Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kiss Goodbye

I could not sleep last night. I had trouble falling asleep. It was very late and my eyes refused to close up tight and dream. And so, I reached to the mp3 place on the right hand side of my bed. I fed my ears with songs. It was like the childhood days when I need my grandma to sing to me to bed. But it was different, the songs I listened are not meant for me. My grandma used to sing unknown melodies to me.

I almost fall asleep until the player played LeeHom's Kiss Goodbye. I'm not a fan of him and not very into his songs but suprisingly it was the second time for having the same situation while listening to this song. My tears were out of control. The song's lyrics (part of it) somehow led me to the scene when I last saw you. Its staying vividly in my mind till now although it has been sometime ago. I cannot forget the last look I had on you.

The first time this happened was during 1 month back when I was alone on the back seat of my friend's car. The song was played in the radio and shit, I could not stand it. Friends, try not to play the song when the emo me is around.

I remember you telling me that you wished that we'll have the same ending in the drama, Devil beside you. But I did not realised the ending you meant until you left. I hope dramas happen in real life too.

Although I'm used to not having you here but you know what, I still miss you. I always wonder what are you doin over there. What you ate today and wha you learnt today. Did you had a good sleep, did you had enough rest. I want to let you know about me too! I want to see you, I want to talk to you... I've got to much to talk about. Its more than I can type in here.....


I miss you.