Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Retro Rant

Sometimes I wonder if my sense of trend is stucked in the old school era (even I've not been through it) because I really adore retro and old school that whatever I want to find in clothings I would look for retro stuffs. I wanted an old school hairstyle where girls have long straight thick black hair; shown in dramas ;p Perhaps its the trend now but I'm stucked with it. Now, I even made my pictures look retro. Hahaha.

I cannot stop playing with the new "Action" in photoshop where I can make my pictures look retro in just one click!

#01 The very cute pink doggie found in my carpool mate's car. I miss her. I miss crapping with her while she drives us to college. I hate public transport.

I really hate public transport in Malaysia. I had one of the worst experience last night when I was on my way home from Sri Petaling to Cempaka. Seriously. The train was full of people. I tried to enter then there was 3 drunk asses rushed in before me. They blocked my way in leh! I was so mad and shouted "Excuse me!". Very very very mad of them. I'm mad of people who doesnt know the simple rule to queue up before entering the train and also the common sense to allow the people to abroad first before we enter. Some people here just doesnt know how to follow such simple rule. Damn.

Another thing, I really hate how they design the interior of the LRT. They dint use their brain juice well when they were doing it. Why are the hand handles placed right above the passengers' seats. I think they expect people sitting to smell the wet and smelly armpits of the standing people. No way right! Even the people standing are feeling awkward to hold the handle there. Man, can they place them in the middle where most people are more comfortable with. And also the pole they placed right infront of both doors. This time, its the problem with the LRT users. I am very very mad of this issue. The pole is meant for people to like hold it right? Some people lean their heavy backs and asses there one leh! Then he/she occupies it lor. Who else can use it? ISH!

There's more to say but this post is meant to be random and retro. Haha.

#02 The building which I tried to capture while someone was driving quite fast. I like this picture because the original colour of it shows the high contrast in the sky and the yellow thingy. And there's also cool reflections on the window.

#03 And I'm still obssesed with J.Co donuts. I cant get enough of them especially glazzy; the plain donut coated with honey! Try not to look at my eye bags and black eye rings because they might cause you to lose your appetite.

#04 I'm tired of drawing my browns. They are not balance, not natural, too thick sometimes which made feel so sick about the two rows of hair on my face. I shall earn more so that I have enough to go for eye brow tinting. Muahahaha.

#05 Why some boys have better features than the opposite gender who is longing for them? I want his eyes; forever watery one damn nice. I want his eye lids. I want his eye lashes!!! But I dont want the mole he has.

This is totally random. Random. Random.

#06 I'm having the crave for printed tees of brands now. Is that a sickness? Haha. And the most recent piece of tee I've got is the Starbucks tee I bought from
Sissonne. Damn nice. I want more nicer ones. Hahaha. I'm also craving for retro vest and dress for some reasons.

I told you this post is random. Hahaha. Nice right the effect of retro pop in pictures! But after a long stares at the retro-ed pictures, my eyes feel dizzy...


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Eating Carrots #02

And more updates plus pictures about my internship life! :)

Day 06
I did nothing more than videos complying and researches on directors for the clients. Although its a small task, but it took me the working hours to download the videos online. And oh! I learnt the trick to "steal" videos that are un-download-able. Muahahaha.

And guess what occupied me while downloading the videos - it's Cindy's new toy, Sony Album T that has one of the coolest function in a camera, the smile shutter. I love this function because smiles never get fake and un-natural in pictures anymore!

#01 The very pretty white camera. She's got more than the camera when she purchased it. She's got so many freebies like 2 Rynn Lin's concert ticket, one ODM watch and many more..

#02 The very cool smile shutter function. I wonder if there's going to have a new function for the ladies - the pout shutter like this;

#03 So called pout shutter. Muahahahaha. Cute what, not meh?

Day 07
It was a boring day continuing with more videos compilation. :(

Day 08
It was also a boring day with nothing to do and I took some pictures with Cindy's camera.

