Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spreading Jay-ism part3

And this was what happened after Jay left the stage. Everyone was like, "HUH? No more already?" But onviously, they wanted us to shout for encore. Some of the people from the back of the VVIP corner rushed to the front. Understood. Their actions were totally understood because I might do the same thing too if I were seated behind. Not some actually, a lot of them, mostly young girls ran to the front, in front of me and shouted, "Encore! Encore! Encore!" And I joined them in shouting that, "Encore! Encore! Encore!" Suddenly, I changed my mind, I shouted, "SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN!" very very loudly and fierce in Mandarin. Omg. I cant believe I did that. Obviously they were stunned. They stared at me and I continued shouting until all of them squat down in front *_*

I'm not being bitchy but they are seriously blocking everyone. I thought they would sit or squat down after awhile but they dint. They took the place like their territory. Damn selfish right. They were frightened lar. Cindy was too.

And I think they bitched about me. And aunties and uncles behind were praising me! Hahaha because I helped them. Mind them, there were so many elderlies and even a handicap lady behind them. Right after they hide their stupid heads away from our sight, Jay came out!! Hahahahahaha. Was right on time.

#64 Jay Chou came out with a drum set at the left side of the stage. And he was playing... some random music I supposed. Hahaha.

#65 Then left the drum and came to the middle singing his latest song, Zhou Da Xia, the song for his latest movie, Kung Fu Dunk.

#66 Everyone was shouting singing "TOFU! TOFU!" at the chorus part when he offered us the mic, as if lar.

Then the girls went out of control again. Man. Cant they just go back to their seats where they were supposed to be. They should have behave. I went mad again because I could not see Jay, cant take pictures of him. All I can see his heads of people. This time, I could not shout because the music was so loud. I snatched the "bubble stick" or whatever you call it that was given by the sponsor, Munchies and tapped on their heads and shoulder, "Excuse me, can sit down or go back to your places or not? You're like freaking blocking our views." in Chinese.

Some listened and some dint bothered. Fine! Then a few security guards went to them but they were not listening either. Then finally the auntie, friend of the handicap later was so mad and she took the "bubble stick" and whacked them "HELLO. WE NO NEED TO SEE LAR LIKE THAT!" in a very auntie slang of Cantonese. Hahahaha. Then I added, "Serve you right!" I was so mean but I was allowed to be mean for a day because I was wearing the tee with print "LITTLE MISS BAD". Hahahahaha. Lame, I know.

All this happened like in a few minutes lar. They also feel paiseh after they got scolding from the auntie, they should feel paiseh. Then all of them squated down. And there was one uncle who looked at me as if he wanted to fight :(

#66 I think I'll like this picture a lot if it isnt blur. Haha.

And Jay, please stop going to the backstage and change so often. Please. Because when you left the stage again, those people rushed to the front again. This time, the amount of people was uncountable. Even Cindy wanted to stand up because we really cannot see anything at all. See lar these people. The security guards also cannot control.

Even worst when Jay came back to the stage.

#67 I cannot see anything from my spot anymore. I cannot take it anymore and I ran towards the stage. Hahahahaha. Kidding. I went towards the fence before the stage. Jay appeared in a very cool jacket, I like it lor, playing pipa. He played Fa Ru Xue but he dint sing.

#68 And here came my goosebumps. Hehe.

#69 Right infront, I had another attempt of taking a picture 'with' Jay. Obviously, I failed again. I hate taking pictures with flash that will make me ugly. Grrr.

#70 Then another one without the flash this time. We look okay but Jay wasnt focused well. He is the little white human on the stage anyway. Cindy, I think you look good here :) I like the lighting as well.

#71 Oh! He was singing Huo Yuan Jia, the song of the movie, Fearless.

#72 It was quite obvious because he was holding a fan. Hahaha. And I cant remember where he threw the fan to.

#73 He had a nice gold mic too.

#74 And the last song of the night was Shuang Jie Gun :) I cant remember where he threw the prop to, too.

