Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wish Sam-mi Happy Birthday!

It's my mum's birthday tomorrow but we celebrated it today. No idea why but we were advised to do so. A friend of my mum, whom I'm not sure whether is she a fortune-teller or what, said that it is better to celebrate her birthday a day earlier this year. Must celebrate with a cake. *_* I don't know why.

My mum told me she is going for Karaoke today last night and I was kinda mad. I want to go too!!!! I asked her to bring me along. I have the urge to sing lar. And yay! She allowed me. She must be thinking that she would miss the fun with her friends if I tag along. Hahaha.

But she was wrong! Walau. I was the loyal singer there. I sang sang sang and everyone else was playing as if I was muted. Their voices are much louder than me. Harlo! I'm singing with a microphone somemore. Can imagine how high were they? The "aunties" even climbed up the sofa and danced as if they were in some discos. I stunned. And there was an "uncle" who even climbed up on top of the sofa. ON TOP! I have no idea what were they thinking, or what were they trying to do lor at that moment. Hahahaha.

I was the only young one there. I sing almost all the song they picked. Hahaha. This is what happen to me when i enter Karaokes. I'll sing non-stop. You'll notice that if you have been to Karaoke with me unless... I'm new in the crowd or I'm not in the singing mood.

I sang so much and I don't think it is still enough. Hmmp. Ehh wait! My mum did sing a couple of songs too before her friends reach. Don't play play. My mum was once a singer before you and I were borned. Hahahaha. She sang a song of Jay too! WEEEEEEEEE. Proud of it.

One thing I do not like about Redbox is that, erm, their birthday song? It's a mini suprise when they just insert the song half way when people are singing but but but.. I think the MV they show is very the super childish lor. You think kids will actaully go there and celebrate meh. ;p At least a better and a faster version k?

And here comes the cake when the birthday song was played. A tiramisu cake. A very creamy tiramisu cake which most of us did not eat due to the thickness of the cream layer on the cake. Hahaha. My mum made three wishes. Hahaha. I hope all of them come true lar. If they don't come true, go look for you friend you know. Hahahahaha.. ;)

Mummy ar, sorry that i fail to give you presents on your birthday. Your daughter currently has no money to get anything for you. But I'll try to make it on this coming mother's day!!!! ;)

Happy Birthday! I heart you.

Note : Sam-mi is not my mum's name. It means, Vivien Sam's mummy. ;)


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