#04 My bling bling shoes and 1/4 of Cindy's.

#05 Cindy's oh-so-pink Sony laptop and mouse together with our water bottles. Mine is the orange one.

#06 My colleagues who did not look into the camera.

Day 09
Well, that Thursday I did cuttings and scanning. It was boring. I did video compilation again.

Day 10
I fell sick. I was having headache, coughs and flu. But that day, I was happy that I could join the very first pre-production meeting of our up coming commercial shooting for Castrol :) Oh, and I looked for shooting locations again. This time, I was supposed to look for monastery, call them up and ask about it.

I took pictures on that day too.

#07 My work space again; with my oh-so-big-and-pink bag!

#08 My notebook which has a very cute cover; doodles!

#09 And a picture of our national flower, hibiscus during my lunch hour :)


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eating Carrots #01

And I have been eating Carrots for more than 1 week already. But it seems very unhappening throughout the first week of my internship in Carrot Films. Half of the crew are still in Moscow for a shot and left not more than 10 people in the office. Oh! Cindy and I were the only girls in the office and also the only ones who dont smoke in the office.

We are here as production assistants but currently there is no specified jobs for us to follow and these are what we did for the pass 5 days;

Day 01
Watch all the advertisement clips produced by the production house. It was very interesting in the begining but after an hour, we are both dead bored. Usually people skips advertisements right! Haha. And we also reviewed the website, reading up the history and background of the company and also get to know about the people in the company.

Day 02
We were given small task. We were asked to look for advertisement shooting location online based on their requirements. I took hours and hours to do that. Its not as simple as I thought it would be.

Day 03
I would call that day the boring-est day in the week. We basically did nothing except chatting in MSN, playing Facebook, surfing the net and bla bla bla. And I was doing the tortoise vector. Hahahaha. And that's all.

Day 04
At last we have more things to work on. I had to continue looking for shooting locations and besides that, we had to do research and lookings for wardrobe dressing. It is for the talents in a corporate video that we are shooting soon. It was fun and and they actually used our work in their presentation! YAY!

Day 05
And during this day, it was the client-presentation day when we need to present to them our story board of the video's story line, the finalised talents, the location and the wardrobe clothings. We did alot of preparation stuffs like doing the mounting board for presentation and that took us quite alot of time. But too bad, we were not in the meeting. When the people were in the meeting room, what I did was snapping pictures! Muahahahaha.

#01 Carrot Films, nice logo :)

#02 The awards they have and they said this is only 1/3 of the ones they won. Wow!

#03 And one of the biggest awards among is the Best Production House they won for 3 years straight!

#04 This is my very dull workspace on the first floor. Free seatings one.

#05 Me and my laptop. And the wireless connection here is better than my Streamyx at home man...

#06 And see who's sitting beside me...

#07 OOH! One of my BFF that shares the same birthday as I do, Cindy!

#08 Almost the whole building is green in colour, the exterior and the interior which is good for my eyes! Haha. And this is part of the office where they have small meetings.

#09 See! Another green lepak corner beside our office.

#10 This is the spraying-corner for us to prepare our mounting board for presentation. I actually like the place as its very inspiring. Its an old-school-turning-around-upwards-stairs by the way. I dont know how is it exactly called lar. Hahaha. I like the way they hang the things and the Celcom's spray thingy.

#11 The bored me who camwhored.

#12 And my very nice skirt plus my legs and sandals. Random.

#13 Lastly, a picture I snapped in the toilet because this is the most comfortable toilet I've used during work. Muahahaha..


Sunday, November 18, 2007

25 Random Facts About Me

I remember I've done 99 things about me about a year ago, and now I'm doing this again.