#75 I dont know. Dont ask me.

#76 I really dont know why. Hahahahahaha.

#77 And the last video clip before he left :( Why did you left so quickly? Ish.

#78 We dint had enough of you lar, Jay. Sigh. Nevermind, we shall go to his future concerts again. Hehehahahahhehehaha.

#79 And a picture before we leave the stadium.

#80 Finally, the last picture. The limited Jay figure of the World Tour 2008. The Malaysia Jay doll. Beside this I also bought the landyard. I'm the landyard collecter :)

In short, I had a lot of fun, obviously. This is so because I've got good seats, really. And that Jay was so near to me although I had been nearer to him previously, I still felt that something was lacking during this concert of it. First of all, I dint like the name of the concert. Or was there a name? Hahaha. Why World Tour only one? Ew. Before this his concerts has good names like Fantasy, The One and Incomparable one leh. Why this time dont have a name? Well, if you cant think of one I can help out. Perhaps, "The Busy Concert" Hahahaha.

And also, I think there is a lack of his voice. It wasnt very smooth. Maybe he has sorethroat. Haha.

And I was expecting better guests. Not to say that NQMM isnt good enough but they were always with him in concerts. Enough already.

And I was also expecting remixed songs like he previously did to Di Tian and Ba Wo Hui Lai Le. It was damn good. Hahahaha.

And I was also also expecting him to sing Wo Bu Pei and An Hao.

And I was also also also expecting to fetch something he threw from the stage. Ahahahahaha.

And that's all for his World Tour 2008 at Malaysia :) WEEEEEEEEE!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Spreading Jay-ism part2

And continuing from the post yesterday :)

#30 He came out appearing in this very very handsome outfit. Haha. A very Chinese oriental feel. And he came out singing Qian Li Zhi Wai. I was expecting Fei Yu Qing to suddenly pop out in the stage. Hahahaha.

#31 I'm sorry Jay. I dont mean it. You look cute :)

#32 Memang ada feel.

#33 Then he continued by singing Qing Hua Qi. Damn nice.

#34 Fireworks. Fireworks. And most of them frightened me, maybe because I was near to it. And the fireworks of that night costed about RM3.3 million.

#35 And that's my hand, snapping pictures of Jay.

#36 One of my favourite picture.

#37 Then he sang Ben Cao Gang Mu. He danced :)

#38 Together with Dan Tou from NQMM.

#39 This is a precious shot because he posed the same as the cover of his World Tour 2007 concert's DVD :) The "shhhhh" pose. I wished it was a close up though.

#40 Then he played with the "che ling". I'm not sure what is it called in English. I was paying attention to him and suddenly he threw the "stick" towards my direction. OMG. I stunned and was slow to react. Cindy was fast, she put down her camera and try to fetch BUT the thing was too light and landed on the lady sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. ARGH! Heartache. I dont think she wants it as bad as I do. Lucky lady. I wanna sit second row already next time :(

After that he went backstage to change, AGAIN!

#41 Then his special guests came on stage. It was NQMM. And this is Dan Tou :) He kept looking into my camera. Yay.

#42 This is Lara Veronim. Ther very very pretty mixed girl who has a very sharp and squuueeeeky voice, whatever you call it. But she's so sweet.

#43 They sang 3 songs of theirs. Xiang Nan Hai O, What Can I Do and Xiao Zhe Liu Lei.

#44 After that, they left and the stage was empty.

#45 And here came two dancers who were doing very intimate dances. The girl exposed her panty a lot until the old women and men infront of me shook their heads non stop. Haha. Cindy, "GET A ROOM!"

#46 Once they finished their dance, Jay appeared in a new outfit plus a tongkat. He was singing Ye De Di Qi Zhang. NICE :) And why is the dancer looking into my camera not Jay?

#47 Dan Tou rapped with him in the same song. And he looked into my camera again :) This is not taken from the giant screen ah.

