Saturday, September 2, 2006

Tutu Cake in S'pore

No joke. I was cheated to come over Singapore this time. I thought I was going to have a new laptop that's why i agreed to come over for a couple of days before my exam. Dream dashes when i know there is no laptop for me at the moment. Sigh. But wth my brother has a new phone. He has got the Nokia N73!!!!! Crazy?!?!?!?!?!?! I want it tooooooooo. I know I sound greedy.

No laptop, no phone, at least some cash lar please. Or not how am I going to shop here. Was very disappointed actaully. No nothing. But lucky, I've got a few hours to spend in Bugis with Elaine where I spent around 40 bucks only. Yeah, that's everything I have in my wallet. I saw so many pretty clothes, shoes and acssesories but I cant take them home. So sad right. I fell in love with a top, a shorts and a pair of earring but I can choose only one of them. ;(

And a bit of money to eat my favourite kuih here in Singapore, the tu-tu cake.

I know most Malaysian do not have any idea on this tutu stuff. Here, I can only show you how they look like but I cant tell you how tasty they are until you come and try yourself here, only in Singapore, so far I know!

They are not char siew pau okay! ;p Basically, they are just peanut covered with flour. But you can never imagine the combination of both these items, they will bring you magic. Because they are absolutely delicious!!!! Those you can find in KL are made from brown sugar. Like, eww? Must try them whenever you're at Singapore. They are available at almost everywhere and they arecheap!! It cost you only $D2 for 5 pieces of tutu cake ;)

But one thing, never take Yakult drink with tutu cake. They will cause your tummy to bloat like us both! ;p We did suffered for awhile. Hahaha.

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