Sunday, May 7, 2006

How to Study Better?

Yes yes yes. I'm doing my revision now and I'm having a problem. Whatever I read doesn't go inside my mind. Maybe I've used the wrong technic to study. I dont know which way is better but what I used to do is listen and pay attention to what the lecturer/teachers teach and hardly do own-revision at home. And if I fail to pay attention on a particular day, I'll missed everything he/she taught in class.

Alamak. Since last year's I tried studying this way. I pay attention, understand the stuffs, read them again at home and re-copy the stuffs so that it'll go inside my mind.

This is a not bad way of revising too. At least I know more than before. But I need more opinions on how to study with a right way. Hahaha. I know some smart people do not need to read like mad and they can do well. Awww. How I wish I can do so too.!


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