Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Tough Luck

I have not been touching a working computer for more than 48 hours already. The feeling sucks lor. The computer is sent for repair, not just re-formating anymore. Shit. Currently in TCPJ's library. A place where they block almost everything; i mean webpages.

And within 72 hours, i witnessed another car accident! Shit shit shit. Why am i go unlucky? I hate this feeling to the max. At that moment right after the motorist was knocked down by my friend, I thought the motorist was dead. I know it sounds stupid but he lied on the ground and did not move for a couple of minutes. Ewww. I dare not walk near them as I did not want to risk crossing the dangerous roads. Shit shit shit. Lucky no one is hurt.

Sigh. And on the same day, I was suspected in plagarism. This is so shitty and I'm not involved ok? Lucky my friends helped my out on proving that I'm not doing that. Haih. My house phone's line is cut too. Shit shit shit. I'm so broooooooooooooooooooke.

I'm so sick of everything. Can you please leave me bloody "luck"? Before my friends leave me; i swear i dont bring troubles it is just that... Luck is just not at my side. ;(


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