Thursday, September 27, 2007

Did you read the paper today?

Because if you did read The Star R.Age, its me! The cover of it.... I mean the picture! YAY!

A few days ago a collegemate of mine asked me if I could send her a few of my best shots forher assignment. I agreed. I can't think of any reason to reject since I'll be given credit. I sent her 7-8 pictures which had similar styles; blue skies and spontaneous shots.

Today, I received a phone call from her in the middle of my class telling me that the pictures are published. I thought they were going to be as big as a name card in the pages inside. I never expected my picture to be publish that big until they passed me the paper. Of course, I was suprised and happy! But to think over again, that picture was not entirely mine. Half belong to Carmen because we played with it together, if you remember the post few months ago. Lucky it isnt credited in the cover and now, I'm doing it. :)

Then, I flipped the pages. I see so many familiar faces. The paper seem to be flooded with all the Mass Commie people from Taylor's College. Most of them are the Phunk People :) Then I saw another few shots of mine.

The pictures were snapped spontaneously, and look at the sky.! Uuh! I go excited when I see my name there. Hahahaha. And forgive me for the lousy captions. I thought they would paraphrase it in a better way or delete them so I crapped, basically.

Besides this, the R.Age published another 3 shots of mine during the Project Phunk. Wee! I'm very happy lor although there were no credits. Good enough to be published already.

*Jumps around* Very happy and I camwhored a little ;p

Still very happy :D

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What The Phunk?

Dear readers, I'll not be able to update my blog for the week because I'm currently handling the Phunk's blog. We're now done with our official launch, the PHUNKtion and that's why there is a lot for me to do. I'm happy that the launch was a success :)

We're now focusing on our final event, One Night With Phunk which falls on next Tuesday, the 25th of September 2007. It'll be held at Laundry Bar, The Curve. It is a gig in the Laundry. There will be booths selling teddy bears and Phunk tees, lucky draw, artist appearances and performances by local artists. Please do come support us! I'll be back once the finale is over, successfully :)

here to know more about it.

P/s: Buy a raffle ticket for only RM10 to PHUNK with us from me! ;)

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our First Reunion

After the last day of SPM examinations in SSG, or maybe some other days that I'm not around, I think yesterday was the day when we finally get to gather in such a big group. Although its only 1/3 plus of us. The reunion dinner was located at Izzi's, Jalan Sultan Ismail. It was supposed to start at 730pm but it seems that most of the people attended are practicing the "Malaysian's Timing". You guys were late! ;p I was the second! Hahaha. Scott, was first. I lost! :(

The place booked was great. Thanks
Su Ann for that. Most of the people were like, "Wow! The whole floor is ours?" Hahaha. The guys were so happy ok, because they have their very own smoking area. Haha. I was damn exciting about this reunion for some reason and was rather disappointed last night because there were quite a few number of people who cheated me! I'm mad... Not okay until like few minutes later. Hahaha.

We ate, we talked and as usual, we snapped!

#01 The first picture I took last night with Kai Yee and Wan Wei. I felt quite stupid when people around me were wearing pretty clothes, and I cincai-ed.

#02 I din't started taking pictures around until he was. Darren my class monitor during Primary5. Since then, we were been in the same class again. Haha. And that was Lie Peh behind us.

#03 My once-best-buddy, Poh Juan.

#04 My usual buddy and my Primary6 buddy,
Peggy Chow who dint really change! Why am I looking so awkward ah?

#05 People of my table.

#06 The people next table, next class. They are Yoon Hui, Yann Ee, Denise and Sara Chua (Left to right, top to bottom).

#07 The mean guys who din't want to attend in the begining. They are Chee Hou, Justin, Scott, Adrian, Wan Keen, Chuan Yee and Daniel Chua (Left to right, top to bottom).

#08 My "long-time-no-see" friends. Hahahaha. Carmen and Cindy.

#09 Our Bruce Lee look alike, Aaron Chung and Carmen.

#10 The not-so-good-boys, Ian and Ju Koon.

#11 The very big and small buddies standing together. Hahahaha.

#12 With the girl I knew since primary, Christine and the girl I see in college, Sieu Theng.

#13 The very sweet couple, Victor and Carmen.

#14 Both of them have big tummies. Hahahaha.

#15 The guy who is younger than me by ony one day, Chuan Yee and my best buddy, Piao Ching.

#16 My BFF 01, Chiam Carmen.