#48 Later, he went to the right side of the stage. Lucky he was there or not I'll die of anger BECAUSE GOT 2 SEXY BUT UGLY GIRLS KEPT TOUCHING HIM :( And the song he was singing is totally not matching with that situation. He was singing Ye Qu. I thought it was supposed to be a sad one :( But I like this picture though. Nice lighting effects.

#49 And this is what I found from the forum. YOU SEE THEY GO RABA RABA HIM!!!!

#50 Okie. He came back to me :) And was singing Mi Tie Xiang. In the Tokyo's concert, his grandma went on stage to dance while he was singing this. Why dint she show up here? :(

#51 Instead of his grandma, he had 4 hot girls dancing around him. If I were that girl, I can smile wider than her :D Hahahaha.

Then he went backstage AGAIN.

#52 And came out with a guitar, the unplugged is here! Anyway, this is not Jay. Its Zhang Jie from NQMM who I inisist, insist that Yu Yang looks like him. Really!

#53 Jay and the guitar. They were talking and talking. And Jay asked Zhang Jie to sing a re-composed song of his, Ren Zhe. Zhang Jie, "There is a song that I think you dint transmit it well....." Jay, "Beware. Later they'll throw the neon light sticks to you!" Hahahahaha. The re-composed was an OK only. Haha.

#54 Then then then then Jay sang a song by Theresa Teng, Ni Zhe Me Shuo. It made me drunk AGAIN. He said that it was a spontaneous song. Ah!

#55 A video of him singing it. Sorry for my screamings. Hahaha.

#56 At the same time, everyone on stage was sitting down except for this little poor Dan Tou. Hehe. I thought this is a nice shot though :)

#57 And I tried taking picture 'with' Jay, but it was an ugly attempt :( He was singing his cute version of Shuang Jie Gun anyway.

#58 My BFF, Cindy and I with the neon stick I bought few days before the concert ;p

#59 And this is how close I was to the stage and Jay. And that's the little girl and the lady, the mum who got the stick of the che ling :(

#60 The next song he sang was Cai Hong.

#61 And Kai Bu Liao Kou. Totally drunk.

#62 Nice kan? I dont know why the lightings' effect turned out to be so cool also.

#63 Then right, before this picture was taken, Jay asked everyone to stand up properly so that he can sing his next song, Yang Guang Zai Nan. Everyone was so high, jumping here and there and I cannot take pictures of him already. I short mar, everyone from the back went to the front and blocked my view. Hahaha. Right after the song, there was confetti like in the picture, and he left the stage lor :(

Later, something happened to the 'drunk' me. Hahaha. And I will tell you the stupid story in the next post lar :) Wait for me to come back tomorrow.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

And it was the best concert!

Yes. It really was the best concert I ever attended last night. It was the third time (because I missed Fantasy's concert) for me attending Jay Chou's concert but it was the best last night because I have the best seat ever :) Muahahahaha. Thank you to my mum's bestie for getting me the VVIP tickets.

Although it was stated that the concert will start at 8pm, but I decided to go there earlier because I am kiasu. I left my house at 5.30pm and reach there within 20 minutes. And I cannot imagine what I saw. Everyone else was more kiasu than me! The place was already crowded with people as if the concert has started. I was all alone then. I kiasu cause I scared I cannot get to buy his official merchandise sold there. Indeed, the line was extremely looooooooooooooong. I took about 40 minutes to reach at the counter. Thank you JuKoon and Emily for queuing with me. Thank you JuKoon for the cash; I dint bring enough cash to buy the merchandise lar. Haha.

Later I met up with Natalie. Thank you for your steamboat. If I dint eat the food, I guess I'll have no energy to scream last night. Hahaha. Thank you Cindy for letting me hurting your ear drums. Same to Luiz, thank you for dropping me home. Thank you Carmen for your mini fan that kept me cool. Thank you Apple for the poster. Thank you Natalie again, for helping me with the seludup-thingy ;p Thank you my camera for not dying like it used to. And thank you Jay Chou for standing right in front of me most of the time :D

Enough of the thank you's, I'll now start with the picture spamming. Prepare some tissues in case you drool over Jay. Unlike the previous concerts, I can only take pictures of the screens. This time I can take the real him. Hahahaha. And because I took over 350 pictures, I picked only some to share (which I dont think I can fit them all in a post).

