Monday, May 15, 2006

A Busy Yesterday

It was Mothers' Day yesterday and I didn't really get to celebrate it with my mum. Her company held a make-up competition and they invited my mum to be their judge. Cool right? The event was from 11 morning till 7 night. Long enough. Damn tired after the event. I was there actaully to watch the whole thing but there was a small accident that caused one of the models absent and so, they asked for my help. They were going to colour my face. Of course, I was very worried and nervous. I do not even know the make-up artist; how do I even know her make-up skills. I'm afraid I'll end up looking like someone mad.

So, I sat there for almost 2 hours. She did everything by herself, included the hair styling. And yes, I have no mirror neither phone with me. I do not know how I looked like. I saw everyone else starring at me; self-concious, I was really very nervous. Soon, I could not stand it and I asked for the mirror. I slowly move the mirror in front of me. Slowly... And once I saw myself, I took the mirror away. I was thinking, "Oh my. Is that even ME?" Seriously. I could not regconise myself.

I look rather childish than looking more mature. She had my fringe and hair up. I need the fringe to cover my baby face. Y_Y Her make up was good I have to say. The things I think wasn't really nice was my eyebrown's end, my lashes and her dressing. She should apply mascara with the fake and real lashes together to make it more natural. OOH! This time it is really fake lashes. ;p

As for her dressing, it is also included in the marking scheme. She dresses up rather "lala". OOPS. :X I don't think she's a one anyway. She's in her late 20s I guess. I have no images of myself during the event. The worst thing to have is a empty battery camera with you when you have things to capture. Dang.

Aiks. I think the people there they have. Will ask for it later. Too bad she lost. Mainly because of the three reasons I mentioned. Or maybe because I'm not pretty enough. ;( It is also not easy to enter the finals. How to choose only 20 out of 90 when almost all are equal good?

Picture1 is taken when my mum was judging them; seriously while saying, "UM LENG LAH!" Hahahahahaha. It means not pretty at all. ;p Really not nice lor. SKIP first.

Picture2 is a picture of the only Malay girls in round1. They are the best in that round. The model so cun! The make-up artist even prettier!! Aiya. But she was busy, could not snap her picture.

Picture3, the same ladies in picture1 who I said wasn't pretty. Ok lar. Sorry. Not that the model isn't pretty you know. Its the lady who was colouring her face. No offences, eventhough she's a friend of my mum. Look at her sitting posture. SO NOT NICE! She opened her legs widely and allow the model's leg to put in between? Not nice not nice. Minus mark minus mark. And if you noticed, the brows she draw is awful enough. SO THICK. You thought she's playing the Crayon Sin-Chan role meh. OUT!

As for the last picture, the model (middle) very pretty lor! She's some mixed. Tak tau apa campur apa. But she speaks English to me lar. She's very pretty in that dress. I do not know why but I see the resemblence of Anita Mui in her when she's in the dress. The dress looks like, erm, off shoulder, long sleeves and very short skirt. Can imagine? Bit retro feel. ;)

All the finalist are going to compete again end of this month in Sri Petaling's hotel. Liepeh interested boh? I know you learning make-up. See! I know you. There's going to be some make-up exihibition and some shows besides the competition. And this time I'll make sure that I have fully charged camera with me. ;p

Still wondering how I looked like last night? I took some picture when I reached home. But the make up was like fading off and was sort of dirty.

No no no, this is not the dress. I was in a fully white dress in it. I look like an Indian-princess (they said so) in it and look punky in my own outfit. I like the hair actaully but I just dont like it when I look like a small girl. I'll share when I have the pictures, if I dont look too ugly in them.

Ahh but after that, me and my mum rushed to the bakery's to get a cake for my grandma. She was looking for us the whole day and both of us did not pick up her phone cal.. Sorry lar. Busy. ;p

There were only me, my mum and my grandparents. The little kids were back to their mother's family. Too bad. Tammie just dont get to eat the cake. Hahahahaha.

My grandma was complaining when I took my camera. She said we should come earlier before she changes into her pyjamas. Hahaha. Don't worry. The pictures are only up in my blog, will not be in the newspapers. ;p Guessed what!? She cut the cake before she blew the candle's fire off. Hahahaha. Her action made my grandpa laughed like nobody's business. "HAHAHAHA. Sua ku-er than the sakais" he said. So mean but yet cute. He meant that she was like some lady from the village that do not know the procedure and she is like worse than the uncivilised ones. Hahaha. Both of them so cute lar. It made my day. ^^

Did I mention that my grandma praised me in that look. ;p She said I don't look Chinese. Hahahaha. She said I'm pretty for the very few first time. She always says Elaine is always prettier, taller, smarter and sexier than me. T_T Aiks. Never mind. ;p Eh not forgeting to wish all Mamas, Happy Mothers' Day. ;)

How long will i need to wait to hear it from my kids? ;p I wonder...

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