01. I love to go shopping even if there's nomoney in my wallet. Window shopping will do too!
02. I always have sudden urge of eating something.
03. I oftenly speak terbalik-ly. Like, "Look at that car red" which was supposed to sound "Look at that red car". Very oftenly.
04. I love kids.
05. My wardrobe is filled with 35% of black clothes and 20% of white clothes.
06. I need to buy clothes which are sized S or better, XS.
07. I havent been wearing skirts (jeans skirt & short skirts) since ages.
08. I eat more than you think. I'm not aneroxic.
09. I hate peope who smoke around me. Despite its unhealthy, I hate it when the smell trapped in my hair.
10. I love and pamper my hair a lot! I wash it everyday!
11. I love to buy dress and a have a few which I havent wear before. No where to wear to.
12. I like to buy cute note books and end up wasting them.
13. I like funny funny printed tees.
14. I love traveling. A LOT.
15. I have dental phobia but I always want to go. I love beauty more. Muahahaha.
16. I think the ugliest thing on my face is my eye brow.
17. I like retro and old school.
18. My eyes are still one bigger and one smaller even I applied the eye lid sticker for more than a year.
19. I have got split ends on my hair. OH NO!
20. I dislike pets.
21. I want a car.
22. I adore disco balls. I want more. I had 3 already.
23. My room is orange in colour and my bed is the tone of orange and yellow too. Very cozy one.
24. I am broke now. I need jobs that can earn at least a hundred a day. Muahahaha.
25. I cannot wait to go to Jay Chou's concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Tortoise

I'm quite free during my internship period now and this is what I did today. Muahahahahaha. Cute? I might come out more with the tortoise. Hehehehe. Because I really have nothing to occupy my time for the whole 9-5 period ;p


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Carmen's 19th Birthday

This is a belated birthday post. The actual event was on the 8th of November. I think Carmen had a lot of fun that night :) Well, so do I. Most pictures are taken by me therefore, I would not appear much. Its more about her.

#01 The birthday girl and I. I hate flash. Look at my eye, makes me look drunk. Haha.

#02 Long time no see Weiwei. She's one hot teacher you can find in kindergartens, in the future la.

#03 Carmen and Bryan, the one who only celebrates his birthday once every 4 years.

#04 Carmen and our big buddy, JuKoon.

#05 Carmen and her boy, Victor.

#06 Alvin and I. The guy who insisted to snap is left profile. Earlier, he was the guy who dint want to take pictures with me during the SSG's reunion.

#07 Bryan and I. AHH! I told you I hate flash.

#08 Carmen and our college peeps,
Caroline and Denise.

#09 Victor, who isnt drunk, really! The drunk PiaoChing (very drunk) and Alvin, the chipmunk!

#10 Aaron, I call him Brucy and Carmen, and our big buddy's big hand.

#11 With the college girls again.
Audrey, Carmen who wants to pull me into the picture, SweeWei the blur, Karen and Kerry.

#12 Carmen and the guys (not from college). Afiq, YiKye, I-dont-remember-his-name and Alvin who kept appearing in the pictures for that night.

#13 Carmen's birthday drink!

#14 And because of the flash, I cant take the flame at all. I kept trying and my camera's battery went flat. Eewww.

#15 From then on, I took pictures with Carmen's handphone. This was her, before getting drunk.

#16 Slightly drunk girl and PohJuan.

#17 Yannie, KahYen and drunk Carmen.

#18 Someone who was more drunk, PiaoChing. Hahaha.

After she was drunk, I did not take anymore pictures. The night was fun and I hope she had fun as well. Muahahahahaha. I had fun seeing her doing silly stuffs when she got drunk. Anyway, I know its late but Happy Belated Birthday Carmen!!!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm Overdosed by ANTM

#01 My little model, Tammie. I told her to give me fierce!

#02 The picture that I wanted to focus on her pink legs.

#03 The very happy girl with all the make-ups and wardrobe dressing. She was wearing my top and my socks. It turned to be her dress and legging.

#04 We refered to Seventeen magazines for more poses...

#05 The very sad look. Fat!

#06 I like this minus the stool from IKEA.

#07 And the wink before she had to leave. ;)