

This was my first hair perming after all the straightenings. I made it in the same year, 2005 when I was in form5. If you did not realise, my natural hair has big waves. I hated it so much when I was younger and always wanted to get it back but I cant. So, I thought a perming might help. And you can see, it doesnt. Hahaha. My hair is not long enough for such a perm.

#04 The better curls.

I had a better curl on the last day of year 2005 itself. It was so on the trend at that time. At the same time, I highlighted my hair red. Like, bright maroon red. I was terrified by myself. I could not see my brows myself and I could not find any clear pictures for it. But you can try looking a some
here. So, I picked a picture I took in the middle of year 2006 after I dyed my hair black. Oh! My natural hair wasnt black either. Its some dark brown. I have always been dreaming to have a black silky long hair. :)

#05 The so-dry-and-ugly hair.

This is how my hair looks when I dont apply mousse on my hair to create curls. Its so dry and frizzy and ugly. I wanted my natural wavy hair but I could not. At that stage, I have been always tying up my hair into a bun so that it looks healthier by bluffing, or to say hiding the hair.

#05 The black and silky hair. :)

I again, rebonded my hair early 2007. This time I was clever enough to tell the hair dresser to put in a shorter duration so that it looks more natural. Something closer to my wave. And I dyed it black again. Hehehe.

#07 The oh-so-long hair.

I did nothing to my hair until it grew so long! Hahahaha. (I wish!) That's my friend, Cindy's hair.

#08 The act cute hair.

And I chopped my fringe off once again. I cut it because I've been seeing girls on street and people on tv having that fringe. Somehow, I was effected by them and I went cropping it too. I'm still having the bangs now (sometimes). I'll sweep it to the side when I find them irritating. And I'm not going to maintain the bangs now, in a short period. :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shots by Shinchan


I knew Mr. Shinchan through Friendster where I viewed his gallery full of pretty girl and him, asking me for a photoshoot after viewing mine too. But he insisted that we should have a silly-theme photoshoot and not a typical-sexy-girls shoot. He said I'm not under that category. Mean! ;p

We went to Perdana Lake for the shoot along with two of his assistants. I swear it was a freaking hot day that I sweated before they begin. And there goes my make ups.

However, the photoshoot went awkward after awhile. Because whatever style I have in me for being stupid, silly and wild does not suit his mood. He seemed uncomfortable with it. I think he cant accept me for being THAT crazy. And so, we changed to the typical photoshooting mode without realising.

I had a bad hair day that day! It was so annoying.

This was taken by his sub-photographer,
Eddie. I dont look like me.

This was taken by him too. Ah! Ugly! Wrong angle. I looked so chubby but I love the rain, real rain, the umbrella and the colour of my top. Contrasting. You see lar my arm, so meaty already. ;p

The flower I bought. I wish it was in pink in colour, shocking pink.

And this, taken by Shinchan would be one of my favourite of the day since he sent me only a few. We took more than 100 that day. My complexion looked prefect here. I have to admit that he did photoshop my face, my pimples quite alot. :)

I will update more when he sends them to me. But actually, instead of taking me in those poses, he should take something silly and cheerful like these;

I love the sky and the model. There were not photoshoped at all. Muahahaha. Silly Carmen, who thinks my readership would increase by talking about her. Haha.

I wanted to lie on the green clean grass there too. The grass was so pretty there. Something healthy, cheerful, silly, funny and nice.