Enjoy la. Drool la :)

#01 The right side of the stage. I like the back lighting thingy. Haha.

#02 And the concert started around 8.30pm. Wow it was better this time. Last time it was one hour delayed.

#03 JAY CHOU!!! :D The first song he sang was Huang Jing Jia the original sound track for Curse of the Golden Flower movie.

#04 Jay Chou and 2 members of Nan Quan Mama.

#05 A short clip I took of Jay singing the last few sentence of the song. Then the next song he sang was Wu Shuang.

#06 Then he changed his outfit. And I wonder why did his hairstylist put the feather cane behind him. Not nice :(

#07 He was totally into singing the song. Let me recall, he was singing Zhui Hou De Zhan Yi, if I'm not mistaken.

#08 He is not ugly ;p And I think he was singing Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi, the song from his movie, Secret.

#09 But I seriously dint like the funny hairstyle Ah Du, the hairstyler gave him.

#10 Then, he changed his outfit, his hairstyle and went to the left side of the stage where MyJaysian fan club members are there. I could not take a single picture of him there because it was too far. He sang love songs like Tui Hou. It made me drunk. Haha.

#11 A picture I took from Wai Fong :) I hope you dont mind because I dint manage to take Jay's picture when he went to the side of the stage.

#12 Then we went backstage, changed and headed to the left side of the stage where Jay2u fan club members are over there. Before he appeared, there were 4 guys dressed in those Scott dressing and danced. The 3rd guy did a mistake and tripped on the stage. Oopsi. And the last guy showed off his undies *_*

#13 Then Jay appeared singing Mai Ya Tang :) I dint list down the song he sang therefore if I remembered wrongly, please tell me. Hehe.

#14 And so, the next song was Niu Zai Hen Mang. The Cowboy song and he came back to me ;p

#15 I like it when he comb up his fringe. He looks good like this.

#16 When he was singing the chorus, "Bu yong mafan le bu yong mafan le..." I actually followed his dance. The silly dance with my neon stick. And I think he saw me doing that. Hahahaha.

#17 Caught him with a lot of facial expressions. This is a cheeky one.

#18 Him asking us to sing along with him.

#19 He went back in and appeared handsomely with a transparent grand piano :D He flirted with the audiences anyway. Hahaha. And sang Hei Se You Mou and Ting Ma Ma De Hua. When he was singing Ting Ma Ma De Hua, they showed recorded video clips of Chow YunFatt and Jackie Cheung. It was hilarious. Haha.

#20 I remembered him asking us about the weather in Malaysia.

#21 Then he continued with the song, Zhui Chang De Dian Ying :D I like this picture.

#22 Then he talked again. He said he is going to play the music piece from his movie, Secret. But before that, he said, "Its okay for me to play wrong because I wrote the song" Hahaha :D

#23 Indeed, he did a lot of mistake playing the song. Boo you Jay! Hahaha.

#24 Then then then he continued with the song, An Jing.

#25 It was soooooooooooo good although he screwed the lyrics a little bit.

#26 I'm getting drunk listening to him sing. Hahaha. Who said you need to drink to get drunk?

#27 Later, Yu Hao from NQMM appeared with a very very funny introduction video. Then, came out with a piano battle with Jay. Then they sang together, it was some fast and rappy song. I cant remember. Then, they danced together!!! :D

#28 A short video clip I uploaded in photobucket because I cant upload in YouTube, of Jay and Yu Hao dancing. Jay can dance!!

And I think that is all for the moment. Will update more tomorrow after my first mid-term paper.

#29 We'll be back! Stay tuned. Hehehehehehehehe.

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