Saturday, May 27, 2006

Farewell Alina

I took a few hours to meet up with my darling old gang of sisters althought i was darn busy with the make-up competition tonight. If I don't, I don't know when will we have the second chance to meet up in a whole again. Alina, the only Malay girl who was in the group is now leaving us, leaving KL to further her studies. She's going Malacca, a not-so-far place from KL to study Law. Ambitious-nya. Someone went missing in the pictures above. Aiks Pui! Sorry but she was late and didn't join us for the lunch but we have some neo-prints. Uploading them as soon as i receive them. ;)

Ya, it was me again who came out with the gathering idea. Almost all the time I'm the one who took up the initiative to have all those reunion thingy. Kepoh maybe? Kakaka. It was actaully because I really want to spend sometime with them. I am in a bad bad bad bloody bad mood yesterday and today. Am so sick and tired of the practice everyday. I don't mind if I'm the one who draws but not the one who sacrifice the bloody face.

I swear, this will be my first and last time helping out. I help you in the competition, but no one actaully think of my feelings. Bloody hell. Do you think is fun putting and removing bloody heavy make ups everyday? I agree to help up just because I didn't want to lose my mother's face as she promised you in the begining before she even ask me about it.

And my mum, she thought I was having fun all the time. No. My bloody face is damn sensitive. I cannot manage to take those shitty stuffs too much. Great. My face is now swollen. Happy? And I can see skins coming out bit by bit. Who understand the itch and pain I'm having now? Who knows that I didn't get to sleep when my bloody hair need to get tied in pleats a night before. And who will notice the pain I'm having on both my foot when my mum forces me to do walks in high heels when i have bloody blisters on both my foot. I'm a human.

I think I know what is in their minds. My mum would want me to do my best to show off to the others that I'm her daugther. No face-losing thing okay? She even got pissed off when I dont allow her friends to bloody handle my hair. As in shaping it by using the comb to comb very hard;y to have the bouncy look. Do you know how bad is it to do on my hair when its curl? Babi. I have a ruined face and that's enough. I have rights on saying no-and-yes for both my face and hair.

Grrr. Out of topic. Supposed to blog about the farewell last night but am too angry of it. Even the farewell wasnt that good afterall. I didn't have enough time with my peeps. All because of the practices. No more next time. This will be my last time. All I gain is the experience. Honestly, no more next time. Enough of it. Tonight will be the last.


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