And to climb up on my future car like
Pinkpau, Su Ann did. ;p


Sunday, July 15, 2007

50 Things Before I Die

01. I want to own a car. Any cute car.
02. Visit Jay Chou's boutique, antique shop & Italian restaurant in Taiwan.
03. Get a snap with him too. :)
04. Get married as well. Eh! Not to Jay.
05. And have kids that do not look anorexic like me.
06. Own a room with a personal toilet. I dislike sharing toilets.
07. Learn a dance.
08. Fly to Japan.
09. Swim in Phuket.
10. Reach 45kg. :)
11. If its possible, I want to meet my father.
12. And get to know about him.
13. Own a 1 carat diamond solitaire ring. *blinks*
14. See snow. And build snow man.
15. Win lottery at least once.
16. Get a domain of myself.
17. Look for my long lost primary friend, Ronald Lim.
18. I want to see my mum in long hair lor!
19. Appear on tv screen. ;p
20. Be in seventeen magazine, at least once lar. Muahhahaha. I'm desperate, no!
21. No roller coasters, again.
22. I want to see the real life Daniel Wu too.
23. Complete this list...
24. Sleeping on a water bed.
25. And pokes it later on with a needle. ;p
26. Get a real nice shaw knitted by myself.
27. Clear the debts of my family.
28. Dance in the rain, once.
29. Cut my hair short, once.
30. I want to see my little cousins grow up in a healthy environment.
31. See them doing good. :)
32. And tell them who took all their pictures. *prouds*
33. Ooh! Have a set of pretty studio pictures that very memorable for each girl.
34. Hopefully, get my crooked teeth done.
35. Fly to Australia.
36. To go to spa, body message and full treatment of pedicure & manicure. Muahahaha.
37. Own a Louis Vuitton handbag. Cheh!
38. Fly to HongKong.
39. And Disneyland!
40. Get to sleep 24 hours straight, at least once. Hehehe.
41. I wanna have small revenges on people who bullied me. ;p
42. See my friends getting married, one by one.
43. And buy them presents for their marriage.
44. Scuba diving.
45. Be on a hot air balloon.
46. Learn baking.
47. Pass all examination in my life. ;p
48. Still bloging.
49. Click on the "Publish Post" button below.
50. And you to know about these.


Friday, July 13, 2007


I am feeling bored even if its just my first week of college's new semester.
I went to work after class today because I was really bored.
I still hated the LRT alot. Help me!
I feel very funny to see a familiar jewellery on my lecturer. Her husband bought her that from me! ;p
I do not have a big red flower earring, that's a piece of the fancy plastic curtain.
I will not cut my fringe anymore, now.
I gained weight again! :) My arms are meaty now. Hahahaha.
I am excited to see Dexter, soon.
I want the brand new Levi's + Odm watch leh. Red one.
I have got a bag as a gift from my employer, from Thailand.
I have not watch Transformer yet.
I cannot wait for Jay's new movie to be in the cinemas. Its on the16th of August leh, Nat!
I read that Jay is coming too!!!!!
I am craving for Lindt's Irresistibly Smooth milk chocolate.
I need to get more sleep, like now.
I will share pictures taken by photographer, Shinchan of me in the next post.
I will end my random post now. Bye!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They love green land too!

There were more pictures taken on the 7th of July in this post. :)

I like this, because its clear, sharp and contrasting!

I like these even more!

Tammie with her scooter.

I think he should learn cycling on the two-wheel bike. :)

My mama in her oversized shades.

He has a fake smile LIKE ME!

Then we have the little model trained by me. ;p

Last but not least, ME ME!

Nah! Hahahaa. Here's a decent picture of me taken on that day. :)


Sunday, July 8, 2007

I heart green land :)

Me : Sleep earlier tonight.

Brother : Why?

Me : We're going out tomorrow morning lor.

Brother : Where?

Me : To the park...... with the kids......

Brother : SO LAME!

And then, everyone else in my family when for the outing except for him. He just dont know how fun and fresh is it to be in a wonderful green field with the morning breeze that is so cool. We went to Perdana Lake for.. FUN! We brought the little kids there to have some fun and also my grandparents. Well, I did had fun with the kids too.

And it was funny. My grandma thought we were heading to the shopping complex, therefore she dressed them so nicely. Hahaha.

Tammie, and her "sexy" pose. Oh dear. I never teach her that. I swear.

Now this is what we call C-u-t-e!!

Ooh, and their butts! :) Aiya. I dint take alot of pictures la. I let them play themselves after that. I took more later when we headed to another place. So, there will be more pictures tomorrow (after I come back from college! First day of my new semester. Yay!). The blog is still alive! :)


Friday, July 6, 2007

V for Vain

Why am I so vain?

Die! I cannot not put on make-ups anymore. Especially my brows. I look so naked, my face lar when I dont draw them. They are only 3 cm short! I'll never leave my house without drawing it leh now! I like it when they are drawn nicely. :) I look totally different with, and without the brows.

Die! Why is my eyebag so big. Die die die! Vain vain vain!

OH! Should I maintain my fringe or keep it long. I cant make up my mind because sometimes I want it short but sometimes I wished it was long. I cant decide it. How?


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Genting Trip Part 2

Joyee, and First World Hotel.

Joyee and the retarded me. Its very windy and cold that morning.

Joan and I.

Playing on the stairs.

Leaving Genting for work.

Before that, we went to the Mushroom Farm.

The giant mushroom!! I hate mushroom. ;p

The sleeping brother and my mum.

The temple on the hill.

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