Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just A Little Update

Everytime when I open up my blog and I see the increases of the counter, I sometimes feel bad when I fail to post a new entry. Sorry if I made you read the same old entry everytime you visit my blog. I have been quite busy these few days and going to be quite busy the whole week.

Why am I so busy when I'm actaully on a long holiday? Well, remember the make-up competition? The finals are drawing near. It is just this Saturday night and I'm involved again in the face-sacrificing part. ;p Oh dear. I got to do more facialing after the event. I don't know how much make up they put and remove everyday on my face and it is turning very dry now. Especially when they put on heavy make ups that made me looked like someone else. Kakakaka.

Besides, we ourselves are also responsible on our own clothes designing. Wow! Time to show off my talent! Cheh. Hahahahaha. Will show more details on the progress soon. Not now when everything is hang half way. I hope everything will be doing fine. ;)

Ciaos for now!


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