#17 And BFF 02, Cindy Liew. Did I mention that we share the same birthday?

#18 Yi Kye, the friend who always, ALWAYS bully me :(

#19 The same-sized girls.

#20 Together with Victor and Piao Ching.

#21 I dint want to take picture with him, and so Carmen took place ;p ;p ;p

#22 And my very first friend in Primary1 plus very first car pool friend to college plus the nearest friend at my area, Alvin who dint want to take a single picture wih me!!!!!! Ooh, plus Lie Peh beside.

#23 Ee Yang, the curly hair guy who we refered as the "extra guy" last night. Just joking ok? :)

#24 Another couple, Cindy and Luiz.

#25 Another another couple, Ian and Emily with John and Ju Koon.

#26 First time camwhoring with Kai Yee, the girl who sat beside me when she entered SSG during Form 1.

#27 The three of us who worked (me, a little) for the reunion. Me, Su Ann and Ian. See, I told you I dont want to take picture with him. I'm not standing beside him. Hahahaha.

#28 Then, we excluded him from the picture. Too bad ;p

#29 Finally, the group picture of all who attended. :) I was quite unready for the picture leh.

#30 And a picture I took in the toilet with the HUGE mirror. Hahahaha.

That's all from me. You guys who wants to view more of the pictures can click here and please send me a copy of all from your cameras too. Thanks and SSG still rocks!!!!! :)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Not Good In Giving Titles

Yes. It's true that I'm very bad in giving good titles for my blog entries. Hahaha. Forgive me. Today, a partial of Mass Commies went to Taylor's University College at Subang Jaya for our Project Phunk 's side event, the Garage Sales. You can see that from my Shout Out. I took tons of picture during the event and none of them were edited using Adobe Photoshop.

#01 When my Phunk members were unpacking the items for sale, I was not helping. I took only pictures although half of me is appearing in the picture above; my back and my bag ;p

#02 Project Phunk's client,
Hospis Malaysia.

#03 Phunky photo-frames that is sold in the garage sales. And guess what? The jelly bean ones are sold out even before the garage sales. Wow!

#04 A pointless picture, but I like the colours.

#05 Besides garage sales, we had the Teddy Bear sales too. They are so cheap ok. Only RM8 and RM9 for both different sizes of bears. Where can you get such cute teddies at this price outside?

#06 Heal the Heart donation drive.

#07 Where you pay only RM1 fo one plaster, and get it sticked on the heart (to heal it) with your name. Plus, it is for donation. Not for us.

#08 Wanwei, my high school's friend who supported us there even she's not a Taylor-ian. I'm glad to have such supportive friend. :)

#09 A totally candid picture. Look at each and everyone of them. Hahahahaha.

#10 My Phunk members that were helping out at the garage sales.

#11 The Mix Fm Cruiser who came with gifts of food and drinks.

#12 And the X-Fresh team who came with more prizes.

#13 The pretty Phunk People who were advertising our sponsor.

#14 More advertising at the back of our Phunk tee :)

#15 The design found on the front of our Phunk tees. RM20 per tees. Interested?

#16 The mini fan I used during the event. It was very freaking hot ok.! But the battery was dead very soon later.

#17 The wheather was very hot but the sky was very pretty. I cannot stop taking pictures of the sky.

#18 And the building looks very fake with that pretty background of blue sky and white cotton candies.

#19 And I zoomed all the way up to the rooftop for this. WEE!

#20 I did not stop taking although the sun was really burning hot, until I've got this shot. My favourite shot of the day :)

#21 And then I camwhored shamelessly.

#22 And then I was caught for a group picture. Yay! I looked tall but ugly. I was sweating like a aneroxic pig lor :(

#23 Not forgetting a group picture will all the ones who helped out in the event today. This was taken in the middle of the event when all students were in their classes; we had nothing better to do then. Spot me?

We decided to stop at 3pm later. We packed everything within 10 minutes as there were no students at all! I supposed everyone were in their classes. We packed the things and once we were all done, the students appeared. This is disgusting. We are not repeating this mistake again tomorrow :(

Please come join us at Taylor's University College, Subang Jaya. It's gonna be the last day of our garage sales. Come grab the stuffs before its too late!

#24 We kept the tables too. We are such good kids :) And wonder what the white paper reads? It says, "Please do not place any tables/chair in front of this door".

*Runs away....*

P/s: Pinkpau, I love your idea of numbering the pictures like this. I stole your idea. I'm sorry :(

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